1. Devindra Shaw

    Devindra Shaw8 時間 前

    Ninja was there on the big platfrom

  2. ciara calpito

    ciara calpito9 時間 前

    I use code slogo in fortnite

  3. Mo Fi

    Mo Fi13 時間 前

    It's a vault not a portal

  4. Mr Juliarche

    Mr Juliarche23 時間 前

    This commentary makes me beg for the days when i will be deaf

  5. Julian Edwards

    Julian Edwards日 前

    Wow that’s a meme Buddy

  6. Pradeep Barla

    Pradeep Barla2 日 前

    The robot is on the moon

  7. Liv Beattie

    Liv Beattie2 日 前

    Monster: eats off arm Robot: you gonna pay with your life Mecha: my brother killed this and people say I am op

  8. Gregg Dalgleish

    Gregg Dalgleish2 日 前

    The mech has an infinite gontlt

  9. Libier Carrillo

    Libier Carrillo2 日 前

    Slow go man should of said the robot was his brother

  10. GAME TIME :3 this is Jens at games

    GAME TIME :3 this is Jens at games3 日 前


  11. leo hamilton

    leo hamilton3 日 前

    the monster is caming back in season x

  12. Ultimate YT

    Ultimate YT3 日 前

    Guys drift is in the robot and the robot got the sword in the eye of the monster

  13. Jorge Salazar

    Jorge Salazar4 日 前


  14. Tony McCabe

    Tony McCabe4 日 前

    i Subscribeed

  15. Mike Woods

    Mike Woods4 日 前

    Go on the monsters back that is polar peak

  16. Rodion Bajanov

    Rodion Bajanov5 日 前

    I used code Slogo

  17. chriscilione

    chriscilione5 日 前

    I am going to go to the pi 👍🏼 eve you are going to the pi

  18. chriscilione

    chriscilione5 日 前

    I am going to go to pi

  19. Jai Vinti

    Jai Vinti6 日 前


  20. Jayden Hardin

    Jayden Hardin8 日 前

    So cool

  21. Ty Clarke

    Ty Clarke8 日 前


  22. Travelina Anthony

    Travelina Anthony9 日 前

    That thing that you called Portal it’s accidentally called the vote

  23. jasmin Means

    jasmin Means9 日 前


  24. Shannon Teixeira

    Shannon Teixeira10 日 前

    That was like MechX4

  25. yousif pro

    yousif pro10 日 前

    The robot have weapons the monster doseint have weapons

  26. Annie Meza

    Annie Meza10 日 前

    But polar peak is still there?


    THENEW KINGAJ0810 日 前

    The mech is like iron man at the end of endgame Thanos: i am inevitable Iron man: I am iron man *snap*

  28. Arminda Caldeira

    Arminda Caldeira10 日 前


  29. Arminda Caldeira

    Arminda Caldeira10 日 前


  30. Jessica Saysell

    Jessica Saysell10 日 前

    He's joking

  31. PhilJr McGuffie

    PhilJr McGuffie10 日 前

    Team meck

  32. Chris Hughes

    Chris Hughes11 日 前


  33. black Wolf

    black Wolf11 日 前


  34. Christine Feliciano

    Christine Feliciano11 日 前

    Go go power raingers

  35. Stephany Cakes

    Stephany Cakes11 日 前

    True but I don’t want you guys want to work on of

  36. George Clarke

    George Clarke11 日 前

    The robot went to the moon

  37. Hafish Fajri M

    Hafish Fajri M12 日 前

    Jos an ninja ay now you ay siit in ninja fidio

  38. Assault Rhon99

    Assault Rhon9912 日 前

    Why is the monster balles imean he doesn't have balls

  39. erichayes16

    erichayes1612 日 前

    Yes jelly someone finally gets me jelly:the robot can’t swim oh no!

  40. Farouq Alnaseri

    Farouq Alnaseri12 日 前

    Ikkkkj,,’iircdadsddsddcxssscddcssddsaassxddcacadacs c c vvdesss

  41. Trey Pelletier

    Trey Pelletier12 日 前

    Josh: well I’m a Better mech than you Robot: I’m gonna end this man whole career

  42. The Wolf

    The Wolf12 日 前

    Its A Kaiju like Zilla or like the kaiju's from the pacific rim movie

  43. Riley-jack Addison

    Riley-jack Addison13 日 前

    Mecs arm fell off because the dragon is so heavy

  44. Brylle Sauro

    Brylle Sauro13 日 前

    Use code jelly

  45. Esrom Tofilau

    Esrom Tofilau13 日 前

    I Dedint see it 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😫😫😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  46. Lhustquel Lacsamana

    Lhustquel Lacsamana13 日 前

    this reminds me of the movie pacific rim jaeger vs kaiju

  47. Devin Coonce

    Devin Coonce13 日 前


  48. Reema Fahad

    Reema Fahad13 日 前


  49. Jeff Law

    Jeff Law13 日 前

    Your vocal reactions are lively while your facial reaction is just... dead

  50. Clarence Mills

    Clarence Mills13 日 前

    I love you vids and vote for the rodot

  51. Thavious Gold

    Thavious Gold13 日 前

    You look completely dead inside

  52. Liton Gaji

    Liton Gaji14 日 前

    Slogo man can you go more closer

  53. Liton Gaji

    Liton Gaji14 日 前


  54. Tiffany Bumpus

    Tiffany Bumpus14 日 前

    Go go fornite Rangers

  55. Den nukaul Chea

    Den nukaul Chea14 日 前

    Hey slogo poo

  56. Eric Anthony Ty

    Eric Anthony Ty14 日 前

    6 weapons were in there ( grappler drum gun planes infinity blade tactical smg and bounce pad ) you can choose only 1 of those but almost every one chose the drum gun after that the volcano erupted and destroyed retail and tilted and hit polar peak

  57. Eric Anthony Ty

    Eric Anthony Ty14 日 前

    I bet you missed the season 8 live event the unvaulting

  58. Eric Anthony Ty

    Eric Anthony Ty14 日 前

    Did you know the portal in loot lake leads to the fortnite vault

  59. Jay Q David

    Jay Q David14 日 前

    The ball in fortnite the name of ball is bob

  60. KhaoticTheTowel

    KhaoticTheTowel14 日 前

    2018: NO, DON’T DESTROY TILTED! 2019 Monster Event: DESTROY TILTED!

  61. Udit Sabharwal

    Udit Sabharwal14 日 前

    This monster is Godzilla

  62. Mi Pad

    Mi Pad14 日 前

    Choose code jelly or slogo

  63. Eric Aquino

    Eric Aquino15 日 前


  64. Dinc Kellecioglu

    Dinc Kellecioglu15 日 前

    I use code slogo

  65. Jaimee Aligiannis

    Jaimee Aligiannis15 日 前

    I did not get to see the event but I saw the season 10 event

  66. TheBacon God

    TheBacon God15 日 前

    I wish Godzilla was there

  67. Jessenia Fontanez

    Jessenia Fontanez15 日 前

    It’s called no sweat the dance that the robot day

  68. Anabel Nuñez

    Anabel Nuñez16 日 前

    Can have doogo

  69. Pearl Alonzo

    Pearl Alonzo16 日 前

    That was crazy 😨😱😱😱

  70. Donald Long

    Donald Long16 日 前

    I also used your code slogo

  71. Donald Long

    Donald Long16 日 前

    Yo slogo I want to be in a video trevercod88

  72. dareca garib

    dareca garib17 日 前

    And it did 8888 dameg

  73. dareca garib

    dareca garib17 日 前

    The monster

  74. dareca garib

    dareca garib17 日 前

    I HAVE tried to hit it

  75. dareca garib

    dareca garib17 日 前


  76. Benno Dokic

    Benno Dokic17 日 前


  77. James

    James17 日 前

    Dude the vault is not a portal a**h*le

  78. Jannette Rojas

    Jannette Rojas17 日 前

    I use SLOGO

  79. Manuel Lopez

    Manuel Lopez17 日 前

    The akins

  80. Manuel Lopez

    Manuel Lopez17 日 前


  81. Manuel Lopez

    Manuel Lopez17 日 前

    It's like jelly's the monster and slogoman is the robot