1. GXD Jjvvgbbhb did

    GXD Jjvvgbbhb did3 時間 前

    No u don’t have to leave inless u do sneaky and silent but there is smoke that come and in dose barely any damage u suck at these

  2. GXD Jjvvgbbhb did

    GXD Jjvvgbbhb did3 時間 前

    Yo if u do Duggan shipment they don’t have armor

  3. Pepsiro

    Pepsiro4 時間 前

    I love how you can roll the cash holders (idk what they’re called) out of the vault and into the hallway and then put it all in the duffel bags

  4. Jayden Rodarte

    Jayden Rodarte15 時間 前

    He worked hard for hiest i bought dlc and got it in two days

  5. Dr. Jayo Mac

    Dr. Jayo Mac20 時間 前

    My luck: *your team has quit*

  6. N N

    N N日 前

    the way he did the heist was like a guy that just started playing 1 day ago he put his weapons as mk 2 bruh then the car he cld upgrade it to bulletproof tires but he didnt know and he thought there was gonna be bulletproof tires the worst part he thought he was exiting through the roof but instead he was exiting through the staff lobby and he entered through the main door instead of the sewars he didnt even take mini vault and he didnt know how to get into G or H lol,

  7. Riley Bourne

    Riley Bourne日 前

    Does someone wanna help me with the preps

  8. Jacob O'Donnell

    Jacob O'Donnell2 日 前

    I did the big con for the Casino Heist with my younger brother and a friend of his. The big con gets you the most money.

  9. Edulitoh barahona

    Edulitoh barahona3 日 前

    Kevin is so nice to the lower levels

  10. Joseph craggs

    Joseph craggs3 日 前


  11. Callum McLaren

    Callum McLaren4 日 前


  12. Star Dev

    Star Dev4 日 前


  13. PTR

    PTR5 日 前

    ich habe auch einen gta 5 online kanal wenn ihr da drauf wollt einfach auf meinen namen clicken

  14. Roko Čogelja

    Roko Čogelja5 日 前

    He got doing heist for 120k but he got 22mil lol

  15. mikaxd 338

    mikaxd 3386 日 前

    Expert you need to get in your getaway car in the arcade and then ther wil come a question of car design and then you can change color bulletproof tires and armor

  16. Thomas Rossi

    Thomas Rossi7 日 前

    This JPreporterr obviously tries to be family friendly, but he’s playing GTA 5

  17. Panda goes Boom

    Panda goes Boom8 日 前

    Yo he came in shot the roof and jumped over the bar

  18. bruh momento

    bruh momento8 日 前

    31:28 open interaction menu go to style scroll to down to near the bottom and you find the action button And double tap or tap the button for every action (x on ps4 but not sure) Im late you prolly know how lol

  19. kaelyn elizabeth

    kaelyn elizabeth9 日 前

    its really pissing me off players leaving for no reason

  20. kaelyn elizabeth

    kaelyn elizabeth9 日 前

    can rockstar really make a big punishment for people leaving hesits

  21. SonicImp5405

    SonicImp54059 日 前

    *He’s trying to look good for the Chinese girl* I died LAMAO

  22. Duncan Stewart

    Duncan Stewart10 日 前

    6:52 FBI OPEN UP

  23. Tetsuya Kuroko

    Tetsuya Kuroko11 日 前

    Von OrdonaYt better than your casino hiest

  24. Cam G

    Cam G12 日 前

    U could kinda tell it his first time but still fun👍🏻👍🏻

  25. Lime's World

    Lime's World12 日 前

    I like the positivity at the end

  26. Kastovia

    Kastovia12 日 前

    Just did this today, I did the big con gruppe sechs. We stole 2.3 million and when we left the casino, someone quit😢

  27. Wolfbomb Daly

    Wolfbomb Daly13 日 前

    I almost completed the diamond casino heist with no snacks only light armor

  28. Joe Sutcliffe

    Joe Sutcliffe13 日 前

    Where's the reinforced armour

  29. Ananymoose Willy

    Ananymoose Willy14 日 前


  30. Modikana langa

    Modikana langa14 日 前

    You know that the gas is not so effective?

  31. Adan Junior

    Adan Junior14 日 前

    F gil ciet

  32. Adan Junior

    Adan Junior14 日 前


  33. Joey Weisman

    Joey Weisman14 日 前

    If u get all the money and do it right it’s sooooo much better

  34. Aris Albino

    Aris Albino15 日 前

    Lol 😂 woooo🤬😈👹

  35. Ryancj2010 Gamer

    Ryancj2010 Gamer15 日 前

    Xperia’s you can upgrade the geterway veicale


    MAHMOUD15 日 前

    8:19 tell me someone noticed the dead body on the right

  37. Tino Barcenas

    Tino Barcenas16 日 前

    Bru it's not far I got a far one before and you can add bullet proof tires

  38. Rhys Early paul

    Rhys Early paul16 日 前


  39. Gamergurl 16

    Gamergurl 1617 日 前

    Lester gets a girlfriend: every single man thas still single:🥺💔

  40. BloccBoy_ Smoke

    BloccBoy_ Smoke17 日 前


  41. World of stile

    World of stile19 日 前

    Sure you played with tmartn

  42. HOF x

    HOF x19 日 前

    Bro I literally have the same he is I do this with 1 guy I got more money myself than their total lol

  43. Nicholas Rainey

    Nicholas Rainey20 日 前

    I love how he said this gun has no long range but it can kind of snipe though



    Hey X T OG OG OG

  45. Tahlia Jade

    Tahlia Jade20 日 前

    Go agressive I’ve completed 4 my mums soul and I’m lvl 70

  46. C7K Elijxh

    C7K Elijxh20 日 前

    16:36 I thought someone would've already talked about the fortnite vault lmao

  47. Wyatt Fletcher

    Wyatt Fletcher20 日 前

    Bro you won't see this but I need people do grind with because I can't do it with randomes don't x box gamer tag is Anitinenickle

  48. I Believe

    I Believe20 日 前

    Any girl? Insta - bloody_impact_xt

  49. Holden WH

    Holden WH20 日 前

    ExperTheif:has gun also ExpertTheif:goes to staff lobby also ExpertTheif:hits people with gun instead of shooting

  50. Holden WH

    Holden WH20 日 前

    lester:head inside and youl be on the main floor--*lesters brain glitches and he forgets what he just said so he said:head inside and you'l be on the main floor*again*

  51. Holden WH

    Holden WH20 日 前

    when the stream got unlive and became a vid there was still lag

  52. zuri green

    zuri green20 日 前

    What is your name on gta5 online

  53. nick hoyos

    nick hoyos21 日 前

    It’s weird I get the worst ppl except for hacker and I don’t use body armor or snacks and I do it all with a ceramic pistol

  54. T Studios

    T Studios21 日 前

    it good

  55. Dinero Jordan

    Dinero Jordan21 日 前

    I wanna do this Heist but I ain’t tryna waste my money tho

  56. Gloknot _Official

    Gloknot _Official21 日 前

    Best quote of all time "Frick it dude, you gotta risk it for the biscuit, you know what i'm saying" -XpertThief, 2019

  57. KlicClacJR

    KlicClacJR13 日 前

    Gloknot _Official you realize he didn’t make that up, right?

  58. KlicClacJR

    KlicClacJR13 日 前

    Gloknot _Official not at all

  59. Jacob Barrow

    Jacob Barrow22 日 前

    there should be a heist where you rob the car in the casino

  60. Stupidity_ Dawg

    Stupidity_ Dawg23 日 前


  61. Chris Winch

    Chris Winch23 日 前

    Hey expert thief

  62. matthew marsden

    matthew marsden23 日 前

    i did that with 3 people, no snacks and no armor

  63. AES parkour

    AES parkour24 日 前

    casinos would have even more sucrity than this hiest and the mantrap would be filled with armed guards

  64. sherwood smallidge

    sherwood smallidge24 日 前

    nah that chineesese guy is hot too

  65. MrGamesLord 309

    MrGamesLord 3098 日 前


  66. Unknown User

    Unknown User24 日 前

    When you notice that it’s aggressive and there’s cash in the vault

  67. VLG Staticz

    VLG Staticz25 日 前


  68. Francisco Valadez

    Francisco Valadez26 日 前

    i did this hiest and lester said that the owner of the casino was now a ex BILLIONER but we didnt even take 1 billion dollors we took 2 mill

  69. MrGamesLord 309

    MrGamesLord 3098 日 前

    He has to pay for the stolen cash, he has to pay the families of all the dead people, he needs repair the casino, vault door, and might also have to pay for new workers

  70. Marco Vitale

    Marco Vitale26 日 前

    Can’t wait so I can do it



    I wish people would invite me so I can make some money I’ve been playing for years but never. Are over 1 million

  72. TeL_ ZRuSh

    TeL_ ZRuSh28 日 前


  73. General Grievous

    General Grievous28 日 前

    Wish they could let people do this solo

  74. Flybye 1

    Flybye 128 日 前

    Are going to ignore that he has 2. Billion dollars

  75. ogabogaboga 32fx

    ogabogaboga 32fx28 日 前

    do u no t

  76. tymekthe cebula

    tymekthe cebula29 日 前

    Great thumbnail

  77. Yk Ayden

    Yk Ayden29 日 前

    In my opinion front entrance is better than back

  78. reagan g

    reagan g29 日 前

    Compared to this video the union depository was like a drug store

  79. King Free Fire

    King Free Fire29 日 前

    She was fine tho

  80. Regnay Mcken

    Regnay Mcken29 日 前

    That was lite



    Like a few months ago



    Lol you got 1.3 mill when I get 3.4 mill diamonds

  83. Gianni Henize

    Gianni Henizeヶ月 前

    U don’t gotta blievive me but it’s real

  84. Gianni Henize

    Gianni Henizeヶ月 前

    I have everything in the game

  85. Gianni Henize

    Gianni Henizeヶ月 前

    I can sub now I have a gmail

  86. Jayden Zamora

    Jayden Zamoraヶ月 前

    Im guessing that in gta6 they will have Lester 2.o

  87. RedSc0rcher

    RedSc0rcherヶ月 前

    Guys I need help doing the big con bugstars one. My Xbox is MrClever4776. (I have a no mic)

  88. bindu jose

    bindu joseヶ月 前

    Gta 5 is a stupid game

  89. MrGamesLord 309

    MrGamesLord 3098 日 前


  90. Silantro Mexican

    Silantro Mexican16 日 前

    It's been around for 7 years and its barely dying

  91. Clowney Pedro

    Clowney Pedroヶ月 前

    Yeah risk it to get the biscut



    The first thing you hear when he gets out of the casino a bad word

  93. NoTurtleRight YT

    NoTurtleRight YTヶ月 前

    Over 300 counts of murder

  94. Alex polton

    Alex poltonヶ月 前

    God your hard to watch

  95. MrGamesLord 309

    MrGamesLord 3098 日 前

    @Tom McGregor cringe, some people might find him cringe and unfunny, I don't but see were he's coming from

  96. Tom McGregor

    Tom McGregorヶ月 前


  97. Trizie Agar

    Trizie Agarヶ月 前

    I feel bad for the fat couple 😂 Imagine going out with ur girl and all of a sudden someone went PUT UR HANDS UP

  98. double d

    double dヶ月 前

    ngl, he handled the car so fucking well

  99. xxzackgamerxxx15 god

    xxzackgamerxxx15 godヶ月 前


  100. FTC Mauricio

    FTC Mauricioヶ月 前

    Anyone want to help me do this ? I’m on Xbox

  101. Tom McGregor

    Tom McGregorヶ月 前

    Yeah alright

  102. devonte smith

    devonte smithヶ月 前

    You should get the same amount because it's double money on GTA online because you needed any snacks before you get on

  103. xXSwEaTy3000Xx

    xXSwEaTy3000Xxヶ月 前

    Bro can you help me make money I have 3000 but no one joins me for heist

  104. SPLASHY Z

    SPLASHY Zヶ月 前

    How is his aim like that

  105. dark_on_0 Ping

    dark_on_0 Pingヶ月 前

    Hey expert can you help me out I’m only level 26 and I’m not doing good I need to do good I don’t have a mic and I play on ps4

  106. Silantro Mexican

    Silantro Mexican16 日 前

    And he plays pc and comment on a different video bc this one old




  108. Sarfraz Khan

    Sarfraz Khanヶ月 前


  109. BBgamer 9

    BBgamer 9ヶ月 前

    Was it just me or when they got to the vault all I felt was cringe

  110. Ryan Mroz

    Ryan Mrozヶ月 前

    Watching this now just makes me cringe. I’ve done this so much and it’s so weird to see how different we used to do this heist back in December.