The Lion King: Scar's Long Story


  1. Shanice Ball

    Shanice Ball13 時間 前

    Is it.. *weird* that I kinda feel bad for Taka? (Scar?)

  2. Madeline Tanner

    Madeline Tanner20 時間 前

    i dont really understand because you keep changing the ages throughout the video

  3. Kitsune cute legend

    Kitsune cute legend日 前

    taka/scar was so cute when he was little.und scar's real name is taka

  4. Akiles gamer 10

    Akiles gamer 10日 前

    is fake?

  5. AlohaxBrynn

    AlohaxBrynn日 前

    Everyone can like if they feel bad for scar

  6. Дима Дима

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  7. Bluetherapter001 And Friends

    Bluetherapter001 And Friends3 日 前

    Can we appreciate how much Uru his mother loved him 💗

  8. Brandon Kerschensteiner

    Brandon Kerschensteiner4 日 前

    A whole 18.00 mins tired my eyes

  9. Aesthetic Finn Finn

    Aesthetic Finn Finn4 日 前

    I reclkon he got his scar when play fight with his brother Or his dad .

  10. Just The Loch Ness Monster With Internet Access

    Just The Loch Ness Monster With Internet Access3 日 前

    Love finn in your profile pick 😂

  11. zAnxietyYT

    zAnxietyYT4 日 前

    Team scar 👇

  12. Vlada Larina

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  13. Rachel Leonhardt

    Rachel Leonhardt6 日 前

    Actually, Taka got his scar from a snake who was friends with a strange lion. It says it in the show The lions guard. Scar sang a whole song about it called " How I got my scar"

  14. Nova Raina

    Nova Raina6 日 前

    Scar wasnt bad...He only haved a sad past...Dont judge people fast!.. And it's not simba who killed Scar it's the hyena's!

  15. 狗仔channel副頻道

    狗仔channel副頻道6 日 前

    This story is so sad

  16. Araya Curelo

    Araya Curelo7 日 前

    Now I know why Scar is jealous of Mufasa. He was always Mufasa’s shadow and his father loved Mufasa but not Scar.

  17. Arnav Thind

    Arnav Thind8 日 前

    I saw that Rafiki wasan't happy presenting scars baby.

  18. Corenne T.

    Corenne T.8 日 前

    I don't even think Disney knows. Official sources have different accounts on how he got the Scar. I think his father giving him the scar (maybe on account of Mufasa) makes the most sense though, and could explain some of the hatred and drive Scar had towards Mufasa.

  19. •Mangle•

    •Mangle•9 日 前

    The love you

  20. Ana Cruz Lebron

    Ana Cruz Lebron9 日 前

    i can tell that his mom did love him its his did that didnt love him :(

  21. Alice Yewoon

    Alice Yewoon9 日 前

    is that scar and zira?

  22. Adriana Lopez

    Adriana Lopez10 日 前

    That Mack me cry 😢 🥺

  23. Rene Pricopie Scar

    Rene Pricopie Scar10 日 前

    My favourite theory about how Taka get his Scar is this made by fandom

  24. Rocket King

    Rocket King10 日 前

    Actually scar got his scar from a snake the whole story is in the lion guard

  25. Katia Alves Fernandes

    Katia Alves Fernandes10 日 前

    My god

  26. Senthilan Yogendran

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  27. Blueberry Juice

    Blueberry Juice11 日 前

    Scar and simba aren’t brothers scar is actually simbas and nalas dad which is why he tried to take over the pride lands he thought that the incest going on between nala and simba was wrong especially after they had cubs

  28. Rahil Ahmed

    Rahil Ahmed11 日 前

    How has Rafiki lived so LONG '-'

  29. SuperMikey455

    SuperMikey4558 日 前

    He’s a monkey and we’re not sure exactly how old he is. There may have others before him.

  30. Arnav Thind

    Arnav Thind8 日 前

    I know he lived from mufasa and scars childhood to Kiara's time to be queen.

  31. Luciole GB

    Luciole GB11 日 前

    Scar's story is strist... It is because of his father and the life he had as a child that he has so much hatred in him as an adult...

  32. Manuru Ananya

    Manuru Ananya11 日 前

    Why didn't ahadhi like scar?🙁🙁😢😢😢😟😟😔😔😔

  33. irhaa sardar

    irhaa sardar13 日 前

    There's always something good in a bad person and scar was good but scared so he turn evil and kill mufasa

  34. Val Cardo

    Val Cardo14 日 前

    Zira...... Don't you dare..........................................

  35. Val Cardo

    Val Cardo14 日 前

    Let's be real : What if SCAR was chosen ? Would mufasa be " scar " and scar would be " mufasa "

  36. F.9ADE3.D lll

    F.9ADE3.D lll15 日 前

    king, scar...

  37. Beauty and Wellness Blog

    Beauty and Wellness Blog15 日 前

    I like ahadi

  38. Shanice Fordg

    Shanice Fordg15 日 前

    Then dad gave his son a scar that how he got his name scar!?

  39. Shanice Fordg

    Shanice Fordg15 日 前

    Scar was happy when his mom and dad I think I'm adding up here his brother was Jealous of scar!

  40. Shanice Fordg

    Shanice Fordg15 日 前

    And scar was not happy when his brother was king but why would his brother banned his mom and dad?

  41. Shanice Fordg

    Shanice Fordg15 日 前

    If they had good times why are they against each other now? They had good times thought and I think scar didn't meant to let go of his bother and what happen to their parents they died or they left the pride lands? For good but when their grown ups they fight but why? I think scar was sad when his brother banned his mom and his dad and that's why their against each other but what does Silva have to do with scar and his brother? This makes sense now but why did scar's brother banned his dad and mom if his brother didn't banned them I think scar wouldn't be like this and forgot scar's brothers name that's why I said brother.

  42. Godwin Mosore

    Godwin Mosore16 日 前

    If scar wasnt jealous I'm telling u they would be the best family ever😭

  43. Cindy Garcia

    Cindy Garcia16 日 前

    This video wants to make me want to make a each life about scar omg its so sad

  44. Cindy Garcia

    Cindy Garcia16 日 前

    I meant gacha life

  45. Soraya Scar

    Soraya Scar17 日 前

    11:26 Scar & Sarafina 😍 FOREVER!! if it weren't for the zira !! pity he stayed with her; -; Great video 😄

  46. ShadowCloud082

    ShadowCloud08218 日 前

    I know this may be a little mean but, I'm kinda glad there father is dead now.....

  47. fiona marie ramos

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  48. Маргарита Князевич

    Маргарита Князевич19 日 前

    Бедный Шрам

  49. Joof Jeff

    Joof Jeff20 日 前

    1:24 what is firestar 2009, are you copying Firestar from the book series, Warriors and making him look like a lion

  50. Moriah Haeflinger

    Moriah Haeflinger20 日 前

    what is going on and that is really sad

  51. Badger7b4

    Badger7b420 日 前

    So basically everyone who was evil in lion king didnt get loved the most and had a dark past

  52. Linda Swain

    Linda Swain20 日 前

    Why did scar kill his brother they were nice to each other when they were cubs but when they order Scarlet was being mean to Brother that is just so sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  53. fiona marie ramos

    fiona marie ramos16 日 前

    Bc of his father

  54. Linda Swain

    Linda Swain20 日 前

    This is just so cute😊😊😊😊😊😊😊💗💗💗💗💗



    wow is buetiful scar is bad:(

  56. Alexis Hickman

    Alexis Hickman21 日 前

    This is so sad I feel bad for scar he wasn't born a villain he was made one

  57. Shayla Chattams

    Shayla Chattams21 日 前

    I wish I had the HONOR of being Scars Queen 😍

  58. Мои влоги И не только

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  59. Lelona Rolo

    Lelona Rolo22 日 前

    What kind of father would have a favourite child?! Parents say that they love each child equally!

  60. Itz_Gatcha Wolf39

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  61. Taty Stephanie

    Taty Stephanie24 日 前

    Scar got his scar because of a snake

  62. Itz_Gatcha Wolf39

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  63. Itz_Gatcha Wolf39

    Itz_Gatcha Wolf3923 日 前

    No b/c if his OWN DAF

  64. guilherme Dias

    guilherme Dias24 日 前

    Mufasa mesmo

  65. XxŠvÿÿtRøłępłāÿxX ØwØ

    XxŠvÿÿtRøłępłāÿxX ØwØ25 日 前

    Quiz, tell me your guess in my reply sections Who is Ahadi’s father? Mohatu or a rouge Who is Uru’s father? Mohatu or a rouge

  66. XxŠvÿÿtRøłępłāÿxX ØwØ

    XxŠvÿÿtRøłępłāÿxX ØwØ16 日 前

    @fiona marie ramos Yes finally that someone knows the right answer 😅

  67. fiona marie ramos

    fiona marie ramos16 日 前

    1. A rouge 2. Mohatu

  68. XxŠvÿÿtRøłępłāÿxX ØwØ

    XxŠvÿÿtRøłępłāÿxX ØwØ25 日 前

    what’s this song

  69. Spider Animations

    Spider Animations25 日 前

    You gotta feel bad for scar He was abused to the point of a monster

  70. Spider Animations

    Spider Animations25 日 前

    They were a cub for a long time

  71. Shayla Chattams

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  72. KYGxPJY Got7

    KYGxPJY Got725 日 前

    kinda reminds me of the story of Thor and Loki.

  73. Tupaarnaq Rosing

    Tupaarnaq Rosing25 日 前

    Why they never made of movie? That would be great if they do.

  74. David Cormany

    David Cormany26 日 前

    Mack. A. Other. One. Booo

  75. Sumeya Ismail

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  76. I’m Your fan

    I’m Your fan27 日 前

    It was never his fault he became evil

  77. I’m Your fan

    I’m Your fan27 日 前

    I feel bad for scar

  78. Laura Eisenbarth

    Laura Eisenbarth27 日 前

    I love the lion king and the lion king 2 I love kovu he's so cool

  79. Светлана Михайлович

    Светлана Михайлович27 日 前

    Я не поняла они любят играться там или они не дружат ?

  80. Gabriella Melendez

    Gabriella Melendez28 日 前

    Love it

  81. Queen Nala

    Queen Nala28 日 前

    Great video

  82. Sepe Vick Joe

    Sepe Vick Joe29 日 前

    He is a villain because he got a scar and it makes him evil😈

  83. Hehehaha YT

    Hehehaha YT29 日 前

    The real villain is the lionesses. In the wild, male lions with darker manes are stronger, so it’s the lionesses fault for not picking him over mufasa. The events that happened in the movie were to happen in real life, and if scar was such a bad king why didn’t the lionesses kick scar out? Because they might have enjoyed his rule.

  84. Mackenzi Billy

    Mackenzi Billyヶ月 前

    I forgot that Mufasa and Scar were brothers so when I saw them so much together as cubs I thought they were just friends 2:13 is just 😩😱 😭 😭😭😭

  85. Itzaila !

    Itzaila !ヶ月 前

    Ahadi is a good father but he did not give enough attention to scar so I prefer he be a better father like Mohautu

  86. Billy eyelash

    Billy eyelashヶ月 前

    Red fur + black main + childhood scar = taka / scar we all know Blame his parents for his looks

  87. Nancy Andrade

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    i am sorry with my talking

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    50 000th like from meee!

  90. BL5 Shaili Vudaya Giri Vudaya Giri

    BL5 Shaili Vudaya Giri Vudaya Giriヶ月 前

    No he got from a snake remeber the lion guard connect to lion king



    1:43 mufasa is so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  92. Jessica playz

    Jessica playzヶ月 前

    Is it me or did scar look like kovu when he was a kid

  93. Pietra Januário

    Pietra Januárioヶ月 前

    Fofo demais né maravilhoso ♥️

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    POV: its 5AM 👁👄👁💀

  95. Anaber Q

    Anaber Qヶ月 前

    Шрам и Муфаса маленькие такие классные! У меня аш сердечко тает и плачет!😂😭

  96. Teddy bear :3

    Teddy bear :3ヶ月 前

    @Anaber Q с каждым русским буду писать Муфаса и Шрам. 1. Муфаса и Шрам.

  97. Anaber Q

    Anaber Qヶ月 前

    @Teddy bear :3 да, а чо

  98. Teddy bear :3

    Teddy bear :3ヶ月 前

    Ура русский :>

  99. Patti Miller

    Patti Millerヶ月 前

    His dad is so mean😭

  100. Wayra Andrea Aguilar Tascón

    Wayra Andrea Aguilar Tascónヶ月 前

    mm entonces no era malo solo que el padre de simba tenia preferidos y lo dejaron al olvido

  101. Anthony Dickens

    Anthony Dickensヶ月 前

    so um

  102. Adrain Manzotti

    Adrain Manzottiヶ月 前

    It’s sad to see what happened during Scar’s life.

  103. Student Abigail Davis

    Student Abigail Davisヶ月 前

    i love your videos :3

  104. Anu Ji

    Anu Jiヶ月 前

    So sad

  105. toy cupcake

    toy cupcakeヶ月 前

    He become lion guard. Then he met a strange lion. He is no longer alone anymore. That strange lion told that he had wisdom and powers and he told that powerful has to be king. With him and his roar he can rule everything. He found his idea and did everything he told but je didn't know that strange lion has a snake friend. It bit scar and the snakes venom is turned him evil. So he roared at them. He had some brave to ask mufasa to rule the pridelands. But he nicknamed him scar because of his scar. So he to lion guard to kill mufasa but they didn't do it so he roared at them. They died and scar losed his roar. And his second plan worked mufasa was king no more. Then Simba killed scar. If you want to see scar was telling his story himself see lion guard season 1,2 and 3 thank you for seeing

  106. Simply Ruby

    Simply Rubyヶ月 前

    I think I was bc scar was with hyannis his dad took him away and hot him giving him the scar the his mother got mad his parents got in a fight making scar evil idk tho or maybe it was his brother became king

  107. ꧁Emma Estevez꧂

    ꧁Emma Estevez꧂ヶ月 前

    0:32 song pls

  108. SuperBallbraker

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    Vem er du

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    Phoenix Studiosヶ月 前

    Hated child all over again:(

  111. Tristan Wolfe

    Tristan Wolfeヶ月 前

    There is a song in "The Lion Guard" that talks all about how he turned evil.

  112. Tristan Wolfe

    Tristan Wolfeヶ月 前

    Scar/Taka, became evil because he was bit by a cobra and the venom made him mad and he used his roar (because he was leader of the lion guard ) then he lost it.

  113. Viv Dubey

    Viv Dubeyヶ月 前

    I do not know why is nala's brother named mheeu

  114. Viv Dubey

    Viv Dubeyヶ月 前

    Scar is my Favourite corrector!