The Lion King - Can You Feel The Love Tonight


  1. Mykah Jaimes

    Mykah Jaimes40 分 前

    Dxxsxxduxsxdsdxdcd xwas xxxisuuz USA. Cuddle xedsysd7dd chx79sxszxzwith z9ssseez

  2. Jenniflower 65

    Jenniflower 659 時間 前

    Timon and Pumbaa singing and watch Nala and Simba have sex

  3. michy

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  4. Alex The Guy

    Alex The Guy21 時間 前

    2:01 Introducing: Do-Me Eyes

  5. Lauren De Napoli

    Lauren De Napoli23 時間 前

    This song does something to me. Unearths a happy childhood memory. I love it.

  6. scarlett morin

    scarlett morin日 前

    Scar: be prepared Me: really Scar: BE PREPARED!!!!!!!! Me: -_-

  7. james Burridge

    james Burridge日 前

    1:48 they see me rollin' they hatin'..............

  8. Rasmus Nørgaard

    Rasmus Nørgaard日 前

    69 Mil views how ironic lol

  9. H X

    H X日 前

    1994 - Can you feel the love tonight~ 2019 - Can youuu feeeel the love tooniiiiiaaaaiiiiiigghhhttt

  10. Aqsa Khan

    Aqsa Khan日 前

    Awwww the perfect cutest couple

  11. Israel Ortega

    Israel Ortega日 前

    no remake can touch this

  12. Izzan Nugraha

    Izzan Nugraha日 前

    Why am i seeing simba almost looks like it’s jamie lannister?

  13. grandpubba1331

    grandpubba1331日 前

    I’m still waiting for someone to mash the lyrics of the this version and Elton’s lyrics, making the song overall longer. Both lyrics would fit perfect

  14. Pat L

    Pat L日 前

    Timon and pumbaa simba and nala i like you

  15. Cooler Daniel

    Cooler Daniel日 前

    69M Nice

  16. Bing Bing

    Bing Bing2 日 前

    I love it

  17. General Di Ravello

    General Di Ravello2 日 前

    Nala's father is a character who is mentioned in The Lion Guard. He is the mate of Sarafina, the father of Nala and thus Kiara and Kion's maternal grandfather. So nala and simba arent

  18. Cat Girl

    Cat Girl2 日 前

    Fav OTP 😭❤️❤️❤️

  19. Pixel Birb

    Pixel Birb2 日 前

    The background vocals sound like they're saying "MOMMY IVE BEEN LOCKED AWAY"

  20. Bevey Dillon

    Bevey Dillon2 日 前

    Love it

  21. Megsztr __

    Megsztr __2 日 前

    lmao 69 million views huh?

  22. Cess Lacdang

    Cess Lacdang2 日 前

    Disney owes an apology to Kimba the one true king.

  23. Cess Lacdang

    Cess Lacdang日 前

    @Maira Mujica Let me leave it here stupid. By the way, I love Lion King too, but the fact that they claimed it was an original movie? LIE. Sorry to ruin your childhood honey.

  24. Maira Mujica

    Maira Mujica日 前

    You are wrong that stupid kimba coped Simba no one likes kimba we don't even know him or her the lion King is so much better than kimba u is stupid😡🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  25. wenia Jordan

    wenia Jordan2 日 前

    Why do you hate this song!🦁

  26. Molly Gibbons

    Molly Gibbons2 日 前

    I love when it says, "the peace" simba pulls nala into the water lol

  27. Awesome Dude

    Awesome Dude3 日 前

    1:11 best part

  28. Ace

    Ace3 日 前

    1993: best version, Beautiful! 1994: Ok version, let’s delete the beautiful version and replace it with an OK one 2019: Worst version, OK we are remaking the movie so let’s make the song even worse!

  29. Aleksa Petrovic

    Aleksa Petrovic3 日 前

    2:01 when Hakuna Matata got a new meaning.

  30. papyrus boi

    papyrus boi2 日 前

    Hakuna my tatas simba?

  31. Deeeqa Ahm

    Deeeqa Ahm3 日 前

    This scene was inspired by bollywood

  32. Rezz 1992

    Rezz 19923 日 前

    1994 : Can you feel the love tonight 2019 : Can yoOou feEel the love toOoniIiight

  33. Lionel Messi

    Lionel Messi3 日 前

    Who are the Korean??

  34. Sabine Etienne

    Sabine Etienne3 日 前


  35. Vlada Western

    Vlada Western3 日 前

    Why when I hear 1994 version I have emotions, but when I hear 2019 version of this song I have no emotions?

  36. Amps3000

    Amps30003 日 前

    Now that is more like it. You can’t remake this! 🥰

  37. supa flash

    supa flash3 日 前

    Please add a like if the original is better

  38. supa flash

    supa flash3 日 前

    I looooooove this one so much better. 🙌Beyonce bawling is just irritating.

  39. RenzXVI

    RenzXVI4 日 前

    Every time someone on reddit asks about whether if friendship really gets bad when your friend gets married, I just link them this... In short, your pal is doomed!

  40. FinalFantasySete

    FinalFantasySete4 日 前

    I still think this was the weirdest introduction of how sex worked, for us 90's kids.

  41. RingtailCafe

    RingtailCafe4 日 前

    I never noticed as a kid, but just before "I just can't wait to be king" several bars of this song are playing in the background as Simba and Nala are talking. That's some great foreshadow!

  42. collaboration4237

    collaboration42374 日 前

    This version >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Beyonce's version.

  43. Shadow Catalano

    Shadow Catalano4 日 前

    Who’s. Here. After. Listening. To. It. In. 94.

  44. Diaria pro

    Diaria pro4 日 前

    wow 69M views if u know what that means like :}

  45. Gmade Gradenolly

    Gmade Gradenolly4 日 前

    in the 1990's i love the African background singers it actually harmonised this kind of music. this year the movie actually disapointed me because if your gonna make a remastered version of an old cartoon, it has to be better than the original but it only just made it worse. That's because people know the original will always be better and there is nothing you can do about it.

  46. Joseph Pieper

    Joseph Pieper4 日 前

    69 million views finally ive waited for 6 years to happen

  47. Teji T S

    Teji T S5 日 前


  48. BlueJay2416

    BlueJay24165 日 前

    I love this scene so much

  49. EarthGamesChannel

    EarthGamesChannel5 日 前

    way much better then 2019

  50. StarskyRyan

    StarskyRyan5 日 前

    2:02 confused me as a kid.... lmao i didnt know how to feel about this cartoon lion.... hahaha

  51. Velocerbate

    Velocerbate5 日 前

    I've got news for you, you're into beastiality fam.

  52. Zay Brown

    Zay Brown5 日 前

    Boy dis shit bop

  53. santiago victor

    santiago victor6 日 前

    i get goosebumps and chills every time i listen to this song

  54. Benjamin Goodman

    Benjamin Goodman6 日 前

    When he said he can’t marry her.. little did they know.. 😉

  55. Bianca L

    Bianca L6 日 前

    2019 version didn't live up to the emotions simba and Nala felt here. Which is understandable I mean they tried to make it look extremely real and lions don't make sex faces while dating... I think? But this version hits me more with tha emotions lol and therefore I like it more

  56. Michael Plurad

    Michael Plurad6 日 前

    2:00 them furries go crazy here...

  57. Rooster Roo

    Rooster Roo6 日 前

    This movie use to make me cry when I was kid gotta admit it still does lol

  58. Hatsoomi

    Hatsoomi6 日 前

    Everyone: Original vs Beyonce!! Me: man that animation with the tongues is pretty gnarly

  59. Pure Destruction and Darkness-Chan

    Pure Destruction and Darkness-Chan6 日 前

    I love this version sorry.

  60. Most Hated

    Most Hated6 日 前

    Beyoncé was having a heart attack singing

  61. Gang Gang

    Gang Gang6 日 前

    Y’all say it’s worse because Beyoncé’s good at singing what theee😂😂😂

  62. Estevan Garcia

    Estevan Garcia7 日 前

    This >>>>> the remake.

  63. MaD HausE

    MaD HausE7 日 前

    This version is much better... damn im old school

  64. Penguin

    Penguin7 日 前

    1:45 it not 18+?!