The Lion King Funko POP!


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    Geekcentricヶ月 前

    In our ongoing series of musicals, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do one for The Lion King. If you’re a fan of this video be sure to check out our Aladdin, Toy Story and Nightmare Before Christmas musicals on our channel.

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    Geekcentric vc é muito engradado

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    Geekcentric k

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    jokayman031508 1@

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    I only have 2 of the 1994 collection

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    B by.

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    You must be rich. HOW DID YOU GET ALL OF THAT

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    Chill they’re like $10 each

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    Lol what drrrrrrrrr hack

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    It means no boxs why the heck ya need these??? Its are plastic freeeeee falasafe. That part was hilarious I loved that video

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    Thanks for the love 🙏🏽🤓

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    Oh yeah, that was why I did not see Mufasa. I thought there were no Mufasa because they sold out..

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    King sley

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    Alicia Pereira ?

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    Why does simba's eye scared me..

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    Xx Mow mow xX it’s a weird choice that they made the eyes red

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    Oui oui mon ami!

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    Their eyes are creepy

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    Love it👌

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    Remember Simba.... like coment and share I was like 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I like Timon, Nala , Simba and Zazu POP! there my favorite POP!

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    Why the heck should need be 2:37

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    The just can't wait to be king. Is better than thig it horibbl

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    LIKE the lion Kong

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    Que hermoso😍😍😊😊💟

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    Cringe dued ugh your channel is horrible I dislike this the made up songs are horrible and super cringe

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    I like that music

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    Muito legal os bonequinhos da funko pop

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    A fun way to unboxing

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    I thought the live-action was The Out landers

  48. You are a friend Ralph

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    Lion Guard anyone

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    i ll subcribe

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    @Geekcentric thanks

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    Awesome! Welcome to the fam 🤓

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    Eu quero comprar

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    I love this

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    Austin Lynch thanks dude!!!

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    I watch this 1000 times a day

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    Amazing!!! We’re glad you enjoy it!!

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    #lionking i love your video

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    Thank you!!!

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    Live action simba is soo adorable!!😍🤩

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    Is so cúter you pop !

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    🐱🐱🐱🐱 cool happy

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    Wow that are 3D Timon is so cute

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    Thumbs👍 if you l❤️ve lion king👑 or l❤️️ve this video

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    The lion king funko

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    Kenapa sih

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    What the track?

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    Terrible singing

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    the new

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    *L I S T E N T O T H E T E A C H E R*

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