The Lion King (2019) Official Trailer | Experience It In IMAX®


  1. Eszter Kovács

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  2. Eszter Kovács

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  3. 이준영

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  4. Mad Geeky

    Mad Geeky10 ヶ月 前

    Thank you, Osamu Tezuka ur the real one!

  5. Ankie 93

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  6. Anime girl

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    This movie may have Hyenas... but the jungle book was better.

  8. kool-aid

    kool-aid10 ヶ月 前

    Not really in my opinion

  9. Chris Corley

    Chris Corley10 ヶ月 前

    I'm sure this slays beautifully in IMAX.

  10. Jasmine McKenzie

    Jasmine McKenzie10 ヶ月 前

    MUFASA- dies from falling off a cliff SIMBA- almost dies from falling off a cliff SCAR- falls off a cliff ZIRA- dies from falling of a cliff KION- almost dies from falling off a cliff WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED HERE?😕😕😕😕😕

  11. Salavat Bagautdinov

    Salavat Bagautdinov11 ヶ月 前

    I make cover "the Lion king"! Guitar + harmonica + tambourine. Look my video

  12. Caio Graco

    Caio Graco11 ヶ月 前

    Thanks JP, now I really get this movie

  13. Simon48

    Simon4811 ヶ月 前

    So sad to see they ruined part of it by choosing Beyonce of all people with her god awful voice that doesn't fit in with the African there AT ALL, AND I MEAN AT ALL!!! They just put a 21st century pop song between 90s African themed songs like WTF Disney?

  14. Nadec Azhar

    Nadec Azhar11 ヶ月 前

    Looks real like a high graphics game 😂

  15. Elvin Garcia

    Elvin Garcia年 前

    From The Creators Of Studio That Brought You The Jungle Book™

  16. Elvin Garcia

    Elvin Garcia年 前

    Disney The Lion King™ Coming To Theaters July 19th 2019 Experience It In IMAX®

  17. Baraton

    Baraton年 前

    what is the name of the soundtrack at 0:53

  18. Mourya Mourya.Gowda.S

    Mourya Mourya.Gowda.S年 前

    I'm cried when mufasa died

  19. Eye 2 Eye

    Eye 2 Eye年 前

    For people who haven't seen the movie. Dont let people who have ruin it for you. The story is great.

  20. Devang Bawa

    Devang Bawa年 前

    Should I watch lion king in digital imax but the theater is 1.5hrs away from my home ? Would it be worth it in digital imax (limax)??

  21. LBC213

    LBC213年 前

    No black mane on Scar, I feel cheated. LoL

  22. Zachary Holler

    Zachary Holler年 前

    The voice acting is atrocious. The only good one is the return of James E. Jones.

  23. Clois Knight

    Clois Knight年 前

    This looks good

  24. Ayden Mowry

    Ayden Mowry年 前

    1:40 When you forgot the keys in the house

  25. Liliana Garcia

    Liliana Garcia年 前

    I'm ready to go see the movie and I hope it's good

  26. Moises Valadez

    Moises Valadez年 前

    The circle of life song better be like the broadway musical version!!!!!

  27. Xwole O

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  28. star giant

    star giant年 前

    1:38 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  29. Camila Liss

    Camila Liss年 前

    Very emotional trailer. The best disney classic ever. I CANT WAIT AND IM CRYING WATCHING THIS...OMG!

  30. Lori Wolfcat

    Lori Wolfcat年 前

    I haven’t seen Rafiki with his staff. His staff is iconic. It was even crucial in the Lion Guard. WHERE IS IT??!

  31. Jackie freire

    Jackie freire年 前

    im crying

  32. Mikayla Owens

    Mikayla Owens年 前

    Scar is the only thing disappointing but it will do

  33. Ted Ruiz

    Ted Ruiz年 前

    This movie is gonna be good asf🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏🙏

  34. SuperJackster01

    SuperJackster01年 前

    You all might i’m overreacting a bit, but i need to remind people of something. THIS MOVIE IS NOT LIVE ACTION. This is literally very realistic CGI.



    فيلم مهري

  36. riskrunner101

    riskrunner101年 前

    Who just purchased their tickets?

  37. Matt S

    Matt S年 前

    I'll be seeing this in Dolby, sorry IMAX.

  38. Chandrani Thapa

    Chandrani Thapa年 前

    (2nd richest celebrity in this world)👉 "Sharukh khan" 👈(From-Bollywood & Indian flim Industry) & his son has gave their own sound in this movie...u can't bealive..plz cheque it....ok From-INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳👈😎.



    Here before the movie comes out and the graphics don’t look nearly as good

  40. Jacob Wageman

    Jacob Wageman年 前

    I actually saw this in Imax twice So awesome. Plus it's IMAX

  41. food in punjabi style

    food in punjabi style年 前

    3d or 2d??

  42. Henrik Knudsen

    Henrik Knudsen年 前

    Why even make a remake? To make Scar more Trump like or some other political shit?

  43. Lisbeth Rodriguez

    Lisbeth Rodriguez年 前

    Who's watching it cuz I am✌🏻😌❤️❤️❤️❤️



    I can't wait to see this. Used to watch this on VHS.

  45. Liliana Garcia

    Liliana Garcia年 前

    Like this trailer I want too see the movie

  46. Crox 0

    Crox 0年 前

    Y’all gotta do Bambi now

  47. Alexander Dillard

    Alexander Dillard年 前

    It is time.

  48. Monica Harrison

    Monica Harrison年 前

    NO- the voices are Horrible!!!!!! Scar Timone Pumba......... REALLY

  49. Zoldyck

    Zoldyck年 前

    My name is SIMBA but to that doesn't matter

  50. Freda Alexander

    Freda Alexander年 前

    Scar Looks even more Scary-Looking in real life than in animation.

  51. Master Mind

    Master Mind年 前

    I'm ready

  52. Steven Jones

    Steven Jones年 前

    The photorealistic animation for this looks beyond real even though I am disappointed in certain aspects big time I can honestly say the cgi in this has surpassed the cgi in avatar 2009 that's 1 of the many things I love about Disney they know how to make bad ass cgi I just wished they focus on making giving them emotion & expression plus their original colour plus their original voice actors with the exception of those who are dead .

  53. Xylon Sins Mlg

    Xylon Sins Mlg年 前

    Ah yes 1994 those were the days 😀

  54. BbMicroshoter

    BbMicroshoter年 前

    The lion sleeps tonight.

  55. Wallace Lion

    Wallace Lion年 前

    🦁️👑The Lion King🦁️👑&🦁️Jungle Emperor🦁️ #TheLionKing #JungleEmperor

  56. Taylor

    Taylor年 前

    The lion king is my FAVORITE movie. I even have a tattoo for it and I’m not complaining about nothing. People just love to hate no matter what

  57. Dylan Rivera

    Dylan Rivera年 前

    Honestly when you think about it, doing a live action Scar is not easy. You can’t just do the animated version live action since black makes don’t exist. This Scar is pale, withered, and has a decaying mane. While it’s not as good as the original, it does make him more sinister looking.

  58. Martin Corte

    Martin Corte年 前

    I think the new scar will do great

  59. Tonkaow Gaming

    Tonkaow Gaming年 前

    I wish my dad is here. I will bring him to see this movie together.

  60. Vicky Littles

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  61. Armando flores

    Armando flores年 前

    Why Scar is white? Im done, bye.

  62. ljvjr2011

    ljvjr2011年 前

    The Lion King is still the best Disney movie of all time. It taught me many life lessons such as never stop believing in who you are and that family can't always be trusted, sometimes they can be your worst enemy.

  63. Amanda Fredette

    Amanda Fredette年 前

    I’m gonna die.😭💔🥰❤️🤣

  64. Jesse Almaraz

    Jesse Almaraz年 前

    James Earl Jones's voice majestic af🦁

  65. Cc Silva

    Cc Silva年 前

    I wanted scar to sound more evil

  66. GavinTheOnlyOne

    GavinTheOnlyOne年 前

    *Long live the king..* *NOOOOOOOOO!*

  67. Jasmine Rivera

    Jasmine Rivera年 前

    CHILLSSSS (except for the thought in the back of my head that we are going to see live action Mufasa dying ;((( )

  68. Ewolf5150

    Ewolf5150年 前

    Who else here saw the original in theaters?

  69. Chester Amidon

    Chester Amidon年 前

    I don’t get it it’s The same movie but with real graphics. Everyone knows what happens they should have changed it up

  70. Aaron Velasquez

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  71. Kenny random

    Kenny random年 前

    It worked for Beauty and the Beast, and it didn't really deliver for Aladdin. I hope when this movie comes out they do not put politics into this film. I do not want to see Timon and Pumba having some type of interest in one another; nor do I want to see Beyonce as Nala having a solo political Moment by singing "you're not the king of the jungle to me" or "you cannot come and mate as you please" follow the story and recreate some magic please and thank you Disney.

  72. jacktheninja

    jacktheninja年 前

    cant wait for Narnia live action

  73. Russ Q

    Russ Q年 前

    Favreau: First, Jungle Book, then Lion King, let's end with Tarzan.

  74. some guy on the internet

    some guy on the internet年 前

    Why the f*** are they redoing a masterpiece

  75. Vyy Est

    Vyy Est年 前

    I already hate it they take out the two best songs but especially my all time fav “Be Prepared”

  76. Dan Gurney

    Dan Gurney年 前

    All of the original songs will be in the remake. and I know what you mean, I already hate the Aladdin remake for taking out the Prince Ali reprise sung by Jafar.

  77. Dan Gurney

    Dan Gurney年 前

    I'm sorry but The Elephant Graveyard looks kind of lame. Remember how off-putting it was in the original? And I of course mean that in the best possible way. Now it just looks slightly darker than the other settings.

  78. Mozzy Xiiev

    Mozzy Xiiev年 前

    Elsa join the chat.... 0:51 Elsa left the chat...

  79. olivia

    olivia年 前

    why does scar look like that 😭

  80. JoyStar

    JoyStar年 前

    Because that's how he'd look in real life.

  81. Young Blender user XIII

    Young Blender user XIII年 前

    Is it as bad as sonic??? ITS NOT

  82. zelda natty

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  83. Juanimation Studios

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  84. LampP0st

    LampP0st年 前

    I bet $20 this movie is going to be pretty mediocre if not trash.