The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained


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    Now the only science that you're missing is ascension sciences

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    Can a neutron star become a black hole ?

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    Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Japanese sub pls😭

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    Have we ever witnessed this phenomenon?

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    So this is what rick uses for his portal

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    Strange matter still can’t destroy Kim’s ass

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    Strange quark-cancer

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    Is your favorite animal a bird cause I have seen many other birds in your videos

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    Just a wild theory but... Perhaps we don't see this strange matter, and haven't been contaminated with it, because it decays much faster than it can infect other forms of matter... Which would be even more strange, because apparently strange matter only decays through weak force.

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    Can u guys please make video on india's politcs and hooks and crooks used by diffrent groups

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    I beleive that the univers has existed forever but goes through cycles every time strange matter converts the whole universe, once all matter is converted and condensed to one massive strange star there will be a big bang that makes caos and unbalance back to the universe.

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    Why 2000 dislikes??

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    murphy laws

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    I just love these videos, they really show you how we could all die so simply and quickly... In other words, death for dummies

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    How to make a Kurzgesagt video: Step 1: Mention Human Extinction Step 2: Make people paranoid about death Step 3: Add some birds

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    I don't know if this true or not, but I always thought that when a star explodes, it would help continue expanding the universe. So I always thought the universe would continue expanding for a long time as long as stars explode. This made me to also believe that it is very possible for the universe to be way larger than what we initially believe considering it would expand from ripples. Much like how when you throw a stone a ripple continues on for a while. So a star exploding would expand the universe multiple times. That was always my thought. I don't know if that is true though. Haha

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    The flood from Halo

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    Death Battle: "Unless you're SUPERMAN!"

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    Holy Guacamole. Another thing to worry about today.

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    Ok, I'm honestly not convinced that this would happen. What's stopping the quarks from decaying once they're free?

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    Basically zombie virus but alot more worse and cna infect planets too

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    Was that a launch arcology at 7:06?

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    Matter: *just sitting there* Strange Matter: *its free real estate*

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    Quacks 101

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    ....that is utterly bizarre, and I am not understanding how Strange matter assimilates all other matter.

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    Couple thousand years ago motherfuckers where impressed by fire and whose stick was pointier.

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    intergalactic std

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    Strange Matter converts earth into Strange Matter. Some bird: Learning new stuff on brilliant

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    Question- If our brains evolved to understand language and it's concept, then could we evolve to understand or imagine how space growing would look like? Would we be able to create an image in our minds of what came before the big bang?

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    While we are all happy to see Kurz back on track with cool physics explained in layman's terms, we do need to take a moment and appreciate Steve Taylor, the amazing narrator. Mr. Taylor, you are doing us all a great service, thank you!

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    The art style made me bust a nut

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    This is true?

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    best channel that ever existed and will exist

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    This video is absolutely beautiful.

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    Scientists: how should we name them? Another scientist: just put strange in the beginning

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    Human existence doesnt make any fucking sense by occidental logic, so how tf did we come up with the idea of reasoning and logic? Is it natural, is it not? We are such limited beings bro wtf

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    Can you explain what would happen with the other 3 varieties of quarks? Or would the same reactions occur?

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    How can Earth freeze to death if Earth is converted to Strange Matter?

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    If strange matter could convert any other matter into itself, wouldn't it convert completely the neutron star that contains it first? And we should have found many strange stars already, considering strangelets could convert many other stars as well.

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    So why can't we just follow the splatter of nutron star collisions so see if there is any statistical increase in nutron stars there?

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    Hey can you do a video on article 13

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    The more i know about our universe, the more dangerous it looks like.. Awesome!

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    Can we have a schrödinger's cat episode ?

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    Strange matter, dark matter, dark energy, black holes... When will we understand them all?

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    Before watching the video, I thought that it being called Strange Matter had to do with quarks (Strange and Charm quarks, to be precise) Im only 2 minutes in, so I'm just gonna.. uhh.. keep watching.

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    feeling kinda strange might infect the earth later idk

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    4:29 did they just die?

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    When you said that it takes you 1200 hours to make a video. I did the math and if you work without sleeping it would take you 50 days. But with sleep it would take you 100 days if you work 12 hours a day. So I think you lied. No offense.

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    Strange quarks sound like the subatomic equivalent of prions.

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    cool another science lesson

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    4:06 Perfectly stable, as all things should be

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    If strange matter can destroy stars why can't it destroy netron star ?

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    “We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.” H. P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu

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    is it really green?

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    if there are so many strangelets why are there not many many suns and planets and asteroids that have been converted to strange matter?

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    I would like to detonate a 100,000 bombs in the neutron star Also /You can kill the universe in seconds ...

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    One does not simply watch a kurzgesagt video just once. It requires at least two full passes: one to take in the wealth of new knowledge, and one to take in the absolutely adorable animations. Personally, I recommend spending two passes for each of the two.

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    Even tho it’s not true it’s hilarious

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    this whole video went into its own contradictory when you said about big bang... its still a theory... otherwise we wouldnt need to find out the origin of universe.... all of this is just contradictory stuff... :/


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    Have you ever done a video on white holes?

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    I strange matter insists inside a neutron star shouldn't it convert the rest of the star into strange matter?

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    Haven't had an existential crises in a bit? Boy does Kurzgesagt have a fix for that!

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    I guess if that happens, we'd feel like strangers in a strange land. Well, no, we'd be dead. But, still.

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    Thanos: kills half of universe Strange Matter: HOLD ME BEER

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    Does strange matter contain charm quarks?

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    Or what if Strange Matter has properties of exotic matter, hooray for the warp drive!

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    okay, i watched this due to a healthy scientific curiosity, and now i know that curiosity is a stranglet that will kill the cat that found it and everything else on this planet. that's great; because i didn't already have enough things to be worried and paranoid about already.

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    considering all the things in the universe that could kill us, how the hell are we alive ....

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