The Drowned Man - Chapter 1


  1. Markiplier

    Markiplier26 日 前

    Chapter 2 Premieres TOMORROW!! Be sure to set your alarms! And check out the limited edition t-shirt linked in the description! Proceeds help pay for Wade's exorcisms!

  2. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf日 前

    Hell yeah

  3. Trí Phạm minh

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  4. jeremy007 j

    jeremy007 j12 日 前

    did tshirts pay a lot or not

  5. Clizie Rose

    Clizie Rose13 日 前

    ur so short

  6. Advened GamerMD

    Advened GamerMD13 日 前


  7. Oozamalak Mi.

    Oozamalak Mi.4 時間 前

    There is a huge storm currently in the east coast and I woke up at 12 AM only to find my ceiling fan dripping water onto the corner of my bed. RIGHT BELOW WHERE MY FEET ARE. This is actually terrifying

  8. OctoQueen _15

    OctoQueen _154 時間 前

    Hey markapoo how's life going I saw ur wisdom teeth remove the teeth were creepy 🤗

  9. elijah Brooks

    elijah Brooks5 時間 前

    Is Wade taller?

  10. jetboy le ink

    jetboy le ink5 時間 前

    "Confirmed... blood-" weird ass text.

  11. Tate Smith

    Tate Smith6 時間 前

    wade looks so different without hair and a full beard and yet it looks right.

  12. Little Sugar Bear

    Little Sugar Bear7 時間 前

    I think he thinks Mark is amazingly werid

  13. Deigo

    Deigo7 時間 前

    Come exorcise my door knobs. They drip blue liquid every night. Its bluhd

  14. Hangan Li

    Hangan Li7 時間 前

    I like your suit!

  15. Charolette The Vampire

    Charolette The Vampire8 時間 前


  16. Ghost Leader

    Ghost Leader9 時間 前

    Wade: *says anything* Mark: BLOOD?!

  17. Blue Diablos

    Blue Diablos11 時間 前

    Mark: "Did you check the wall for a pulse?" Wade: "I didn't think to do that."

  18. amelia kitty

    amelia kitty11 時間 前

    I avoided watching this because I didn’t want to get scared. After watching, I feel silly.

  19. bisexual weirdo

    bisexual weirdo15 時間 前

    I can't rule it out. Mark: CONFIRMED

  20. Kinda Glitchy

    Kinda Glitchy15 時間 前

    Sounds like the evil doings of an enemy stand user

  21. kaydes world

    kaydes world16 時間 前

    Y did u use wade

  22. Jayden SweetPotato

    Jayden SweetPotato16 時間 前

    I love this Kermit

  23. Burger King Foot lettuce

    Burger King Foot lettuce日 前


  24. Kortney Curl

    Kortney Curl日 前

    Fans: “Finish One Shot, there’s a secret ending! It’s been two years!” Mark: Water=BLOOD!

  25. Dominic Walls

    Dominic Walls日 前

    Mark, I know a group that can help Wade’s problem, call the Ghost Adventures crew.

  26. Qwerty32

    Qwerty32日 前

    The guy called Markiplier when he was supposed to call maintenance..

  27. Mitchz95

    Mitchz95日 前

    Mark: And it all happened to one very unlucky individual. Molly: Fuck me I guess...

  28. Moon Wukong

    Moon Wukong日 前

    Your house is wet and we don't know why

  29. Hidden

    Hidden日 前

    So, a bunch of numbers, Date formats, times, dates, numbers, and "added" flashing repeatedly, and -6 degrees, etc. So. Something is hiding here with these messages.

  30. Bunny Breeze

    Bunny Breeze日 前

    Wade: It was water Mark: *BlOoD* Wade: Uh.. I mean maybe.

  31. the jockey08

    the jockey08日 前


  32. Madison Rainwater

    Madison Rainwater日 前

    HA bad plumbing turned spooky

  33. Sad Bean with A pen

    Sad Bean with A pen日 前

    3:38 THE FAN WAS SPINNING...but it wasn't...not in the shot...WADE EXPLAIN YOSELF I figured out it says it's not actually spinning so don't @ me

  34. NisaMamiTita

    NisaMamiTita日 前

    Mark wtf is this

  35. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf日 前

    He is obsessed with saying the word blood.

  36. upright sike

    upright sike日 前

    Should be renamed the bald man

  37. Cheyenne Cooper

    Cheyenne Cooper日 前

    ngl this is hard to take serious with mark

  38. Jenna Davis

    Jenna Davis日 前

    Is markiplier becoming shane dawson?

  39. Radonna Wright

    Radonna Wright日 前

    Mark is this actually real?

  40. fellfox mischief

    fellfox mischief日 前

    I wouldnt say the water.... *MARK* shut up.

  41. kody noble

    kody noble日 前

    I love these funny horror skits, thank you.

  42. SpacialPanda 272

    SpacialPanda 272日 前

    6:25 when mam calls saying dinners done

  43. Valdis Stocking

    Valdis Stocking日 前

    “And I went to drink some water” Mark: “So you’re saying it was B L O O D?”

  44. SpacialPanda 272

    SpacialPanda 272日 前

    hahahhaha what is this

  45. TBear

    TBear2 日 前

    I remember the days of when you worked with Dylan and Ryan on stuff like the Bad Doctor...... So proud of how well you've done over time and what you're producing now

  46. EPICly made

    EPICly made2 日 前

    Wade: *tells harrowing story about his paranormal experience* Mark: BuT wAs TheRe BlOod?

  47. Jacqueline Moody

    Jacqueline Moody2 日 前

    Wade is a very good actor 👏👏

  48. Chris Duncan

    Chris Duncan2 日 前

    To be frank, I am so glad for your videos, your voice has put my newlywed wife (10/13/2019) to bed easily for years. To her and I, it is a calming voice, a familiar voice in our lives. Thank you very much for the years of content, and I wish you well on the many years ahead of you.

  49. Eric Nass

    Eric Nass2 日 前

    Wait. Wade has a DnD stream?

  50. Pemdii

    Pemdii2 日 前

    Wade rlly said wig huh

  51. peyton long

    peyton long2 日 前

    this was a live stream>! oof i didnt realize and i didnt watch it when it happened, i sowwy

  52. peyton long

    peyton long2 日 前

    im creeped out

  53. Doge Team Cucicuci

    Doge Team Cucicuci2 日 前

    Mark:something bad happend here *flashbacks of uno*



    ahhahaa bruh

  55. Liv a Life

    Liv a Life2 日 前

    Mark is obsessed with Blood

  56. Mikayla Stringer

    Mikayla Stringer2 日 前

    Is no one else freaking out that Wades first name is George? I've been watching Mark for years and had no clue

  57. Jasmine Sauer

    Jasmine Sauer2 日 前

    Mark looks like the preists son that he didn't rape. I'm sorry

  58. Jasmine Sauer

    Jasmine Sauer2 日 前

    Does anyone else remember shows like this from like when you were 8 on the history Chanel at night

  59. _Remiix ConMan

    _Remiix ConMan2 日 前


  60. Grace poole

    Grace poole2 日 前

    *shows pictures of wife with sad music* Guy:but she was upstairs listening to music with headphones

  61. XxTøåstëd._.Cøøk!ë xX

    XxTøåstëd._.Cøøk!ë xX2 日 前

    The drowned man... Chase... HMmMmMmMmmMmMmM.... Not the same thing...BUT RELEASED around the same tiMe? ?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿? Am I right? Am I wrong

  62. Volume Burner

    Volume Burner2 日 前

    I loled...alot

  63. IncentiveMask

    IncentiveMask2 日 前

    No One: Absolutely No One: Mark: “Blood!”

  64. Banana Raptor

    Banana Raptor2 日 前

    wade is a fucking great actor

  65. Official Oumi

    Official Oumi2 日 前

    Mark: I'm thinking your house is a gateway for some greater evil to be born in this world. Wade: oh thank god I thought you were saying my wife was pregnant.