The Clowns Here Kill Part 2 - Escape the Night S3 (Ep 2)


  1. sad_ kid_hours

    sad_ kid_hours9 時間 前

    Harley Quinn on crack my favorite line

  2. Pixel Wizard

    Pixel Wizard2 日 前

    Well when in a 70’s horror movie of there wasn’t a African American man the hipster dies first.

  3. Abbiepgc03

    Abbiepgc032 日 前

    No one: Not a single soul: Not even Joey’s celery: Matt: “I am more than comfortable putting loads of meat into my mouth. I was excited!”

  4. Felixs Deepvoice

    Felixs Deepvoice3 日 前

    26:17 “should I tell them I’m not naturally a blonde” -Nikita Dragun LMFAOOOO

  5. Autumn Ashes

    Autumn Ashes3 日 前

    Favourite character of season one: Eve 2: Alison 3: Rosanna 4 tbc

  6. Monkey Girl Abbi

    Monkey Girl Abbi3 日 前

    Tesla should have been gone



    They couldve saved JC but they were too slow

  8. Moon The Umbreon

    Moon The Umbreon3 日 前

    Calliope:Sure looks like it pretty boy Mortimer:Aww you think I’m pretty. If you get this reference, you’re my new best friend.

  9. Loretta Norris

    Loretta Norris3 日 前

    Joeys right you guys should I ask him before You guys got to your self in danger

  10. 『The Jojo News』

    『The Jojo News』4 日 前


  11. Sophie Grissom

    Sophie Grissom4 日 前

    Nikita:" Yes pick me I will drugith thee." Me: Lol she totally my new best friend!!

  12. Yvette Trevino

    Yvette Trevino4 日 前

    Jc: I choose Matt. Matt: how irony cuz I'm the one who put them in that position

  13. JustAnotherGemini

    JustAnotherGemini5 日 前

    I love how everyone calls Safiya Sophia

  14. Rose Sanchez

    Rose Sanchez6 日 前

    no one: teala:fun fact actually really sad fact i cant swim

  15. Destiny V

    Destiny V6 日 前

    It’s SAFIYA

  16. Emilio Polanco

    Emilio Polanco7 日 前

    Jc gets chosen : ON WHO Voted you tealagets chosen: oop

  17. nexus gaming\ toy reviews

    nexus gaming\ toy reviews7 日 前

    Mortimer came to play

  18. Daisha Kruse

    Daisha Kruse7 日 前

    “Yes girl go Sofia” I don’t see Sofia the first here-

  19. Bee

    Bee8 日 前

    Im just saying, if I was tied to merry go round with rope, I'd be able to get out of it. With the amount of times I tie myself up, sis those clowns better run

  20. eva leplae

    eva leplae8 日 前

    Every clown ever : I see you Me puts on a red nose Clown : where she go

  21. Someone who plays games

    Someone who plays games10 日 前

    18:29 Teala's laugh tho

  22. Sidney Beasley

    Sidney Beasley10 日 前


  23. Kayleigh Jensen

    Kayleigh Jensen10 日 前

    I love how since quarantine started, ive watched this whole series at least 10 times

  24. Gonta gokuhara fan

    Gonta gokuhara fan11 日 前

    Nobody: Not even roi Not even the others Colleen:ThEreS a DiScO pArTy AnD mAmA iM rEaDy

  25. Janellete Banaag

    Janellete Banaag11 日 前

    High Tower: *Faints and Falls Down* Colleen: My God! Dramatic!

  26. Janellete Banaag

    Janellete Banaag11 日 前

    Colleen Having a crush on Mortimor😂😂😂

  27. Ciana Batoon

    Ciana Batoon12 日 前

    they should put James Charles in a season like if you agree srry i cant spell

  28. alejandro montalvo

    alejandro montalvo13 日 前


  29. LenaGaming

    LenaGaming14 日 前

    Me: Praying Matt dosent get out

  30. Melissa Knichel

    Melissa Knichel14 日 前

    add Collins key and davin key on s5

  31. kate gamer

    kate gamer14 日 前

    everone saying they said safiya wrong me : they litteraly said safiya (no hate) btw its almost pronounce as sofia


    VIBEZX PLAYZ15 日 前

    The clown who rolled the dice of death was hit with his abs

  33. Mariafé Jiménez

    Mariafé Jiménez15 日 前

    I can't with Nikita at the end hahaha

  34. Secret Star!

    Secret Star!15 日 前

    My two favourite characters: Blanch and Blueberry

  35. Secret Star!

    Secret Star!15 日 前

    26:15 OMg no crap, Nikita 😂😂

  36. Secret Star!

    Secret Star!15 日 前

    3:27 I found some celery 🤣

  37. Areil Pope

    Areil Pope16 日 前

    "she's such I sweetie and my good friend but uh kill her" Collien 2018

  38. Sami m.

    Sami m.17 日 前

    I fricken love this show ! ♥️

  39. straw berry

    straw berry17 日 前


  40. Transwest Permit Service

    Transwest Permit Service18 日 前


  41. Charlotte's Errors

    Charlotte's Errors19 日 前

    18:29 : Me when the school says “come in earlier so we can stagger the times”



    i- will say that tela should have died!!

  43. Shawn Clark

    Shawn Clark21 日 前

    I've peed like 5 times this two episodes

  44. The official 3 of a kind

    The official 3 of a kind21 日 前

    "huhhh... honestly should I just tell the whole group that I'm not actually a blonde" -Nikita 2018

  45. wesley jenkins

    wesley jenkins22 日 前

    i kinda wish jc survived instead of teala

  46. Jaden Kaligayahan

    Jaden Kaligayahan22 日 前

    Teala: sOfiA

  47. jaredplays roblox

    jaredplays roblox23 日 前

    JC got Robbed :C

  48. Skye Mclaughlin

    Skye Mclaughlin24 日 前

    KC would have made it so far if someone didn’t vote for him in this episode because he was so helpful

  49. Defne Koç

    Defne Koç24 日 前

    Srry didnt mean to at someone😅

  50. Defne Koç

    Defne Koç24 日 前

    I mean @

  51. Random bandom

    Random bandom24 日 前

    First artifacts then gems then artifacts

  52. Random bandom

    Random bandom24 日 前

    Always at sunrise

  53. Meow Meow :3

    Meow Meow :325 日 前

    *GaSp* ShOuLd I TeLl ThEm I'm NoT a BlOoNd!! 🤣

  54. Moonx Sky

    Moonx Sky25 日 前

    I know shes sweet and all but lets kill her ah ha ha ha ha ha

  55. sister games

    sister games26 日 前

    All of them in the party: DaNcInG WhOHo

  56. sister games

    sister games26 日 前

    It’s a mix of saw and flicker

  57. Cake Land

    Cake Land26 日 前

    All the clowns:THROW UP! THROW UP Mat:spits it all out Safias mind:why did u do that u see my swalow my HOT DOGS WHY DID U DO THATTTTT!

  58. Cake Land

    Cake Land26 日 前

    Every body gatering up: Mat:i picked JC tho

  59. Cake Land

    Cake Land26 日 前

    JC:So i thought every body was on had my back Mats mind:i picked him-

  60. Shadow Wolf260

    Shadow Wolf26026 日 前

    Who else thought Nikita was jame charles

  61. Shadow Wolf260

    Shadow Wolf26026 日 前

    Joey be looking like that one dude from scuba do. No hate

  62. JayD777

    JayD77726 日 前

    Bahahah nikita at the end

  63. Kelly Rock

    Kelly Rock27 日 前

    Nikita: Should i just tell the group that im not natrually a blonde? Me: *wheeze*

  64. Bam Rio

    Bam Rio27 日 前

    25:21 that was the worst tie up job I’ve ever seen I mean common u couldn’t have tried the least bit with that?

  65. Lexie v

    Lexie v27 日 前

    Omg I freaked out when they rolled 8 and they were ab to kill Nikita

  66. ;

    ;27 日 前

    why are people trigger about teala calling safiya sofia......

  67. America Mables

    America Mables28 日 前

    It not Sofia sorry girl

  68. Cl0udy Boba

    Cl0udy Boba28 日 前

    Matt: I failed him.. Me: You were the one who voted him in tho... 🧐

  69. Christopher Jaimes

    Christopher Jaimes28 日 前


  70. x_.Summa._x UwU

    x_.Summa._x UwU28 日 前

    I cant with all of them

  71. AV

    AV28 日 前

    The clowns really know how to act

  72. MEGA Popcorn

    MEGA Popcorn28 日 前

    Noone: Colleen:i came for a collab

  73. Shoey ;-;

    Shoey ;-;29 日 前

    Imagine if he did a season with vsauce, mark rober, and ryan’s toy review.

  74. mishall

    mishall29 日 前

    everyone: *really focused finding clues* joey: oh guys i found some celery :D timestamp: 3:23

  75. Bella boo

    Bella boo29 日 前

    Mordamore: looks like we’re in this together Clyape: sure looks like it pretty boy Mordamore: peace out

  76. Eden Ah Toon

    Eden Ah Toon29 日 前

    why don’t you just invite people that you don’t like...

  77. Maia Thomas

    Maia Thomasヶ月 前

    Finding this series during quarantine has probably been one of the best things I’ve ever experienced in my life

  78. Victoria Sushchenko

    Victoria Sushchenkoヶ月 前

    No one: Not even the monsters of Everlock: Joey: OoP gUyS, i FoUnD sOmE cElErY

  79. Madison wilson

    Madison wilsonヶ月 前

    I'm literally dying

  80. lps Wolfe

    lps Wolfeヶ月 前

    Jc died for nooooooo reason he solved the whole puzzle by himself WITH NOBDYS HELP he figured out the dots and he died I love mat but he wasn't there to see that he solved the whole puzzle .......

  81. Daisy-Mae Hughesman-Smith

    Daisy-Mae Hughesman-Smithヶ月 前

    Jc being like a literal criminal mastermind figuring the boxes and codes ,, which I was like holy crap that was quick And then I am the only one who cried when Jc got chosen and killed , in my friend group

  82. Peyton Marie

    Peyton Marieヶ月 前

    If y’all didn’t realize.. if Safiya was faster with undoing and putting the other head on the jack they coulda saved jc...

  83. Jalei Mannis

    Jalei Mannisヶ月 前

    Please not the disco dancer live please

  84. Nazh Miranda

    Nazh Mirandaヶ月 前

    I like the part when Rose got scared when the balloon pop 😂😂😂😂😂

  85. Thiara Denise

    Thiara Deniseヶ月 前

    Everyone: looking for clues Joey: gUyS I fOuNd SoMe CelErY

  86. Regina Cortez

    Regina Cortezヶ月 前

    My favret movi

  87. `KØKØÎ YT

    `KØKØÎ YTヶ月 前

    Teala:I pick Sofia Me:SOFIA ! ITS SAFIYA DUM DUM

  88. Alexa Nina

    Alexa Ninaヶ月 前

    No body: Not a single soul Joey: ✨ C E L E R Y ✨



    yo, every body wanted mat to defend them!!!!!!

  90. Allie UwUz

    Allie UwUzヶ月 前

    Today i learned there was such thing as a vegan hotdog

  91. Bonita Acosta

    Bonita Acostaヶ月 前

    You guys are so scared why you guys shouldn't be scared you guys the grown-ups you know that

  92. Anoek van de Laak

    Anoek van de Laakヶ月 前

    The intros are just absolutely beautiful

  93. Nathalie Kristine Llandelar

    Nathalie Kristine Llandelarヶ月 前

    I dont know why Im simping with a clown🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  94. Christopher Avelar

    Christopher Avelarヶ月 前


  95. Moppy Robot

    Moppy Robotヶ月 前

    JC:Any volunteers Colleen:BEECH

  96. Filiz Hasani

    Filiz Hasaniヶ月 前

    Joey :gues what i have to kill my friends Me: but you make 10 friends evry sezon

  97. Vanessa Wright

    Vanessa Wrightヶ月 前

    Clown boss: I don’t think ur dancing moredmore: secretly teaming up with the clowns people: omg I wanna leaveeeeeee my head: no more please stop watching me: oh YA let’s watch some moreeee

  98. Daisy Doodle peanut

    Daisy Doodle peanutヶ月 前


  99. luhkqtnae

    luhkqtnaeヶ月 前

    I can't believe that my boyfriend died in this episode p.s. love u nikita and jc I love you crying right now

  100. Isabella Penalbert

    Isabella Penalbertヶ月 前

    Why does the intro remind me of goosebumps 🤔 anyone else think that?

  101. Eden Ah Toon

    Eden Ah Toonヶ月 前

    I still don’t get JC and his maths 💀