The Fall Of Katakuri - One Piece Live Discussion Ft. King Of Lightning, Zorofanboy124, MattB etc.


  1. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburgヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a>:56 and our boy Zoro crucified him

  2. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburgヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a>:35 Tyquan called it

  3. Zero The Hero

    Zero The Hero3 ヶ月 前

    Damn This is Ty best stream

  4. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburgヶ月 前

    For real

  5. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburg年 前

    The ending tho 😂😂 ty is the goat

  6. Neo Xiao Long

    Neo Xiao Long2 年 前

    Nigga keep ty out of this he a moron

  7. Marcus Dgaf

    Marcus Dgaf2 年 前

    “I’m not as good as Katikuri but I’m no scrub!”😂😂 -ty impersonating smoothie at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="173">2:53</a>:00

  8. Ultra Instinct 17

    Ultra Instinct 172 年 前

    Yooooo after this stream I take back every negative comment I ever said about Ty. Dude had me laughing the whole stream 😂😂😂

  9. H1ken D. CAesar

    H1ken D. CAesar2 年 前

    Great vid going to check 887 asap xd

  10. Datguy

    Datguy2 年 前

    THE KKKIINNGGG DDDOOOOO. you guys should all should link up and have a hxh stream. Brago make it happen

  11. Justin Alexander

    Justin Alexander2 年 前

    If any other Yonko Vice captain was in Marcos shoes with no Yonko and missing their 4th strongest guy and a bunch of their fighters were taken out would they eat Blackbeard or loose like Marco and the remnant did?

  12. Justin Alexander

    Justin Alexander2 年 前

    That match off between Blackbeard pirates and the red hair pirates was NOT in the manga just anime.

  13. DarkBakunetsumaru

    DarkBakunetsumaru2 年 前

    Tell this man Ty to stop smokin' crack rocks

  14. Grant Sebastian

    Grant Sebastian2 年 前

    Hajime no ippo is depressing

  15. Edidiong Ebong

    Edidiong Ebong2 年 前

    A JPreporter clip of Ace vs Blackbeard with Three Days Grace' - Animal I Have Become for a soundtrack got me into One Piece.

  16. Chewy TheGoon

    Chewy TheGoon2 年 前

    These are by far my favorite streams, need more of them! They really help me out on my 15 hour shifts

  17. 6thRaikage

    6thRaikage2 年 前

    Yo ty answer everyone too quick that’s why it sounds like he saying some dumb shit all the time, ty take a second and think about your answer before you reply

  18. S Migliore15

    S Migliore152 年 前

    I didn't get through 10 pages this month of boruto. But apparently according to Sawyer's latest video, they're introducing light sabers into the show. I think it's officially done. This show/manga is over

  19. Corey Wood

    Corey Wood2 年 前

    U intimidating somebody doesn’t mean u have conquers haki😭

  20. Corey Wood

    Corey Wood2 年 前

    Zoro having conquerors haki I WILL DROP ONE PIECE like cmon now gtfo i alr like him less because everybodyis always riding him nd thrashing sanji but now he is going 2 have conquers haki another thing 2 set him apart from sanji stop it

  21. Netts Deli

    Netts Deli2 年 前

    Yo y'all need to stop saying the earlier gears are gonna be useless (2 & 3). I bet luffy is gonna make them better. Like gear 2 he's gonna pump his blood three times or something giving him a better gear second and gear three he's gonna make the size even bigger with even stronger haki too. Luffy eos is gonna be super versatile. He already has a speed form/technique a heavy damage form/technique a defence form even a fucking versatility form... A FORM FOR FUCKING VERSATILITY utilizing speed, power, defence and even devil fruit and haki, luffy is all about versatility. EOS he's gonna be switching between forms in different situations, hell even mixing them. Like imagine luffy has bounce man mastered so it no longer has draw backs and then luffy decides to pump his blood in his bounce man form. That's a gear second bounce man. And unless I'm wrong he already used gear third for the King Kong gun. Like imagine that luffy but with awakening, we have a yonko level character imo. All I'm saying is don't sleep oda isn't gonna turn this into some dragonaball shit luffy is gonna be a boss and utilize everything at his disposal. Luffy is literally all about versatility I don't get how some people don't see that. Even before the gears all his attacks are to deal with different situations, fussen (balloons idk how to spell it) Gatling for multiple opponents and so on.

  22. Frank Barrie

    Frank Barrie2 年 前

    kaido is the king...king of beasts

  23. Mr Carew

    Mr Carew2 年 前

    If Grimm is banned from discord, Ty should at least be limited in streams. 30 mins or less

  24. tyquan1000finest

    tyquan1000finest2 年 前

    Trying to get your subs up to a godly lv is forbidden lol

  25. Baka

    Baka2 年 前

    Heard he was promoting his own contents everywhere, over the limit permitted, in the chapter discussion stream the other day..

  26. Dynomite

    Dynomite2 年 前

    Why's Grimm banned?

  27. ShMeade _

    ShMeade _2 年 前

    How did I miss this Godly stream

  28. Frank Barrie

    Frank Barrie2 年 前

    lol the guy with the red avatar has the dumbest takes on some of the (in my opinion) the easiest scenes to depict....

  29. Gohan_Solo#22

    Gohan_Solo#222 年 前

    Ty might be on the spectrum.... Talk about ruining a KOL collaboration stream smh :(.....

  30. Edidiong Ebong

    Edidiong Ebong2 年 前

    Legendary Stream!

  31. Izuku ay

    Izuku ay2 年 前

    U nggas know nothing about db. But I still love u ❤

  32. Chris the Chilled

    Chris the Chilled2 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="174">2:54</a>:24 im crying

  33. fishmonkeyfromhell

    fishmonkeyfromhell2 年 前

    I understand ty's your boy, but man he is annoying. Talking all the time goddamit

  34. TheSpearKing

    TheSpearKing2 年 前

    What's this mederyenda thing you lot keep bringing up (prob butchered spelling)

  35. oldgordo61

    oldgordo612 年 前

    It's spanish for tea time or something like that according to the chapter intro.

  36. Tom Ward

    Tom Ward2 年 前

    I think people crying about Luffy running is disrespectful to oda because if Luffy didn't everyone would be shouting ass pull.

  37. oldgordo61

    oldgordo612 年 前

    If Luffy has to constantly run from a fight against a real strong opponent using gear 4 past 10 minutes it's is going to get boring real fast.

  38. MrKrPa_97

    MrKrPa_972 年 前

    Jack is Kaidos right hand, not a commander i think so he does not have to be the strongest like Katakuri, for example Perospero should be the right hand of big mom while Katakuri is obviously stronger

  39. Pixel626

    Pixel6262 年 前

    Nice theory, but it was stated in manga chapter 808 that he was one of the 3 calamities or commanders by Sheepshead.

  40. Tyler Welling

    Tyler Welling2 年 前

    Streams are better w/o Ty.....hard to listen when he is in them. No one else gets the chance to talk and even if the manga explicitly says something, he can still manage to get it wrong...example. luffy trying to see the future.

  41. Baka

    Baka2 年 前

    Yeah he often fabricates or changes manga content just to make his point.. and when somebody calls him out on it, he says that it doesn't matter and still continue with his argument anyway, like what in the world..

  42. fishmonkeyfromhell

    fishmonkeyfromhell2 年 前

    Totaly agree. So hype for kol and zoro, but he once again made it all about himself. I understand that Brago is loyal to his friend, but damn it's just annoying

  43. lazy start

    lazy start2 年 前

    Tyler Welling the dude is delusional , can’t operate with logic and brago feels bad to check him

  44. jelly shark

    jelly shark2 年 前

    I wouldnt be suprised if katakuri a werewolf.

  45. Kari Pipin

    Kari Pipin2 年 前

    Warlords over akatsuki easily 1.Mihawk > Itachi 2.Jinbei > Kisame 3.Kuma > deidara 4.doflamingo > sasori 5.Law > kakuzu 6.crocodile > obito 7.moria > hidan 8.buggy > konan 9.boa > zetsu 10.Blackbeard > nagato 11.weevil > mist swordsman forgot his name

  46. Kari Pipin

    Kari Pipin2 年 前

    +Pervy Sage lol I just now commented explaining my reasons why if you have seen both series you can see what I'm saying OP characters are stronger than you think

  47. Pervy Sage

    Pervy Sage2 年 前

    Kari Pipin some of those are wrong, Obito would fodderise any of the warlords, and I'm really not sure if I can see BlackBeard beating Nagato. I think that Mihawk vs Itachi is closer but still not clean cut since we don't know how strong Mihawk is. Also Konan>>>>Buggy lmao

  48. Kari Pipin

    Kari Pipin2 年 前

    +Brendon Clark one Mihawk slash is more powerful than anything Itachi has been shown to do and with observation haki you don't need to see so genjutsu is useless Jinbei is a real sharkman so water style is useless and his "taijutsu" or fishman karate would wreck kisame like guy did Kuma can blast deidara out the sky with lasers or air pressure thrusts and blow him up with ureusa shock doflamingo can out speed, punch,kick and slash through sasori and his puppets and even control him if sakura could doffy sure as hell can Law just shambles all of kakuzu's hearts away and it's over if shikamaru's shadow jutsu could stop hidan then moria wins easily he's a lot stronger than the fanbase gives him credit for he rekt the StrawHat's easily luffy won through plot buggy splits through all of konan's paper and can match paper bombs with muggyballs crocodile is always intangible not just 5minutes his sand can whither woodstyle and kill obito and most characters in one hit boa just turns anyone she kicks or hits with love arrows to stone most devil fruits can one shot kill but oda decides not to Blackbeard can drag all the pains into his darkness and quake fist nagato to oblivion weevil and most one piece characters have superhuman strength and durability what might be fatal to naruto characters is just a scratch or gag to OP characters don't get me wrong I like both series it's just people seem to downplay just how scary and monstrous devil fruits, swordsmen,freaks of nature and haki especially conquers could be

  49. Brendon Clark

    Brendon Clark2 年 前

    Kari Pipin Kisame by himself is a humongous threat due to the gigantic amount of water he can create. All those devil fruit users are fucked. Only shichibukai members that are useful in the fight are mihawk and weevil.

  50. Corey Wood

    Corey Wood2 年 前

    Lmfao its the fact that i love ty nd he does have good points but he will never admit when he is wrong on something wb literally treats everybody likes trash nd newbies other than his “family”

  51. Bruce King

    Bruce King2 年 前

    Food for thought. What if the queen is kuina and she's beastly

  52. Frank Mclain

    Frank Mclain2 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="173">2:53</a>:06 LOOL

  53. Jedidiah oyeyemi

    Jedidiah oyeyemi2 年 前

    Ty is making so many great points this stream, things have gotten so much better in the last year.

  54. waLDo

    waLDo2 年 前

    Ty was funny af this stream lmfao

  55. Bruce Kent

    Bruce Kent2 年 前

    Good stream, but y'all danced around the question on what you would do if Oda was a pedophile. You said he wouldn't get caught, but that wasn't the question. Do you guys like One Piece that much?

  56. oldgordo61

    oldgordo612 年 前

    It's just a speculative question as there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Oda, or Kishimoto or Kubo could be pedophiles. Do you think they would be all over Kubo or Kishi and much more critical if the guys in the livechat were asked what they would do if anyone else other than Oda was a pedophile? I would hope that they would not treat Oda if he was a pedo any differently just because he is currently writing the most popular series in Japan.

  57. Epic Reactions

    Epic Reactions2 年 前

    Blackbeard ,urouge n ussop are the only cool niggas in one piece n king of lightning is hating on urouge the only nigga to get one piece fans hyped n making memes urouge d monk come on King of lightning keep up

  58. Calendar Lampbat

    Calendar Lampbat2 年 前

    Tyga red shirting Kylie is the funniest thing I've heard all month LMAOOO. It's funny cuz he really did red shirt her till that birthday lol your funny AF brago swear haha

  59. Feral Anarchy

    Feral Anarchy2 年 前

    I want to say this about Marco, Shanks and Blackbeard. Marco turned down joining Shanks so I can see Marco refusing Shanks help with Blackbeard. Marco and Blackbeard fight need to be seen because I feel there's a lot of things that we don't know and that's not including any Oda twist that could be thrown in there

  60. Master Of All

    Master Of All2 年 前

    Luffy already can c the future but can't harness that

  61. Mason Hack

    Mason Hack2 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a>:43 haha Ty just made my day

  62. Aida Sanchez

    Aida Sanchez2 年 前

    Read korea gosu

  63. Dark the G.O.D

    Dark the G.O.D2 年 前

    Obito with both eyes could use Susanno once you get mangekuyo you get Susanno

  64. Jedidiah oyeyemi

    Jedidiah oyeyemi2 年 前

    steebo's friends need to help him get therapy this is not the first time.....

  65. Jedidiah oyeyemi

    Jedidiah oyeyemi2 年 前

    Yeah I love the channel too, but sometimes they need to be more careful

  66. Bruce Kent

    Bruce Kent2 年 前

    Hmmm, I see. I love this channel for their conversations, but some of the people that Brag let's into these streams have said some very interesting things. I wonder if he is taking note of this. So far I have noticed 3 and luckily they got rid of one.

  67. Jedidiah oyeyemi

    Jedidiah oyeyemi2 年 前

    I remember this one stream when one guy who lived in japan started live streaming his way to work, i forgot who it was, that day he brought off up that the age of consent in the japan was 14, then he started saying something about, what if it was a mentally mature 14 year old, since that day i found him a bit cringe, but hey if he doesn't do anything and its just a joke i have no issues.. but the mountain of cringe is building for me lol

  68. Bruce Kent

    Bruce Kent2 年 前

    Jedidiah oyeyemi it isn't? What else has he said?

  69. Ryokugyuu

    Ryokugyuu2 年 前

    Lit stream as always especially with Kol in it and ty as always with his wild shit.😂😂😂

  70. Horace Smith

    Horace Smith2 年 前

    every time i watch this stream i get brain cancer, i'm gonna learn my lesson

  71. MikeyxStyles

    MikeyxStyles2 年 前

    how come yall never invite manga miyn anymore?

  72. Buttered waffle

    Buttered waffle2 年 前

    Lol ty was killing me with that snack theme 😂😂😂

  73. It's Ya Boi Russ

    It's Ya Boi Russ2 年 前

    Lmao <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="173">2:53</a>:05 Ty playing that pokemon music again

  74. ElfenLiedLucy

    ElfenLiedLucy2 年 前

    I can't believe KOL was able to pull off keeping the most talkative/unruly person on the stream in check and under control lol ......................Nonetheless, It was a great stream as always.

  75. GroovyCam

    GroovyCam2 年 前

    I was in a fire ass stream, but was too drunk to participate.....

  76. Jman27 Joestar

    Jman27 Joestar2 年 前

    Cool stream Ty gets a lot of flak but brings up a lot of good points in this one. he just gotta let others talk more though in my opinion

  77. oldgordo61

    oldgordo612 年 前

    Ty gets a lot of flak because he sees the potential in the Boruto series which it actually does but the others won't even bother to read it.

  78. Don Solo

    Don Solo2 年 前

    forget rogersbase. Brago should be the one holding these reverie streams, seeing as he was the one who started these crazy community streams

  79. Trent Money

    Trent Money2 年 前

    That y Brago is the doffy of the community, revived these streams in the underground to where now it's the poppin thing. But I fucks wit RB tho

  80. Deveous

    Deveous2 年 前

    Bragos streams pretty much weekly with the brago D pirates. For me , its the best place to be in the animie community, brago been holding down streams for years now lol ..... like the video see y'all in Friday chapter stream assuming there's one.. We Lit!?!

  81. Sushmit Dey

    Sushmit Dey2 年 前

    RogersBase is bigger though u can't deny that

  82. Don Solo

    Don Solo2 年 前

    yeahhh.... no he is not

  83. Jag6000

    Jag60002 年 前

    But Roger is known for gathering big JPreporterrs in streams, like the Japan Time Podcast he has along with Shofu, a big-time PokeTuber. It's Roger's specialty and he's great at it, being the host.

  84. Toilet Pkay

    Toilet Pkay2 年 前

    yo man ty needs his own theme when hes in the stream and more streams with ty his greatness knows no bounds

  85. tyquan1000finest

    tyquan1000finest2 年 前

    Hahaha thanks i appreciate it

  86. K C

    K C2 年 前

    Some great One Piece and Two Piece talk.

  87. HFA

    HFA2 年 前

    Ffs missed the live stream

  88. The Z killer

    The Z killer2 年 前

    Why does KOL always do that he tries to down play Naruto and hype up Torkio when we know it's not as good. I want deny the Naruto got bad, but that wasn't til the war ark name one ark before that one where we had a bad ark. Torkio was so doing so bad it needed to be in a dbz and one piece special to get people to watch, but it still failed hard the anime was so bad that it got canceled with a filler ending.

  89. Teach

    Teach2 年 前

    oldgordo61 Yea it is my opinion. I personaly like KOL he is fun to watch but I dont really care about his Top 5 anime or similar stuff if someone say some manga/anime is good I will try it and make my own opinion to it. I can uderstand your point but you should be able understand that lot of people = lot of opinions ( bad or good) doesnt matter. Have nice New Year :)

  90. oldgordo61

    oldgordo612 年 前

    Again it's just your opinion. I wouldn't say I'm a hardcore anime fan as I like american based comics as well as british comics like Beano and Dandy..but I;ve been watching anime since the 1970s. One Piece or whatever series may be your preference that's fine but at the end of the day OP or any other series is no more better or worse than any other. It's just a matter of preference. Just because KOL. Zorrofanboy and hugely popular anime reviewers prefer One Piece over Naruto and Naruto is mainly trash doesn't make them the final authority on what makes a good series..they're just giving thier pesronal opnions.

  91. Teach

    Teach2 年 前

    oldgordo61 Well that was point All narutoTards dont have any “Facts” why is Naruto so good( they just like it) All this talk about Best anime/manga is nonsence . End of story

  92. oldgordo61

    oldgordo612 年 前

    Not facts just your opinion.

  93. Teach

    Teach2 年 前

    He doesnt Naruto is bad. Facts

  94. Miguelangel Cuenca Pineda

    Miguelangel Cuenca Pineda2 年 前

    Brago, oda wouldn’t get caught because he likes girls with big tits he not into loli’s

  95. tyler holloman

    tyler holloman2 年 前


  96. tyler holloman

    tyler holloman2 年 前

    Tbh regardless of whatever she’s wearing it doesn’t consent anyone to kidnapping and doing all sorts of things to these young girls/womans

  97. ZBoy2000

    ZBoy20002 年 前

    Ty needs to play the ultra instinct theme

  98. Gerard w.

    Gerard w.2 年 前

    When you wake up at 2am an catch a stream, fall asleep watching it, the wake back up at 5am and hear tyquan trippin ..😂😂😂

  99. Ricardo Silva

    Ricardo Silva2 年 前

    Just imagine the day they meet: Brago, Zorofanboy, Jorishae, RogersBase, Sunpatch, KOL, Matt, JoyBoy, LegendMac, AnimeFanTalk, Uzumaki Khan and King Recon

  100. Sandro

    Sandro2 年 前

    Ricardo Chromeck when????? Didn't he only say he watches anime I need the answer woman !!!!!!!

  101. Nindotaf

    Nindotaf2 年 前

    Ricardo Chromeck no way, so he's actually gonna read the manga????

  102. Ricardo Silva

    Ricardo Silva2 年 前

    UzumakiKahn is on Dressrosa right now, but he already stated that he will follow up the manga.

  103. yagirl_tsu!

    yagirl_tsu!2 年 前

    December 5th reverie part2 maybe..... but uzumaki khan is anime only watcher right???

  104. TheMonsterTrio

    TheMonsterTrio2 年 前

    Zoro intimidated monei. LUFFY was not afraid of mihawk!! He wasn’t intimidated!! He was only focusing on ACE, if 3 admirals in his face didn’t intimidate him, then fuckin mihawk definitely wasn’t! Also, Zoro used intimidation not fuckin conquerors. Pls stop listening to these over dramatic ass theories. Becuz even Luffy would have commented on it if Zoro even had a whiff of it, and Rayleigh would have mentioned it when Zoro saw him on sabaody. They were only giving Zoro props becuz he’s strong, so is garp, where’s his conquerors, so is mihawk, where’s his? Where’s sengoku’s? Where’s Akainu’s? Zoro doesn’t have it. Period, till he knocks someone out with the shit, becuz if he’s so strong, why is his conquerors Haki this weak still.

  105. Sushmit Dey

    Sushmit Dey2 年 前

    Fuck conquers, zoro has a demon inside him

  106. Sandro

    Sandro2 年 前

    TheMonsterTrio yeah luffy wasn't intimidated by mihawk at all you're totally right *blatant sarcasm* go rewatch the scene luffy wasn't even in the same room as zoro Did rayleigh say luffy had conquerors on sabaody? All the characters you mentioned most likely have conquerors haki No one ever said zoro has it 100%, it's called a theory and it has some evidence to show that it might be true like the speech on fishman island and the parallels of zoro and rayleigh and yes there are a million but a sanji fanboy chooses to avoid them Monet wasn't fodder so it wouldn't have made sense for him to knock her out like that. If luffys conquerors haki didn't knock her out why would zoros (assuming he has)

  107. TheMonsterTrio

    TheMonsterTrio2 年 前

    That was Luffy‘s Haki not mihawk’s! U have to be stupid to think it wasn’t now especially becuz of this chapter. Luffy saw a glimpse of the future HIMSELF, becuz he was in a deadly situation in that moment and that’s why he hit the ground!! If mihawk showed him then HE WOULDN’T HAVE GOTTEN SURPRISED WHEN LUFFY STOPPED HIMSELF!! Use your minds, these theories are retarded asf, turning an obvious situation into a convoluted “oh he showed him some shit” thing.

  108. TheMonsterTrio

    TheMonsterTrio2 年 前

    They’re saying battles strengthen your Haki! Experience basically!! It’s no asspull power up, it’s literally been stated countless times that some Haki can’t be trained and Haki is based on well and gets better with experience

  109. TheMonsterTrio

    TheMonsterTrio2 年 前

    Luffy was saying he wants to see into the future, not that he wants to see it better than katakuri, not yet. Brago u were saying that ish on purpose bruh

  110. z106spot

    z106spot2 年 前

    Omfg I'm not wasting my time on a Ty stream ever again like for real bro stfu

  111. Hansel John

    Hansel John2 年 前

    Lmao why does everyone hate ty...he's hilarious 😂

  112. tyquan1000finest

    tyquan1000finest2 年 前

    Hansel John I don't really care if they hate me. I hated them 1st lol 😂 by hating me back!!! They just riding the wave 🌊 I started ✅

  113. The Z killer

    The Z killer2 年 前

    I love how Ty just has these anime ost playing in the background as he gives these inspiration quotes.

  114. tyquan1000finest

    tyquan1000finest2 年 前

    Thanks bro

  115. Bow

    Bow2 年 前

    Dope ass stream

  116. TheSpearKing

    TheSpearKing2 年 前

    FFS always missing the lit streams

  117. José Marí

    José Marí2 年 前

    When does start the One Piece conversation? Thanks.

  118. José Marí

    José Marí2 年 前

    mugen 13 Thanks

  119. Zidane thegoat

    Zidane thegoat2 年 前

    Around 50 min.

  120. z106spot

    z106spot2 年 前

    Ty is cancer

  121. V

    V2 年 前

    I think you meant to say "TY CURES CANCER"

  122. BlastphamousHD TV2

    BlastphamousHD TV22 年 前

    z106spot URW

  123. tyquan1000finest

    tyquan1000finest2 年 前

    King of fire! Brago D Club! Sanji fanboy 1098! MattC, Tyquan500finest lol

  124. This Boi Juice

    This Boi Juice2 年 前

    Matt C 💀💀💀

  125. VinlanD. Ragnar

    VinlanD. Ragnar2 年 前

    unintelligence is Ty's trademark

  126. Ryokugyuu

    Ryokugyuu2 年 前

    tyquan1000finest, U had me weak the whole stream.😭😭😂😂

  127. ZBoy2000

    ZBoy20002 年 前

    tyquan1000finest you need to play the ultra instinct theme

  128. tyquan1000finest

    tyquan1000finest2 年 前

    Quietly Loud thanks bro i appreciate it