The Lion King Official Trailer


  1. PhilipB

    PhilipB3 時間 前

    Disney, 2 questions please: 1) Why did you "blackwash" the majority of the cast? Everyone, including Nala, sounds a bit too......"thug". It's annoying AF 2) How the hell in Zeus's Butthole, did you accept Beyonce's Shit Soul "I am trying too hard because I am a Diva" Version of "Can you feel the love tonight"? YOU RUINED A CLASSIC. THANK GOODNESS YOU DIDN'T PULL "AN ALADDIN" AND DO SOMETHING AS STUPID AS ADD WILL SMITH TO YOUR CAST AND STUCK TO THE ORIGINAL STORY

  2. Srividhya Jayaraman

    Srividhya Jayaraman4 時間 前

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  3. Adrian Ramirez

    Adrian Ramirez6 時間 前

    When the trailer is wayyyyyyy better than the movie.

  4. القناص ๛

    القناص ๛7 時間 前

    عربي؟ ☻ اضغط لايك 💙✨

  5. Ryan McAnalen

    Ryan McAnalen13 時間 前

    barely started watching before hearing John Olivers dumbass and left the couch...

  6. hồ chí Sách

    hồ chí Sách14 時間 前

    bo phim nay ten gi vay

  7. A

    A日 前

    This movie was great except for a few things, beyonce as Nala is one. I love beyonce but the whole point of musicals is to make your voice fit the character and that wasn't Nala, It was straight up Beyonce. Unnecessary runs and all. We all know Beyonce can sing like a goddess but musicals are about voice control. That spirit song ruined a classic moment too. The two male hyenas were lacking. And scar's major song with the hyenas (my favorite song) was the biggest let down of all. Also Rafiki singing that nonsense in the field? Huge let down not adding it in.

  8. R MCK

    R MCK日 前

    Wonderful, beautiful movie. I highly recommend it.

  9. Mr. Noice

    Mr. Noice日 前

    Tbh simbas expressions look so dead compared to the cartoon movie

  10. Top Fertilizer

    Top Fertilizer日 前

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  11. Top Fertilizer

    Top Fertilizer日 前

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  12. Top Fertilizer

    Top Fertilizer日 前

    Every animals in this movie look so realistic, EXCEPT female lions. They look so fake. Why??????

  13. jose beria

    jose beria日 前

    I need the same version of this song please. (sorry for my english)

  14. Drake's Dog

    Drake's Dog日 前

    still a shit movie

  15. John QPublic

    John QPublic日 前

    This is a total shit-stain and uninspired "live-action" film. #LionKingSoBlack #DisneySoPC

  16. just joel

    just joel日 前

    This movie has so many heart touching quotes.

  17. Damisuru Jayaweera

    Damisuru Jayaweera日 前

    just watched it😍

  18. rosie0042

    rosie0042日 前

    How is this not a complete RIP- OFF of Dinah Maria Mulock Craiks' "The little lame Prince"? Please someone tell me that this storyline is derived from the 1928 classic and she got the credits bc the"screenwriter" is somebody else.

  19. Sruthin das Vallukkandiyil

    Sruthin das Vallukkandiyil日 前

    2020 Lion the king varanam tigar lion Fight super movie

  20. Chris R

    Chris R日 前

    its a longer movie and somehow less happens lol. poop remake

  21. Mr. Noice

    Mr. Noice2 日 前

    Say what you want about this remake, the music is still amazing

  22. ali akrami

    ali akrami2 日 前

    i wanted to see a better feeling in their faces, it was very real and their faces didn`t make me feel good, it was just wonderful special effects!

  23. vαмρɪяє нυиτєя ツ

    vαмρɪяє нυиτєя ツ2 日 前

    It was amazing in some points and boring in some points, I will rate the movie 7.5/10 Worth watching.

  24. Fizza Saleem

    Fizza Saleem2 日 前

    I will watch the old lion king over the new one any day n many times .. just couldn’t feel the same emotions in the new one

  25. 00 00

    00 002 日 前

    This is sad af

  26. GOLDEN SmilE

    GOLDEN SmilE2 日 前

    Come to my channel and download this movie ful 5.1 dual audio HD

  27. creforce

    creforce2 日 前

    This adaptation SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS! first beyonce is fucking singing and the voice actors is no where NEAR as good as the original cast. where the 1994 lion kind was about emotions and acting through a childs movie it's the 2019 movie out for money and bad acting. It's sound like the actors just doing it for a work not for something that will live on for a very long time. final verdict: 1994 was one of my favorite movies *I was born 1980* total was the movie 9/10 2019 whit the bad singing and actting 3/10 this movie should have never been realsed in my OPINION.

  28. Carlos Saavedra

    Carlos Saavedra2 日 前

    What a mediocre scar character! Where is Mr. Irons, where is Woopy Goldberg. Disney #Cheap.

  29. Krishon Kennedy

    Krishon Kennedy2 日 前

    *Leo* 🔥 *The movie that put all other Zodiac to shame*

  30. Sk Asifur Rahaman

    Sk Asifur Rahaman2 日 前

    Realistic animals talking, it's a bit unsettling.

  31. Polo Surf

    Polo Surf2 日 前

    This movie lacked all the heart from the original. And that shitty "spirit" song from beyonce fucked up an emotional scene, that bitch pluged that trash song as a requirement to do the voice for Nala and still managed to butcher the character. Simba's voice by that other retard Glover sucked ass, it was like he had a carrot in his ass during his performance. Scar voice was terrible. In general all the voice acting was bad, Erl Jones sounds like he doesn't want to be there. Movie starts frame by frame and then near the end starts doing it's own thing with that, yet again, shitty song from beyonce. If you are going to do a movie frame by frame, then do it frame by frame.

  32. Risky Rahmawan

    Risky Rahmawan2 日 前

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  33. Nakita Gable

    Nakita Gable2 日 前

  34. Fultonfalcons86

    Fultonfalcons863 日 前

    First off who ever cast these voice actors needs to be fired it absolutely was not correct Nathan Lane and all of the original cast should have had the chance to reprise their roles especially Jeremy Irons as Scar .........And I really do not care if it offends anyone or not...........

  35. Ivan Aguilera

    Ivan Aguilera2 日 前

    Mr bean was zazu

  36. Dardania Lion

    Dardania Lion3 日 前

    Simba voice when he grows up is really bad. It's a disaster how they added this guy to speak.

  37. dqzeropb

    dqzeropb3 時間 前

    I found it good

  38. just joel

    just joel日 前


  39. ihy bitdoh

    ihy bitdoh3 日 前

    i trusted you.. and you gave me a can you feel the love tonight daylight version. fuck u.

  40. robostain_

    robostain_3 日 前

    This was the worst thing I've ever seen. Worse than the cartoon in every single way. It's like watching a nature documentary with bad voice-over. No facial expressions, no funny and silly scenes, worse script, worse voices.. The only thing that's amazing is the technical achievement. Now I'm gonna go and re-watch the cartoon so I can love and appreciate it even more.

  41. Kris Deng

    Kris Deng18 時間 前

    ^ your average 45yo Facebook mom and her good old days everybody

  42. Marla Wilcox

    Marla Wilcox3 日 前

    Mufasa: as king the one thing I was most proud of: having you as my son Simba: that was a long time ago Mufasa: no simba that is forever

  43. 00 00

    00 002 日 前


  44. rose mary

    rose mary3 日 前

    Plz do the lion king 1.5 in real life Like of you agree

  45. ad3el

    ad3el3 日 前

    I was excited i was watching it with excitement and then "scar" voice happened😑😩😩

  46. لؤي حاصوفي

    لؤي حاصوفي3 日 前

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  47. OutcastSoldier

    OutcastSoldier3 日 前

    This movie is 4 hours long...i don't think i got enough patience to see this.

  48. Bon Bon’s World

    Bon Bon’s World3 日 前

    Sim a is the best 🦁

  49. Zed Gaming

    Zed Gaming3 日 前

    Is it just me or those the cgi suck

  50. Kacem

    Kacem3 日 前

    Yes its sucks ! i think the jungle book movie has the greatest CGI

  51. Jayr Trapsi

    Jayr Trapsi3 日 前

    Disney ruining the classic carttons

  52. Sassy Baby

    Sassy Baby3 日 前

    Let me start by saying I love The Lion King whether it be part 1 Timon and Pumbaa or Simba's Pride I'm enjoying the movie so far I just wish they would have used the voices for the characters from the first one that's the only constructive criticism I have for the movie I'm a sucker for a movie with talking animals any way anyways I definitely hope they make a sequel

  53. SirWaffles

    SirWaffles4 日 前

    Ah yes the good old "cliff falling" simulator


    STAR LIGHT4 日 前

    Darth Vader is in this cartoon

  55. عثمان العراقي

    عثمان العراقي4 日 前

    الي جاي من سينمانا لايك

  56. Saermed Haque

    Saermed Haque4 日 前

    Honestly I haven't seen the movie yet or this trailer completely but i would be really excited if Simba's dad would have Liam Neesons Voice.

  57. GODofGrace1

    GODofGrace14 日 前

    i saw this yesterday,but...nothing beats the original. one positive note, they did use some of the original's music in this version. But it just didn't have that same touch.I think even kids of today, are still likely to prefer original over this ' remake '.

  58. Malik Awan

    Malik Awan4 日 前

    I had watched this loin King and this movie had refreshed my childhood amazing movie

  59. Mohamed AL mahfood

    Mohamed AL mahfood4 日 前

    Great movie .. The best film for Disney Live Action in my opinion and the same level of the original anmation movie

  60. Mohamed AL mahfood

    Mohamed AL mahfood4 日 前

    Greet movie

  61. Srividhya Jayaraman

    Srividhya Jayaraman4 日 前

    Life’s not fair My little Other lion speed Run away simba Mufasa task your place Zebra music In the circle of life Lion roar

  62. Ko Naing

    Ko Naing4 日 前

    Everthing in this movie is like real. But all male lions don't hav testis prove that this is not complete real . 😂😂😂

  63. Doğaner Kovar

    Doğaner Kovar4 日 前

    brother bear original version can come as well please

  64. Ƕimanshu Rąтh๏re

    Ƕimanshu Rąтh๏re4 日 前

    animals movies are always awesome

  65. Ams Teka

    Ams Teka4 日 前

    Those 38K dislikers are the tigers i guess..!!!

  66. Boom 8833

    Boom 88332 日 前

    Ams Teka or the hyenas

  67. Austin Ahern

    Austin Ahern4 日 前

    Tap this if you liked the live-action version of The Lion King!!! 👇

  68. Anselm Carasco

    Anselm Carasco4 日 前

    Stop doing remakes of your own movies and make new one. Remakes and sequel are no match to original.

  69. Xtian Lodangco

    Xtian Lodangco4 日 前

    Shut the fuck up bitch