The Lion King action scene 1994/2019 I killed Mufasa


  1. Deakin Coulthard

    Deakin Coulthard3 時間 前


  2. Deakin Coulthard

    Deakin Coulthard3 時間 前


  3. Aubrey Williams

    Aubrey Williams7 時間 前

    Scar : I Killed MUFASA.

  4. My Thoughts Exactly

    My Thoughts Exactly20 時間 前

    I’d take a 2005 CGI lion any day *Aslan! Save me from this madness!*

  5. L2611

    L261121 時間 前

    The sad thing about when Mufasa died is when Simba started to cry.

  6. L2611

    L261121 時間 前

    So awsome😎😎😲😲scars so evil👿😢😥🦁🦁🦁👑💢😠

  7. Nicholas Blaschke

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  8. kevinx and the reverse bros

    kevinx and the reverse bros日 前


  9. Brennan North

    Brennan North日 前

    0:38 that sounds creepy

  10. Brennan North

    Brennan North日 前

    Which is you favourite 1994 or 2019

  11. Aubrey Williams

    Aubrey Williams2 日 前

    Simba : My Father Your Old Brother How Could You.Scar : First He Killed Mufasa And Now He Wants To Kill Me.

  12. Davide Zucchelli

    Davide Zucchelli3 日 前

    The power of the original version...

  13. Ranjithan 530

    Ranjithan 5303 日 前

    2.02 my father your own brother how could you?

  14. FunnyGamer356

    FunnyGamer3563 日 前

    3:07 new avenger movie

  15. BATIMgamer2145

    BATIMgamer21454 日 前

    3:06 is a reference to The Jungle Book where the female wolf said 'wolves, attack!'. But in this movie, its 'lions, attack!'.

  16. Yfan TheNial

    Yfan TheNial4 日 前

    Scar's personality is very nerfed, looked stupid

  17. Rip Hunter

    Rip Hunter4 日 前

    Sarabi connecting the dots is like my mother when she finds out I wasn't really sick😂

  18. Христина Перовская

    Христина Перовская5 日 前

    I didn't like the movie. Since I did not see these emotions,the sincerity that was in the cartoon. "Lion king" 1994-the best, and it will be watched in 50 years, and the film 2019-hardly.

  19. Aubrey Williams

    Aubrey Williams5 日 前

    Mufasa He Dies I Cried At School For My Dad

  20. Aubrey Williams

    Aubrey Williams5 日 前

    Scar Is Shit

  21. Aubrey Williams

    Aubrey Williams5 日 前

    I Like Simba

  22. Creeper

    Creeper5 日 前

    Sarabi: you told us you didn’t get to the gorge in time... Scar: that’s true! Sarabi: *THEN HOW DID YOU SEE THE LOOK IN MUFASAS EYES!!!!*

  23. Creeper

    Creeper4 日 前

    leerag She was kinda close to the action, but the other lionesses weren’t close. They were prob too freaked out...idk XD

  24. leerag

    leerag5 日 前

    And how did sarabi hear that when no one else did. She was far away from action. I have seen the comments about how lions hearing is a lot more sensitive than ours but then if that was the case everyone would have heard.

  25. James hiawo

    James hiawo5 日 前

    I like the ending battle in the 2019 one. Its more visceral and real especially with “this is my kingdom, my destiny” line and “how did you see the look in his eyes”

  26. Rsa Rsa

    Rsa Rsa6 日 前

    A real rajput mean all universe's only one king OK all of us upper vala say OK all of us

  27. Boomer 2567

    Boomer 25676 日 前

    Mufasa looks like the lion from the end of tom and Jerry and the pink panther

  28. Miles Godspeed

    Miles Godspeed6 日 前

    Any body notice that there is only simba and kion and as male lions

  29. Kyle the friddging water melon studio

    Kyle the friddging water melon studio6 日 前

    Scar:I KILLED MUSASA... dang scar killed it..

  30. Fakhri Othman

    Fakhri Othman7 日 前

    Jeremy Irons is the best scar

  31. Jesus Carnevale

    Jesus Carnevale7 日 前

    You killed mufasa

  32. Aryan Parman

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  33. Pedro

    Pedro8 日 前

    I loved how Nala turned into leader of the lionesses thats what I like from 2019 movie, indeed she had and stronger role in this version

  34. Naotto Selimovic

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  35. The everything Kid

    The everything Kid9 日 前

    2019 scar “THAN HOW DID YOU SEE THE LOOK IN MUFASA’S EYES” get exposed

  36. Osmar Nascimento

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  37. Ben Shaked

    Ben Shaked9 日 前

    The first is the first🦁

  38. Natalie Bergmann

    Natalie Bergmann9 日 前

    In the end, it looks like the lions and hyenas are attacking Simba. Shouldn't they attack Scars? HE killed Mufasa Sorry, Google Translate. I'm from Germany

  39. Mustafa Khan

    Mustafa Khan9 日 前

    Cartoon voice is more clear then movie

  40. Ememel Peen

    Ememel Peen9 日 前

    Yo jay jay i just wanna say thank you for making these comparisons youre doing god's work



    Thanks for watching

  42. Ememel Peen

    Ememel Peen9 日 前

    I haven't watched the reboot, nor do i plan to, so i burst out laughing at the flashback to mufasa's death. Holy shit.

  43. Mr. Mayhem

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  44. Michelle Ezeugo

    Michelle Ezeugo9 日 前

    I love the 2019 remake of the scene

  45. Alberto Albornoz

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  46. kian fung FUNG

    kian fung FUNG11 日 前

    simba got in trouble by mufasa

  47. Taylor Lange

    Taylor Lange11 日 前

    This movie was not part of the 2019 Teen Choice Awards! WHY NOT?! It should have been! It's the biggest blockbuster of the summer!

  48. Jokane Rasch

    Jokane Rasch11 日 前

    Buieot juieok of hie good misreoq fsreon

  49. Wendy Phan

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  50. Leon K Whetstone III

    Leon K Whetstone III12 日 前

    2019 lion king sucked big time

  51. MLG

    MLG12 日 前

    Scar had all the right to kill both mufasa and simba since they both never paid Scar any respect and treated him like shit, mocked him. Taka never was evil. The spoiled red mane brats are both evil

  52. Dimitris Tsekeris

    Dimitris Tsekeris12 日 前

    It is completely soulless.

  53. Sruthin Dsa

    Sruthin Dsa13 日 前

    lion the king 2 varanam

  54. LuckyEdge

    LuckyEdge13 日 前

    The scene at 1:48 made me cringe. The slow motion effect was so bad lol

  55. Hamza Khan

    Hamza Khan10 日 前

    @miss-oli r/AAAAAAAA

  56. miss-oli

    miss-oli10 日 前

    LuckyEdge “aaaaaaaaaaa.”

  57. dracoangelrojo

    dracoangelrojo14 日 前

    Everyone's talking about the remake "fixing" stuff like Simba climbing up (which is not something that really needed to be fixed, we could clearly see he could use his back legs to get the chance to jump back up as we see in 0:43), but is seriously NO one going to talk about the mistake the remake did? About Scar saying he "didn't get to the gorge in time"? Seriously? HE was the one who brought Mufasa and Zazu into the gorge in the first place, he even sent Zazu back to the Pride to call for help, which was an incredibly stupid move because had the Pride being alerted in time, they could have either saved Mufasa and Simba, or worse case, catch Scar exiling Simba and the hyenas trying to kill him. In the original movie Scar just knocked Zazu unconscious to make sure no one could ask for help so no one would catch him. So, how does it make any sense that he didn't reach to the gorge in time when HE was the one who told Zazu to leave him with Mufasa in there? How come Zazu didn't say anything about this? It makes zero sense in every single way.

  58. Seba04 _

    Seba04 _14 日 前

    È simba non è mufasa

  59. Maria Santíssima

    Maria Santíssima14 日 前

    Esse é muito bom.

  60. Fit Modulo

    Fit Modulo14 日 前


  61. La diversion de andrea Valencia Martinez

    La diversion de andrea Valencia Martinez14 日 前

    Yo prefiero la de 1994

  62. Helen Davis

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  63. Yaleah_d

    Yaleah_d14 日 前

    Uhm thats simba

  64. Blue_Cloud XD

    Blue_Cloud XD14 日 前

    I like the cartoon one better

  65. Fabiana Marques

    Fabiana Marques15 日 前

    Muito bom

  66. Alpha Bravo

    Alpha Bravo15 日 前

    The animation one seems normal when mufasa dies but the real one is really sad and looks like it was real