The Lion King (2019/1994) Scar Challenges Mufasa Scene


  1. Cartoon Vids

    Cartoon Vids日 前

    Switcharoo for change

  2. DakahriGT

    DakahriGT7 日 前

    In the original when mufusa said "is that a CHALLENGE?!" it felt way more intimidating then the 2019 at leaat make make him seem like a king.



    I ANSWER TO NO ONE!!!! I felt that

  4. Rhianna Ilari

    Rhianna Ilari9 日 前

    1994: Scar smacks the rat 2019: Scar just talks to it. I like it when lions smack mice. Who doesn't?

  5. mine clash

    mine clash9 日 前

    Fasa em potuges

  6. Hanna Gooje

    Hanna Gooje9 日 前


  7. Jessica Pinkston

    Jessica Pinkston9 日 前

    I like, 'the little hairball' way better than 'the precious prince'.

  8. Criminechen

    Criminechen10 日 前

    Guys, just DON‘T compare them! Both are sooo amazing and beautiful! 🤗😁

  9. L

    L11 日 前

    *i had a brother who thought he was a wood-peck*

  10. dress beams

    dress beams12 日 前

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  11. Lamari Robinson

    Lamari Robinson13 日 前

    IS THAT A CHALLENGE ?!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Mr Sir Q B

    Mr Sir Q B4 日 前

    I wouldn't dream of challenging you... again.

  13. tobias christensen

    tobias christensen15 日 前

    Scar die

  14. suki love

    suki love15 日 前

    Sarabi and I didn’t see you at the presentation of Simba

  15. Manjula Chaturvedi

    Manjula Chaturvedi17 日 前

    1994 👍 2019 👎

  16. InfinityRoblox

    InfinityRoblox21 日 前

    wait if scar was first in line BEFORE simba was born does that mean lions can predict the futer?????

  17. Taro

    Taro25 日 前

    Why does scar have none of his original vibe? He’s actually physically menacing in the new one- which was NEVER the point of his character. Scar is devious and sarcastic, he was never so flat and gruff. I hate how they remade him.

  18. Taro

    Taro15 日 前

    nova_ray yeah, I agree with that line, it is pretty nice

  19. nova_ray

    nova_ray17 日 前

    2:12-2:16 was pretty sarcastic if u ask me. i think they just made him more bitter.

  20. Hadeel Rashed

    Hadeel Rashed25 日 前

    Nonono 2019 is the bestest series #hahahahahateit

  21. iceriddim

    iceriddim25 日 前

    Don't play with the king Mufasa 🦁🦁

  22. Criminechen

    Criminechen25 日 前

    2:19 3:06

  23. Criminechen

    Criminechen25 日 前

    But the sounds of the remake are just recorded in this video

  24. Yusuf Haffejee

    Yusuf Haffejee26 日 前


  25. Jokane Rasch

    Jokane Rasch26 日 前


  26. Shon Darby

    Shon Darby27 日 前

    Jeremy Irons did it best

  27. Christopher Smoot Kelly

    Christopher Smoot Kelly27 日 前

    The (Original1994) is more dramatic i like it the (Remake-live action2019) wass a litle dry, and i now its more realistic bot it luses all the magic the original have?! For ben way realistic both version are good buth nothing as the Original!!

  28. Mrgeorgie 420

    Mrgeorgie 42028 日 前

    How ever likes the lion guard tv show come and help our petitions for a 4th season be a great help thanks www.

  29. Petra Publications

    Petra Publications28 日 前

    I doubt kids these days would get the rug joke.

  30. Petra Publications

    Petra Publications26 日 前

    I happily stand corrected.

  31. Shaquille Oatmeal

    Shaquille Oatmeal26 日 前

    Petra Publications alright buddy, ‘06 kid, and I get it

  32. moonstar the wolf

    moonstar the wolf27 日 前

    I get it

  33. Erick Langarica

    Erick Langarica28 日 前

    The loin king Scar

  34. Lewis Edmond

    Lewis Edmond29 日 前


  35. minecraft mod master

    minecraft mod masterヶ月 前

    Lion king 2019: why do we have 0 Everyone: yay original Lion king 2019: why would you vote original Everyone: because your the worst

  36. Wolf Lover

    Wolf Lover27 日 前

    Tyisharna Banana 107 uno reverse

  37. Wolf Lover

    Wolf Lover27 日 前

    Tyisharna Banana 107 money money money, must be funny, in a rich mans world 🎶

  38. minecraft mod master

    minecraft mod master27 日 前

    @Tyisharna Banana 107 so what is just i hate the way they say different words instead of movie

  39. Tyisharna Banana 107

    Tyisharna Banana 10727 日 前

    minecraft mod master your rude

  40. Tyisharna Banana 107

    Tyisharna Banana 10727 日 前

    No I like 2019 so please please 🤫 shhh 🤫

  41. Robotikus Gamer

    Robotikus Gamerヶ月 前


  42. Shyamal Sengupta

    Shyamal Senguptaヶ月 前

    I like it when Mufasa said "DON'T TURN YOUR BACK ON ME SCAR".

  43. Shyamal Sengupta

    Shyamal Senguptaヶ月 前

    1994 is the best.

  44. Wolf Lover

    Wolf Lover29 日 前

    Shyamal Sengupta agreed

  45. Alexis the Khajiit

    Alexis the Khajiitヶ月 前

    1:55 When that happened, I got chills on my back... WAS THAT ONLY ME?!

  46. Bolt Head Mike 2

    Bolt Head Mike 2日 前


  47. mohamed gamal

    mohamed gamal3 日 前

    The same here 😂🤚..the new movie made any entrance of mufasa so majestic ❤️❤️❤️

  48. obi1kanobi R

    obi1kanobi R11 日 前

    Alexis the Khajiit me too! I love how they made Mufasa’s entrance really majestic, all with the music and the sun😍

  49. Francisco Gonzalez

    Francisco Gonzalez16 日 前

    And it was also nice that James Earl Jones came back to voice Mufasa

  50. Blue Manta

    Blue Manta24 日 前

    @جدر دولمه but that's how a lion actually looks, furries are anthropomorphic human like animals, so how can you say this guy is a furry if that's how a real life animal looks?

  51. Jessica McNeill

    Jessica McNeillヶ月 前

    1994 Scar: Oooo. I quiver with FEAR!!

  52. Wolf Lover

    Wolf Lover29 日 前

    Jessica McNeill yes, though I shouldn’t pick on the actors too much considering they weren’t the problem with the remake.

  53. Jessica McNeill

    Jessica McNeill29 日 前

    @Wolf Lover Jeremy Irons.

  54. Wolf Lover

    Wolf Lover29 日 前

    Jessica McNeill 1994 Scar is definitely better

  55. Mr Sir Q B

    Mr Sir Q Bヶ月 前

    Zazu 2019: Scar? Scar. ScarScarScarScarScar, no, no, don't look at me like that...

  56. Samira Hernandez

    Samira Hernandezヶ月 前

    shouldn't it be, Mufasa challenges scar

  57. tea z

    tea z29 日 前

    Nah. A "challenger" lion tries to beat the leader in single combat for the right to leadership

  58. LovelyGrace2009

    LovelyGrace2009ヶ月 前

    3:06 Professional ‘Oh no, Mufasa.’!

  59. Will Robinson

    Will Robinsonヶ月 前

    In the 1994 version, James Earl Jones uses his normal deep voice while that American actor uses his deep hoarse voice in the 2019 version.

  60. Cute Girl12

    Cute Girl1220 日 前

    It’s the same person.. 😂💀

  61. orange bird

    orange bird24 日 前

    They're the same guy

  62. JedMesa

    JedMesa27 日 前

    It's the same actor.

  63. Will Robinson

    Will Robinson27 日 前

    Wolf Lover And yes, it has been the same actor that has done the voice of Mufasa.

  64. Will Robinson

    Will Robinson27 日 前

    CuriousUserX90 You are absolutely correct. He has been famous for voicing Simba’s father Mufasa.

  65. Will Robinson

    Will Robinsonヶ月 前

    I don’t care about the way Scar treats Zazu and Mufasa. He shows nothing but discourtesy towards the two of them.

  66. Warrior Cat Fan #1

    Warrior Cat Fan #1ヶ月 前

    Scar 2019 Or Scar 1994

  67. obi1kanobi R

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  73. Evalina Alejandre

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  74. ꧁Takiel Gacha꧂

    ꧁Takiel Gacha꧂ヶ月 前

    *1994: like* *2019: comment*

  75. Morgan Wright

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  76. super.sam_the_man

    super.sam_the_man23 日 前

    @Silverwolf16 same. I like both.

  77. super.sam_the_man

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