The Lion King Official Trailer


  1. redkeymon 11

    redkeymon 114 時間 前

    It the same thing

  2. Erçin LEVENT

    Erçin LEVENT7 時間 前

    This movie is shit of shit in the colorful world of Disney's dried intestines.

  3. Sukla Banerjee

    Sukla Banerjee11 時間 前

    I want disney to release lion king 2 where the growing of simba and nala's kid would be shown to the new generation . But i cannot understand what can be the name of simba and nala's cub ? I want replies .

  4. Amruth kumar

    Amruth kumar20 時間 前

    Sandalwood sarathi movie dubbed

  5. awieeeee

    awieeeee日 前

    Lion eat?

  6. ivankurt maculata

    ivankurt maculata日 前


  7. johnny1893

    johnny1893日 前

    It has grossed over $1.6 billion worldwide, surpassing Frozen as the highest-grossing animated film, and is also the second highest-grossing film of 2019 Keep making videos on JPreporter...

  8. safwan said

    safwan said日 前

    movie is flat, and emotionless. just like all current Disney movie. damn what happened to these guys, Disney era 90 and the early 2000's was lit as hell. even the long awaited incredible sequel fell short. hope they dont butchered mulan.

  9. hιrα•

    hιrα•日 前

    Remember that time when they did an absolutely great work on Aslan in TCON making him *both* realistic and emotional?

  10. Santana Fernandes

    Santana Fernandes日 前

    It's very good movie for kid's

  11. Badri Paudel

    Badri Paudel日 前

    How and where can I watch full movie?

  12. Mother Nature

    Mother Nature日 前

    I'm really surprised how american and canadian people can have so low taste and be so unpretentious, going to this soulless computer graph shit. The dude just wanted to earn easy money from your nostalgic feelings. Come on people

  13. DylanNicolasSG

    DylanNicolasSG日 前

    yeah it's not like those renders and animations don't take any HUMAN EFFORT and Artistic Integrity 🙄

  14. Gold Stock

    Gold Stock日 前


  15. Gaming Master

    Gaming Master2 日 前

    My fav movie

  16. Martina

    Martina2 日 前

    stop saying the lion king is a masterpiece, It's a ripoff from Osamu Tezuka's 'Kimba, the White Lion'

  17. Sofija Popovic

    Sofija Popovic3 日 前

    Who watching this in decenber 2019

  18. Play GT

    Play GT5 時間 前

    Me in 2030

  19. sujith reddy

    sujith reddy3 日 前

    Worlds best Disney movie

  20. Sergio Sanchez

    Sergio Sanchez3 日 前

    This trailer was better then the movie

  21. DylanNicolasSG

    DylanNicolasSG日 前

    the trailer shows how the movie flows precisely on screen.

  22. Sathish Kumar

    Sathish Kumar4 日 前

    This movie copyed from kannada saarathi movie story, beautifull....

  23. Jess V.

    Jess V.4 日 前

    Beautiful movie. James Earl Jones was epic as Mufasa. However, Beyonce did a awfuljob (overdramatic), and I really missed the voice of Elton John. Both things kind of ruined the experience for me😬

  24. Joe C

    Joe C5 日 前

    No matter what people say, 1994 lion king will be a masterpiece of all masterpieces even above this one, and above all disney movies

  25. naemi rempel

    naemi rempel5 日 前

    they should've gotten Jeremy Irons to voice Scar. no one can beat him.

  26. Damian Prusik

    Damian Prusik5 日 前

    Ok bez paszportu

  27. la la

    la la6 日 前

    Lion King 90s legend movie.

  28. Abulfaz Qurbanov

    Abulfaz Qurbanov6 日 前

    Amazing trailer!

  29. R Jagadeesh

    R Jagadeesh6 日 前

    My most favourite movie i waiting the lion king 2

  30. ShadowDragon

    ShadowDragon6 日 前

    I don't understand all the hate it getts, i loved it, and i don't care what people say.

  31. Lisek Tod

    Lisek Tod6 日 前

    The hates are from people who hate cats. Or hate all animals. That's everything I can say!

  32. Mickey Adams

    Mickey Adams6 日 前

    This movie has revived my infancy again❤

  33. J.E.M as James Edward McDonald

    J.E.M as James Edward McDonald6 日 前

    Original still favourite voice and live action not too bad love that animals style

  34. Emilia Kafedjieva

    Emilia Kafedjieva7 日 前


  35. VijayKumar KR

    VijayKumar KR7 日 前

    Who else out there saw kannada sarathi story in the lion King

  36. 塔 塔

    塔 塔8 日 前

    果然 真實版「沒那麼色彩厚」

  37. Taylor Lange

    Taylor Lange8 日 前

    The Lion King and Rocketman better win some awards at the 2020 Oscars!

  38. plant

    plant8 日 前

    And the award for the worst movie of 2019 goes to...

  39. Mahbub Ahmed Anik

    Mahbub Ahmed Anik8 日 前

    give me te movei link of the lion king

  40. Sarah Brodie

    Sarah Brodie9 日 前

    to be honest was a bit disappointed with the voice acting. didn't seem to show any emotion.

  41. __

    __8 日 前

    NO AFRICANS! That's the biggest voice acting problem.

  42. cheetah70007ninja a

    cheetah70007ninja a9 日 前

    How old would scar be when simba is grown up how can he be so strong hes an old lion

  43. Zain ßúTt

    Zain ßúTt9 日 前

    I m so excited for this

  44. I Draw for YOU

    I Draw for YOU10 日 前

    Классный я его нарисовала маленького львёнка

  45. James LaBrue

    James LaBrue10 日 前

    Matthew Broderick should have played simba as always. Smh at this other guy. Not the same