The History of my Hair


  1. Star Gaming

    Star Gaming時間 前

    Once when I was about to swim in my pool I was changing and I found a hair stuck through my leg

  2. DJ Boogie

    DJ Boogie時間 前

    A hair pierced through my cheek one time

  3. Nonoba13

    Nonoba13時間 前

    I have been pierced by cat hair and dog hair before, and man does it hurt in between the toe and toenail

  4. mohamed el said

    mohamed el said時間 前

    Idk how but a hair got through skin on my foot

  5. apple

    apple時間 前

    Jaiden is Ryuko confirmed

  6. Leroy

    Leroy時間 前

    Undercut is the way to go, honestly. I grew my hair out to donate for a while. 4 donations in 15 years, and I've got super thick hair, too. It would get unbearable in the summer. Also, I have an appreciation for people who keep their hair long, because whenever I took a shower doing my hair was at least 3/4 of the time I spent cleaning myself. Now I'm done donating my hair. I did it 4 times and I'm done. I'm going to go back to keeping it short. It's been a couple months since I had it cut last and honestly it feels too long.

  7. Fernando Veiga

    Fernando Veiga時間 前

    my hair is half pink (peep wannabe i know i know) but when the dye goes out it looks half white/half black so its still cool

  8. PartyInk

    PartyInk時間 前

    *S e n p a i*

  9. Five-Guys Employee #3

    Five-Guys Employee #3時間 前

    I've had hair jab threw my skin on my middle finger and kept it there so when I want to flip someone off, It wouldn't really be an insult. I was grounded for a week...

  10. Ella

    Ella時間 前

    I have really thick hair so I ended getting it cut up to my chin and an under shave in the back. Everyone is like your hair is so beautiful and thick and I’m like nope it is a pain on the butt to care for.

  11. SoonMoon

    SoonMoon時間 前

    I never actually got pierced by hair, but sometimes, dog hair gets "Weaved" into my jeans, so I guess that kinda counts u_u

  12. dtd playz

    dtd playz時間 前

    Kill la kill reference?

  13. Enrico Falconera

    Enrico Falconera時間 前

    5:35 SNOM? OwO

  14. Espen Hall

    Espen Hall時間 前

    I also got pierced by a hair, it kinda hurt somehow.

  15. Reach 100 Subscibers Without any videos

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  16. Dan Tran

    Dan Tran時間 前

    I once had a hair pierce thing that I thought was like a 1/1000 chance would happen to anyone. I had just gotten my hair cut and one of the small leftover hairs pierced my finger and gave me a small hair splinter. I spent 10 minutes trying to pull it out with a tweezer (which was fricking impossible, there was like 1/10th of an inch of it sticking out) until it finally came out and I just questioned how that just happened.

  17. straightXedge Mike

    straightXedge Mike時間 前

    3:37 _Before my body is dry intensifies_

  18. Yourface240

    Yourface240時間 前

    You got the HANDS

  19. The Sock

    The Sock時間 前

    Why is it when you described your hair it was the exact way my hair was tho lol long brown kina wild and messy lol

  20. No- Name

    No- Name時間 前

    I remember the first time I did my hair I dye it blue but it turn green Then I did red and now I’m on purple 🙃 I WENT SSB LSS and SSG!!!!!!!

  21. Doodlized

    Doodlized時間 前

    I just let my hair grow and never touch it. Dont even brush it in the morning because it'll look the same. However my parents and school dont like it. They think I'll be feminine or somewhat. Hair is hair guys. Do what you want >:)

  22. Flamboyant Warlock

    Flamboyant Warlock時間 前

    Nuzlocke Fire Red. I demand it.

  23. Froppy

    Froppy時間 前

    I was pierced in the heel by one of my dog's hairs and it stung cuz I walk a mile and a half before pulling it out.

  24. Damien Robles

    Damien Robles時間 前


  25. 💙Hades💙

    💙Hades💙時間 前

    Jaiden: "if any of you have coloured hair" Me: *has green hair*

  26. A Crafty Boi

    A Crafty Boi時間 前

    Right before school started (like a week before) I tried dying my hair full dark purple with no bleaching- it was this one 30 day wash kind of dyes and it said it showed up on dark brown hair so I trusted it. Bad idea tbh, my mum had a stroke getting it all on my head and a little got on my forehead literally half a hour before I could wash it off so it stained half my forehead. The only good thing about that was I had sideswept hair that covered it perfectly but when I washed my hair out (take note I’ve never dyed my hair before) I kept going until the water ran clear- horrible idea if you wanna keep your hair dyed for a while. Only the part where my hair was side swept stayed dyed and it looked cool for two to three days then it just vanished rip

  27. スクラブチャン

    スクラブチャン時間 前

    Jaiden to Laurenzside

  28. Crystal Collision

    Crystal Collision時間 前

    I dyed my hair a few times and let me tell yall, the _frizz_ you get? I already have curly hair which is just asking to look like I got electrocuted half way down the strands, but dyeing it made it so much worse. I tried like fifty heatless curling techniques because I knew any heat treatment would fuck it instantly. I got it all cut off now, and I do regret dying it because I want long hair and that set me back a few years, but at the same time I loved how it looked at first before the redyes and the fading and frizz. Day one of coloured hair always looks bomb as fuck, the conditioner makes your hair feel super silky and it doesn't get tangled but it goes downhill immediately

  29. Arno Verbeeck

    Arno Verbeeck時間 前

    Nice easter egg putting a snom as the cartoon on tv👌👌👌

  30. Gunnar Platinum

    Gunnar Platinum時間 前

    I have that is a hairstylist

  31. H Kaine

    H Kaine時間 前

    dummy thicc hair

  32. Landon Jones

    Landon Jones時間 前

    Jaideni like your vids I watched since day 1

  33. TLO_Nate YT

    TLO_Nate YT時間 前

    *I didn't know snom was a Sunday morning cartoon*

  34. gbc tubetv

    gbc tubetv時間 前

    5:01 lol

  35. Prima Shine

    Prima Shine時間 前


  36. GachaMoon

    GachaMoon時間 前

    I know how it feels my hair is like that to ;-;

  37. Jupiter_nila

    Jupiter_nila時間 前

    Oml I’m *earlyish*

  38. blueteaful

    blueteaful時間 前

    jai👏den👏👏 my pre-college teacher said that you were in our 3d animation class! you should heckin tell a story about that stuff! unless you dont want to, that's okay! :)

  39. Kira M

    Kira M時間 前

    Jaiden, my husband got my hair threw his armpit when we first started dating. It was proof in my eyes that we were meant to be because no one else has ever been able to get my hair sewn into them before or since!

  40. Alex Hassan

    Alex Hassan時間 前

    My mom is also a hair dresser