The Final Showdown! Fortnite Live Event!


  1. DrLupo

    DrLupo27 日 前

    I still want the robot to crank 90s. Just sayin'.

  2. Paul Kenny

    Paul Kenny14 日 前

    DrLupo lol yes

  3. MLG Sniper

    MLG Sniper21 日 前

    He made at the vault because they brought back the drum gun

  4. Ace Ascend

    Ace Ascend21 日 前

    Ryan Mullen I agree and good job for not being rude to someone this is epic hope you have a good day bro

  5. Paperlinee

    Paperlinee23 日 前

    Pop minis first

  6. Rodrigo Estrada

    Rodrigo Estrada23 日 前

    ForgingShadows no one cares

  7. Spider_ Clan

    Spider_ Clan4 日 前

    That was anti climatic, one stab, floss, flys to space, and some how the monster becomes skeleton that quickly

  8. Gerald Boy

    Gerald Boy5 日 前

    3:44 And I-Am-Iron Man

  9. 15firekid

    15firekid7 日 前

    I don't play fortnite but the live events are insane.

  10. GdYoshi Gaming

    GdYoshi Gaming7 日 前

    Monster: *goes for the vault* Mech: im about to end this mans hole carrier Also mech: *breaks the vault for the zero point orb* Monster: looks like ill dye

  11. SandboxArrow

    SandboxArrow7 日 前

    This is so goddamn epic!

  12. Sergio Elkes

    Sergio Elkes7 日 前

    It's deadass Pacific rim

  13. James Bodkin

    James Bodkin8 日 前

  14. Ravi’s Media Movieshop

    Ravi’s Media Movieshop8 日 前

    Did we get to actually see the monster when it actually emerged from the iceberg?

  15. Agustin Zaragoza

    Agustin Zaragoza10 日 前

    I love you lupo no homo

  16. gnome

    gnome10 日 前

    This adds a whole new meaning to bot

  17. David Blackburn

    David Blackburn13 日 前

    Is this a pacific rim event

  18. TomFoodKungFu

    TomFoodKungFu14 日 前

    Lol his friends sounds like those guys doing wombo combo on smash melee. 😂

  19. XXFIREWOLFHUNTERXX Xxretnuhflowerif

    XXFIREWOLFHUNTERXX Xxretnuhflowerif14 日 前

    It would have been better with marvel endgame battle music

  20. Mirage Mashod

    Mirage Mashod14 日 前

    When Fortnite can't get any weirder

  21. SippinHoodInMyTea

    SippinHoodInMyTea16 日 前

    The Monster should’ve known that the high ground would kill him.

  22. Livo

    Livo16 日 前


  23. MDB

    MDB17 日 前

    for a second i was like damn maybe fortnite isnt so lame after. few seconds later. the robot hits the floss lol

  24. Dola Hasan

    Dola Hasan17 日 前

    Where did the robot come from????

  25. kale

    kale17 日 前

    2:22 the robot should’ve naruto runned

  26. 최형준

    최형준17 日 前

    Oh.. noo its a forcipic rim kaigu!!!

  27. pou12Tomas

    pou12Tomas18 日 前

    Keyboard name?

  28. Asphyxia

    Asphyxia18 日 前

    How does he have that skins for the singularity skin?

  29. Babe Powers

    Babe Powers18 日 前

    This event gave me Pacific Rim vibes 😇

  30. Dave Tin can

    Dave Tin can19 日 前

    *I dont remember this powerager ep*

  31. - Icy -

    - Icy -19 日 前

    when the robot power punched the monster ceeday called it the power stone move lmao

  32. Bradley Knight

    Bradley Knight19 日 前

    Is it weird that I started playing Fortnite again because of that event?

  33. Elmer Tinagan

    Elmer Tinagan19 日 前

    You guys thought marshmello event is the best well ur wrong this is the biggest live event i ever been seen like if u agree

  34. Yaeloe

    Yaeloe19 日 前

    Pacific Rim in a nutshell be like

  35. Jaskarn Singh 606s

    Jaskarn Singh 606s19 日 前

    This was so similar to pacific rim anybody else?

  36. Quaverian Smith

    Quaverian Smith19 日 前

    Pacific rim 3

  37. Black Hat Is Coming

    Black Hat Is Coming19 日 前

    I wish I could play the music on repeat. It frickin *epic*

  38. Youcanevent Official

    Youcanevent Official20 日 前

    This video looks so cool! :)

  39. LaKobe Ball

    LaKobe Ball20 日 前

    If that monster had stretched res and a season 5 drum gun he would've won

  40. Nate Swift

    Nate Swift20 日 前

    Pacific Rim 3 confirmed

  41. NCC-1701- AN3

    NCC-1701- AN320 日 前

    Robot Loses arm (transformers 3 when Optimus Prime loses his arm when fighting sentinel) Monster jumps on him pretty much killing him (looks alot from one scene from Pacific rim 1) Grabs ball(seems like scene when iorn man has all the stones from endgame) Hmmm

  42. Despazeeto

    Despazeeto20 日 前

    Epic fight ruined by flossing

  43. David Ryals

    David Ryals20 日 前

    It’s a jeager and a keiger from pacific rim!!!

  44. James Millsap

    James Millsap20 日 前

    Who else is rewatching the event after it happened

  45. Andrew Muchori

    Andrew Muchori20 日 前

    3:54 BEST PART OF IT

  46. Echoxsoldier GT

    Echoxsoldier GT20 日 前

    I got stepped in by the Dino and I was also shot with fire and I have to say the whole thing was neat and really really amazing

  47. Panda Nationz

    Panda Nationz20 日 前

    Ok so I am not usually a fan of fortnite but this event caught my eye and wow. They pretty much yoinked the beginning of Pacific rim and turned it into a good ending instead of what happen

  48. midgit ninja

    midgit ninja20 日 前

    I wanted the monster to win though it wasn't fair

  49. Zeno06

    Zeno0620 日 前

    If you sub to me I will subscribe back just comment on one of my videos that says I subscribed

  50. PrestonWinn

    PrestonWinn20 日 前

    Just like Pacific Rim

  51. IJP

    IJP20 日 前

    Aight that was cool

  52. Brandon Liu

    Brandon Liu20 日 前

    Auto bots roll out

  53. Mythical Gamer

    Mythical Gamer21 日 前

    He's in the same game of Ninja

  54. JazzyJasmine OwO

    JazzyJasmine OwO21 日 前

    I freaking missed this event I'm so mad! At least i got the skin

  55. YellowSnotBuble

    YellowSnotBuble21 日 前

    The dinosaur got nay nayed

  56. Frog Kid

    Frog Kid21 日 前

    This pacific rim now lol

  57. big eggs

    big eggs21 日 前

    He started punching the vault because he's mad they brought back the Drum Gun

  58. xx4u2fearxx

    xx4u2fearxx21 日 前

    How to ruin an event 4:35

  59. Gaming Nebula

    Gaming Nebula21 日 前

    Fun fact that monster is leatherback from pacific rim

  60. Ryan3274

    Ryan327421 日 前


  61. Light Stain YT

    Light Stain YT21 日 前

    Pacific Rim?

  62. Type 1 Diabetes

    Type 1 Diabetes21 日 前

    The final showdown or the final countdown

  63. Mir

    Mir21 日 前

    3:52 the orb is cracked

  64. Llama Smasher

    Llama Smasher21 日 前

    I swear that green thing is a skin in Roblox...

  65. MT

    MT21 日 前

    It’s just pacific rim...

  66. katpal007

    katpal00721 日 前

    Bro I thought the monster would be a new place at 4:00

  67. George007

    George00721 日 前

    Wtf happended ro pacific rim??

  68. Broodje Autisme

    Broodje Autisme22 日 前


  69. Mitchell Mireles

    Mitchell Mireles22 日 前

    3:44 Were in the endgame now.... -doctor strange 3:44 Still -I am Iron man...

  70. Korn on the Kob

    Korn on the Kob22 日 前

    Lol fortnite sucks anyhow

  71. Galaxy 4476

    Galaxy 447622 日 前

    I don’t like fortnight but the event was awesome!!!

  72. Devourer Of Souls

    Devourer Of Souls22 日 前

    i wanted the monster to win lol

  73. NoName

    NoName22 日 前


  74. TTV_SubZ3r0 TTV

    TTV_SubZ3r0 TTV22 日 前

    I swear this is just like Pacific rim no joke its a reference lol

  75. Sync

    Sync22 日 前


  76. Logan Rogers

    Logan Rogers22 日 前

    I don’t like Fortnite but I have to give them credit for what they have done in this game is very impressive

  77. Malik Jones

    Malik Jones22 日 前

    I hope fortnite never dies... not because I like it I hate this game it's because a lot of niggas will be outta of job if it does😂😂😂

  78. Rellum_ 466

    Rellum_ 46622 日 前

    Anyone realize that this fight is literally the starting fight of pacific rim

  79. kRYSTIAN

    kRYSTIAN22 日 前

    Now keep in mind that these guys are all over 25 years old and are screaming like babies OMGGGG HOLY SHIT

  80. Ignorancy The 2nd

    Ignorancy The 2nd23 日 前

    Rip off of Pacific rim

  81. Gacha Moose

    Gacha Moose23 日 前

    Fortnite are so unoriginal This is pacific rim again.

  82. kill. exe

    kill. exe23 日 前

    3:45 rasengan

  83. The dark Terror

    The dark Terror23 日 前

    FAKE! That robot is a stream sniper.

  84. Karrar Ali

    Karrar Ali23 日 前 best kid on fortnite help him get some subs

  85. Ryan Rosson

    Ryan Rosson23 日 前

    Can fortnite make anything freaking original. This is literally Pacific Rim in a cartoon video game.