The Lion King - Can You Feel The Love Tonight


  1. T Pain

    T Pain13 時間 前

    I was in the 5th grade at the time. And I had never seen this movie too before this point. *and oh god, when this scene showed up.* 1:57 My friend said that he would totally bang a lion.

  2. Elizabeth Ford

    Elizabeth Ford20 時間 前

    Hey I love your song

  3. Thomas Harris

    Thomas Harris20 時間 前


  4. Irene Chen

    Irene Chen20 時間 前

    Jungkook is horatio and jungkook is hamlet’s husband uwu

  5. David Thunberg

    David Thunberg日 前

    Did you know that man who sings This is America, he was Simba

  6. Slyphean anims

    Slyphean anims日 前

    2:02 when you seduce your Valentine

  7. Beathe Haaland

    Beathe Haaland日 前

    This version makes me emotional. The 2019 version......... Disappointing. Beyonce is a queen and there's no doubt she can sing so why this need to prove it and ruin a classic..

  8. Martin Tiburcio Cruz

    Martin Tiburcio Cruz日 前

    wtf!? why is this in my English book? no tiene ningun sentido



    Timon is the ultimate bro

  10. Elizabeth Ford

    Elizabeth Ford日 前

    Hey ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  11. Elizabeth Ford

    Elizabeth Ford日 前

    I love your song

  12. Animaine Sparkster

    Animaine Sparkster2 日 前

    I came here for Nala's "come hither" face, but stayed for the vocals

  13. KingTigerLeroy

    KingTigerLeroy2 日 前

    I actually cried at the end....

  14. Carolyn Jones

    Carolyn Jones2 日 前

    And happy 😃 April day I love 💗 Christmas 🎄 is my Christmas 🎄 was your birthday 🍰 day Christmas 🎄 day

  15. lionking. edits

    lionking. edits2 日 前

    I accidentally paused at 0:15 ... Timon what are u on

  16. Melkofficial

    Melkofficial2 日 前

    This is calming tone... Beyonce was too loud

  17. Skye M

    Skye M3 日 前

    Favorite song. Close second goes something like... "Are you achin'...for some bacon? He's a big pig, you can be a big pig too!" Right before they scream and run away... ((When Pumba is used as hyena bait 😂))

  18. SOLAR

    SOLAR3 日 前

    She licked him like ok now the kid play shit is over 💯😂

  19. Althea Nicole

    Althea Nicole3 日 前


  20. Claire Anna

    Claire Anna3 日 前

    I watched this at the same time as the new video. It was so beautiful.



    Nala definitely wanted the Vitamin D ASAP lol 😂

  22. Choco Latte

    Choco Latte3 日 前

    Happy Valentine's Day!! I have no one.. but it's nice to be here :')

  23. Aj Sky

    Aj Sky4 日 前

    It's countless movies like these which gives me the confidence to lift my nose up at the current generation and say "We were much superior compared to your dumbass smartphone generation"

  24. Alain Prost

    Alain Prost4 日 前


  25. Franz Barretto

    Franz Barretto4 日 前


  26. Mr BickPlays Games

    Mr BickPlays Games4 日 前

    *me on Valentine's day (which is today)*

  27. ellie ruby

    ellie ruby4 日 前

    fun fact: the singing voice of simba is the lead singer of toto

  28. Robin Clinton

    Robin Clinton4 日 前

    So many things to tell them but how to make them see

  29. Devuntae Pouncey

    Devuntae Pouncey4 日 前

    In 2020 it still hits😢😭💞

  30. Daryl's fan

    Daryl's fan4 日 前

    The remake can't hold a candle to this perfect version. I love this song so much♥♥

  31. Lord Jadus

    Lord Jadus4 日 前

    This almost wasn't used in the movie. But fortunately, Elton John managed to persuade Jeffry Katzenberg to keep it in here just a few weeks before it first came out. :)

  32. ImThegameboy

    ImThegameboy4 日 前

    can you feel my hot dog tonight?

  33. Black Mamba4ever

    Black Mamba4ever4 日 前

    1:12 favorite line

  34. Erez CrestFallen

    Erez CrestFallen4 日 前

    The new one is better

  35. Caiden Paul Channel

    Caiden Paul Channel4 日 前

    2:03 That’s When u Know a girl Loves You

  36. YT_UniqueBrandon

    YT_UniqueBrandon5 日 前

    No matter how old I get this is my favorite Disney movie as a child and still is!

  37. Minwr Roftk

    Minwr Roftk5 日 前

    Can you feea the love

  38. Phoenix

    Phoenix5 日 前


  39. Z boyz Bieler

    Z boyz Bieler5 日 前

    2:03 OK stop right there what is she trying to do??

  40. btob

    btob6 日 前

    *i don't think the live lion king movie was the best movie in the world, people who watched weren't that many*

  41. Luciano Hernandez

    Luciano Hernandez6 日 前

    Here's a real challenge for you 2019: Like 1994: Comment

  42. key_v

    key_v3 日 前

    I don't even want to see the remake. The original is the only one I want.

  43. Ryan Dewitt-Todd

    Ryan Dewitt-Todd6 日 前

    I don't understand why Mathew Brodrick doesn't do Simba's singing voice when he can in fact sing!

  44. TheGoodJohn

    TheGoodJohn6 日 前

    Yeah, Beyonce really over sang her part on the movie. Not bad but forced her way in when she should have shared the songs.

  45. Bernardo DAO

    Bernardo DAO6 日 前

    damn it Simba, why are you straight.

  46. Laycee Hobbis

    Laycee Hobbis6 日 前

    I'm pumba at the beginning lol 😝😂

  47. Lizzie Finnce

    Lizzie Finnce7 日 前

    Okay the fact that Nala didn't do her little eye thing in the remake kinda sucks bc that set the whole tone for the song bro.

  48. Calvin Soafo

    Calvin Soafo7 日 前

    yep i do

  49. Benjamin Goodman

    Benjamin Goodman7 日 前

    And thus Kiara was made

  50. Thrustfalmars

    Thrustfalmars7 日 前

    2:03 She want them ankles knocked loose

  51. TJTroubleMaker

    TJTroubleMaker7 日 前

    Can you imagine seeing someone as an adult that you havent seen since childhood and them saying "you need to come back and be the mayor things are so bad, but youd be amazing" like b**ch I hardly remember you lol

  52. Ana Júlia

    Ana Júlia7 日 前

    Nala was like: lemme smash

  53. meg rich

    meg rich7 日 前

    his care free days with us ‘honest tree’ literally thought they were the lyrics for about 10 years

  54. elseptimo77

    elseptimo778 日 前

    @2:15 timon gives a lot of feeling and emotion to the part. 👍

  55. Gorge Gorge

    Gorge Gorge8 日 前


  56. Ej Michael

    Ej Michael8 日 前

    I’m a gen z kid, not gonna lie I miss having my vcr tape collection with all the Disney classics and watching them as a young kid with my mom and sister

  57. Josh Davy

    Josh Davy8 日 前

    2:16 when your m8 gets a girlfriend the rest of the lads be like:

  58. Karley Freeman

    Karley Freeman9 日 前

    Young Simba: I can't marry her! She's my best friend! Future: I'm about to end this man's career...

  59. Miyuki Cailtix

    Miyuki Cailtix9 日 前

    I just miss my childhood so much😭

  60. Nikky Raina

    Nikky Raina9 日 前

    Can you feel the love tonight is my favourite song

  61. The True_Team

    The True_Team9 日 前

    Comparing this to the remake makes me sick