The IRON MAN of Music


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory年 前

    It was a pleasure being able to tell SATTA's story, he's been an inspiration to all of us at Yes Theory! For clarification, his glove can affect live audio, play samples and lights up each time he uses it when performing. Much love!

  2. Reza Najdi

    Reza Najdi年 前

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  3. Lance Summers

    Lance Summers年 前

    Aman Anand you too

  4. Lance Summers

    Lance Summers年 前

    Aman Anand thanks man

  5. Amann Anand

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    Lance Summers best of luck bro 😀

  6. Lance Summers

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    Aman Anand I do take her on dates, but ya, she doesn’t really go to parties because she doesn’t really know anyone, but thanks man, I’ll definitely see what I can do

  7. Jolene the Llama

    Jolene the Llamaヶ月 前

    I've always wanted a glove where I can pump beats with my fingers. I always tap my fingers against my thumb and make the beats in my head, would be fun to have them pump in my wireless headphones 🥁

  8. Simeon Gayer

    Simeon Gayer2 ヶ月 前

    This is soo cool

  9. Mineral Blade

    Mineral Blade4 ヶ月 前

    END GAME tony stark dies

  10. Kouzina Sophia

    Kouzina Sophia9 ヶ月 前

    2:13 TRUTH

  11. Joe D.oreo

    Joe D.oreo年 前

    i dont get it what does he do with that glove? lol

  12. EtherealWrath -

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  13. Joshua Kilburn

    Joshua Kilburn年 前

    ayy its sombra

  14. Adrian Valenzuela

    Adrian Valenzuela年 前

    Move confidently with what you feel >>>>>

  15. Fidaa Mohamed

    Fidaa Mohamed年 前

    What a guy🙏👏

  16. PizzaMakerR

    PizzaMakerR年 前

    2:40 - 2:46 LMAO

  17. Jayda Smiles

    Jayda Smiles年 前

    Needed to hear this

  18. Atheosovei games

    Atheosovei games年 前

    Great video but I just lack passion for most things it's something I be working on for the longest time but I still lack it. however awesome and helpful video thanks.

  19. shmander

    shmander年 前

    i love the powerglove it's so bad.....

  20. TriciawiththeTRUTH

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  21. Jon Jon Giang

    Jon Jon Giang年 前

    Kinda like Imogen Heap’s glove

  22. SheepdogColumbus

    SheepdogColumbus年 前

    Soooooooooo... We don't get to see the glove in action?

  23. Jon Koniac

    Jon Koniac年 前

    That was hilarious! And indeed you guys do produce the best content on JPreporter.

  24. deFt18

    deFt18年 前

    2:23 reminds me of a quote from Albert Einstein. It's why he dropped it..

  25. Social Jetlag

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  26. Timefox

    Timefox年 前

    This is an amazing idea!

  27. Isaac Eli

    Isaac Eli年 前

    mimu gloves??

  28. kasper soutukorva

    kasper soutukorva年 前

    the iron man of music title has already been taken by the one and only Toni Iommi

  29. BerSerK✔️

    BerSerK✔️年 前

    I don’t even To my homework for all 2017and2018 I might get trouble but everyone thinks a different way

  30. Justin Wiggins

    Justin Wiggins年 前

    This vid alone and seeing this guy reassured me that the path I wanted to go down is worth pursuing. I'm gonna finish my last 5 or so semesters in college but I switched from mechanical engineering to computer science with a minor in physics, not with the goal of just working some place. But with the goal of using the knowledge to innovate and create product. It may be hard some times, but such is anything worth working towards. Thanks Yes Theory.

  31. FreakyTAO

    FreakyTAO年 前

    thats sure some nice tech

  32. Niklas Macintosh

    Niklas Macintosh年 前

    So this is just a copy of imogen heap's mimu gloves ???

  33. Iker Garcia

    Iker Garcia年 前

    What country is each member from?

  34. Reza Najdi

    Reza Najdi年 前

    You guys could try the devils toe spicy candy

  35. Xblafren

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    Yes theory litteraly cures my depression

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    One of the best channels out there 👍

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  38. Jiří Pařízek

    Jiří Pařízek年 前

    Holy shit guys! I was always getting ton of recommendations to your videos, but I thought you are just some basic prank channel so I never actually played any of your videos. God, I was so wrong. You are on the top of quality content channels! Why the fuck you have only 700k? Keep it up, glad I found you.

  39. Hardstyle 4life

    Hardstyle 4life年 前

    Thanks for the insperation

  40. Lizza ••

    Lizza ••年 前

    To yes theory. I have a challenge for you to do in 2018. In one week you have to learn 5 things as quickly as possible and be really good at it. For example dice stacking, wheelie, rubiks cube. etc. Like this comment if you want this to happen.

  41. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez年 前

    I m literally crying ri8 now

  42. Eman Dizdarevic

    Eman Dizdarevic年 前

    Hey yes theory i have a challenge for you that is really fun,so basically in this challenge you have to say YES to anything for 24 hours...I challenge you.

  43. Mohammad Kaif

    Mohammad Kaif年 前

    Ask a billionaire to use their own toilet and shower with them

  44. AHoboWithAHome

    AHoboWithAHome年 前

    seems like a great dude!

  45. Aidan McLeod

    Aidan McLeod年 前

    Amazing vid guys !

  46. Marie .m

    Marie .m年 前

    What a sweetheart

  47. Cuteypuppy321 aj

    Cuteypuppy321 aj年 前

    Yes theory, I have only discovered your channel this week and now i cant stop watching your videos, You all have helped me so much in just 1 week I have overcome fears while i am here on holiday in thailand. Thank you yes theory I wish i found your channel earlier

  48. Sukruth ranganthan

    Sukruth ranganthan年 前

    So he made a glove which autotunes??

  49. Han Karci

    Han Karci年 前

    gurur duyiorum

  50. parth Sharma

    parth Sharma年 前

    That's right fam.

  51. NSzabolcs91

    NSzabolcs91年 前

    I know it sound cliche, but this channel is so underrated. If you ever come to Romania, i would be happy to meet you and help you with everything :) keep up the good work!

  52. noah kouflie

    noah kouflie年 前

    Go on a date, go to the bathroom completely cover yourself in toilet paper and come out and say “I think we have so much in Tutan-common” and see where it goes from there... that’s some discomfort for ya

  53. Adam Lowe

    Adam Lowe年 前

    Pretty cool, but Mimu Gloves are the same thing and artists like Imogen Heap and Ariana Grande are already using them

  54. nitin malhotra

    nitin malhotra年 前

    What a useless thing to do 🤣🤣🤣

  55. King-of-Hero

    King-of-Hero年 前

    loved this video, but it would have been great, if you had actually demonstrated his wearable MIDI more

  56. James Saldana

    James Saldana年 前

    I love this freaking channel!!!

  57. Resurektion

    Resurektion年 前

    Road to 1millions subscribers?

  58. Official Firas Moussa

    Official Firas Moussa年 前

    Just because somebody doesn't understand, it doesn't mean it's not right for you 🙌

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  60. Florian Reesas

    Florian Reesas年 前

    I would love to see more of these videos. videos that tell a person's story

  61. PigGum

    PigGum年 前

    What is the red dots on Thomas’s face

  62. Trish C

    Trish C年 前

    this man defines a man

  63. Trish C

    Trish C年 前

    mad amazing 💘

  64. steve perez

    steve perez年 前

    Yes theory come out to Compton I'll show you guys around lets look for an adventure get me out my comfort zone

  65. Hannes Dahl

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    You guys are great! I'm a new subscriber and I'm just loving your videos! Keep up the good work!