The Lion King Official Teaser Trailer


  1. Sam Mas

    Sam Mas日 前


  2. Casey Terry

    Casey Terry日 前

    I watched it in theaters last week and it blew me away, my childhood was reborn in the most fantastic way imaginable. The music was breath taking the characters were were so unbelievably good, the tears the comic relief the romance the courage and bravery the majesty of this story will live until the end of time. And as lond as men shall walk the earth they will watch this and look up at the night sky in a whole new world of light and remember the great kings of the past, even if this story is abandoned or forgotten or if the lion population rebuilds or dies the stars will never fade, never, they will burn till the end of time

  3. Peace.maker

    Peace.maker2 日 前



    PARK SOO LEE4 日 前

    عرب ؟؟؟

  5. Mohashina Hossain

    Mohashina Hossain6 日 前

    "You must take your place, in the circle of life" - MUFASA

  6. Emmett Jones

    Emmett Jones7 日 前

    Back when this trailer made the movie actually worth going to see and when you thought you were going to get something new like the Jungle Book, to only go to the cinema for a shot for shot.😔I was really hoping they’d have built upon the story, but you know I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got a movie of this caliber with a massive fan base who only wanted to see the cartoon, because God forbid they add anything new or mess with the story which could’ve actually been a great new way we look at this story (had they built upon it) and at least then if it was bad at least you would have the original. For once I don’t blame Disney I blame the fans for tying the Director’s hands.

  7. ميمي سان

    ميمي سان8 日 前

    BTS VVVV🎤🎤🎤🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶

  8. usama memon

    usama memon8 日 前

    Very nice cartoon ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆


    IFAD WORLD8 日 前

    back to the day when we've watch the movie together with an old CRT TV (720x576 or 720x480 or 352x288 or 352x240)

  10. afia mazumdar

    afia mazumdar8 日 前

    I just watched it yesterday

  11. Life Lover

    Life Lover10 日 前

    for Islamic & Christianity

  12. MOⲒ A L I

    MOⲒ A L I10 日 前

    best film 💚

  13. مجنونه باسم الكربلائي الميسانيه

    مجنونه باسم الكربلائي الميسانيه11 日 前

    هو نفس الفيلم بس هذا حقيقي 👎😒

  14. Débora Silva

    Débora Silva12 日 前

    who will own this beautiful voice?

  15. نور الشام

    نور الشام12 日 前

    ان تحب الله حط لايك

  16. Mexorol

    Mexorol14 日 前

    I can watch this movie for the rest of my life

  17. JaGaT PaKsAnWa LiMBoO

    JaGaT PaKsAnWa LiMBoO14 日 前

    I like very much

  18. Матвей Пчёлкин

    Матвей Пчёлкин15 日 前


  19. JKS Gaming

    JKS Gaming16 日 前

    Ive seen this film. It was breathtaking

  20. Julio Alonzo

    Julio Alonzo16 日 前

    1:10 tu mamá me iso una manada :v


    MrSTARWARS17 日 前

    I did not like this new movie 😕

  22. AmoO's DIY

    AmoO's DIY17 日 前

    How cam i watch this movie and where please any help

  23. Th0t Patr0l

    Th0t Patr0l13 日 前

    AmoO's DIY it’ll be out for JPreporter movies in probably the next couple months, or Disney+

  24. AmoO's DIY

    AmoO's DIY14 日 前

    @Emre Serin i wanna watch in mobile 😕

  25. Emre Serin

    Emre Serin15 日 前

    AmoO's DIY at the cinemas

  26. Anime of King 2 4k

    Anime of King 2 4k18 日 前

    او كان انيميشن كان افضل

  27. Anime of King 2 4k

    Anime of King 2 4k18 日 前

    فلم خاييييسسسسسسس

  28. zane stunkard

    zane stunkard19 日 前

    Too bad they literally recycled the original soundyrack for circle of life and didnt do this one


    INCOGNIGO15 日 前

    Yeah I really like this new version

  30. coisas da clau

    coisas da clau19 日 前

    Alguem do BR ?

  31. Robert Kelly

    Robert Kelly19 日 前

    Who came here after watching the hilarious long live the King scene.

  32. Sunil Kumar

    Sunil Kumar20 日 前

    This movie Indian language kannada movie Sarathi Rameke 👎

  33. Dominic Lowe

    Dominic Lowe21 日 前

    This was the greatest teaser trailer of all time

  34. Ultimul Razboinic

    Ultimul Razboinic21 日 前

    How can i see the movie? Everywhere only trailers..

  35. Emre Serin

    Emre Serin15 日 前

    Ultimul Razboinic at the cinemas

  36. Ashton Aguiling

    Ashton Aguiling22 日 前


  37. Andrea Fernandez

    Andrea Fernandez23 日 前

    Garbage movie, Jon Favreau... YOU SUCK!!

  38. Jurassic Fett

    Jurassic Fett23 日 前

    I was disappointed that this movie wasn’t as good as I thought it was

  39. Lucas N82

    Lucas N8224 日 前

    #DisneyAvariciousBot. That sad, cuz I love ur cartoons when I was young child. Sad.

  40. NEW

    NEW24 日 前

    Fuck ควย

  41. Fares Naber

    Fares Naber25 日 前

    simba as a baby is adorable

  42. El QRASNA TV

    El QRASNA TV26 日 前

    ادخل على قناتي وشاهد الفيلم الأصلي

  43. Breeze

    Breeze27 日 前

    *hearing Mufasa's(James Earl Jones) voice = Goosebumps!

  44. England Is my city

    England Is my city28 日 前

    This new show on Nat Geo is awesome

  45. Jaiden Terry

    Jaiden Terry28 日 前

    Walt Disney Studios u guys were doing great to make this movie and I love Lion King this new one ❤💙💚💛💜🖤🦁🐗🐹🐻

  46. Dinesh Nikam

    Dinesh Nikam28 日 前

    0:42 my favourite

  47. Doge

    Doge29 日 前

    I honestly feel like Disney is running out if ideas there are like 10 remake movies by now and its ridiculous they come out like sonic and its just like..they are running out of deas

  48. Ryan Cowart

    Ryan Cowartヶ月 前


  49. we are

    we areヶ月 前

    who else saw the movie but still watches the trailer lol

  50. eshswam

    eshswam23 日 前

    I loved the movie, but felt there was nothing new added. I still watch the trailer lolz.

  51. عبدالله العبري

    عبدالله العبريヶ月 前

    متا ينزل الفلم

  52. Romio Joseph

    Romio Josephヶ月 前

    I hope all who disliked this video (45k) didn't have a sense, for even music

  53. GAUTAM Kumar

    GAUTAM Kumarヶ月 前

    Arvind kannaujiya

  54. Beyshades124

    Beyshades124ヶ月 前

    1994 kids see the new lion king cry when mufasa dies and cries of happiness when scar dies 2019 30-40yr olds return emocionally ready With their kids and say "i saw this back in the days" Thanks Disney!😊

  55. Dai 大

    Dai 大ヶ月 前

    Congratulations Favreau and team, you've made a completely forgettable movie.

  56. Jui Islam

    Jui Islamヶ月 前

    Omg!! omg !! What a trailer?? I am also excited...

  57. Snowy Kitten Roblox

    Snowy Kitten Robloxヶ月 前

    I'm going to watch the today at the Cinema

  58. yoboi rr888

    yoboi rr888ヶ月 前

    Even real lions have more emotion

  59. Serdrix

    Serdrixヶ月 前

    Be grateful it’s out, if they did not remake it, people would complain, if they added a third part to the original, people would complain.

  60. Azeem Abbas

    Azeem Abbasヶ月 前

    Who's here after watching the film?

  61. Jack King

    Jack Kingヶ月 前

    Is there going to be a lion king 2?

  62. Serdrix

    Serdrixヶ月 前

    @Emre Serin It was stated by the director he wants to for sure hit the 2 billion mark, but don't worry! It will for sure happen.

  63. Emre Serin

    Emre Serinヶ月 前

    Serdrix I think its enough when it surpassed on 1B!

  64. Serdrix

    Serdrixヶ月 前

    If this movie surpasses the 2 billion mark, it is a certainty they will release Lion King 2: Simba’s pride.

  65. Shamiya Ruffin

    Shamiya Ruffinヶ月 前


  66. Paige Elizabeth Jones

    Paige Elizabeth Jonesヶ月 前

    O f

  67. Devlin Lewis

    Devlin Lewisヶ月 前


  68. Bruce Twarce

    Bruce Twarceヶ月 前

    Thank you! Now I can see Kimba...I mean Simba again xD

  69. Salim hezrai Cobarrubias

    Salim hezrai Cobarrubiasヶ月 前

    I seriously going to add this on my collection

  70. Melany Betancourt

    Melany Betancourtヶ月 前