The Guys Teach Chuck How Many Years Are in a Decade | NBA on TNT


  1. Bayley Monin

    Bayley Monin日 前

    Dwyane Wade Kobe Bryant LeBron James Kevin Durant Dwight Howard or Marc Gasol

  2. y b

    y b日 前

    wowzers.. Steph, Harden, Kawhi, Lebron, KD.. dat ez.

  3. Ulquiorra Cifer

    Ulquiorra Cifer2 日 前

    Technically, Shaq played in 2011, so he counts.

  4. R34P3R28

    R34P3R283 日 前

    2:48 shaq's like: 'i'm built different'

  5. J.R. Elgran

    J.R. Elgran3 日 前

    Curry can only shoot CP3 has ALWAYS been a more complete player

  6. minggnim

    minggnim4 日 前

    Blake Griffin

  7. Lucky Luciano

    Lucky Luciano5 日 前

    it's funny when they said a decade its 10 years then 2010 to 2020 LOL and try to make Chuck like the dumb one


    PMSHOTTA5 日 前


  9. Maxwell Bado

    Maxwell Bado6 日 前

    Harden - 1 MVP (3 runners-up), 1 finals app Steph - 2 MVPs, 3 titles, 5 apps Bron - 3 MVPs, 3 titles, 8 apps, 3 FMVPs KD - 1 MVP, 2 titles, 4 apps*, 2 FMVPs Kawhi - 2 DPOYs, 2 titles, 3 apps, 2 FMVPs

  10. Maxwell Bado

    Maxwell Bado6 日 前

    Honorable Mentions: D Wade, Kobe, Russ, Dirk, Tim Duncan

  11. Zach McCabe

    Zach McCabe6 日 前

    Crazy they left out scalabrine

  12. Tony Vincent

    Tony Vincent6 日 前

    How many years in a decade? - Chuck - Lol 😂

  13. 10mangakid

    10mangakid6 日 前

    Backcourt would be Steph and Kobe. Front court would be LeBron, KD, and Tim Duncan. Honorable mentions are Chris Paul, Wade, Harden, Westbrook Klay, Dirk, Aldridge, cousins, griffon, AD, The claw (can’t spell his name 😂)

  14. sweatyDan

    sweatyDan7 日 前

    Prime D.Rose was as good or better then any of these guys

  15. Scifon Cra

    Scifon Cra7 日 前

    their decade shouldnt include 2010. They trying to teach Chuck about a decade and they dont even know that a decade should be from 2011 to 2020. Decade. 10 years.

  16. nombla1111

    nombla11117 日 前

    Shaq: Deandre Jordan, DEANDRE JORDAN?! Everyone: what??? Shaq: Lob city.... Everyone: *Changes convo*

  17. No 🧢

    No 🧢7 日 前

    Blake Griffin over Kawhi? Kenny should be banned from talking basketball

  18. Mike Taggart

    Mike Taggart7 日 前

    Kenny is straight 🗑 ranking players. Everyone knew that when he said LeBron wasn’t top ten all time.

  19. eye4lies

    eye4lies8 日 前

    What’s up with the hat, shaq?

  20. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams8 日 前

    Steph, Wade, Lebron, KD, Duncan Keep changing my mind 😂

  21. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams8 日 前

    Lord have mercy Chuck. 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂

  22. ethan beers

    ethan beers8 日 前

    shaq is a baby

  23. Nuno Almeida

    Nuno Almeida9 日 前

    2:04 Chuck yelling

  24. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe9 日 前


  25. Randy Woods

    Randy Woods10 日 前

    Sometimes I just wish Kenny would just shut up and let someone else talk, he tries to hard to make himself seem smarter than he is, Chuck had a point about the decade question, he and Shaq always try to make Chuck look bad, as it pertains to intelligence. Truth me told they have said some dumb things

  26. Bobby Sandhu

    Bobby Sandhu10 日 前


  27. Will Jones

    Will Jones10 日 前

    Dirks up there

  28. Nate TheGreat

    Nate TheGreat10 日 前

    Why is cousins in here 👎

  29. Alex Stathopoulos

    Alex Stathopoulos11 日 前

    How long is a mile!

  30. silviz 23

    silviz 2311 日 前

    One name: michael beasly!!!

  31. George Washington

    George Washington11 日 前

    Hah, it starts with Chuck wondering the exact thought Kenny is confused by with Kobe...

  32. Kenpachi The3rd

    Kenpachi The3rd11 日 前

    Best sport show ever... by a mile

  33. Kenpachi The3rd

    Kenpachi The3rd11 日 前

    5:00 i laughed way to hard for that “oh please” 😂😂🤣🤣

  34. Genxtasy 99

    Genxtasy 9912 日 前

    who would be in your front court?... let me tell you.....I'm all ears.... *explains 4 out of 5* my center I dont know....🙄

  35. Oprah sides chair

    Oprah sides chair12 日 前

    Kwahi ? Over Blake

  36. Carlos Villalvazo Puentes

    Carlos Villalvazo Puentes12 日 前

    Top players of the decade 1. LeBron 2. KD 3. Kawhi 4. Curry 5. Harden Now all decade team is PG: Curry SG: Harden SF: Kawhi PF: LeBron C/F: KD Simple, if someone insists on having a true big man take harden out and put in AD or Giannis

  37. B00steDevil

    B00steDevil12 日 前

    Westbrook really a top 5 for these cats ?

  38. Mannie Forbes

    Mannie Forbes12 日 前

    You can’t go wrong with Rudy gobbert he was in defense conversation forever

  39. CN3

    CN312 日 前

    6:28 Why Earnie nd Kenny actin like they don't have lists and graphics for anything 😂 Another example of them clownin Chuck for no reason. 6:39 he ask a simple questions "how many years did dirk play in the last decade?" They reply "he just retired." 😂😂😂 dafuq they talkin bout. And props to Shaq for always clowin Chuck and then provin himself to be lil less intelligent 😂😂 Earnie asks Shaq who his centre would be "let me get to that" then didn't even have a centre 😂

  40. CN3

    CN312 日 前

    That moment you realize 2010 to 2020 is 11 years so Chuck was right to ask 😂😂😂

  41. Eddie Reyes

    Eddie Reyes12 日 前

    Didn't remember Kenny was annoying asf making fun of Barkley. Event though Barkley asked a legitimate question.

  42. Tay Best

    Tay Best12 日 前

    How they disrespect Melo and put up Lamarcus Aldridge, disgraceful..

  43. Keegan Durovich

    Keegan Durovich13 日 前

    The desk looks so tiny!

  44. Wes 4511

    Wes 451114 日 前

    Chuck's facial expressions 😆

  45. Rex Yang

    Rex Yang14 日 前

    Lol they did chuck wrong. Calling him dumb for nothing in the beginning of the segment. Haha. Now they’re all confused about the same thing 😂


    JAMIE NEWMAN14 日 前

    Shaq: that auburn education..... I lost it

  47. Lorenzo Bontorin

    Lorenzo Bontorin14 日 前

    well between Big men actually the only stars who won titles are Pau (2010) and Duncan (2014). So... Between those I believe, and Dirk (2011)

  48. Lorenzo Bontorin

    Lorenzo Bontorin14 日 前

    Poor Shaq he was picking a legitimate Center in DeAndre and none listened to him. While actually him or Ad were the best choice s I believe

  49. PRIS

    PRIS15 日 前

    That was a legitimate question by Chuck. But its funny how quickly you can get forgotten if you don't win a chip. No one even mentioned Derrick Rose😳

  50. DougEdwards219

    DougEdwards21916 日 前

    Kenny is really irritating 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  51. Orangeballs

    Orangeballs16 日 前

    If counting only their best year(s) Westbrook shouldn't be there. It should be DRose.

  52. mrugod

    mrugod16 日 前

    Dirk Duncan LBJ Kobe Durant

  53. YaboiShaun

    YaboiShaun16 日 前

    I was with Chuck on Pau Gasol. Dude always been consistent and he was becoming a better shooter those last few years

  54. Lucas Tanaka

    Lucas Tanaka16 日 前

    They couldn't handle Chuck being right.

  55. Bryam Puello

    Bryam Puello17 日 前

    Deandre Jordan? Whaat?

  56. Joshua Mercado

    Joshua Mercado17 日 前

    "aye shut up"

  57. The Latest And The Greatest

    The Latest And The Greatest17 日 前

    They sleep on Anthony Davis. Dude was the man as soon as he stepped foot in the league

  58. Jenkins Montgomery

    Jenkins Montgomery17 日 前

    I thought shaq was asleep when this first came on.

  59. James Kuich

    James Kuich18 日 前

    No love for lamarcus?

  60. Arvin Sandhu

    Arvin Sandhu18 日 前

    Chuck is right in this situation

  61. jkhoudini

    jkhoudini18 日 前

    Watching these old shows after the current ones & the table seems so cramped

  62. MiileHiigh Ro

    MiileHiigh Ro18 日 前

    Chuck: with my first pick I choose Allen Iverson

  63. Benjamin Kirby

    Benjamin Kirby16 日 前

    Underrated comment

  64. Mr. Rationale

    Mr. Rationale18 日 前

    Wade, Bryant, Lebron, Durant, Howard

  65. Ernesto Lopez

    Ernesto Lopez19 日 前

    Kenny “Blake Griffin” Smith

  66. Imed Tiss

    Imed Tiss19 日 前

    Pau Gasol is one of the best centers in the decade. period

  67. Underrated

    Underrated20 日 前

    Kobe ain’t play the WHOLE decade but we talking about Wade dnt belong? Lol

  68. Casey Hodgson

    Casey Hodgson20 日 前

    Steph Kobe Kd Lbj Ad

  69. Leonard McCaffrey

    Leonard McCaffrey20 日 前

    Kobe before LeBron

  70. Kicks1981 35

    Kicks1981 3521 日 前

    4:00 what lol

  71. 1 1

    1 121 日 前

    what about paul george

  72. Christian Proano

    Christian Proano21 日 前


  73. Mark Mercer

    Mark Mercer21 日 前

    If I went a Starting 5 with those Parameters. I go Steph, Klay, Durant, LBJ, AD

  74. Owen Avellar

    Owen Avellar21 日 前

    Nah Kobe shouldn’t be there he was injured so many seasons and that last season was a shitshow I love Kobe but come on

  75. Green Eggs

    Green Eggs21 日 前

    Most confusing segment ever. Went around in a circle so much I was dizzy 😒

  76. JAY GETS-B.Z.

    JAY GETS-B.Z.22 日 前

    2:24 Dirt Nowitzki

  77. KDASH201

    KDASH20122 日 前


  78. Matthew Malley

    Matthew Malley22 日 前

    Tim Duncan

  79. RipCity 503

    RipCity 50322 日 前

    LeBron Curry Durant Anthony Davis Kawhi

  80. Paolo

    Paolo22 日 前

    Kobe and Wade were trash in this decade

  81. Eric & Eric

    Eric & Eric22 日 前

    Shaq interrupting everyone to tell them he still hasn’t picked a Center.

  82. Luka Novak

    Luka Novak16 日 前


  83. Goomsquadnation 420

    Goomsquadnation 42022 日 前

    Auburn University

  84. Eric

    Eric22 日 前

    Kenny is so pretentious sometimes

  85. Albert Wang

    Albert Wang22 日 前

    Huge Kobe fan here, but he was not the same player after that nasty injury. He played his hearts out in 2013 and that was one of his best years ever, but that injury he had was too much.

  86. At Ya Mammy House

    At Ya Mammy House22 日 前

    Shaq looking like a sleep grandpa with at hat on to start the video 😂

  87. William Mendes

    William Mendes22 日 前

    Curry/Paul Kobe Durant LeBron AD

  88. Liz

    Liz22 日 前

    Hey don’t diss auburn education!

  89. Cam Adams

    Cam Adams23 日 前

    Y’all tweakin for forgetting BEAN💯

  90. Joshua Thompson

    Joshua Thompson23 日 前

    How is Tim Duncan not on the list of bigs?

  91. Juan M

    Juan M23 日 前

    PG ) Steph: 3x 1st team All NBA, 3x Champion, 2x MVP, 6x All-Star, 1x Scoring Champ, 50-40-90 Club, 1x NBA steals leader. SG ) Harden: 6x All NBA 1st teams, (MVP 2018), 8x All-Star, 3x Scoring Champ SF) KD (2x finals MVP), 4x Scoring champ, 2x Champion, 10x All-Star PF) LBJ: C )AD: 7x Allstar, 3x Blocks leader, 2x 1st All defensive team, 4x All NBA 1st team.

  92. lolmiwas

    lolmiwas23 日 前

    KD, Lebron, Kawhi, Curry, Westbrook. Other than Westbrook you can't leave out these 4. Kawhi singlehandedly took over loosing franchise and won a title with them, 2x finals mvp

  93. QTheLegend

    QTheLegend24 日 前


  94. Lucid

    Lucid24 日 前

    "Wow... say that again Chuck" 😂😂😂

  95. Goobtard

    Goobtard25 日 前

    Chuck is right to ask the question at the start about 2010 - 2020. Are you basing in on how a player played between those years ? Or are you basing it on how a player played throughout their whole career ?

  96. Shalamar Mcadoo

    Shalamar Mcadoo25 日 前

    Russell Westbrook is definitely All Decade

  97. JxBanksDaDripGod

    JxBanksDaDripGod25 日 前

    Shaqs team has no defense for their backcourt. Both curry n harden are bbq chicken lol

  98. soldado delapaz

    soldado delapaz25 日 前

    Chris paul Curry Lebron Durant Anthony davis

  99. Jonathan Billingslea

    Jonathan Billingslea25 日 前

    What about amare stoudemire he had 3 or even 4 great years doing the 2010 to 2014 season

  100. MrSimp

    MrSimp25 日 前

    Why Shaq hates Kobe's old teammates? Nash, Howard, Gasol

  101. Hosen

    Hosen25 日 前

    Kobe, Curry, KD, LEBRON, and KAWAII. there u go. absolute power house of a team

  102. mark beard

    mark beard26 日 前

    They tripping putting Kobe up there.

  103. The 90-Day Challenge

    The 90-Day Challenge26 日 前