The Grandpa vs. Grandma Rap Battle


  1. Kyle Exum

    Kyle Exum25 日 前

    Install Raid for Free! iOS: ANDROID: PC: And get a special starter pack! Available only for the next 30 days

  2. Junior Bunior

    Junior Bunior20 日 前

    Can I get the on Apple Music

  3. Karen Trezise

    Karen Trezise20 日 前


  4. Josh Purdue

    Josh Purdue20 日 前

    You hit 4M subs nice job! 😱👌👀

  5. Joe Marcenat

    Joe Marcenat21 日 前

    You hit 4 million

  6. Captain Kaz

    Captain Kaz21 日 前

    4 mil yay

  7. Spinjitzu Master Falcon

    Spinjitzu Master Falcon27 分 前

    "Not even Nationwide be on your side." Grandma won with just that one line

  8. *January Gacha*

    *January Gacha*4 時間 前

    Pulled out a pizza box out they robe 😂 wish my granny did that

  9. Jasmine :D

    Jasmine :D4 時間 前

    grandpa’s croissant made me hungry

  10. Official_. Axeeya

    Official_. Axeeya5 時間 前

    Kyle can u do a doja cat say so parody I made this lyric ‘’Let me check your phone your grades real quick’’ Plz

  11. Cfjcc Hahn

    Cfjcc Hahn5 時間 前

    I literally want to download the app just because of this rap

  12. Braxton Myers

    Braxton Myers7 時間 前

    I used the link the games awesome and jotun is a awesome champion

  13. bakonett Girl

    bakonett Girl8 時間 前

    The end like lol : *BOI I MAY BE 80BUT I WHOOP LIKE IM TWNTY ONE*

  14. Gatavazu 493

    Gatavazu 4939 時間 前

    Raid sucks

  15. Moad Emragi

    Moad Emragi9 時間 前

    Hey look this time Kyle your grandpa went after your dad

  16. InfectaX 420

    InfectaX 4209 時間 前

    1:22 is when the video starts (also: wtf did I just witness)

  17. Agamer56

    Agamer5610 時間 前

    Installing raid is not a good idea almost all reviews are 1 star

  18. Itsmekingsname

    Itsmekingsname12 時間 前

    The only guy who can make me come back to a video to watch the ad

  19. Elana Hayes

    Elana Hayes12 時間 前

    Grandpa 👴🏽 won that battle. Sorry Grandma

  20. Jessie K

    Jessie K13 時間 前

    🤩 This dude Kyle even manages to turn a sponsorship lit

  21. talhah yousuff

    talhah yousuff14 時間 前

    all of it

  22. Swati Sharma

    Swati Sharma16 時間 前

    I think this was a rap battle more 🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😅😅😅😅🤣🤣

  23. {Honey Jar Zoe}

    {Honey Jar Zoe}16 時間 前

    Grandmother's always wants you to eat even tho you say no but grandfathers just say ok

  24. Tony4896 Yan

    Tony4896 Yan18 時間 前

    Some ideas for Kyle’s vids: Mom vs Grandma Older Sibling Rap Aunt Rap Best Friend Rap Girlfriend Rap

  25. Kristian L

    Kristian L7 時間 前

    He did the crazy girlfriend rap a few months ago, I want him to do the boyfriend vs girlfriend rap battle

  26. Mystical_Fire21

    Mystical_Fire2120 時間 前

    How tf he make advertisements entertaining

  27. Adrien Smith

    Adrien Smith23 時間 前

    Next Grandma and Grandpa vs Mom and Dad Rap battle

  28. DigitalOden

    DigitalOden23 時間 前

    The ad was fire yo

  29. TheKnockyPie

    TheKnockyPie日 前

    to be honest this is the littest advertisment of raid shadow legends

  30. Xxx Ashley xxX

    Xxx Ashley xxX日 前

    The grandma is like my aunt from reality, she always feeds me even when I’m not hungry I still accept the food because I don’t wanna be rude😅

  31. Brandon Syren

    Brandon Syren日 前

    You got me to get raid

  32. Siddhant PAUL

    Siddhant PAUL日 前

    bro u should become a rapper

  33. SadXBoi woboi

    SadXBoi woboi日 前

    Hey Kyle I Was Seriously Thinking Of Making Some Beats Do You Have Any Suggestions To Start Of With

  34. SadXBoi woboi

    SadXBoi woboi日 前

    You Really Have Inspired Me Thanks For Such Great Content!!! :)

  35. Loganelda4

    Loganelda4日 前

    I love the always positive attitude and smiling!

  36. Michelle Torres

    Michelle Torres日 前

    Can you post this song in Apple Music? Please!!!!! I love this song so much and I can see my grandparents do this

  37. Kaden Hooker

    Kaden Hooker日 前

    Damn it's raid

  38. ϟHḯẕʊḱα

    ϟHḯẕʊḱα日 前

    The fact that i got a ad of raid shadow legends before this video...

  39. bao tram

    bao tram日 前

    Bruh, I literary got the raid ad before i watched the sponsor o.o

  40. Sean Power

    Sean Power日 前

    Best ad I've ever heard and I skip adds

  41. Kenesha Coulibaly

    Kenesha Coulibaly日 前

    If ur reading this ur awesome

  42. Wilpzy

    Wilpzy日 前

    Ngl this man's face is always like 👁️ 👄👁️ Do you snort meth my guy

  43. Miss J !

    Miss J !日 前

    1:46 ( Thank me later! )

  44. Odette Beaubrun

    Odette Beaubrun日 前


  45. Leatla Chinhoyi

    Leatla Chinhoyi日 前

    your so talented

  46. 10k Subscribers Without Any Videos

    10k Subscribers Without Any Videos日 前

    This is like most grandparents.

  47. akol akec

    akol akec日 前

    bro the game raid is dope

  48. XxSK1TTLEZxX

    XxSK1TTLEZxX日 前

    this is how i want to here all my sponsors because its definetly convinced me

  49. akol akec

    akol akec日 前

    you play raid?

  50. Marina Mohd said

    Marina Mohd said日 前

    Kyle: makes a sponsor with a rap Me: hey Kyle, is that rap in all streaming channels?

  51. Kayla Johnson

    Kayla Johnson2 日 前

    If promotions were like this there

  52. Beast Gamer

    Beast Gamer2 日 前

    The only reason I got raid shadow legends is Cuz that start

  53. Water ;-;

    Water ;-;2 日 前

    idk why but I felt more insults coming from the grandad XD

  54. Fuhs

    Fuhs2 日 前

    I think this might be the first promo I stayed for 😂

  55. Tenfold King55

    Tenfold King552 日 前

    Can you do a "samsung be like" video @kyleexum

  56. Razwix Gaming

    Razwix Gaming2 日 前

    YOU LITT!!!

  57. Tython games

    Tython games2 日 前

    Crip vs. Blood be like:



    Oh my goddddddddd 😱😱😱😰😰😰😰it getting hot with roast

  59. dot

    dot2 日 前

    Y u posting on my bday man

  60. Karma

    Karma2 日 前

    I didn’t get the link offers Yes I am new but I didn’t get the 100k silver

  61. Pillsbury Doughboy

    Pillsbury Doughboy2 日 前

    YOU know a quality YouTuer when they only upload once a month


    UND3CIPHER3D2 日 前

    Nobody cares for my idea

  63. Kaeden Johnson #55

    Kaeden Johnson #552 日 前

    Did kyle die??

  64. Kyle Exum

    Kyle Exum2 日 前

    Kaeden Johnson #55 No 😂. I’ve got another video for y’all Monday/Tuesday, don’t worry 🙌🏽

  65. unknown otaku

    unknown otaku2 日 前

    That raid rap though

  66. Max jai

    Max jai2 日 前

    Bro pls upload a new vid I have been waiting for a long time

  67. realpichu 1

    realpichu 12 日 前

    I left a comment because you told me to

  68. Mitra Chainsukh

    Mitra Chainsukh3 日 前