The Clowns Here Kill Part 1 - Escape the Night S3 (Ep 1)


  1. Amazing Venz aznuec

    Amazing Venz aznuec4 時間 前

    Nikita's scream was so high pitched


    ALINA BROWN12 時間 前

    Joey:clowns why has it got to be clowns Colleen: are clown anyone's favorite? MatPat: I find clowns delightful :) Me: Bruhh

  3. Tayla Hill

    Tayla Hill12 時間 前

    When I saw Safyia and Colleen, I screamed. They are my favorite JPreporterrs

  4. thetotallyawesome cuber

    thetotallyawesome cuber日 前

    whats in the box whats in the box

  5. Isabel Shearer

    Isabel Shearer日 前

    Blueberry for shadowing or What

  6. Amy

    Amy日 前

    Teala: Ew ew I hate clowns Joey: Clowns? Why's it gotta be clowns?! Everyone: I HATE CLOWNS Matt: I find clowns delightful.

  7. Sidney Beasley

    Sidney Beasley日 前

    10:16 - 10:29 this little bit with the ferris wheel was so cute and pretty and wholesome 🥰💖⭐ then the clowns had to show up y'all don't know how tempted I was to jump in the screen and go *"HEY! LET THESE INTERNET SIBLINGS HAVE THEIR MOMENT PLEASE AND THANK YOU!"*

  8. x Angelic Angel x

    x Angelic Angel x日 前


  9. Assassin Cherry!

    Assassin Cherry!日 前

    Joey: I can deal with vampires, I can deal with werewolves and all sorts of other things. But clowns? Why has it gotta be clowns? Colleen: Are clowns anyone's thing? Like, no one likes clowns. *I find clowns delightful.*

  10. The Annoying Peanut

    The Annoying Peanut日 前

    Ro: 10:27 NO YOUR ADORABLE

  11. Sofia Herbert.

    Sofia Herbert.2 日 前


  12. Jayden Mattz

    Jayden Mattz2 日 前

    My grandmother would be 28 at the time it was set so if I were to be here I’d bring my grandmother

  13. Dark Blue Demon

    Dark Blue Demon2 日 前

    WHY THE FRICK DOES EVERYONE CALL ROY QUAVA?! like i know thats his channel but still.. HE HAS A NAME

  14. Ethixx

    Ethixx2 日 前

    R.I.P Blueberry ... Unknown-2018

  15. Sawyer the lawyer gaming

    Sawyer the lawyer gaming2 日 前

    Why was james charles in this show?



    Well the sorceress seems not to be dead uhh

  17. Chloe Cheezzy

    Chloe Cheezzy2 日 前

    Who else saw the clown kiss joey

  18. Chloe Cheezzy

    Chloe Cheezzy2 日 前

    Who had the highest scream

  19. Chloe Cheezzy

    Chloe Cheezzy2 日 前


  20. ETN_kobo

    ETN_kobo2 日 前

    Or Nikita

  21. ETN_kobo

    ETN_kobo2 日 前

    Probably Ro 😹

  22. Shareese's Dream World

    Shareese's Dream World2 日 前

    I WAS LITTERALY SO SCARED WHEN RO AND PAT WERE STUCK ON THE FERIS WHEEL AND CLOWNS ON THE BOTTOM thats low key my worst fear😭 also at least they had an "romantic moment"😂😏

  23. Beemr. The blank?

    Beemr. The blank?2 日 前

    f in the chat for paramount ranch :( Why the fire

  24. Simply •Savvi

    Simply •Savvi2 日 前

    What’s your favorite season guys ?

  25. Jack.Hannafin

    Jack.Hannafin3 日 前

    I'm watching cause it was recommended to me by friends

  26. Monifa Riggs

    Monifa Riggs3 日 前

    Mat was getting comfy with ro just saying 👁👄👁✌

  27. Emily Mckay

    Emily Mckay3 日 前

    Film Theory

  28. dead dead

    dead dead3 日 前

    Manny looks like the new beautiful james charles that I will love.

  29. Hannah Wood

    Hannah Wood3 日 前

    I just love how Roy, and Matt play it up when they get captured, it makes it so much better

  30. 【《IM A GHOST》】

    【《IM A GHOST》】3 日 前

    Me: Here For MatPat Edit: I Also Wanna Watch The Whole Season

  31. yongboks.badbleep

    yongboks.badbleep4 日 前

    When Ro got scared and screamed while running that was the best moment of escape the night

  32. E Gnav

    E Gnav4 日 前

    i've watched all seasons 4 times and i always look forward to seeing ro :3

  33. Lucas Lam

    Lucas Lam5 日 前

    Quote of the Year: 10:07 "Blueberries are coming?" -Colleen Ballinger

  34. Taylor Hadfield

    Taylor Hadfield6 日 前

    Aw she had to give up blueberry


    ÆRWS ŠWMKRÆ6 日 前

    What you not invites eva and oli

  36. Loretta Norris

    Loretta Norris6 日 前

    Joey why did you open the box you’re putting all your friends in danger so you can come back to life what kind of friend are you?

  37. Carla Garcia

    Carla Garcia6 日 前

    I can’t swim 👁👄👁

  38. Rachel Lambert

    Rachel Lambert7 日 前

    Aww rip blueberry

  39. Jasmin Zavala

    Jasmin Zavala7 日 前

    Aaaaaa omg mat and ro so iconic

  40. Min Yoongi민윤기

    Min Yoongi민윤기7 日 前

    This literally the best Season....because all the youtubers i watch are in it

  41. Lunar Siblings

    Lunar Siblings7 日 前

    1:57 So guys, still can't swim 😃

  42. Lunar Siblings

    Lunar Siblings7 日 前

    1:33 uhm no

  43. Twice MinaNayeon

    Twice MinaNayeon7 日 前

    Joey omg you are such a troublemaker 🤦‍♂️😂

  44. D'Andra Deleon Guerrero

    D'Andra Deleon Guerrero7 日 前

    Nikita b* wheres my burguer I did not order this

  45. •SquidWard• Tentacles!

    •SquidWard• Tentacles!8 日 前

    I wish they added in this show Ldshadowlady,smallishbeens,smajor/Scott, or like joeys Minecraft friends !!! That would be fun!! And funny or like not celebrities more like a JPreporterrs lol 😂

  46. Flowey is cute if you Don’t count the murder

    Flowey is cute if you Don’t count the murder8 日 前


  47. Flowey is cute if you Don’t count the murder

    Flowey is cute if you Don’t count the murder8 日 前


  48. Vida Pertell

    Vida Pertell8 日 前

    I promise you when I watched this I almost gagged no joke

  49. lj rays

    lj rays9 日 前

    Mortimer: I'm mortimer Guava: HE'S LYING!

  50. For the small brain people From a small brained

    For the small brain people From a small brained9 日 前

    Coline: Are clowns anyone’s thing? I don’t think anyone like clowns. Matthew: I find clowns delightful.

  51. Corinne Wedick

    Corinne Wedick10 日 前

    Ok Joey dolls whit knife 's and ro and nakeda and and and clowns for colleens sack what the hell jeez joey and u whant to kill your frineds

  52. nexus gaming\ toy reviews

    nexus gaming\ toy reviews10 日 前

    ....... clowns. f*cking clowns. WHY'D IT HAVE TO BE CLOWNS?!

  53. Coco Milk

    Coco Milk10 日 前

    6th or more time rewatching ETN c:

  54. luke naidoo

    luke naidoo10 日 前

    this season gave me nightmars cause i am terrified of clowns

  55. furkan ozogul

    furkan ozogul10 日 前


  56. Drawing With Dragons

    Drawing With Dragons11 日 前

    Everyone: I hate clowns Mat: I find clowns delightful

  57. Kaizo Kanami

    Kaizo Kanami11 日 前

    7:46 my arachnophobia makes made skip it every time i rewatch this series

  58. Emilia

    Emilia11 日 前

    jOEY U IDIOT its like hes never been in a weird time out of time before

  59. Angela Delgado

    Angela Delgado11 日 前

    It’s been 2 years Did Nikita ever get her burger 1:34

  60. Scott Foote

    Scott Foote11 日 前

    When your mom keeps creepy dolls and the clown says dolls with knives

  61. AF1-PANDA

    AF1-PANDA11 日 前

    Me every season here we go again.

  62. •That_ Cosplayer•

    •That_ Cosplayer•11 日 前

    Matt and ro are the best in this whole show

  63. R•O•B•L•O•X• G•I•R•L

    R•O•B•L•O•X• G•I•R•L11 日 前


  64. bellacorn3510

    bellacorn351011 日 前

    RIP MatPat

  65. Ameya Makkar

    Ameya Makkar11 日 前

    I'm watching this for the fourthh time in a row.... Send Help😭

  66. Londyn cookie lover

    Londyn cookie lover12 日 前

    Me seeing zombies come from the dead Me:oh heckx naw I'm out of here

  67. Jalei Mannis

    Jalei Mannis12 日 前

    No NOT the jet sietr

  68. Bea Flores

    Bea Flores12 日 前

    why do they add a comment section when its the 1st episode and all the other episodes has no comment section

  69. Joel Cunningham

    Joel Cunningham13 日 前

    i have a crush on ro

  70. Clowned Kory

    Clowned Kory13 日 前

    You can tell when the clown says "only someone with your unique gift can open the box", Joey looks surprised, his eyebrows raise and everything in confusion almost as if saying "how did you know?"

  71. Serza ツ

    Serza ツ13 日 前


  72. Nevaeh Etsitty

    Nevaeh Etsitty13 日 前

    Collen:blueberry r coming Me:wtf I'm dieing

  73. Tea ejejwjje

    Tea ejejwjje13 日 前

    Me watching durin class

  74. Natalie B

    Natalie B13 日 前

    Thats a huge b$ch- caliapee

  75. Aeris Wright

    Aeris Wright14 日 前

    Season 4: Tries to save friends: the ones he didn't mean to kill, the ones he didn't invite and the ones he sacrificed to bring himself back. I wonder what Season 5 will be... Maybe like the ones who died too soon?

  76. greninja

    greninja15 日 前

    Simply for the deval you have good taste in music

  77. RØDVINPLAYZ Official

    RØDVINPLAYZ Official15 日 前

    O mah gush these clowns are terrifying

  78. -3- SillyTheSillyDuck -3-

    -3- SillyTheSillyDuck -3-15 日 前


  79. Wild Calla

    Wild Calla15 日 前

    :) I like Game Theory

  80. thmaru

    thmaru16 日 前

    me: Rewatching my favorite season and not the others because I'm too lazy

  81. Shagana Siva

    Shagana Siva16 日 前

    I watch this season 6 times

  82. Maddie Lee

    Maddie Lee16 日 前

    ROOOoo so sad that she died later in the series 😢😢 she almost escaped

  83. 『Chippo』

    『Chippo』16 日 前

    Everyone: SREAMING IN FEAR matt: Oh god no

  84. Melissa Knichel

    Melissa Knichel16 日 前


  85. Sanyogeeta sinha

    Sanyogeeta sinha16 日 前

    Kerstin schulze

  86. Matthew Herrera

    Matthew Herrera16 日 前

    Y'all did Alex Wasabi wrong in last season. It should HAve been him who broke the curse.

  87. Samman Jha

    Samman Jha16 日 前

    Any broke people here?

  88. Cinder Block

    Cinder Block16 日 前

    Me watching this with my sister and she tells me that she loves Coleen and Ro. Me knowing she won’t be happy soon. Oops 😬

  89. fvnxy_ spvrkle

    fvnxy_ spvrkle16 日 前

    Makes sense Mat being a detective.

  90. Mk121

    Mk12117 日 前

    *women dies... clowns come in with guns and it’s chaotic* Matt Chilling out on the Ferris wheel: I ToLd YoU iTs ThE ClOwnS 🙄

  91. Mk121

    Mk12117 日 前

    Joey just doesn’t get a break in this storyline 😂 like ik it’s just a part of the show but if I had to face monsters from night to night for like weeks I’d just end myself there

  92. cherry luna

    cherry luna17 日 前

    someone tell my mother to come pick me up I’m scared

  93. doddlers

    doddlers17 日 前

    poor matpat

  94. Maria CBC

    Maria CBC17 日 前

    I love how Joey agrees to kill all his friends without a second thought in like a second!

  95. Jennifer Cid

    Jennifer Cid18 日 前

    Im rewatching this for the third time this year, and yall luke the clown😳 Sorry i havent had much human contact since march🥴

  96. Lili Nakova

    Lili Nakova18 日 前

    why does mat have to be married😫 he literally looks so cute with rosanna

  97. DuckityBoi

    DuckityBoi18 日 前

    I feel like Matt or Ro could’ve thrown the news paper

  98. Fish Fingers

    Fish Fingers18 日 前

    This was 2 years ago. Seems like yesterday

  99. Jerecho Fuertes

    Jerecho Fuertes18 日 前

    2:37 the music starts

  100. dreameryy

    dreameryy18 日 前


  101. Aiden Legacy

    Aiden Legacy19 日 前

    Mean there’s always that one friend that goes did she just say Dollz 🎀 with knives

  102. Hi

    Hi19 日 前

    27:06 XD

  103. Braelyn Dalia

    Braelyn Dalia19 日 前

    “I’ve never hit someone with a bat, but I’ve always wanted to” 💀💀💀💀💀💀 I love Joey