The End of the Beauty World


  1. ShaneGlossin

    ShaneGlossinヶ月 前

    Hope you guys like this deleted scenes/bonus episode of the series! It was really fun to edit and also sad because it finally hit me that its over. Last year was such an incredible year and Im really grateful for your guys support. :')) Im excited to post some fun stuff this year on this channel and hopefully you guys are ok with random, dumb, and sometimes creepy videos that revolve around the beauty world.

  2. Lindsey MacKinnon

    Lindsey MacKinnon11 日 前

    Honestly Shane I don't know about everyone else but personally if it's from you I'll watch anything so yes I'm definitely okay with that lmao😂💗

  3. Juan Hates U

    Juan Hates U20 日 前

    Hell yea

  4. Brats Pack

    Brats Packヶ月 前

    Someone breaking in banging on windows Big Dogs:.......... Small dogs yap yap yap yap yap yap #^% yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap

  5. Mochi Gaming

    Mochi Gamingヶ月 前


  6. elysedemii

    elysedemii13 時間 前

    who else felt like they were in a scary movie lol

  7. sereniti sinthavong

    sereniti sinthavong14 時間 前

    “everybody needs to work on their *WING* and not on their...i didn’t have anything to say..” dead

  8. taro tea

    taro tea14 時間 前

    Shane really out there looking like Kakyoin in them glasses.

  9. ashley newell

    ashley newell15 時間 前

    you need to make a palette with all names that have tea like “realitea” and “honestea”

  10. Princess Mochi

    Princess Mochi15 時間 前

    Shane is so humble 😂

  11. KittysSoliloquy

    KittysSoliloquy15 時間 前

    That intro song is a fuckin banger tho

  12. Komfy Beanz

    Komfy Beanz16 時間 前

    I have the same pen as morgan

  13. TheVelvetCactus

    TheVelvetCactus16 時間 前


  14. Alex DeLeon

    Alex DeLeon18 時間 前

    The strangers is such a scary movie.

  15. Bianca Vinson

    Bianca Vinson19 時間 前

    "We really need to up you security" *insert nord vpn ad*

  16. Matt Fuller

    Matt Fuller19 時間 前

    I for sure WOULD NOT BE running around the house with a pepper spray stick with some crazy, hooded figure running around behind my gated home! It’s 2020, let’s grow up!

  17. Ryan Ward

    Ryan Ward19 時間 前

    shane should do a series about exposing beuty gurus

  18. Mikayla Delgado

    Mikayla Delgado21 時間 前

    I’m still watching this 1 month later and I thought of what if Morgan was doing her summer challenge in the pool at the time of the almost robbery.

  19. ••Bryana Valcarcel••

    ••Bryana Valcarcel••21 時間 前

    Im not gonna lie, I miss the old Shane but at the same time, I love this new Shane because he has more self confidence now👏🏼👏🏼❤️💀🤭

  20. Stephania A

    Stephania A22 時間 前


  21. the squeeky muppet

    the squeeky muppet23 時間 前

    Shane....i love the videos so far thankyou so much for working so hard for us.

  22. EmmyLee101

    EmmyLee101日 前

    Nothing ain't payed for free you gotta work hard to get the stuff you earned @ShaneGlossin

  23. EmmyLee101

    EmmyLee101日 前

    I'll hang out with Morgan girl let's go shopping

  24. Megan Richardson

    Megan Richardson日 前

    How was this already a month ago 😭 I need more Shane videos

  25. Bianca Comanescu

    Bianca Comanescu日 前

    You know why I loved this? If there's anyone in the world who can pull the sticks out of makeup guru's asses is Shane freakin Dawson.

  26. Chaotic Lich

    Chaotic Lich日 前

    The brake in seems fake. Or maybe I'm just super stoned idk

  27. Mel But Not Gibson

    Mel But Not Gibson日 前

    27:48 preach Dad!!!🙏🙌

  28. Alyssa Colleen Lee Kailyn Cookson-Juarez

    Alyssa Colleen Lee Kailyn Cookson-Juarez日 前

    I say this as Shane literally almost dies

  29. Alyssa Colleen Lee Kailyn Cookson-Juarez

    Alyssa Colleen Lee Kailyn Cookson-Juarez日 前

    Hmm... Love this new intro!

  30. Damions LiftedLife

    Damions LiftedLife日 前

    Fuck that get the strap they would have been greeted with my .45 "is there any weed in the game room" "I don't think anyone would say that sentence" Lol until you meet this stoner

  31. Jenni Valle

    Jenni Valle日 前

    WOW. I ordered the controversy palette and I have been using the diet root beer as a bronzer & LET ME TELL YOU ITS THE BEST THING I DID. And now seeing this video, on 13:00 wow. Shoooooook. Good quality. No kidding! Works better than my NARS

  32. Raquel Sofia Parrales Carlin

    Raquel Sofia Parrales Carlin日 前

    Tengo una pregunta muy seria para cualquier persona de esta audiencia referente al concepto de seguridad ese lado del mundo Cuál es el motivo por el cual en los Estados Unidos no se usan rejas en las ventanas rejas en las puertas o cerramientos en las casas no entiendo si el nivel de peligrosidad delincuencia acoso etcétera etcétera etcétera es tan alto no hay precauciones para mantener alejados a los locos ladrones o delincuentes lejos de sus casas veo películas documentales historias de gente que invade casas acosa cómo le está pasando a Reina se acercan a las propiedades se asoma por las ventanas hurgan en su basura pero yo veo las casas completamente expuestas No entiendo Cuál es la lógica en esto si hay tanto loco suelto en esa área como en cualquier parte del mundo porque no ser precavido y hacer un cerramiento poner rejas seguros yo veo esas casas muy inseguros por favor Me podrían contestar gracias saludos

  33. Gaby Mota

    Gaby Mota日 前

    Fuck that’s so scary

  34. Lazy Cat

    Lazy Cat日 前

    I swear he had 2 mil subscribers yesterday.... he gained about a million subscribers in ONE day omg

  35. What’s Up

    What’s Up日 前

    For real though, it’s hard to think that that person was outside Shane’s house just to steal stuff. If your intentions are to steal you’d try to be as discreet as possible, but going around and knocking on all the doors and windows makes it seem like he was intentionally trying to scare Shane and Ryland.

  36. Peta M

    Peta M日 前

    Literally anything with Jeffree in it just makes me cringe 🤢🤮

  37. Flynn TheKitten

    Flynn TheKitten日 前


  38. Caris

    Caris日 前

    Does Shane know he just claimed green? Like is he aware no one is ever allowed to use or wear green ever again? It’s Shane’s now

  39. Athena Shafer

    Athena Shafer日 前

    I know my comment will probably not be seen or read (by Morgan or Shane), but I need to get this out there because it really hit home for me and hurt to see Morgan have to deal with this. As someone who has dealt with endless insecurities, being put down, being avoided by others around me because I’m not “worthy”, and doing things just to try and fit in; I know what you’re going through. You are a wonderful, sweet, beautiful, and funny individual and you don’t need to change a thing. I think I speak for everyone who has watched you on JPreporter when I say, you have definitely brightened everyone’s lives with your outgoing and bubbly personality. Please don’t let people make you question your self worth or con you into changing who you are. And just remember people like that only treat you like that because of their own insecurities. They feel the need to put down others around them to make themselves feel better which is never okay. They just treated you like that because they felt threatened by the fact that you have already made a name for yourself and you’re successful without getting those procedures and without stepping on the necks of the people around you. Just keep on doing you boo and just let those haters and their comments roll off because you are already perfect as you.

  40. The_HQ -Lacerta

    The_HQ -Lacerta日 前

    That is absolutely terrifying. I would of been so scared.

  41. Corinne

    Corinne日 前

    People forgetting about Pewdiepie sticking up for James😔😔

  42. Katherine Muegge

    Katherine Muegge日 前

    No one: Jeffree: I want a mammogram for Christmas.

  43. A Fager

    A Fager日 前

    Jeffree should get a red dog and call him demon 😂😂😂😂😂😂😅

  44. LoveBug Loves Jesus

    LoveBug Loves Jesus日 前

    What does it mean when women ride the cc? CC=33 haha. I bet you are better looking when you are not looking like a wanna 🐝 barbie doll. Why do this? Money? Why is this video making the rounds again? Hmm. Interesting. Praying 4 you🍪🌷 Blessings🌹

  45. kiera

    kiera日 前

    are we just gonna ignore jeffree hitting on the dolan twins

  46. My mom took My skateboard

    My mom took My skateboard日 前

    Remember when Shane used to test girl products and not know how the hell to use them, but now he has become a makeup god. Thats on growth PERIOD.

  47. Zea

    Zea日 前

    the capitalists plight

  48. kirstyn ._x

    kirstyn ._x日 前


  49. Vicky More

    Vicky More日 前

    Shane u know that if u put the mask on wrong it can suffercat u and u can die u shuld get the like the ww1 or ww2

  50. Anne Coetzee

    Anne Coetzee日 前

    That was so scary. :(

  51. Lil Lily

    Lil Lily日 前

    Why is Jeffrey so hot and I'm not😂😂😂😂😂😂

  52. Don K

    Don K2 日 前

    O shit she be BEAUTIFUL yum dog O well treat the world with Delta. I got torock bback to Sightseeing Sally vids

  53. Mushi Shi

    Mushi Shi2 日 前

    "Expensive casket"💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💋💋💋💋💋💋

  54. *-Iced-Coffee-*

    *-Iced-Coffee-*2 日 前

    I love that Ryland had a bat! Like yyAasSsaaA!

  55. Kalin Stephens

    Kalin Stephens2 日 前

    Jaclyn did NOT address the issues with her lipsticks, she cried and made excuses

  56. Tysan Tara

    Tysan Tara2 日 前

    what’s the name of the song at 21:38

  57. Taylor Findley

    Taylor Findley2 日 前

    Shane telling all the gurus to shut the fuck up is a whole mood lmao

  58. Nola Wells

    Nola Wells2 日 前

    “I just wanna protect my family” -puts on mask- y’all he’s the arrow now

  59. Nick Stolfe

    Nick Stolfe2 日 前

    this reminds me of the 2016 film called HUSH its about a def girl living insolation gets trapped in her own home when a stranger comes along trying to get into the home and kill her. if you have never seen this film its on Netflix I think, but be aware that if you watch it you will get flashbacks . its super scary to see this happen to you except you have power and phone reception lol so glad your ok though !

  60. Dena Hudson

    Dena Hudson2 日 前

    SHUTTHEFAQUP! :D i died with the mouth spit he did

  61. Angelique Garneau Valdez

    Angelique Garneau Valdez2 日 前

    i would be dumb and start knocking back at the person

  62. Summah The *Vegan*

    Summah The *Vegan*2 日 前

    Jeffree is NOT a jewel Jeffree is a STAR and is out of this world Nate "WHO WOULD DO THAT?!?" Me agreed I had someone try to break into mine it's terrifying

  63. Hailey Annette

    Hailey Annette2 日 前

    I love Jeffree’s pink dabber and torches on his desk. Getting stoned like a queen. 👑

  64. butterboi

    butterboi2 日 前

    does anyone know which girls it was that were rude to morgan?