1. HiviAU

    HiviAU6 時間 前


  2. BigKnGa

    BigKnGa11 時間 前

    Lester got some play!

  3. MK Nation

    MK Nation17 時間 前

    Always finish duggans shipments or these guys will have hella armor and you'll have a higher chance of dying and failing the heist so always finish it and you'll kill them in one hit. And with the getaway vehicles go inside your arcade and get inside them and click "modify vehicles" and click the last one for bulletproof tires and full armor and 100% turbo.

  4. ATU

    ATU23 時間 前

    We’re killing this they left so much money

  5. Nahid The Champ

    Nahid The Champ日 前


  6. Nahid The Champ

    Nahid The Champ日 前


  7. Eu Jexi

    Eu Jexi日 前

    When u join a heist thinking it gonna be fun but they didn’t do Dugan shipment 🌡

  8. Harry Jones

    Harry Jones日 前

    How is a casino that big 😂

  9. Charlie Sim

    Charlie Sim日 前

    There’s a secret ending it’s when Lester kisses if you don’t drop any money Lester won’t kiss

  10. Mike Gamēr

    Mike Gamēr日 前

    When I head XX triple og I almost cried I haven’t seen you in a longgg time

  11. Thanosgaming 3

    Thanosgaming 3日 前

    This casino should have swats with riot shields like ;-;

  12. Yolo Gang

    Yolo Gang2 日 前


  13. defaultyy boii

    defaultyy boii2 日 前

    Lester aint a virgin now!!! WOOOOOH

  14. jj collins

    jj collins2 日 前

    Not a Ioi

  15. Green Been

    Green Been2 日 前

    so we dont know what dungan shipments are

  16. R33Z Gaming

    R33Z Gaming3 日 前

    U so annoying on insta

  17. Louie916

    Louie9163 日 前

    Is lagging bad

  18. Joseph Perez

    Joseph Perez3 日 前

    Lester getting pus

  19. Nick Stoker

    Nick Stoker3 日 前

    I got a white screen after finishing

  20. phone phone

    phone phone3 日 前

    Lester the melester got a girlfriend lol

  21. Tina Chinn

    Tina Chinn3 日 前

    hey if you play on xbox can we plz do teh casino together plz i want to do it so bad

  22. M7ST Clan

    M7ST Clan4 日 前

    How do u do it

  23. loqti

    loqti4 日 前

    You should’ve gotten the paintings they give you more money, you would’ve had $2 million if you did

  24. Da Duh Dingus

    Da Duh Dingus3 日 前

    The first time is always cash and you don't have control over what the target is. There is a trick to "choose" what to steal, but it's still random.

  25. Yaa Yeet

    Yaa Yeet4 日 前

    Team: go to the airport! XpertTheif: yeah but we're doing 360 everytime Lmao!!

  26. Rocky Snow

    Rocky Snow4 日 前

    that was the worse possible way to do the heist 😂

  27. Samplayz13 Luck

    Samplayz13 Luck4 日 前

    When I do the heist I get 3 million

  28. Fad3 AllSpec

    Fad3 AllSpec4 日 前

    I tried it and it took us 1 month 6 days 2 hours 18 minutes and 54 seconds wtf

  29. Carter Hartman

    Carter Hartman5 日 前

    Honestly this hurts to watch bc there is a 10x easier way. We can complete the heist in 10-15 min and get everything out of the vault

  30. F B I

    F B I5 日 前

    Does a heist and takes 1mil passes with 120000 me: nah I'm not finna waste ammo for 120000

  31. ll One King ll

    ll One King ll5 日 前

    Haven’t watched you for like 4 years and now I remember why you became so boring a plain white boy with a black person skin snooze.

  32. Wet xo

    Wet xo5 日 前

    This was so wild! Had my heart beating outa my chest 😂👌👌😈

  33. Gerry C

    Gerry C5 日 前

    I thought Lester was gay

  34. Gaming Bat

    Gaming Bat5 日 前

    This makes me wanna go out right now! Buy a shark card get a arcade and stay ip all night doing all the dam setups

  35. Connor Horton

    Connor Horton5 日 前

    Why Are they buying cash

  36. rexklezz. kw

    rexklezz. kw5 日 前

    he has nice merch ;)

  37. Rodolfo Baladez

    Rodolfo Baladez6 日 前

    Is it just the highest or do you have mods on your guns

  38. Nermal

    Nermal6 日 前

    Did anyone pick up the paintings in the vault. U got way less than what I got in my play through

  39. Kami Hunter

    Kami Hunter6 日 前

    How many times did you say crazy I'm tryna cow but it's too many

  40. Hamstermist

    Hamstermist6 日 前

    You can stay in the room for about 20 seconds after the gas

  41. Sizzle FT

    Sizzle FT6 日 前

    Hey expert can you do the heist with me please

  42. Parallel Dxzy

    Parallel Dxzy6 日 前

    i miss xpert!

  43. Twitch ltrt

    Twitch ltrt7 日 前

    Ive done this mission 3 times all different ways

  44. James Crutchfield

    James Crutchfield7 日 前

    I did all the plannning and can’t figure out how to say I’m ready.

  45. Excite

    Excite7 日 前

    I wanna do a heist with this guy I'm new but he can get some good players with us and I can probably make over 300k

  46. Louis Hernandez

    Louis Hernandez7 日 前

    Mannnn what happen to “thug live” Bruhh nah that was u back in the day

  47. Arif Ali

    Arif Ali7 日 前

    I feel like pacific standard heist was better than this lol



    What you on P4 or PC?

  49. bou ali

    bou ali7 日 前

    That was the bad heist I like domsday heist

  50. Sam Gregory

    Sam Gregory7 日 前

    Good jobe

  51. Bibiplayz 6

    Bibiplayz 67 日 前

    If Lester can kiss a girl anyone can

  52. REBEL.Ins'

    REBEL.Ins'7 日 前

    About time GTA 6 made an appearance....

  53. ZEsszyy

    ZEsszyy7 日 前

    127000 lmao

  54. bull frangi

    bull frangi8 日 前

    Oh is it lagging ok 👌 I will fix it in a minute never fixes it

  55. Amanda Johnson

    Amanda Johnson8 日 前

    I hat one setup left to go but the board reseted

  56. AKA_ Reverse ._.

    AKA_ Reverse ._.8 日 前


  57. Jencarlos Ramos

    Jencarlos Ramos8 日 前

    Bro if you want to know who is saying your intro well that would be me😂😀

  58. Bailey Louden

    Bailey Louden9 日 前

    How many times did he say “this is crazy!”

  59. Lloyd Vue

    Lloyd Vue9 日 前

    how are they using shotgun's??

  60. LEGO Plays

    LEGO Plays9 日 前

    My boy Lester at the end👊😂

  61. Thenightrider65

    Thenightrider659 日 前

    That’s where all the casino money went lol