The HUGE difference between a Salvage and Rebuilt Car


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    Large myth with rebuilt title car is that you cant finance them or insure them with full coverage to fully what they are worth. Those are both MYTHS. We occasionally sell rebuilt title cars, financed many. A friend recently claimed his rebuilt tile car. It got totaled, he got full retail NADA plus his taxes. Dealers in Illinois can NOT sell a salvage car to the public. They can only be traded among Licensed Rebuilders.

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    What a bunch of bull shit. Do you even know what your talking about? Inspections are not for proof you fixed it but for the sole purpose of making sure the parts aren’t stolen Also salvage and rebuild are the same thing depending on what state you buy the car from Usually if you buy a car out of state it will say salvage after inspection and if you buy the car in state it will be rebuilt after inspection

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    Do you think a rebuilt/salvage title would be OK for a cheap 4x4? I'm worried about the frame causing issues.

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    Dear can I use a CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION bought in COPART after rebuilt?

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    So then why won't a bank loan on a rebuilt car...the title still will have a s on the title

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    If a car has a Rebuilt title how does that effect the value of the car? does it goes up or down?

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    The Rules and Laws change by State, In certain states all you need is a safety and emissions report, The emissions and safety report basically checks all the things that makes the car road safe.

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    How do you obtain a rebuilt title in Florida?

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    Than k you. I'm about to buy a car and can t because lot of them are salvage.

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    Each state its different and have different types of titles check at the state you want to register the car to see what the deal its

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    I see a lot of salvage titles on Craig’s list. I never knew they aren’t road legal. Thanks for the clarification. N/m I’m in CA. We either get salvaged or clean.

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    I'll be first to admit I'm not the brightest bulb in the lamp, but I'm only a one bulb lamp, that being said, I still don't know the difference between the branded title and the other. All I know is, I don't want to buy a vehicle that was wrecked.

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    Do salvage hail damaged cars need repair. They function perfectly but are just ugly. Can you get a rebuilt title on them with no repairs?

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    Just uber cars are an absolute waste of money.

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    Thank you for making this video! I was oblivious to either terms.

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    Nice info thank you sam!

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    All cars wrecked and determined to be a total loss start as salvage titles. Make sure you have all the paper work needed. Most importantly, remember to get the title signed over to you as it was the only thing we forgot. A sworn affidavit and bill of sale notarized are not enough

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    I bought a 2004 Dodge Neon that had a salvage title. I looked up the carfax on it. It was rear ended. The only damage was a small crack in the rear bumper cover and the paint was scuffed. The car's book value was $600, so the repair and paint would have cost more than the car was worth, so the insurance company totaled the car giving it a salvage title. I had it inspected and never repaired the damage. I just told the cop why it totaled. He just made sure all the lights worked and gave me a pass so I could get a rebuilt title. I have put about 50k more miles on it since I bought it as a to and from work car. The only thing I've bought for it is new tires. I paid $400 for the car at the abandoned auto auction.

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    We don't have that in california have that in mind

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    I have a car that was a salvage but now its a rebuilt and as long as they are built properly and pass safety and structural your good.

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    Diapers and Pampers.

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    Forgets to mention almost impossible to get a loan or insurance on a salvage car. Rebuilt the insurance overall coveraged is less cause of previous damage and loans can be a little tricky . Loan won't be full for the full retail price.

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    Can you trade in a rebuilt title car to a dealership?

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    Can I get insurance on a rebuilt title 5 th wheel

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    So what If I buy a rebuilt title car in NJ and I live in new york do I need to get it inspected in new york. Or just use that Nj rebuilt title as a normal title at new york dmv?

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    Very insightful. I have recently purchased a nissan 2015 rebuilt title already in hand. It had front end damaged and was repaired completely. He had gave me vin number in advance and the carfax was ok as of December 2018. I purchased it for 4800 dollars. I shouldn't have an issue with the registration and insurance? Please advise. Car is currently sitting in my father's garage

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    In California, its always a Salvaged Title. Once salvaged, its salvaged. period! The car could be perfect after repairs and perform better than perfect, but it will always be salvaged in California. Just a quick addition to your descriptions...

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    Can a rebuilt title be heavily inspected to become clean, or is it rebuilt forever

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    Thank you

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    Every state has there own terminology. Check your state title laws. Again every state is different. He’s only referring to his state.

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    I'm thinking about buying a salvage 2006 G35 Coupe ($1400) it got hit in the back but the damage is gone is it's still a salvage title. Should I do it? 140,000 miles on it

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    I rebuilt a 2014 lancer evolution its registered in California As a salvage title, I’ve rebuilt a few cars and only one time they required an inspection for it.

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    Giovanni Rios do you think a modified exhaust will effect the inspection

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    Liked. I think like most people I didn’t know the difference. Considering buying what the owner says in a rebuilt title. So I guess I have to be sure it is a rebuilt not salvaged title!!!

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    Just an FYI - the Windex and BandAid explanation is an example of proprietary eponyms. Good video - something to not forget, even the two different types of titles, any car previously deemed a total loss with always have a Salvage history (I'm sure you know) and that carries onto subsequent owners. I can't stand when people say "I have a clean title in hand" even knowing the car was a previous salvaged vehicle.

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    Interesting i Fix Salvage on a daily basis for customers but I had no idea about the paperwork, difference

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    What insurance company do you use that covers rebuild titled cars?

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    in Arkansas you can drive a vehicle with a salvage title or also known as a red title on the road without any inspections when i Bought mine all i did was go to the local dmv and hand them the red title and my insurance paperwork and paid for my tags and 3 weeks later they sent me a Salvage title with my name on it i got a $17,000 Chevy z71 4 door for $3500 and the only reason it has a Salvage title is because the rear bumper is bent and the tow package is bent a little bit i took it to 2 different body shops and both said that the insurance company should of never totaled it, im looking into getting the title changed to rebuild that just go's to show you never know what you will find at a auto auction .

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    hey Sam. I'm looking far and near for a decent 4x4 Suburban at a decent price. I found one that's 5.5 hours away. It's at a used car lot. I got them to send me the "AutoCheck" document and it all checks out except for one thing. It says that the vehicle was very recently auctioned and then "reconditioned" by a Toyota Dealership. Should that raise red flags for me. It kinda does. Thanks for your thoughts!

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    Does this apply to all states?

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    If I get a car from iaa and it’s has the mv-907a from ny can I registered it in Texas ?

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    BMV and DMV need a 24 hour hotline for verifying title status, cuz stuff can happen @ 2 a.m.



    q tips

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    I am looking at a truck with a rebuilt title but the guy says only the hood, fender, and bumper were replaced. I don’t see how that could make it a rebuilt title

  58. JC

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    You'd never find one single clue to lead you to guess my truck was salvaged and rebuilt. Water damage to mechanicals only. Bought it back, took the money they gave me for it and bought a new engine from the dealership with a deep discount for working in the automotive industry. Literally took 30 seconds to inspect for the state police.

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    Can somebody please explain to me what this mean I’m trying to buy a car at the auction and it says this “PRIOR SALVAGE MOTOR VEHICLE” please and thank you

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    so in order to get the rebuild title, does the car have to be in the same structual condition as a clean titel? can the be any bend metal? cant find the video you said youre going to do about the ispection process.... thinking about buying a rebuild salvage title car at auction.

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    Saw a lovely Ferrari F355 the other day.... low miles and dirt cheap. Thought "Woohoo!!" till I saw the term _salvage title_ in the description. Yikes, imagine buying a salvaged F355 you don't know a single thing about. Some junior partner probably did one too many lines and wrapped it around a tree lol.

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    I live in Nevada, we don't have lemon laws.

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    Clarity is important. Sometimes we speak clearly but our listeners do not really listen. Thanks for providing a "HEY, LISTEN TO ME!" video that states this information clearly and without distractions for the many who do not understand these terms. I was taught by my grandfather that a salvage yard is a junk yard, so a Salvage title means you are buying junk, or a car that is not roadworthy. Something that has been rebuilt means it has been completed a second time, so a Rebuilt title means the car has been built again, and is ready to drive.

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    I’m confused.. you’re in Florida but I have a salvage car/registered / title with insurance on it and drive it on the road... I know Florida has no real safety inspection/ emissions test like other states. My relatives are always shocked when they come from NJ see no real sticks on the windshields lol.

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    I have a Kentucky red border title and I am trying to see which States I can register this vehicle in? North Carolina will not accept. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    EVERY STATE HAS THEIR OWN WAYS. In WA state Rebuild and Salvaged are treated about the same. If person who sells has title on hand in his name - there is nothing to worry about its just like buying clean title. Just make sure you know what you are buying. I usually want to see pictures of the car from action like how bad was damage. If only front bumper, hood and head light were replaced its not that bad. But some cars are damaged in the front and in the rear and plus rolled over.?!?!... I would skip that car :) People who buy Rebuild Title cars are doing that because they want to get $15,000 car for $7000. That is usually the case

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    Andrey Tetyuk correct..

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    This varies greatly from state to state. Salvage or rebuilt-Any car with a branded title isn’t worth fixing. For parts only. Big fat waste of time.

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    hi sam thanks amlot for the great tips. i want to know what is the differences between a clean tile or none and a not branded?

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    My 2009 Honda Accord is a rebuilt title but I was in a car accident and it has been declared a total loss. Literally the damage is minor but they say it cost too much. If I decide to repair it myself, will FL issue a rebuilt a second time?

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    it is still a crashed up , bashed up pile of shit and the value of it is in the toilet

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    I'm glad that in my country every consumer purchase has a form of warrenty by law. Even if you sign a contract buying a car that it is without warrenty, the law makes that contract null and void if you find problems that were not in the purchase agreement. The seller then has to either repair the car or give you a full refund. However this is only when consumers buy from a business and you usually do need to threaten them with legal actions or they won't budge. Even if the car isn't owned by the business selling the car they are still responsible so selling your buddies car in your showroom could bring trouble if you don't clearly state it's not yours.

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    I found a 2011 Ferrari California biding for 11k and it has stayed for 11k for a while but the reason it’s on bid is cause it has a FL- cert of title-slvg rebld it worth bidding on can I drive it it says it runs and drives

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    Hi samcrac I have a question I am thinking about getting a rebuilt title 2002 Toyota 4 runner but I’m kind of skeptical of getting it cuz It had a history it got into an accident front end collision but motor wasn’t touched but the one that got me that it has low mileage of 76k which is really rare to see nowadays. Is it something I need to worry about later on? Is it worth of getting? Pls respond thanks.

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