The Boys Season 2 - Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video


  1. Temirlan Turarbekov

    Temirlan Turarbekov2 時間 前


  2. Georges Rua

    Georges Rua5 時間 前

    The french guy looks like the kickboxer character in the van damme movie bloodsport.

  3. MX XM

    MX XM6 時間 前

    I have understood NOTHING 🤯🤯

  4. jai sah

    jai sah9 時間 前

    black noir vs starlight

  5. Chris Su

    Chris Su14 時間 前

    I don't want season 3 to move to weekly schedule

  6. Rushikesh Chavan

    Rushikesh Chavan18 時間 前

    I'm going to give this season 1 star only one star for every episode n whole season because just n just of show runner producer n this Amazon you sh!theads u know what u did u just ruined everything every excitement for this season every hype that was created you piece of s**ts dumb a**h*les...... really disappointed n angry..!!!

  7. jarl Andruha der grosse her

    jarl Andruha der grosse her22 時間 前

    Watched 1st season at one or two days. Watched half of the first serie of second season and turned it off. I dont understand it.

  8. Aromal A S

    Aromal A S23 時間 前

    gonna watch S01 again.... 3:06 spotted Gus Fring!!! 😂Realy Excited for S02 !!!

  9. Heston Horacio

    Heston Horacio日 前

    Nobody: Me: I like stormfront, hope she doesn't die this season

  10. ᴀᴅɪᴛʏᴀ sʀɪᴠᴀsᴛᴀᴠᴀ

    ᴀᴅɪᴛʏᴀ sʀɪᴠᴀsᴛᴀᴠᴀ日 前

    I betcha Homalander doesn't know the full form of MM

  11. Vipul Chaudhary

    Vipul Chaudhary日 前

    They said episodes are being released weekly to keep the hype alive but honestly they are killing it. People are already fed up. In todays fast pace time no one has time to wait out for a week. Heck I have to push myself to remember what happened last week. Might as well rolled it on TV instead

  12. Stephen Daniel

    Stephen Daniel日 前

    What is this song?

  13. Akshay Sethu

    Akshay Sethu日 前

    WoW. I just watched the trailer at 0.25 and there is: Black Noir vs Butcher. Black Noir vs Starlight. Maeve vs Stormfront. And pretty sure Stormfront confronts the boys.

  14. Feline Corps

    Feline Corps日 前

    Fucking diabolical.

  15. John Bell

    John Bell日 前

    This show was kind of a letdown. It’s really interesting for one scene each episode, then the rest is pretty boring and overdramatized

  16. Captain K

    Captain K日 前

    You are wrong

  17. Invox

    Invox日 前

    I was really hoping to love this show... and I didn't hate it, BUT it wasn't that good either. I felt the story, the writing, was very dubious on it's intent to lead the audience into these dead ends, to then deliver these sometime absurd outcomes. I feel a lot was writen to serve a "purpose" and NOT to serve the main plot or any character arc. The gore is ridiculously over the top. The protagonists all have too much dualities in them. There is NO clear villain to hate and no hero to love... the only "likable" character was Annie Starlight and she is just a love interest and not a main character. IMO the show promised a LOT (specially because I am a fan of Comics) but it underdelivered. No main arc was closed in the first season and I feel they'll keep us feeding breadcrumbs until the ratings tank, and then they decide to "conclude" the story.. so yeah, I am not hyped for the second season. Not a popular opinion, I know.

  18. Bryan Lawrence

    Bryan Lawrence日 前

    Did Queen Maeve just punched Stormfront and made her bleed ? Hmmm interesting, if so and Homelander is way stronger than both of them, she has nothing on Homelander.

  19. Renan Leiva

    Renan Leiva日 前

    E C? Xxrrxx?? r fxf?f ? Cfxx s pf hh oIV ml Ñ mblhķmlmlllllml

  20. Sonic Son

    Sonic Son日 前

    The seven is a supervillains not superheroes


    IYUZZYI6 時間 前

    That’s the point

  22. Sonic Son

    Sonic Son日 前

    Dc superheroes are way better than seven

  23. Ravi Rajyaguru

    Ravi Rajyaguru2 日 前

    After seeing the Homelander, Thanos is now an angel to me - complete with a golden ring on his head, white wings, and a harp with 6 infinity stones embedded into it.

  24. itz znyder

    itz znyder2 日 前

    2:22 Is hugie a woman from inside ?

  25. Medhvendra Kumar Rathour

    Medhvendra Kumar Rathour2 日 前

    Hindi dubbed available????

  26. VR Venom

    VR Venom2 日 前

    Is it just me Or does Butcher looks like Wolverine? 🤪🤪🤪

  27. a_leisurely_index.

    a_leisurely_index.2 日 前

    So here's what we have so far. Some of the footage, as of Episode 4 being the currently released episode, is already known to us. What's interesting here is the footage we have yet to see. So, Homelander lasers a police man (or SWAT-like person?) in half at a cabin. As we know now of Episode 4, this must be the same cabin where Homelander held his Stillwell fantasies and most importantly, where Doppelganger is dead (as Homelander)! We also see Homelander and Stormfront at a rally at one point, likely Episode 5? If you've seen the trailer for Episode 5, we see Homelander lasering people in the audience. I'd like to think it's during that same rally. Then as some of you have pointed out, we see at one point that Becca is possibly the person behind Kimiko in a shot. I think so, as the face looks quite too familiar to not be her. Remember Raynor's head exploding? There's a patient? (judging by the jumpsuits that she and the Boys are wearing) that has that exact ability. Coincidence? Obvious not. Funny how the Boys are dressed up in the jumpsuits, so they had to sneak in or blend in perhaps? Likely a secret facility with a whole bunch of Supers. I mean if there's a hospital with a Super Baby from Season 1, of course there are more facilities that exist. The explosive female Supe doesn't attack the Boys and instead, some person. Interesting. Maybe they help her escape, and once they see her powers, make a run for it? I know it's just a shot, but still. We see more Annie (Starlight) with the Boys, especially with her mom. As of 2x04, she parted ways with Hughie. So what drives her back? I dunno, but we get to see a skirmish between Noir and her at the Table. But she's wearing her civilian clothes. Not sure if after being with the Boys more or before? Could be after, since no one's really found out. Black Noir, yeah. He's gonna find out at some point, given that he's the surveillance type. Obviously, Butcher survives past 2x05, otherwise there wouldn't really be the Boys. But how? We're not sure yet. Definitely not without a LOT of scrapes and damage for sure, as we see Butcher and Noir facing off in a burning building. Stormfront being Liberty is gonna cause stir in the Boys, and with her public speeches, she's going to grab their attention. Later on, we see Butcher, accompanied by Starlight and Hughie, spying on her. Then, she levitates a car with her electricity as Butcher watches from a far distance. A shot with a similar background also has Queen Maeve punching her? Now that's interesting. She was already outed by Homelander of all people, and we have a vague answer on what happened to Elena. And A-Train. Since he's fired, he's a literal free agent kinda. We see him with The Deep and very briefly, Hughie and Annie. He isn't attacking them, so that's a plus. Could he start working for the Boys or be chill with them? He's kinda unpredictable right now. We also saw Annie in a green room. Don't know what to make of it, but it doesn't seem like a prison of some kind. She's able to use her powers, but what for? That is undetermined, as of now. Thoughts?

  28. Bob Dole

    Bob Dole17 時間 前

    I think A Train is gonna help them in the season finale fight

  29. SOURABH JAT 12th B

    SOURABH JAT 12th B2 日 前

    Butcher's wife behind the female at 1:01

  30. All About Indian Politics

    All About Indian Politics2 日 前

  31. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump2 日 前

    *Spoiler alert* I don't understand, Butches says she was raped. She says she was raped. Homelander said the other thing, the video clearly shows her coming out of the room looking right and left, being careful as if she wanted no one to know about it, as it was some sort of cheating thing going on... can someone explain?

  32. Nathan H

    Nathan H3 日 前

    Soups lol

  33. Rudy lopez

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  34. MOHD S R K

    MOHD S R K3 日 前

    Please dub in hindi

  35. Hunter Juarez

    Hunter Juarez3 日 前

    What I see here is that starlight fights noir, and queen meave will punch storm front.

  36. Demetri Parker

    Demetri Parker3 日 前

    Beat actor pick is homelander.

  37. d3sign3r

    d3sign3r3 日 前

    weakly release sucks

  38. Vipul Chaudhary

    Vipul Chaudhary日 前

    true that. They said they are doing so keep the hype alive but honestly they are killing it. People are already fed up. In todays fast pact time no one has time to wait out for a week. Heck I have to push myself to remember what happened last week. Might as well rolled it on TV instead

  39. Rob Quin

    Rob Quin日 前

    they would have released them at once ALL the way back in july had it not been for covid

  40. Charming Boy

    Charming Boy3 日 前

    Release in hindi

  41. Lhanze Jared DiCarpio

    Lhanze Jared DiCarpio3 日 前

    I hope this show won't go downhill the wrong path like the other shows. If they ever finish every story arc for their characters, just end the show. Or at least end it with a canon movie. We don't need extra 15 seasons of crap.

  42. Rimjhim Chakraborty

    Rimjhim Chakraborty3 日 前

    Oh look, that's Nate Archibald killing animals..

  43. JESSROCKED Channel

    JESSROCKED Channel3 日 前

    homelander is just killin it. best douchebag to represent america

  44. YT Gamiñg

    YT Gamiñg3 日 前

    Why it's not hindi dubbed 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😠

  45. Lord OZ

    Lord OZ3 日 前

    What’s the music played in here?

  46. i am lyric

    i am lyric4 日 前

    anyone else skipping past fishman's gills scenes every time coz its looks so fucked

  47. Wall Flower

    Wall Flower4 日 前

    1:01 Is that Becca behind Kimiko?

  48. Schlomo Y.

    Schlomo Y.4 日 前

    Stormfront is the best character!

  49. Judy SA

    Judy SA4 日 前

    1:55 was that Black noire drowning Starlight?

  50. Olivier DAVID

    Olivier DAVID4 日 前

    does anyone know the song at 2:10? thxxx

  51. Zameer Ahmed

    Zameer Ahmed4 日 前

    Everything special about these supes came from a bottle!

  52. Darek Walukiewicz

    Darek Walukiewicz4 日 前


  53. Darek Walukiewicz

    Darek Walukiewicz4 日 前

    I just thought that if you kill homelander send a reverse version of kripton to another planet

  54. vaibhav rathi

    vaibhav rathi4 日 前

    aaaannnd...they are releasing episodes one by one, making streaming services like tvs.....

  55. Anoneemus Noename

    Anoneemus Noename3 日 前

    They are gonna tank the show...

  56. Beatriz Acevedo

    Beatriz Acevedo4 日 前

    I'd like to watch this serie with its original audio. 😥

  57. Lapine DZ

    Lapine DZ4 日 前

    1:34 so he is not gonna kill her

  58. Benjamin Jon

    Benjamin Jon4 日 前

    Here from Michael Reeves

  59. Bupe Kunda

    Bupe Kunda4 日 前

    Since Translucent died, I think John Cena would be a perfect replacement

  60. jatin raj

    jatin raj4 日 前

    Can we give the casting director of homelander a freaking award please.

  61. C k

    C k4 日 前

    HOMELANDER is the villian we all love to hate! GREAT ACTOR!

  62. Irfan Osman

    Irfan Osman5 日 前

    Why isn't anybody taking about Erin Moriarty and how cute she looks in this

  63. Eric Rahman

    Eric Rahman2 日 前

    She's freaking gorgeous

  64. Dhanujaya

    Dhanujaya5 日 前

    Noooooooo action scenes 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  65. R M Mishra

    R M Mishra5 日 前

    Please dubb in Hindi language , for indians

  66. Al-Rone 7

    Al-Rone 75 日 前

    Goddamn i hate that stormbitch

  67. karn samant

    karn samant5 日 前

    Please try to release all episodes at a time. Just hate to wait for a week to get the story. New whatever the policy or technique just suck..😖

  68. Rob Quin

    Rob Quin日 前

    they would have done that all the way back in july but couldnt because the goddamn covid stopped them from doing so.

  69. MarvL

    MarvL5 日 前

    Gus fring is back😵😵

  70. Zachary Deleon

    Zachary Deleon5 日 前

    Totally random but Homelanders actor should play one of the cyborgs in the next Alien film

  71. Alter Fizz

    Alter Fizz5 日 前

    1:20 Paulina Rubio. 😂😂

  72. PepePis Tola

    PepePis Tola5 日 前

    Esperar 1 semana por cada episodio?? perdieron a un seguidor de la serie.

  73. Sumit Pardeshi

    Sumit Pardeshi5 日 前

    Season 2 is a big disappointment.what is wrong with you guys.

  74. Empenguin

    Empenguin5 日 前

    1:01 becca...

  75. Johanns Gaming

    Johanns Gaming5 日 前

    i feel like these guys are villains mostly but sometime are heroees lol

  76. Mahan Thanos

    Mahan Thanos5 日 前

    Totally love it thnx amazon prime ❤


    DOGMA DARK6 日 前

    Wtf happend season 2 is so boring and badly's like season 1 didn't happen.

  78. Louiemeister

    Louiemeister6 日 前

    So next episode black kids gonna fight butcher, and a couple episodes later he’ll fight starlight cause you see them fighting in vought tower in the trailer

  79. arbknight12

    arbknight126 日 前

    The Tick could’ve sorted this whole mess with one hug.

  80. Clint

    Clint6 日 前

    mother's milk is the best

  81. Mike Garcia

    Mike Garcia6 日 前

    Looks stupid & lowbrow to me, but giving it a shot anyways.

  82. CMacQsNutSac

    CMacQsNutSac6 日 前

    Song name anyone?

  83. Joaco maureiraaa

    Joaco maureiraaa6 日 前

    Name of the song?

  84. vaibhav v

    vaibhav v6 日 前

    i like the yaaaaayay bgm

  85. trevnevit123

    trevnevit1236 日 前

    Billy Butcher is Doom Slayer confirmed

  86. Sam Ellery

    Sam Ellery6 日 前

    Noones going to notice after frenchie says “ofc we’re in” you can clearly see Becca behind kamiko

  87. köiZü

    köiZü2 日 前

    And Kimiko is more like Himeko from Honkai impact .

  88. Outskirts of Infinity

    Outskirts of Infinity2 日 前

    @Hiago 22117 I know but I prefer The Female. Her name is a reference to Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “The Female of the Species.” The refrain of the poem is “For the Female of the Species is more deadly than the Male” and fits her character perfectly.

  89. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump2 日 前

    Bro! I'm hiring you for the C.I.A

  90. Hiago 22117

    Hiago 221173 日 前

    @Outskirts of Infinity but in the show she is Kimiko

  91. Outskirts of Infinity

    Outskirts of Infinity3 日 前

    Wow. In our defense, she’s not in focus and Becca doesn’t really have many distinguishing features. But her name isn’t Kimiko. She’s The Female.

  92. Blue Missile Animations

    Blue Missile Animations6 日 前

    1:01 behind kimiko you can see what appears to be butcher's wife

  93. P.K. Oscillave

    P.K. Oscillave5 日 前

    You can also see maeve punching stormfront.

  94. Grimmer2006

    Grimmer20066 日 前

    Hughie Campbell and Starlights "relationship" just continous to be sooo awkward, they have no chemistry. I love all caracters in this seris, except Hughie Campbell, he is just a waste of time. They gotta shape him up or something, just tired of seing him being awkward and slow.

  95. Aήiᴍe VILLAGE

    Aήiᴍe VILLAGE6 日 前

    Why BILLY BUTCHER is trying to speak like TOMMY SHELBY Using EH! in every line and accent almost same😂

  96. Jorge Salaber

    Jorge Salaber6 日 前

    Aήiᴍe VILLAGE “Oi we the boys”

  97. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper6 日 前

    i literally want to see homelander killing stormfront.

  98. Killer 9

    Killer 9分 前

    @Isabelle you must be a feminist if you think homelander is worse.

  99. Isabelle

    Isabelle3 日 前

    I hope that ondof them will kill the other. Idk which one is worse

  100. themsheadphones

    themsheadphones3 日 前


  101. GCV

    GCV6 日 前

    Season 1-stars10+,Season 2- 5stars.Maybe later,but so far ther is no comparation with season 1.still,a good tv show.

  102. illumi naughty

    illumi naughty6 日 前

    It disgusts me how butchers wife cheated on him and he is playing the victim role like nothing happened.

  103. illumi naughty

    illumi naughty5 日 前

    @Potato head thanks my man.. Now i can watch the series in peace. 😂 i thought it otherwise that there was no point butcher trying get back his wife.

  104. Potato head

    Potato head5 日 前

    @illumi naughty Season 2 Episode 4 57:20

  105. illumi naughty

    illumi naughty5 日 前

    @Potato head did i miss that? Can you please let me know which episode and timestamp?

  106. Potato head

    Potato head6 日 前

    @illumi naughty but in recent episode she said he raped her

  107. illumi naughty

    illumi naughty6 日 前

    @Potato head no they went in together in the room spent three hours, she came out without crying dressed up quick and left. Homelander says she came thrice😂

  108. Kaustubh Singh

    Kaustubh Singh6 日 前

    Rewatched, changed playback speed

  109. Milk -

    Milk -6 日 前

    SPOILERS: I can't drink milk the same way again...

  110. Rushikesh Chavan

    Rushikesh Chavan7 時間 前

    @Milk - read the comment you'll understand

  111. Milk -

    Milk -7 時間 前

    @Rushikesh Chavan Can we know why?

  112. Disguised Spy

    Disguised Spy7 時間 前

    Rushikesh Chavan calm down for fucksakes mate

  113. Rushikesh Chavan

    Rushikesh Chavan18 時間 前

    I'm going to give this season 1 star only one star for every episode n whole season because just n just of show runner producer n this Amazon you sh!theads u know what u did u just ruined everything every excitement for this season every hype that was created you piece of s**ts dumb a**h*les...... really disappointed n angry..!!!

  114. D P

    D P日 前

    G Basar just watch the show and you’ll see

  115. Jake Rhodes

    Jake Rhodes6 日 前

    1:48 pretty sure they just gave away who killed raynor

  116. pavan boorla

    pavan boorla7 日 前

    1:58 maeve hits stormfront?? 2:10 starlight hits black noir

  117. pavan boorla

    pavan boorla5 日 前

    @Thành Soul thanks brother.edited it.

  118. Thành Soul

    Thành Soul6 日 前

    You mean starlight hits black noir?

  119. Mumbaiker gaming

    Mumbaiker gaming7 日 前

    Do i have to watch season 1 to watch this

  120. Avneet Singh

    Avneet Singh6 日 前


  121. Gaming Galaxies

    Gaming Galaxies7 日 前

    What are the songs in the trailer?


    RANDOM KNIGHT!!7 日 前

    1:36 theres a THEORY that shes his MOM ... Apparently in the comics he was a clone of stormfront. This season’s gonna be fucking insane

  123. Yusuf Doğan

    Yusuf Doğan7 日 前

    Just PERFECT.

  124. Megasawa Channel

    Megasawa Channel7 日 前

    I love strom front she badass and smart

  125. MegaDiamondMC

    MegaDiamondMC7 日 前

    Anyone else notice Becca in background with the rest of the Boys at 1:00? I'm hoping they decide to train up Ryan and use him to take down Homelander.

  126. Mr. Schitz

    Mr. Schitz7 日 前

    I love this show but that "London" accent kills me.. It can go from Londoner to Australian like 4 times in the same sentence :/

  127. Mr. Schitz

    Mr. Schitz6 日 前

    @Brian Galbraith fair enough

  128. Brian Galbraith

    Brian Galbraith6 日 前

    Probably because Karl Urban is from New Zeland m8

  129. Chris Su

    Chris Su7 日 前

    i'm disappointed that season 2 has moved to weekly schedule

  130. Rob Quin

    Rob Quin日 前

    they would have released them all at once back in july but couldnt because covid stopped them.🤬

  131. MrGonzo23

    MrGonzo237 日 前

    This season is even way better than the first. So I definitely find it funny at all the incel losers giving it one star cause they can't get their bottle when they want it. Cry me a river bitches! 😭 < you

  132. Jeevesh Murmu

    Jeevesh Murmu7 日 前

    Who thinks butcher looks like Brad Pitt

  133. myke diesel

    myke diesel7 日 前

    Review bombing this entire season since you want to put out episodes weekly instead of all at once like the first season. Stop trying to milk money out of people. We pay for streaming platforms to binge watch shows. Not for one a week.

  134. Nila

    Nila6 日 前

    @myke diesel congrats

  135. myke diesel

    myke diesel6 日 前

    @Nila nah this is how people get things done. We got it down to 2 1/2 stars. We ain't done yet either.

  136. Nila

    Nila6 日 前

    This is how children behave

  137. MrGonzo23

    MrGonzo237 日 前

    Baby sad cause he can't get his bottle?... 😆

  138. Fitsina Maposse

    Fitsina Maposse7 日 前

    the boys e melhor que os x man