The History of my Hair


  1. Kailani Bush

    Kailani Bush3 分 前

    I have

  2. sabahat aupshowra

    sabahat aupshowra12 分 前

    Lady: do you khow your bold Man:Yes thnk you 😂😂

  3. Maranda Darnell

    Maranda Darnell21 分 前

    I like to oh yeah I love animals that's why I I'm going to go to wedding I hope you're I'm going to my Uncle Bob's wedding in America it's in America the I live in America come to my house I hope you I hope you help me out please help me out girl

  4. Maranda Darnell

    Maranda Darnell25 分 前

    Everybody I don't have long hair I'm only 6 years old I'm a girl why did you not know I'm actually a girl and you can actually come to America if you want cuz I know you do traveling and I know you want to do makeup at my house I'll show you all around and I maybe you can actually stay here for a little bit I'll overnight course I don't want you to leave and then hang on you the whole day I'll be shy but I like you. So I like to talk

  5. Kale Miller

    Kale Miller42 分 前

    Am I the only one who can draw Jaidens hair the way she animates it? I can’t be the only one right?......

  6. Kale Miller

    Kale Miller37 分 前

    One because my family are artists, friends and family friends will always say my drawings look printed and if JPreporter added pictures to your comments then I would show you my sisters and my art and two I’m good at drawing cartoons as well

  7. EditGamingAsh_YT

    EditGamingAsh_YT時間 前

    me who skipped to the end because i already watched this before and wanted to see the art, “frick she caught me”

  8. King Jaguar

    King Jaguar時間 前

    Like=Hair dresser perent 👇🏻

  9. Sunset Skies

    Sunset Skies時間 前

    I dyed my hair red and it always turns up pink I’m not complaining I’m just saying I’d like my pillow to stay white not pink

  10. Anime Channel 25

    Anime Channel 252 時間 前

    My mom does hair too

  11. Destroyer XD 17

    Destroyer XD 173 時間 前

    "Scientists have found that you are never more than 3 kilometers away from a Jaiden hair " Me Searching a jaiden hair in Germany ...

  12. xX Mango sh?t Xx

    xX Mango sh?t Xx4 時間 前

    I have gotten an undercut before bc my hair were pretty thick. -.-

  13. pantsu misete

    pantsu misete4 時間 前

    click here bcuz of the kill la kill reference in thumbnail

  14. XxFreddyBoiXD YT

    XxFreddyBoiXD YT5 時間 前

    Jaiden Turned Into Sans XD 2:18

  15. Shellz Yt

    Shellz Yt6 時間 前

    So your hair travels across the United States

  16. Isaiah Rodriguez

    Isaiah Rodriguez6 時間 前

    That happened to me

  17. ng isaac

    ng isaac7 時間 前

    Jaiden I heard of a monster and it's name is siren head and it eats people

  18. H4_C7 Gaming

    H4_C7 Gaming9 時間 前

    *coconut jaiden?*

  19. Sunflower AJ

    Sunflower AJ11 時間 前

    Please show us a picture of your coconut haircut >:3

  20. Archiebald Alpuerto

    Archiebald Alpuerto11 時間 前

    i tried blue hait and it was cool

  21. sprxut

    sprxut12 時間 前

    bro, yesterday i was pierced with a hair and i asked my mom if it happened to her and she said yes, we spent an hour contemplating it. ,_,

  22. Xx_Wolfclaw_xX

    Xx_Wolfclaw_xX12 時間 前

    Poor ari

  23. Rok1e 07

    Rok1e 0712 時間 前

    Just finished full metal alchemist the other week and just got the reference

  24. Dino Boi

    Dino Boi14 時間 前

    I wonder what happens to Pokémon with colored hair in like emerald and stuff And you can fool your younger brother that it’s a shiny

  25. RandomPersonOnTheInternet :P

    RandomPersonOnTheInternet :P14 時間 前

    The way you draw it makes you stand out!

  26. RobloxDaisy

    RobloxDaisy14 時間 前

    once i was wearing leggings and i felt something in them that was scratchy and itchy but i was like 6 so why would i care but then i put my pajamas on and their was a dog hair i was kinda freaked out (i was six) but that doesn't matter

  27. Galaxy Gabs

    Galaxy Gabs15 時間 前

    I have got a hair pierced in my skin it was my hair lol

  28. Meh Meh

    Meh Meh16 時間 前

    I have never cut my hair in my life

  29. Bionic B

    Bionic B16 時間 前

    I just realized the character creator is Monster Hunter World's, I see what you did gamer. I'm not sure who on Jaiden's team made that, but I still see what you did gamer.

  30. Bradley Fertitta

    Bradley Fertitta17 時間 前

    I've had my hair stick me more times than I can count! And usually its shorter hairs that basically become splinters and are hard to get out.

  31. Jennifer Hunter

    Jennifer Hunter18 時間 前

    all the hair my mom said was mine was just yours though ive never met you

  32. Tartarus

    Tartarus19 時間 前

    Guess what ad I got for this video...

  33. Bryan Welsh

    Bryan Welsh19 時間 前

    I forgot.........*The rapper*

  34. Rowan Tatman

    Rowan Tatman19 時間 前

    My mum and dad's hair went through my skin multiple times! (it kinda hurt...)

  35. Kaylynn Elliott

    Kaylynn Elliott19 時間 前

    i was sitting on my moms bed and we were watching a movie and i felt something in my skin and it was my moms hair and i told her and she thought that was weird

  36. Darkness Demon

    Darkness Demon20 時間 前

    2:55 i am eating and there was a hair in my food 😱😂🙃

  37. Woo Alexis

    Woo Alexis20 時間 前

    My foot's been pierced by a hair strand TWICE. Both times, the hair was very short and difficult to pull out.

  38. Galactic GD

    Galactic GD20 時間 前

    Random song 08 is the song

  39. Xx DeathAlpha xX

    Xx DeathAlpha xX20 時間 前

    You don’t need a hairdresser your pillow is going to give you a knew hairstyle every morning

  40. Zoe Ocampo

    Zoe Ocampo21 時間 前

    I love you’re videos say hi to Ari for me pls

  41. OshawottWarrior

    OshawottWarrior21 時間 前

    Jaiden: You’re never more then three kilometers away from a Jaiden hair Me: *looks down and sees a strand of brown hair*

  42. hcneyy lover

    hcneyy lover21 時間 前

    me: wait ari is stuck

  43. ItsCøokië_ WëïrdøWøłfïe

    ItsCøokië_ WëïrdøWøłfïe21 時間 前

    AYEEE getting pierced by ur moms hair squaddddd

  44. cat productions

    cat productions22 時間 前

    My hair is blue and purple and turquoise thank u jaiden

  45. z's not here animations

    z's not here animations22 時間 前

    A similar thing happened to me but instead of a hairstrand in my leg it was a blade of grass

  46. Reynaldo Beltran

    Reynaldo Beltran日 前


  47. Astra Moon

    Astra Moon日 前

    I’m sad bcuz since I’m a swimmer if I dye my hair it’s going to end up dying the pool a color.

  48. Narfy Cat

    Narfy Cat日 前

    my watching this with my bright pink hqir

  49. Narfy Cat

    Narfy Cat日 前

    kill me

  50. Narfy Cat

    Narfy Cat日 前


  51. Narfy Cat

    Narfy Cat日 前


  52. Katie Lumsden

    Katie Lumsden日 前

    This is literally me

  53. Geraldine Griffith

    Geraldine Griffith日 前

    I've been pierced by one of my moms hairs and it was weird when i pulled it out my leg 😑

  54. Ethan Pinto

    Ethan Pinto日 前

    Those are called hair splinters they are very common when you cut hair

  55. Laser Rbix

    Laser Rbix日 前


  56. Colby Bailey

    Colby Bailey日 前

    I've bean pierced hundreds of times on the top of my head

  57. Tyler Crihfield

    Tyler Crihfield日 前

    Love the FMA reference

  58. Ziggy Ziegler

    Ziggy Ziegler日 前

    0:12 yes. hair cuts by your mom is good. Mainly because you can play with your hair without the “bib of hair”, as I call it

  59. Benjamin Brown

    Benjamin Brown日 前

    Pierced? No. Slices between my fingers? YES. think paper cut but a smidgen deeper. PAIN!!! (my own hair did this)

  60. Freedom23

    Freedom23日 前

    My school doesnt let any of us have coloured hair. And I have short hair, I just clicked on this for fun. Edit: I'm a boy so eh, I have friends who complain about their long or curly hair. I dont mind their complains lol

  61. haha long name go brrr

    haha long name go brrr日 前

    *_Hey did you know you'r bald-_*

  62. The animated Guy

    The animated Guy日 前

    These animations da best

  63. The wolf

    The wolf日 前

    I’d only see myself dying my hair if I go to a party like that spray that washes out

  64. Brian clark

    Brian clark日 前

    I used to have blue hair and my mom said wash it out and I had to use hot water and I regret everything

  65. Falkrim

    Falkrim日 前


  66. Raviv Ladaga

    Raviv Ladaga日 前


  67. Raviv Ladaga

    Raviv Ladaga日 前

    James vs Jaiden

  68. 5 min News

    5 min News日 前

    Yep me

  69. Sinta

    Sinta日 前

    My mom is also a hairdresser, so when everyone don't know what to do with their hair, I just come to my mom and tell her ”I believe everything you do to my hair”

  70. Caprice Moleta-Pineda

    Caprice Moleta-Pineda日 前

    you said the c word!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  71. max bary

    max bary日 前

    i have been pierced bye my moms hair when i was little

  72. Donna Wojewnik

    Donna Wojewnik日 前

    to think in 2014 she sound like a baby know she is 24 and all grown up :)

  73. a random peeper's friend

    a random peeper's friend日 前

    Hair strands gave me hair splinters

  74. Rielynn Laferriere

    Rielynn Laferriere日 前

    U used a fullmetal alcamest reference

  75. Nikodem Szymoniak

    Nikodem Szymoniak日 前

    Ok listen i have a hair cut like hitler

  76. Isabella Chipps

    Isabella Chipps日 前

    Ya know I noticed that we are kindov da same I have had a hair pierced me and my mom is a hair dresser to

  77. g a r y w a f f l e

    g a r y w a f f l e日 前

    Alternate Title: Finally a Explanation Why When we animate my mom she is cutting hair

  78. FishyFood

    FishyFood日 前

    Jaiden: My mom wanted to do amazing things to my hair! Me: My mom is a hairdresser and won't let me cut my hair above my shoulders and will only let me get dye that lasts for like a week.. ;-;

  79. Kitty Mazu

    Kitty Mazu日 前

    I,m have really puffy hair and is big :I and i hate it -_-

  80. Stop saying potato. Please

    Stop saying potato. Please日 前

    9:20 RIP ARI

  81. Maria Roque

    Maria Roque日 前

    Is that ari in 6:18 !?

  82. Tian Na

    Tian Na日 前

    Every where

  83. Tian Na

    Tian Na日 前

    I find hair in my mom’s shower

  84. Worthadollar drawz

    Worthadollar drawz日 前

    i have a pillow thats now 10 percent purple because i had the same purple into pink fade before

  85. Cedar Stroud

    Cedar Stroud日 前

    I die my hair 5 times a year

  86. Le scrchie snek

    Le scrchie snek日 前

    Jaiden: In collage I changed from purple into pink to just purple. LaurenZside has entered the chat.

  87. Chapis Reyes

    Chapis Reyes日 前

    I have like 200 hairs allredy and I needed a needle to get it out

  88. purpleeyes

    purpleeyes日 前

    I live in Canada Lethbridge so I don’t think that I have any jaden hair near me

  89. Declan Garner

    Declan Garner日 前

    I have had my foot pierced by my cats hair º-º

  90. Chanda Dardar

    Chanda Dardar日 前

    Lol, I got pierced by my dogs hair, but not the shallow part of my skin...

  91. •cotton skiess!

    •cotton skiess!日 前


  92. Jordan Thongdy

    Jordan Thongdy日 前

    I watched this like 20 times and just realized that you are playing Geometry Dash music 😕

  93. Bagel Manz

    Bagel Manz日 前

    We be vibing to random song whatever

  94. Kayla Ngo

    Kayla Ngo日 前

    I have a violet streak but it’s not died hair it’s just I clip

  95. Ameila Broadwater

    Ameila Broadwater日 前

    i have the same haer stil

  96. Shirmari Motedzuki

    Shirmari Motedzuki日 前

    Jaiden: In real life, I don't have these weird curls. Me: Um, do you have that crest on your head in real life?

  97. Camille Borgeat

    Camille Borgeat日 前

    hahah i get stabbed a few times a year by my hair haha

  98. Samuel McIntosh Bégin

    Samuel McIntosh Bégin日 前

    2d looks beter than 3d haer

  99. シLovley husky

    シLovley husky日 前

    Lol my hair probably looks like her your hair my hair TAKES SO LONG to dry my hair is VERY THICCCCCCCCCC to and it’s brown so hi twin :>

  100. Xxmasy pastelxX

    Xxmasy pastelxX2 日 前

    Me watching this with dye in my hair waiting to wash it:0w0

  101. Snnoy

    Snnoy2 日 前

    0:13 Her mom looking like a starfleet first officer

  102. Kitsune Akage

    Kitsune Akage2 日 前

    My own hair have pierced me too sometimes

  103. Teresa Owens

    Teresa Owens2 日 前

    My dad gave me a buzz cut

  104. Aidan Jones

    Aidan Jones2 日 前

    imagine having to actually care about your hair this post was made by short hair gang

  105. Angel Cake

    Angel Cake2 日 前

    me: Oh boy, jaiden has the same problems with me. also my hair: Ima just loose a strand real quick-