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  2. Victoria Simoes

    Victoria Simoes8 日 前

    Asian Boss it would be nice to get an update and see how what the people think about it now that it out 🤔

  3. keesmuch

    keesmuch13 日 前

    @Hannes Lermquoted from a news article "journalist Shawn Zhang, who claims to have mapped out the numerous camps in Xinjiang, wrote that if the "Mulan" film crew landed at the Turpan airport and traveled along highway G312 to the Shanshan Desert, "They could see at least seven re-education camps." Zhang told Taiwan News that "Re-education Camp No. 87" is located in Shanshan County a mere seven kilometers away from where the Shanshan Desert scenes were shot."

  4. Hannes Lerm

    Hannes Lerm13 日 前

    Just so everyone knows, Disney thanked the officials in China who are running the Xinjiang Uighur concentration camps for their help in filming this movie. Check it out in the credits.

  5. keesmuch

    keesmuch18 日 前

    The lead actress is a CCP shrill. She supported the police brutality against the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, while her right protected by the American passport she is holding. She does not represent Mulan who fought oppression, talk about hypocrisy. But of course, Disney is going to make billions in China for this. Disney = Greed!

  6. Cimrak 20ad

    Cimrak 20ad2 ヶ月 前

    as a representative of Asian in western films.......and even as a representative of "Mulan"........her representation in opinion is unacceptable !!!..........and against the harmony of all real Chinese people and Chinese-Americans.,,.....corruption is never the answer........and a corrupt mulan is even worse @ police brutality @anti democracy @pro-coronavirus

  7. Z Melody

    Z Melody9 時間 前

    misconception. CCP does not ban Mulan, it is removed because a lot of people, including myself reported it. Just like what you do to the Gone With The Wind

  8. Z Melody

    Z Melody9 時間 前

    The pitest thing is that Mulan and Crazy Rich Asians are all full of Americanized ideologies and portrayed the Asian culture negatively.

  9. Light Zero

    Light Zero日 前

    It was alright could be better there was no Eddie murphy so its its whatever can't wait for the southeast Asian girl to come out

  10. Yingyin Ou

    Yingyin Ou日 前


  11. Doodleme Crzy

    Doodleme Crzy日 前

    Killing off franchises seem to be Disney's new hobby.

  12. Mary Kathleen Sapp

    Mary Kathleen Sapp日 前

    🌿 Liu Yifei is the best part of the film... a great international film. From an American fan of her's.

  13. Katherine Cheng

    Katherine Cheng2 日 前

    The little girl was so well-spoken

  14. Justin Macabre

    Justin Macabre3 日 前

    ok, but the guy with the glasses can like get it

  15. Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    Lieutenant BaconWaffles3 日 前

    2020 comes. 3 Mulan movies are released in China. Everyone only talks about the Disney one. Which was probably the least well-received.

  16. Hero Kiryu

    Hero Kiryu3 日 前

    Ask them about Trumps war on China.

  17. I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples

    I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples日 前

    They will get arrested

  18. Robert Eischen

    Robert Eischen4 日 前

    Shoulda done it in Hong Kong

  19. Put Tank In A Mall

    Put Tank In A Mall4 日 前


  20. Put Tank In A Mall

    Put Tank In A Mall4 日 前


  21. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee4 日 前

    The interviewees being selected are not good except the guy in blue, most of them can’t give a clear view

  22. WK Chan

    WK Chan5 日 前

    Its like a modern version of a Fu Man Chu movie.....horrible

  23. Careful Consumer

    Careful Consumer5 日 前

    They changed the story completely. I prefer the original true story.

  24. littlekitsune1

    littlekitsune15 日 前

    I feel bad that they assume Westerners liking the Disney movie means they like the culture. XD Not quite, sadly. I doubt many even know she's a historical figure with a famous ballad and not just a character Disney made up.

  25. Nina Rances

    Nina Rances時間 前

    @littlekitsune1 oh, ok, let me clear it up so I won't get even more confused😅: Mulan is not a real person, but people say her story is based on a true story, and that there is a possibility there might be a woman out there who is the INSPIRATION of the character Mulan.

  26. littlekitsune1

    littlekitsune13 時間 前

    @Nina Rances She's not recorded in actual history books as a real person, but some people think her story might be based on a true one.

  27. Nina Rances

    Nina Rances15 時間 前

    I'm confused, is Mulan a real person or not? I always thought she is a fictional character, but some people are saying she is real.

  28. wakaka bravo

    wakaka bravo2 日 前

    @littlekitsune1 I'm just saying that she is not a historical figures.

  29. littlekitsune1

    littlekitsune12 日 前

    @wakaka bravo You're arguing semantics that change nothing from my original point, so I am done refuting it.

  30. Tiramisu Desu

    Tiramisu Desu6 日 前

    Well the chinese ain't watchin it now

  31. kaylie

    kaylie6 日 前

    Now let them react to the whole movie

  32. eastern2western

    eastern2western7 日 前

    With an abundance of Chinese directores available, disney found a white female director to make the movie. Good luck.

  33. RD Castillo

    RD Castillo7 日 前

    Asian Boss, why don't you ask people there now about Mulan?

  34. Z Melody

    Z Melody9 時間 前

    @RecoveringChristian misconception. CCP does not ban Mulan, it is removed because a lot of people, including myself reported it. Just like what you do to the Gone With The Wind

  35. RecoveringChristian

    RecoveringChristian6 日 前

    Covid and media crackdown by the ccp for mulan content

  36. LI AN QI

    LI AN QI7 日 前

    after watching Mulan and decided to find whether there is one person has the same situation as me. I feel like the movie makes me disappointed😬🙃

  37. Blah Blah

    Blah Blah7 日 前

    This movie is soo much more respectful than the original.

  38. Leah and Drew

    Leah and Drew7 日 前

    I like the girl with the champion shirt on. Seems like she should've been the assistant director/director...

  39. Tuffy Baxton

    Tuffy Baxton8 日 前

    Mulan was a mu-flop...or so I heard

  40. tess tess

    tess tess8 日 前

    that little girl is way too smart.

  41. Jess Li

    Jess Li8 日 前

    i'm asian australian and i haven't heard my mother tongue in a long time, was actually weirdly emotional listening to them speak my former first-language about a story that so inspired me when i was younger... which was then butchered :)))))

  42. Riversong Alessi

    Riversong Alessi9 日 前

    You know what i enjoyed the film not least because i never knew Mulan was a real character in history so it made me go look up Chinese history. Idk 2020 people just want to knock things for the sake of it.

  43. Kenshin 811

    Kenshin 8119 日 前

    1 year later ... oh god, ...

  44. Ren Yang

    Ren Yang9 日 前


  45. Ren Yang

    Ren Yang9 日 前


  46. RD Castillo

    RD Castillo9 日 前

    Looks like Mainland Chinese People don't know anything about the issue surrounding that movie.

  47. Alexander Yue

    Alexander Yue5 日 前

    I can't help but feel that they do know about it and most would either not comment on that or go pro-CCP when they do comment on it.

  48. Hibik

    Hibik7 日 前

    If anyone else doesn't: Look up Xinjiang Uighur Genocide and Concentration Camps

  49. Victoria Simoes

    Victoria Simoes9 日 前

    I wanna see their reactions now that the movie is out! (Well if you buy it for 30$ bucks😒)

  50. Victoria Simoes

    Victoria Simoes8 日 前

    孙阿飘 do you believe that the majority of people would agree with you? I’m just curious. I only know of Mulan because of the Disney animated movie but I would imagine you guys must have learned more in school (?). As an American I feel that this live action version was such a waste....

  51. 孙阿飘

    孙阿飘8 日 前

    Here to fill your curiosity as a Chinese. The movie is great if you rate it like other princess movie, but it is doing so wrong in respecting the history……Cinderella might be able to wear some magical crystal shoes ,but Mulan is a real person in history, obviously she should not use "chi" and other imaginative stuff😭 Adding those stuff in makes Mulan a brand new person different from the one every Chinese know since they were young.

  52. Choco Robba

    Choco Robba9 日 前

    I am seriously curious now that it is out what the audience in China thinks. Clearly I know what the response is from the people who have Disney+. Yet everyone says it was made for an audience in China but is that really so?

  53. Hayden Ho

    Hayden Ho9 日 前

    The movie straight up trash! Not only has the actress playing Mulan expressed her support for Hong Kong oppression and the police violence committed for those seeking democracy. But Disney has allowed this film not only to film near Muslim concentration camps, BUT the movie itself in the credits directly THANKS the governments and bureaus known to be RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING those CONCENTRATION CAMPS and holding a MINIMUM of 1 MILLION MUSLIMS against their will to create a new genocide. By the way, Trump is very informed about these camps and encouraged the Chinese president to continue on his path, as he believes "it's the right thing to do".

  54. Hayden Ho

    Hayden Ho8 日 前

    @Tan Zi Jian let me summarize it. CCP is evil Taiwan number 1 Boycott Mulan Stop muslim Xijiang genocide.

  55. Tan Zi Jian

    Tan Zi Jian8 日 前

    Hmm the rest of your statement doesn't support your first statement, i haven't watch the movie yet, what is thrash about it?

  56. Max Jing

    Max Jing9 日 前

    terrible questions. based on very thin material.

  57. Aegon Targaryen

    Aegon Targaryen9 日 前

    2:03 Even this guys knows , "Live action movies destroy the animated one's" :'D

  58. Fan Syo Yu

    Fan Syo Yu9 日 前

    Now, the movie is out. Ask them again about this movie. The movie is rated below 5/10 in China

  59. Devina Anindita

    Devina Anindita9 日 前

    And Disney ends up making the Mary Sue of China

  60. Finn McCool

    Finn McCool9 日 前

    Free Hong Kong

  61. I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples

    I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples日 前

    Ask the government not the citizens, the citizens does not even know wats going on

  62. Finn McCool

    Finn McCool9 日 前

    Free Tibet

  63. Finn McCool

    Finn McCool9 日 前

    free the Uhyghur,s

  64. kys kys

    kys kys10 日 前

    Koreans hate everything in China. For example, fake food, copyright-free culture, behavior, what do people in other countries think?

  65. I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples

    I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples日 前

    We're talking about the movie dumbass

  66. Ray Mak

    Ray Mak10 日 前

    I liked it

  67. Eve Xyooj

    Eve Xyooj10 日 前

    I don’t understand why a lot of people in China and in different states and continents don’t like Mulan and getting a lot of hate from it. Some movies are not gonna be perfect and not every movie is going to be the same! Some movies have to change! Overall this movie was epic and amazing!! Even though there is some changes in the movie but it’s better that way. I don’t care if I get hate from this!! This is my opinion and if your reading this have some respect.

  68. I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples

    I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples日 前

    The movie is ok

  69. End CCP

    End CCP7 日 前

    It's CCP propaganda and was filmed in Xinjiang where over 2 million Uighurs are being held and tortured in forced labour concentration camps. Thankfully this movie has made more people realise that these mass human rights atrocities are occurring daily in China

  70. Adonis Lam

    Adonis Lam10 日 前

    Since no one is mentioning, I am gonna mention here! Don’t watch this movie as they collaborated with a gov’t unit which detained millions of Uyghurs in XinJiang. How we spend defines who we are! Let’s boycott this movie to tell @Disney that they made a wrong choice!

  71. I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples

    I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples日 前

    Is just a movie chille

  72. bpxl53yewz

    bpxl53yewz10 日 前

    Mostly the criticism I have is Disney letting the Chinese gov't cut scenes out , thanking CCP groups in the credits that are associated with internment camps, and the actress who played Mulan speaking out against democracy in Hong Kong. To the folks saying "it wasn't Chinese enough", ex. they should've spoken in Chinese, should've had Chinese director, etc. It wasn't a Chinese movie. It was a Disney film, they used Disney directors, crew, etc. China already made a live-action Mulan. Watch that then and stop complaining that a movie that was made in America that didn't meet your standards/ expectations.


    CHING GAEY10 日 前

    MuLan 2020 child-friendly, typical feel good DISNEY plots...but nevertheless, the cast did their best and its not whitewashed actually...(HONGHUI my love! Profiler&strategist in teamMulan)I very muchlike MULAN 2009:rise of a warrior Bittersweet for the lovers&friendships...i cried buckets

  74. Aoi Haruki

    Aoi Haruki10 日 前

    I'm sad for these guys expectations

  75. Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson11 日 前

    Loved reading these comments!

  76. Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson11 日 前

    The force is strong with Mulan.

  77. Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson11 日 前

    I just watched this movie and really enjoyed it. The next day I watch the original Mulan for the first time since I was a child and it was so much better. I now see why people don’t like the new one, they shouldn’t have used “Chi”. It was a super hero movie.

  78. Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson11 日 前

    Great interviews! I really liked the kids point of view. I would like to see another interview in the streets now that the movie is out!

  79. YiddoHuayi

    YiddoHuayi11 日 前

    Time for an update?

  80. Michael Ji

    Michael Ji11 日 前

    Blue shirt guy knows what's up

  81. Johnny Woo

    Johnny Woo11 日 前

    They would be offensed if they saw the actual film. It is disgusting.

  82. maroon bubble

    maroon bubble11 日 前

    Mulan should done in series not a movie. Like they said in the interview Chinese culture is far and wide. Disney stage designfail to support the detail show. Place wrong, costumes from different era and so much more. Chinese would appreciate it mirror many aspects of Chinese culture and heritage. The message are strong and straight forward celebrating virtues of Chinese people remind of loyal, brave, truth and honor (devotion to family). 💕

  83. Dan Hitchman

    Dan Hitchman12 日 前

    Spoiler alert: The new Mulan movie SUCKED. The animated film (yes, the one with Eddie Murphy as comedy relief) has a much better message of female empowerment than the 2020 version. In the new one she is basically a superhero with no flaws or weaknesses whatsoever. In the original Disney adaptation, Mulan has to improve herself through grit, determination, training, and cleverness. Mulan is now Rey Skywalker aka Mary Sue.

  84. I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples

    I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples日 前

    @Shanaskie Haddad bc is not real..

  85. Shu Yang

    Shu Yang9 日 前

    @Dan Hitchman I don't know man... many Hollywood movies filmed in China, like Transformer, Avatar and Starwars, none of them looked as bad as this one.

  86. Dan Hitchman

    Dan Hitchman9 日 前

    @Shu Yang They spent a lot of the budget on greasing the CCP's wheels to be able to film in China.

  87. Shu Yang

    Shu Yang9 日 前

    Honestly I don't understand how they spent 200 million dollars on this movie, everything looks terrible and cheap in this movie.

  88. John HENDRICKS

    John HENDRICKS9 日 前

    The animated Mulan she grew trained with the other men, this one she looks all powerful.

  89. LoppyMe Uwu

    LoppyMe Uwu12 日 前

    The mulan movies is not that good.... it has alot cut scenes in it

  90. NTH THN

    NTH THN12 日 前

    So now that they've seen it...

  91. PHK IT Adventures

    PHK IT Adventures12 日 前

    Can we get an updated interview?? I would love to see what the stances are currently

  92. T.R TOM

    T.R TOM3 日 前

    There's alot review from Chinese on JPreporter. Simply put, nobody like it.

  93. Yana 7012

    Yana 70125 日 前

    It's China. We're in 2020, so I doubt it

  94. 智安sean117xx

    智安sean117xx12 日 前

    Watched it because of Donnie yen and yi fei, loved the actors but the movie erm is in my opinion very cringy. Bad screenwriting. Movie feels very whitewashed

  95. ADE _NE. Art

    ADE _NE. Art12 日 前

    And now here we are

  96. Finn McCool

    Finn McCool12 日 前

    Boycott this Movie.

  97. Nikko Candi

    Nikko Candi13 日 前

    Lol Disney is too greedy

  98. DayDayTravel

    DayDayTravel13 日 前

    Disney just make this movie messy! This movie obviously prove that American and western countries do not understand Chinese culture'

  99. Mike Diamondz

    Mike Diamondz13 日 前

    Free Honk Kong, free Tibet free Iughurs CCP !

  100. Mike Diamondz

    Mike Diamondz13 日 前

    This is a CCP supported channel ... CCP is extremly carefull about everything is being put out from china, so figure it out ... anyways 🤮

  101. I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples

    I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples日 前

    We're now talking about the movie...

  102. Mike Diamondz

    Mike Diamondz13 日 前

    Evedything promoting the CCP is welcomed by chinese ... so brainwashed they are by this evil CCP

  103. sophia montesco

    sophia montesco13 日 前

    For me the ideal actress to play the role of mulan would be Kim Go Eun. She was raised in China and them move to Corea. But from my point of view she would be a good Mulan.

  104. Till all are one

    Till all are one13 日 前

    刚看完 电影很好看 西方人用西方视觉来讲述一个东风故事来宣传西方文化 很棒的一部美式爆米花个人主义电影 但绝对称不上是大师作品 更称不上是神作

  105. mikayla wong

    mikayla wong13 日 前

    LOL my first reaction is how can mulan live in FUJIAN TULOU?? i am confusion

  106. Hannes Lerm

    Hannes Lerm13 日 前

    Just so everyone knows, Disney thanked the officials in China who are running the Xinjiang Uighur concentration camps for their help in filming this movie. Check it out in the credits.

  107. Ivan He

    Ivan He13 日 前

    I am not going to watch the movie in that the leading actress is supporting the Chinese Communism Party's tyrant-ish actions over Hong Kong. That is horrible and I cannot tolerant it!

  108. G Schulz

    G Schulz13 日 前

    Is there a follow up of this video (planned), where you aks them about the actual movie? Since the movie turned out to be a bit more of a super hero movie (with the chi and witch and you know). Since the cast is all Chinese and super hero movies are quite popular in China, this really would interest me.

  109. Stuart Lumi

    Stuart Lumi13 日 前

    Not even close to the real stuff, but hey, the story of Mulan was only told in the ancient poetry, it;s not been prof to be real at the first place. What more could we say.

  110. william deng

    william deng14 日 前

    Mulan is an excellent movie, which is a masterpiece made by Western artists. I like it very much!

  111. Finn McCool

    Finn McCool14 日 前

    Free the Chinese Muslims

  112. Finn McCool

    Finn McCool14 日 前

    Free Hong Kong

  113. Ju Yan

    Ju Yan7 時間 前

    Priority is to free Hong Kong from the rioters. If the rioters continue to act violently and suggest independence, the Chinese government would probably put us in re-education camps as they did with the Uyghurs. The best thing to do would be to work hard and build up Hong Kong so that when China takes over, we can continue our unique culture and identity and hopefully even play a part in being an important economic powerhouse.

  114. Finn McCool

    Finn McCool14 日 前

    Free Tibet

  115. Finn McCool

    Finn McCool14 日 前

    Boycott this Movie Untill the CCP Cowards free the Chinese Muslims

  116. I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples

    I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples日 前

    Is just a frikin movie... Ask the government not the citizens,lol even the citizens don't know wats happening

  117. Resa Chiic Covers

    Resa Chiic Covers14 日 前

    Now that it's out, will you make an update?

  118. Jiang Shean Lim

    Jiang Shean Lim14 日 前

    3:02: Any company who has hired this lady is very lucky, her comments/feedback are very critical and amazing to not miss! Amazing points she has made there!

  119. Sahayeda

    Sahayeda14 日 前


  120. Kkn_D

    Kkn_D14 日 前

    This movie was definitely a slap to every real life historical women who contributed/fight on war for freedom, and independence of their country.

  121. Wase e

    Wase e14 日 前

    oh gosh... we let them all down

  122. Sumpi Pattinson

    Sumpi Pattinson14 日 前


  123. I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples

    I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples日 前

    We're taking about the movie

  124. Finn McCool

    Finn McCool14 日 前

    and the Mongolians

  125. Alexander Kloumann

    Alexander Kloumann14 日 前

    The girl at 3:03 hit the nail on the head. Mulan shouldn't be so beautiful and petite if she is going to pass as male and fight alongside battle-hardened men. In the few cases throughout ancient or medieval history when women fought in battle they were likely bigger and stronger than the average woman.

  126. Amaan Hassan Aziz

    Amaan Hassan Aziz12 日 前


  127. Ezay Kyale

    Ezay Kyale14 日 前

    Idk but I am bothered by how he wears his shirt.

  128. Em An

    Em An14 日 前

    final a review I care about... too many white guys reviewing this movie

  129. SwmaiZmt YT

    SwmaiZmt YT14 日 前

    Ask do Chinese people like Disney movies or not

  130. I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples

    I hate stupid peoples and toxic peoples日 前

    @Finn McCool ask the government bruh use ur brain before commenting, even the citizens don't know what's happening

  131. Finn McCool

    Finn McCool14 日 前

    ask the Chinese People to free The Chinese Muslims, Tibet ,Hong Kong and Mongolia.

  132. Calvin Nam

    Calvin Nam15 日 前

    A Chinese movie created in USA..really..what are China people expecting.. Don't expect those born overseas to have the same authencity.. Just like how the British will condemn the lack of authencity in the way Americans speaks English This has been happening throughout history..Change.. Different interpretation..and watered down versions.. All history modifies.. The story of Mulan itself was modified numerous times.. Chinese culture itself was modified so many times in history.. This is an Americanised Chinese can never be as authentic as the China ones..

  133. Shylock

    Shylock15 日 前

    I like the guy with the blue shirt. He knows whats going on and how Asian Americans are being portrayed in the US. he's updated with social events

  134. Dream888

    Dream88811 日 前

    I think he's asian american.

  135. PlanYourLift

    PlanYourLift15 日 前

    I love the one in the white shirt! great insights thank you

  136. Amon Edwin

    Amon Edwin15 日 前

    No Eddie Murphy, Jackie Chan is a disappointed.

  137. Finn McCool

    Finn McCool14 日 前

    F--k Jackie Chan ,he is a sellout for the CCP

  138. bngnyc

    bngnyc15 日 前

    the dialogue ruined it for me, I lost count of how many time "honor/dishonor" were spoken. It's a throw back to the 70's movies.

  139. Joe Biden

    Joe Biden15 日 前

    The voices were awkward too. They should've shot it in Chinese. The voices sounded fake somehow.

  140. Sebastian Thio

    Sebastian Thio15 日 前

    anything that hollywood or disney portray of china or or asia is just is always a joke!

  141. 49ers1975

    49ers197515 日 前

    the movie is descent...the big issue is disney didn't know what it want the movie to it a straight musical like the animation or go full blown chinese lore, mythical, magic, witches, etc.....they chose half chinese mythical that is why they changed it to her having chi and the emperor having almost power himself..but when they made her have chi the writers became stupid and lazy and couldn't find a way to write a good story around made everything unbelievable...if her dad didn't want her to use her chi it was never really known..they could have done another scene where she is young and decided to use it and her dad comes down on her stern or gives her a butt whooping and what not but it was all luvy dubby stuff...

  142. DrC

    DrC15 日 前

    What the hell happened to your Polo T-shirt, Bruh? Did you rush here from Mulan set fight scene or are you guys on budget cut? 😂