The Last of the Game of Thrones Hot Takes


  1. Audrey Dozeman

    Audrey Dozeman5 ヶ月 前

    For my own reference: Sansa - 4:38 Bronn - 11:37 Varys - 14:04 Jon - 20:29 Tyrion - 26:41 Jaime - 33:15 Cersei - 38:38 Daenerys - 46:15

  2. eric banks

    eric banksヶ月 前

    Alex Caldwell That literally would’ve been amazing..and would’ve given bran something to do..

  3. Alex Caldwell

    Alex Caldwellヶ月 前

    she missed bran... and how there are the cut scenes where bran was warging into Nymeria. They foreshadowed the "Super Pack" of direwolves back in season 7. When Bran left he was meant to bring in the pack by warging into Nymeria, picking up aria and thats how she jumped over a wall into the garden right onto the Night King. Also there was meant to be a battle between Jon and NK that would have halted access to the garden, they could have made every hit NK took from Jon kill an amount of walkers making the Plot Armor a lot weaker in the battle. It would have been epic but they said it would have cost too much for Nymeria, and said nobody would care about the 1v1 (wtf?!) despite spending 200 Million on all the other non sense this season...

  4. Riley Rivalle

    Riley Rivalle2 ヶ月 前

    @Marta Peixoto She was touched upon in part 1.

  5. Marta Peixoto

    Marta Peixoto2 ヶ月 前

    what about arya?

  6. Kirby Kirby

    Kirby Kirby2 ヶ月 前

    @Lady Moses yeah it is I literally woke up to my wife sending me the story!

  7. Nisa B

    Nisa B日 前

    I wish the cast of GOT would see this, especially Emilia Clarke, so the can see how royally f$&@ed over their characters’ endings were. And so they didn’t have to defend what Dumb and Dumber did to this show.

  8. Anna Grigoryan

    Anna Grigoryan2 日 前

    Going to tell my kids this is the final episode

  9. Dark Sun Gwyndolin

    Dark Sun Gwyndolin2 日 前

    Bronn should have gotten the Twins. The Freys are all dead, and you could argue that Tyrion keeps his word about always paying double: if Cersei gave Bronn a castle, Tyrion should give him two castles opposite each other. Also, the ruling house of the Twins flying a green burning chain across a river as their banner would be pretty cool to see.

  10. Dominic Bounds

    Dominic Bounds2 日 前

    Yes, but the chain wasn't used in the show...

  11. Mythlover B

    Mythlover B3 日 前

    The real winners of GoT are the actors, set/prop/costume designers, effects, cinematography, stunts, and soundtrack. I will praise everything except later season writing because everyone else clearly gave it their all with what they were given.

  12. Guido Meyer de Voltaire

    Guido Meyer de Voltaire3 日 前

    I have the seasons 1-4 on BR. I will sell them and buy beer for it. I will go for the books because George is alright.

  13. TOOX

    TOOX2 日 前

    I think at this point, he will never finish them

  14. ouicertes

    ouicertes4 日 前

    The show after the fifth season feel into the trap of "destiny" characters. Millions of fans tearing each other appart because "she's the rightfull queeeeen" "noooo HE's the rightfull Kiiiiiiing", or "nooo it's Stannis who has the better claiiiiiim" completely undermines the premise of the story : the game of thrones; meaning it does not matter who you are (provided you are a noble), power does not BELONG to you by divine right, you have to play the game to get it. Succession of power from father to son is just a way to guaranty power stays in the family. How can there be a rightfull ruler when there's invasions and rebelions? Is the targaryen's invasion of westeros rightfull? Or maybe the rightfull rulers are the first to inhabit the land? "Destiny" characters belong to a genre of story that GOT is fundamentaly not ; GOT is more about powerful families tearing each other appart rather than the return of a prophetic rightfull prince. The "prince that was promised" substory is here in my opinion to underline how unrealistic and shady prophetic characters are, and GOT, with its bases in medieval europe history, is nothing if not realistic. So the focus on the reaction of Jon learning what his name "actually is", instead of what the secret did to the families of westeros (robert's rebelion) is very telling. They tried to tell you what his "real name" aka "real status" is, instead of showing you the trauma of having his identity questionned and shifted after years of thinking himself a bastard. Which is way more interesting than "hey now, apparently I'm the rightfull king" in my opinion. Anyway, "destiny" is shite in stories, because it tries to pack up characters into neat little fixed packages, instead of focusing on their growth or actual peopleness.

  15. Petitio Principii

    Petitio Principii5 日 前

    I wonder if there's some sort of subliminal confederate lost cause subplot there somewhere. The liberator of slaves really being a tyrant and opposed by someone in favor of states' rights.

  16. Petitio Principii

    Petitio Principii5 日 前

    "The TV set," circa 2006, is a good movie with David Duchovni, about a writer having a dramatic series planned for TV gradually transformed in some bastardized cliché comedy. GOT is almost like as if the movie was based on a true story of the future, just switching the dramatic-contemporary-turned-into-cheap-comedy thing for fantasy-politicsy-nerdy-drama-turned-into-plain-epic-hollywoodian-action. A more complete movie-turn-real phenomeon would only have at some point some hero in GOT saying something analog to "yippee-kai-yay, motherfucker," before doing something bad-ass.

  17. Petitio Principii

    Petitio Principii5 日 前

    The eunuch's philosophy is not just that "the best ruler is the one who doesn't want to rule," which is actually likely preferable over someone who actually likes to rule, it's sort of an anti-dictatorial propensity, but also that the one he's favoring happens to not be "mad or cruel." Also good traits to lack for a ruler in my book. But counter him perhaps there wasn't much to support madness and cruelty of Emilia Clarke up to somewhat around that time (I don't recall if that was before or after the genocide, if that's after the genocide, then he's covered), who, before that, was pretty much the opposite of whatever they turned her into, to subvert the audience's expectation of character consistency.

  18. Petitio Principii

    Petitio Principii5 日 前

    Gosh, jealousy on being pretty? Why not say she has "feminine intuition"? At least use a "good" stereotype, still in line with the "she's getting smarter and smarter" development, rather than "in the end, she's just a stupid jealous girl. Maybe he had the hots for her adoptive brother as her hormones would tell her he isn't really her brother, and at this point, she can't barely withhold it anymore. Slut being a cunt."

  19. Petitio Principii

    Petitio Principii5 日 前

    I find weird that the character development apparently supposedly has to follow some ideal of female empowerment, rather than being just an individual, not constrained by educational themes. The real problem was just character consistency.



    I love this bitch. She's so real.

  21. Wrathmore son of Wrathgar Thunderaxe

    Wrathmore son of Wrathgar Thunderaxe5 日 前

    hot topic pirate lol

  22. Menthols

    Menthols6 日 前

    I knew Lindsay would be able to tear this show a new one. Brutal, great video.

  23. david woodward

    david woodward6 日 前

    Critique of Power and how it is portrayed along with female figures starts out NOT mentioning Jane Jacobs as real life critic who stood in opposition to Robert Moses... (urban rhubarb catawampus) was it just cooler to make it a Robert-Versus-Robert plot? As for Sansa... that is some cayenne lemonade she made.😵

  24. Fire Tarrasque

    Fire Tarrasque8 日 前

    10:45 Liberation theology is an actual, real life thing D&D, you idiots. *I* believe in liberation theology. It's the interpetation of Christianity as the religion of the oppressed. |=

  25. Fire Tarrasque

    Fire Tarrasque8 日 前

    Remember how fascism is all about the exaltation of the in group and the hatred of the out group? Remember how Daenarys... Didn't do that.

  26. Steven Macdonald

    Steven Macdonald8 日 前

    This is by far the definitive break down of the nonsense that ended as Game of Groans. Lindsay you have an incredible eye for detail, and on so many levels. It's my weakness and not yours that I'm only seeing these two videos now. It's taken me this long to be able to face what really happened in what should have finished as one of the greatest shows off all time. You've covered it all with not just the common sense that Tyrion ran out of. Your pinpoint accuracy on understanding writing, for the better and worst, made the length of the two videos time will spent. You've given me the funeral I needed for G.O.T. It may now rest in peace, and may they not create any spin offs, because I'll not trust them. Thank you for your work, wit and wisdom ❤️

  27. Isabelle Pohle

    Isabelle Pohle8 日 前

    The funny thing is ... They killed Daenerys to let Jon and Tyrion remain sympathetic... ...and they ended up being not BECAUSE of that bs.

  28. Totally Nameless

    Totally Nameless9 日 前

    "I just don't trust her for some undefined reason" is whistleblower for "I just don't trust her because she's a woman". And no, Varys, the best person for the job is _not_ someone who doesn't want the job. Have you ever seen someone work who hates their job? There's a reason companies don't, as a matter of policy, make their offices smell like rancid fart and make everything have a slightly sticky texture.

  29. Treesus

    Treesus9 日 前

    The "it's all about stories, and who has the best story?" also rings incredibly hollow, because GoT (and ASoIaF) won acclaim right from the beginning exactly because IT REGULARLY SUBVERTS WHAT WAS EXPECTED OF A FANTASY STORY. It's actually all about how neat stories don't play out when they involve real (or "realistic") people. That is GRR Martin's thesis, and so Tyrion's speech contradicts the entire basis of the show.

  30. Marcela Marques Amador

    Marcela Marques Amador10 日 前

    Maybe it's the misogyny

  31. Nior Galore

    Nior Galore10 日 前

    Watching this way later just allows me a moment to appreciate how frayed Lindsay's sanity must have been by this point, those eyes have real suffering in them

  32. Liam Quane

    Liam Quane10 日 前

    In defence of Sansa's suspicion of Daenerys, that may haver been random, like you say but it's a scientific fact that a lot of humans get naturally "uneasy" around people with personality disorders, it's an old animal instinct we used to have to defend ourselves from predators.

  33. Dominic Bounds

    Dominic Bounds10 日 前

    Is this a learned habit? Because she wasn't sensing anything around Joffrey, Cersei or Littlefinger in season 1, and she certainly wasn't sensing anything from Arya in season 7.

  34. Snorre Kristiansen

    Snorre Kristiansen11 日 前

    At the end of the day, you have to love something a lot, to be this sad about it... So true, and thats what hurts

  35. Rhyannon Ashford

    Rhyannon Ashford11 日 前

    A pair of centrist dudes seeing the charcoal grey characterization of Tyrion as the most relatable really says a lot about modern liberalism

  36. Sarah Greatorex

    Sarah Greatorex11 日 前

    Stopped watching at season 3 because I couldn't afford the DVDs. Nice to know I've saved myself the cost of the 5 other seasons.

  37. Henry G.

    Henry G.12 日 前

    I kept waiting for Daenerys to fly off to... the Red Keep... and attack the tyrant she came to dethrone who is obviously inside the place she apparently is triggered by... instead of burning all the common people for fuck all....

  38. wsg man

    wsg man12 日 前

    Uh book dany a psycho

  39. LordPhoenix140

    LordPhoenix14013 日 前

    We're you shilling for Corona in this episode? Everything you do is so deliberate that product placement seems intentional.

  40. Snowfire

    Snowfire13 日 前

    You know shits going down with Lindsay breaks out the spicy Funjions.

  41. opsimathics

    opsimathics13 日 前

    if there's one thing, that's been made clear to me and most, is that on tv land, as well as in hollywood in general, only hack dimwits can be hired as writers.

  42. Venalitor

    Venalitor13 日 前

    1:05:30 - Hell yes. I watched the first few seasons at least 5 times, but now I'll never see them again, and I cut out of the series mid season 5 and didn't even see the end.

  43. Phil Studge

    Phil Studge14 日 前

    Dear Lindsey, this would not bother you so much if you had not read so many books - it wouldn't bother you at all if you were, ahem, less bright.

  44. guennbrot

    guennbrot14 日 前

    I liked it when danearys burnt kings landing. I thought it was the most logical thing to do after beeing betrayed numerous times. I wanted her to break the wheel, although I knew this wouldn't happen. In the book there is a prophecy about this guy who has to kill his love to get the magic sword, which he uses to kill the night king with...that should have been her death. a sacrificial death to save the weak from true evil. Even after the burning of the city she kept my sympathie. In my eyes all the other characters are treacherous cunts.

  45. Greg Stuff

    Greg Stuff14 日 前

    Just realized Lindsay is wearing a cinnamon toast crunch robe

  46. Jean Monfort

    Jean Monfort15 日 前

    I've watched this video several times - it's cathartic every time. Thank you so much for your insights and intelligent dissection of something we once loved.

  47. Xtof

    Xtof15 日 前

    Ironically, the show really shit itself after THE BEST CHARACTER suffered from constipation and was murdered on the toilet.

  48. Cara Eskins

    Cara Eskins15 日 前


  49. Guido Meyer de Voltaire

    Guido Meyer de Voltaire16 日 前

    39:57 Thank you.

  50. Hagar Eyal

    Hagar Eyal17 日 前

    the boo boo the fool meme does not fail to make me laugh every time you use it here. pure chaos hahaha

  51. Maekar I Targaryen

    Maekar I Targaryen17 日 前

    Man, thank you for your Sansa section! I talked with friends/co-worker about how awful she was in the last 3 seasons and was labelled as a misogynist for it, even after I explained why mainly a) last 3 seasons Sansa is totally different than first 3-4 seasons Sansa and b) book Sansa is much better (I know, book snob, whatev). And the same people after Dany did her 180 were like, "see see! She is a genius!" while they totally discounted the writing/plot/pace. I cannot wait to send this to them so I can have you put it into words and explain much much more fluently than I could. I salute you.

  52. Dayo Fayanju

    Dayo Fayanju18 日 前

    Where can we find the background music for the whole video? It's great

  53. Moderately Amused

    Moderately Amused18 日 前

    Excellent breakdown. Entertaining as well.

  54. Chad Ballard

    Chad Ballard19 日 前


  55. No more annoyingly long names

    No more annoyingly long names19 日 前

    Yes I'm going to watch this hour long video about a show I've never seen, why do you ask?

  56. Mary

    Mary19 日 前

    See, I've never liked Dany. I always thought that the series would end with her being seen as a villain - pursuit of power, being seen as an invading force etc, her sort of black and white morality - because I always felt the theme was the nature of power etc. But I hated how it HAPPENED I felt it could have been a really good idea ... They just could not execute

  57. Keyboard Dancers

    Keyboard Dancers19 日 前

    I tried watching this because LE's analyses are so addictive but there are way too many spoilers so will have to watch season 8 first.

  58. Krist S.

    Krist S.16 日 前

    Don't put yourself through that pain. Watch this instead.

  59. Terence S

    Terence S19 日 前

    Nailed it. That’s the worst part of the ending! I can’t watch the earlier seasons anymore... even though they were really good.

  60. Shea Wineland

    Shea Wineland19 日 前

    Is this even worse than ‘I’m losing to a bird?’

  61. Clint Carpentier

    Clint Carpentier20 日 前

    1:04:05 Kind of undercuts the SJW's Hillary argument. Hell, the MRA's haven't even made such a strawman case against women in power. Should these writer's politics be called into question?

  62. Stephen Davis

    Stephen Davis20 日 前

    Jon is not the rightful King!!! Why do people keep saying that??? The Targaryens were overthrown by Westeros. They aren’t the ruling Monarchs...that’s why no one gave a shit about Viserys! Who was actually the last surviving son of the Mad King.

  63. Dominic Bounds

    Dominic Bounds12 日 前

    @Michael Somjen I know, I know; there's so many black marks against her name in the eyes of society that she shouldn't have survived the bombing of the Sept - politically or physically.

  64. Michael Somjen

    Michael Somjen12 日 前

    @Dominic Bounds Yes and no, but there claim to the throne was a lot stronger and legitimate than Cersei. She really had no right, being Robert's consort, also the fact that queens of kings on the iron throne never take there husband family name nor inherite from them!

  65. Dominic Bounds

    Dominic Bounds12 日 前

    @Michael Somjen No objections from me on that front - like everything else in season 4 onwards, the idea is full of holes and reads like something frrom a different story. However, Stephen's argument was that Jon has no right to the throne because the Targaryens were overthrown.

  66. Michael Somjen

    Michael Somjen12 日 前

    @Dominic Bounds True but Jon's right to the throne is sketchy at best. There is no real evidence he is Rhaegar and Lyanna son, so Tarly and Brandon saying they read it in a Septon diary and saw it through the wirewood tree in the past, is not enough.

  67. Dominic Bounds

    Dominic Bounds20 日 前

    The line of succession never really ended: Robert Baratheon had Targaryen blood on his mother's side of the family, and the Baratheons are believed to have been descended from one of Aegon's bastard brothers. That was how Robert was able to square his takeover with the hardcore traditionalists. It's also why Robert left Tywin get away with the murder of the Targaryen children: like Tywin, he knew his rule would never have been stable if they lived. Nobody gave a shit about Viserys because he was in Essos, where true-blue supporters of the dragonspawn are rare at best.

  68. cjunks

    cjunks21 日 前

    your editing is so god damn good, good work! :)

  69. TeacupTempest

    TeacupTempest21 日 前

    Season 8: Look What You Made Me Do. Audience: We didn't want this.

  70. River Ó hÁillewill

    River Ó hÁillewill21 日 前

    "Everywhere she goes, evil men die." ...Oh no. How awful.

  71. JAKE Bantilan

    JAKE Bantilan21 日 前

    Would’ve rather seen Dany burn Winterfell to the ground instead of King’s Landing. Would show Sansa what the dumbass she’s been and a reason why Jon would shank her

  72. Barry Piper

    Barry Piper21 日 前

    Re the l0 minutes: I downloaded all the seasons in iTunes, but when I got to season 3-4, I heard about how the ending went batshit crazy and my fave character and two of her pets (let's face it, they were cats as far as fans are concerned) got killed. I started to lose interest fast and stopped watching at the end of season 4. I'm not sure if I'll ever go back and finish watching it.

  73. oberreden

    oberreden21 日 前

    WHAT is that video with the dogs?

  74. josephine

    josephine22 日 前

    i find myself coming back here bc of Star Wars :/