The First Guy To Ever Swim


  1. Edythe Connor

    Edythe Connor時間 前

    “...but it’s so worth it dude.” 🤣

  2. Nathan Glover

    Nathan Glover20 時間 前

    Oh man, peeing in the drinking stuff looks like it would be really difficult...

  3. flamingsunshine

    flamingsunshine23 時間 前

    I love these videos, they're so funny and his humour is amazing

  4. Jennife5 Warm

    Jennife5 Warm日 前

    Why did my mom show me this and I'm 8.

  5. LiamDiamond

    LiamDiamond日 前

    Oh no

  6. Ninith Animates

    Ninith Animates日 前

    First one to ever talk

  7. Mizerable Klaha

    Mizerable Klaha日 前

    is this the most naked Ryan we'll ever get to see? Disappointing.

  8. Marwane Radi

    Marwane Radi日 前

    you’re actually so funny

  9. Sander

    Sander日 前

    Apple Juice Box Ingredients: Apples Drinking Stuff

  10. random name

    random name日 前

    I would love a triangular hole full of drinking stuff

  11. bobjoneswof

    bobjoneswof2 日 前

    So they have a word for juice box but not water?

  12. EJ Makibelo

    EJ Makibelo2 日 前

    John Marston to Arthur Morgan

  13. Reflexively YT

    Reflexively YT2 日 前

    Ryan: Hi there hello it's me the ad-stro Everyone: *_S K I P_*

  14. Gen.G

    Gen.G2 日 前

    nah man ad-stronalt is fun as hell "hey there, hello 'I'm whale"

  15. Backseat Gaming

    Backseat Gaming3 日 前

    I'm begining to realize ticktock is basically 90% ripped straight off of youtube.

  16. Dave Riley

    Dave Riley3 日 前

    Drinking stuff like pennies is TIGHT!

  17. extragirth64

    extragirth643 日 前

    I know this is supposed to be a joke but there is a scientific theory that humans walk upright because apes went in water, it's called the _"aquatic ape theory"._ Scientists noticed that apes walk upright like humans when they cross through water. Another thing is our lack of hair which usually indicates an aquatic origin. I say "usually" because there is one exception: the naked mole rat which spends 100% of its time underground. The idea that humans lost their hair because they walked the open hot plains of the Serengeti has no scientific reasoning behind it at all. No other animals on the planet went though such a change in their evolution. Sadly, the study of human evolution has been in a rough state for quite a while (and still is.)

  18. Sophie Le Beau

    Sophie Le Beau3 日 前

    Nobody likes triangles

  19. Emma Emma

    Emma Emma4 日 前

    Drinking stuff 😂😂

  20. Jake H

    Jake H5 日 前

    I get it’s the first guy to swim but why isn’t it called water also is it also the first person to be killed

  21. Brandon Cerrato

    Brandon Cerrato5 日 前

    Did ya know ten year ago he said I think I’m in love with you to a girl vid ten year ago

  22. Caleb Show

    Caleb Show5 日 前

    Little did the ad-strounat know an evil being was hiding deep in ad space, waiting to destroy the world and so when the time comes the alien goes to do that and near the end it seems like the ad-strounat is dead and he tells Ryan Georg it's up to him now and so Ryan and alien fight and Ryan does a back flip snaps the alien's neck and saves the day!

  23. Aidan1470

    Aidan14707 日 前

    I wanna live in the Ryan George universe

  24. Ari Nus

    Ari Nus7 日 前

    There are only subtitles for Hebrew. I wonder why

  25. Radin V

    Radin V7 日 前

    That ending was darker than I expected

  26. Tim G.

    Tim G.7 日 前

    First Guy to make a sandwich?

  27. Erick Moomoosala

    Erick Moomoosala8 日 前

    This is nooo good for children

  28. Sandor Dugalin

    Sandor Dugalin8 日 前

    "I think you spilled your juice box or something." LOL

  29. David Birkes

    David Birkes8 日 前

    do the first guy who's legs fell asleep

  30. matthew turner

    matthew turner8 日 前

    i love how in this universe they have soggy sandwiches with chips and juice boxes but not swimming 😂

  31. The Legend

    The Legend9 日 前

    I like how you can see his reflection in the water

  32. Mike Anderson

    Mike Anderson9 日 前

    I guess we can look forward to a "First guy to name 'water' " video

  33. Matthew Horn

    Matthew Horn9 日 前

    first guy to invent conjugal visits.

  34. Jonty Levine

    Jonty Levine10 日 前

    [375 million years earlier…] Tiktaalik: Oh hey man, you're not in the swimming stuff. What gives? The First Tiktaalik To Ever Walk On Land:


    PANCHAM BOI10 日 前

    The timeline’s don’t work because there clean but don’t know water

  36. GameBuzz Real

    GameBuzz Real11 日 前

    Maybe they can have rectangles of drinking stuff in their backyard! so apparently they know what shapes are

  37. Colin Anderson

    Colin Anderson11 日 前

    First guy to have sex

  38. Александр Гагуа

    Александр Гагуа12 日 前

    Oh, Ryan George enjoying The drinking stuff is TIGHT!...

  39. Aaron Telander

    Aaron Telander12 日 前

    Just like my brother; he’s still swimming to this day 😁

  40. Dominic Casanova

    Dominic Casanova12 日 前


  41. Ellamina Ehrheart

    Ellamina Ehrheart13 日 前

    Wait... What about Benjamin Franklin ?

  42. Shotou Todoroki

    Shotou Todoroki13 日 前

    Please do "the first person to ever breathe"

  43. Daria L Music

    Daria L Music13 日 前

    Just went cliff jumping last week with some new friends and they happened to know this channel, we were yelling at a few other people that were with us to join us in "floating around in the drinking stuff" 😂

  44. trash_d_a Jurek

    trash_d_a Jurek14 日 前

    Quick question. Can I drink drinking staff?

  45. sir. vivor

    sir. vivor14 日 前

    George: No one likes traingles Triangles:😢😪

  46. Britton Rice

    Britton Rice14 日 前

    2:45 Has no clue what swimming is ... but knows what pennies are.

  47. DGNT - Jokes & Skits

    DGNT - Jokes & Skits14 日 前

    every first swimming lesson

  48. Jchampneys

    Jchampneys15 日 前

    "of course i didn't go to the bathroom in here" ...he's not wrong

  49. belgium comics

    belgium comics15 日 前

    Ok , you need to shut up about triangles. Nobody cares about triangles. Here is a question. Why does Ryan George wants us not to care about triangles? Yes. Ryan George is illuminatie confirmed.

  50. Tim Beckley

    Tim Beckley15 日 前

    Love your stuff Ryan, keep it up mate, stay safe bro

  51. Bharti kumari

    Bharti kumari15 日 前

    Evolution to Ryan : Am i a joke to you?

  52. Mélichat

    Mélichat15 日 前

    Ryan: Drinking stuff Me: Ice juice

  53. dae C pen

    dae C pen15 日 前

    tHE dRinKiNg StUfF

  54. Pangolin Pie

    Pangolin Pie16 日 前

    Love how you made the video, very epic!

  55. Megumin

    Megumin18 日 前

    *THIS TASTES LIKE PENNYS* thats exactly what blood tastes like

  56. Daniel Davidson

    Daniel Davidson18 日 前

    The only subtitles are hebrew, turn it on auto-translate... 2:07 *_"?Do you do toilets inside this thing you drink"_*

  57. Ayaan Tariq

    Ayaan Tariq18 日 前

    The first guy ever to swim died in the same day of 24 July 1883 hahahahahah

  58. The Axolotl

    The Axolotl19 日 前

    The first guy to ever milk a cow. "Hey dude I need to ask you something." "Yeah whatsup" "So I wan't to see your cow" "What For?" "Well I was thinking i would squeeze the dangly thing til juice comes out" "Wait what!?" "Yeah and then, you know, I-i'm just gonna drink that juice." "Why would you do that" "Well I was watching a baby cow do it and I was like yeah that looks good"

  59. Ebony Lynette

    Ebony Lynette19 日 前

    first guy to get married video?

  60. Spizer X

    Spizer X19 日 前

    *"Drinking stuff"*

  61. Cordestian

    Cordestian19 日 前

    "nobody cares about tri- ooh no!" 😂

  62. Pug -

    Pug -20 日 前

    2020: the thumbnail

  63. Rahul Saxena

    Rahul Saxena20 日 前

    So you telling me those Triangle Shape in Drinking stuff like Juice box!

  64. Rango pistacho

    Rango pistacho21 日 前

    Um dude our ancestors were fish so

  65. Armeek Papazyan

    Armeek Papazyan21 日 前

    Matthew Webb was the first person to swim

  66. Suyash J

    Suyash J21 日 前

    Hebrew ?

  67. Timothy Laquerre

    Timothy Laquerre21 日 前

    Did he just plug Tom Pappas pod cast

  68. Cozzmixxx

    Cozzmixxx21 日 前

    “Filled to the brim my man” I died 😂

  69. Broockle

    Broockle22 日 前

    iron and copper are different flavors. I don't like when people compare them like this. I am peculiarly picky about that ;D

  70. gray fox

    gray fox22 日 前

    Looks like a whole lot of weed behind you

  71. I. N.

    I. N.22 日 前

    I never learned how to move on the top layer of the drinking stuff. :(

  72. A Friendly Piplup

    A Friendly Piplup23 日 前

    Loving those triangles! xD

  73. Smil3y Fac3

    Smil3y Fac323 日 前

    That was the most relaxed oh no as he was pulled into the drinking stuff and was killed by the triangles

  74. yuh yuh

    yuh yuh23 日 前

    That soggy sandwich but was right out of my childhood

  75. Redglade128

    Redglade12824 日 前

    The first guy to ever breathe.

  76. ACB IXI

    ACB IXI24 日 前

    wow , i too need need a circle of drinking stuff in my background

  77. what if

    what if24 日 前

    But if the first guy to swim got killed how did the rest learn it?

  78. Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat

    Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat24 日 前

    Finally, a guy/girl who's like Daniel Thrasher but doesn't talk about pianos all the time.

  79. Liam Mouser

    Liam Mouser24 日 前

    Sharks: pull Ryan under Ryan : oh no

  80. Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat

    Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat24 日 前

    He knows about juice boxes but not swimming.

  81. Michael Enquist

    Michael Enquist24 日 前

    That's interesting. My captions defaulted to Hebrew.

  82. Ian Janetzke

    Ian Janetzke24 日 前

    Confirmed: Chips were invented before swimming

  83. Suyash J

    Suyash J25 日 前

    Hi Ryan please do a Godzilla 1998 PM if you can

  84. Faizaan Mahmud

    Faizaan Mahmud25 日 前

    "Bathroom" as a word exists... isn't that like small rectangles of drinking stuff inside the sleeping place?

  85. power kick

    power kick25 日 前

    The first guy to have a nightmare

  86. Oops A Typo

    Oops A Typo26 日 前

    And then he did a backflip, snapped the shark’s neck and saved the day!

  87. Yusuf Ahmed

    Yusuf Ahmed26 日 前

    The First Guy To Be In The Drinking Stuff

  88. Ed’s mock’s and reviews

    Ed’s mock’s and reviews26 日 前

    this makes me want to swim, i live swimming

  89. Leroy Lowe

    Leroy Lowe26 日 前

    The 295 people who voted this down took a poop in the drinking stuff.

  90. Eg Rat

    Eg Rat26 日 前

    Wait... that’s basically the our fish like ancestors! OH MY GOD

  91. Kyle Panter

    Kyle Panter26 日 前

    Everyone: pool me an intellectual: Chlorinated Water

  92. Dan Something

    Dan Something26 日 前

    This is what Jesus did

  93. Gonk droids Together

    Gonk droids Together26 日 前

    How are his shoulders so dry

  94. Darkfox Kitsune

    Darkfox Kitsune27 日 前

    Idk why but all of these are set in a half baked society

  95. impr0visati0n

    impr0visati0n27 日 前

    First guy to make an ad

  96. Mohammad Aman

    Mohammad Aman27 日 前

    2:28. Your welcome

  97. MehlamPlayz

    MehlamPlayz27 日 前

    The first guy to ever speak: "BOOGA BOOGA"

  98. Atrexia

    Atrexia27 日 前

    Hey look I'm doing the fishing style

  99. iPlays

    iPlays27 日 前

    just a meme guys, hes looking for nemo.

  100. Parker Plays

    Parker Plays27 日 前

    *drinking stuff*

  101. Sophie Proulx

    Sophie Proulx27 日 前

    Didn’t we evolve from the water tho