The End Of The Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Build?!


  1. juan carlos martin

    juan carlos martin30 分 前

    I have a question, what the heck means OEM??

  2. Bill Scott

    Bill Scott23 時間 前

    What was the total $$ ?

  3. miftah muharam

    miftah muharam日 前


  4. Ady Mamonk

    Ady Mamonk日 前

    Jancok aku seneng delok videone tapi ra weroh wong iki ngomong opo..😂

  5. Bailey Mckenzie

    Bailey Mckenzie3 日 前

    i love how they blurred the dash cos they were speeding xd

  6. Sharbular Stewart

    Sharbular Stewart3 日 前

    Hey guys ur one big brain box expert for restoration

  7. Sharbular Stewart

    Sharbular Stewart3 日 前

    Hey guys ur one big brain box expert for restoration



    I had watched all your videos and I had Subscribed your channel this is the most greatest video

  9. topi_baja

    topi_baja4 日 前

    You girl beautiful

  10. Jose Gutierrez

    Jose Gutierrez5 日 前

    I've seen this video like 10 times! 😎

  11. Justin Albert

    Justin Albert7 日 前

    I stopped watching this channel because they sellout

  12. Jonathan Vazquez

    Jonathan Vazquez8 日 前

    I would like to see a Chevy trailblazer ss on goonzquad

  13. Mr. Mortakai

    Mr. Mortakai9 日 前

    Lol "this things pimp"

  14. Brian Kellahan

    Brian Kellahan9 日 前

    Anyone else notice that the girl from the gas station.... her car was at their house next to the lambo behind Billy, at the end of the Video?? lol

  15. 아이구나아

    아이구나아9 日 前

    대단하다... 총비용 궁금하네요...

  16. Q joker

    Q joker10 日 前


  17. Adi wijaya93

    Adi wijaya9311 日 前

    Kembar kah ini

  18. Vuexo

    Vuexo11 日 前

    Are they twins or am I tripping?

  19. Lo. PoeS

    Lo. PoeS11 日 前

    OK so u talk so much....

  20. Lo. PoeS

    Lo. PoeS11 日 前

    Rip English

  21. Kevin Kularathna

    Kevin Kularathna11 日 前

    Man I'm inspired... that car had the most exciting experience.... Great man u guys fixed it really well. I appreciate that you didn't give up... finished what u started.

  22. 104th Wolffe

    104th Wolffe11 日 前

    Time to twin turbo that thing.

  23. Lino

    Lino12 日 前

    It’s uncanny but does anyone think they sound a lot like Jason Mendoza from the good place...?

  24. Michael Barrera

    Michael Barrera12 日 前

    Nice rebuild guys, It's great to have dinner with your bride that's LEGIT. I been married for 39years I'm Blessed with my wife. Billy take care of your family "DUDE THAT'S LEGIT"

  25. Cia JIa

    Cia JIa12 日 前

    Amazing,iam from indonesian

  26. Erjan Runhaar

    Erjan Runhaar13 日 前

    Imagine they were crashing😇

  27. cuong nguyen

    cuong nguyen14 日 前

    This is quality content , i love how humble and amazing you guys are, amazing build, so genius, watch through the whole thing, thank you

  28. Garry Kennedy

    Garry Kennedy14 日 前

    I wasn't driving fast,, I was flying low!!!!!!

  29. saifullah qureshi

    saifullah qureshi15 日 前

    Blood + Sweat + Tears = Perfection Im glad i found this channel. You guys are awesome and very inspiring. Keep up the good work. your true fanboy from Pakistan

  30. RakkSoldier

    RakkSoldier11 日 前

    saifullah qureshi there’s no blood sweat or tears lul

  31. raskoljnikov 1

    raskoljnikov 115 日 前

    This was so cool :D - "Do you wanna sit in it?" :D Love you guys :)

  32. Made in West-Germany

    Made in West-Germany15 日 前

    The Backfire Sounds Not good

  33. Donald Gryder

    Donald Gryder15 日 前

    i like the way they can just throw $115,000 around and act like its nothing they must flaunt their money alot

  34. Jake Randall

    Jake Randall11 日 前

    These guys started with old jeeps and worked their way up. They earn up to a million dollars a year now and still drive an old ford ranger. I guess that is flaunting wealth nowadays.

  35. Waldemar Godlewski

    Waldemar Godlewski16 日 前

    16.00 a tunel like in movie "Back to the Future"

  36. John Davis

    John Davis16 日 前

    Mind power is amazing! You guys are great. Gud luck ppl🇺🇸

  37. سعيد العمري

    سعيد العمري17 日 前

    Very beautiful work

  38. KcMcGill

    KcMcGill18 日 前

    Doesn't a salvage title knock off the value of a car ?_?

  39. Grunt 337

    Grunt 33718 日 前

    Want go through another tunnel? Lol 😝

  40. Jilou 29000

    Jilou 2900019 日 前

    I know that am to late. But it was liget dude hhhhhh.

  41. KrazyGamer

    KrazyGamer19 日 前

    I love how y’all aren’t only hard working in fixing vehicles physically but also make the time to edit your videos because that is also hard work but yall are amazing and i love ur videos 🤗

  42. KingHydroYT Gaming

    KingHydroYT Gaming19 日 前

    Pls rebuild a Lamborghini aventador plsss?

  43. Arvind Vallabh

    Arvind Vallabh20 日 前

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  44. Haris Nisar

    Haris Nisar21 日 前

    It started with restoration video and turned into anime fight

  45. PlectrumZ Adventure

    PlectrumZ Adventure23 日 前

    Clickbate footage starts at 16:00

  46. Mohamed Adams

    Mohamed Adams23 日 前

    great thing about the build ,its a new car with lotsa technology and you guys nailed every aspect Wish to meet you great people some day Im in South Africa

  47. Mohamed Adams

    Mohamed Adams23 日 前

    Certainly the best build I have ever seen .You guys are perfectionist as their is so much attention to detail like the ye say LO HAGO POR AMOR meaning I do it for love Just love your passion and persistence Remarkable work

  48. Coal the gamer NEW

    Coal the gamer NEW24 日 前

    R.I.P lambo 😢

  49. peter kobra

    peter kobra25 日 前

    Great job guys! *****

  50. نجم كامل

    نجم كامل25 日 前

    Well done guys you are Amazing 👍👌

  51. new videos and more

    new videos and more25 日 前

    Can anyone tell me what is its final price

  52. green焯越

    green焯越25 日 前


  53. Chad Ennis

    Chad Ennis27 日 前

    Send it to them.

  54. Xavier Fairchild

    Xavier Fairchild28 日 前

    When you go under overpasses in in tunnels down shift

  55. Yenzerghini

    Yenzerghini29 日 前

    Man, you guys definitely got some talent. Wish I had it like you guys, keep up the awesome work!

  56. Сагынгал Абдирасул

    Сагынгал Абдирасул29 日 前


  57. Olzhas Tulebayev

    Olzhas Tulebayevヶ月 前

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  58. Simon Blunden

    Simon Blundenヶ月 前

    Incredible. Binge watched this whole series. Such excellent work. Great job boys and thanks for bringing us a long for the ride

  59. prosper chico

    prosper chicoヶ月 前


  60. Riot Gaming

    Riot Gamingヶ月 前

    Hey bro i saw your all videos of Lamborghini and it's feel soo good to see..keep it up bro,❤💯

  61. THE BEAST1864

    THE BEAST1864ヶ月 前

    That Lambo sexy af

  62. POLLO

    POLLOヶ月 前


  63. matthew hicks

    matthew hicksヶ月 前

    Have you done launch mode yet? The huracan is the only car I’ve done over 200mph in. Hit 202mph