The best pokemon game you never played


  1. SpectrumTwelve

    SpectrumTwelve6 時間 前

    Jaiden you should give x&y another run through I think it would make a decent fun nuzlocke video if you wanted to do another one. They were very handhold kind of games and aside from being a lackluster first attempt at a 3-D game I think they are actually pretty OK entry level games for the series

  2. rx magic

    rx magic6 時間 前

    James x jaiden

  3. Dkpop

    Dkpop6 時間 前

    I love a lot Pokemon ranger games and I hope we wll have another game in the future 🥺😥

  4. oscar Yosep Zapata

    oscar Yosep Zapata6 時間 前

    no se ablar ingles :v

  5. OofMellowFellowOof

    OofMellowFellowOof6 時間 前


  6. SpectrumTwelve

    SpectrumTwelve6 時間 前

    I actually still really do like both X Y and sun moon

  7. will schmalz

    will schmalz6 時間 前

    Play sims for the DS or Wii

  8. ?Cinnamon Roll¿

    ?Cinnamon Roll¿6 時間 前

    where is ari's fourth birthday?

  9. Hilda Martinez

    Hilda Martinez6 時間 前

    Hey Jaiden how was the breakfast stuff

  10. Rana Waleed

    Rana Waleed6 時間 前

    The most gorgeous voice i ever heard

  11. •PusdoX2•

    •PusdoX2•6 時間 前


  12. bley bley burst explotión Gx

    bley bley burst explotión Gx6 時間 前

    Uwu I love yuo

  13. Michael Perrotta

    Michael Perrotta7 時間 前

    Pokemon y: gone Pokemon moon: gone Pokemon shield: it's not bad

  14. Interesting_ Content

    Interesting_ Content7 時間 前

    Vr chat Jaiden on bike: | Also jaiden on bike:__

  15. Interesting_ Content

    Interesting_ Content6 時間 前

    Made by @Darthmcnugget77

  16. random dude on the internet

    random dude on the internet7 時間 前

    Allo Mr.tibbles

  17. *Enchanted Water*

    *Enchanted Water*7 時間 前

    I had to watch this 18 times because I lost it after jaiden was dancing lol


    ANJU BOSE7 時間 前

    Do you know BTS

  19. Olivia OwO

    Olivia OwO7 時間 前

    Dose anyone else have pokemon on game boi? I have pokemone emerald version


    ANJU BOSE7 時間 前

    Try doki doki Literature club it’s a bomb

  21. 3GMRel

    3GMRel7 時間 前

    Find this ._. .-. Not me :| Hi -_- Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ._. Ari:jaiden!!!! My birthday im 3 lets paty!!!!!!!!.

  22. Atharv Bhosale

    Atharv Bhosale7 時間 前

    You should do one for Legend of Zelda! I'm not much into the series but The MInish Cap was great!

  23. 3GMRel

    3GMRel7 時間 前

    Jaiden!!! Its pass ari birthday Ari:jaiden its true im 3 now lets celebrate!!!

  24. infamous non smallant

    infamous non smallant7 時間 前

    Jenn: circle them with friendship circles. Pokemon: *have hearts around them and a satisfied face*

  25. Ammar Jamalludin

    Ammar Jamalludin7 時間 前

    5:23 "only nerds can read this" damnit jaiden

  26. Anime Master

    Anime Master7 時間 前

    How did you get so good at animating

  27. Matt Gladura

    Matt Gladura7 時間 前

    Pokemon ranger was the greatest

  28. Emilio GF

    Emilio GF7 時間 前


  29. Thomie

    Thomie7 時間 前

    4:55 h hope it helped you

  30. Yash Nayyar

    Yash Nayyar7 時間 前

    When the new video is coming,please realse it !!!!!!! And are these friendship lops in real life I want them

  31. Peridot Pumpkin

    Peridot Pumpkin8 時間 前

    How u so cool jaiden? WELP done commenting, now. *burps* Time to sleep.

  32. ACTheSuper

    ACTheSuper8 時間 前

    dance time

  33. selestina60 AJ

    selestina60 AJ8 時間 前

    me: *see's jaiden dancing to song* also me: *M a K e T h I s A o N e H o U r V i D*

  34. Mark Freitag

    Mark Freitag8 時間 前

    Jaiden should play a pokémon Platinum nuzlocke

  35. Ultra Bit

    Ultra Bit8 時間 前

    Jaiden just because pokemon is in a 3D shape that doesn’t mean that there bad

  36. epic gamer bros woah

    epic gamer bros woah8 時間 前

    9:07 the fact she included a pichu in there makes me smile :)

  37. Marya Munshi

    Marya Munshi8 時間 前

    Here's a loop of dancing ranger jaiden for you 4:54 12:49 You can thank me later

  38. Nazar {TY}

    Nazar {TY}8 時間 前

    O, hellooooooo!

  39. entrenador anónimo

    entrenador anónimo8 時間 前

    Hola = )

  40. entrenador anónimo

    entrenador anónimo8 時間 前

    Estoy jugando al Pokémon Zafiro alfa : ), el murkrow no se atrapa 4_4

  41. bubbly giggles

    bubbly giggles8 時間 前

    You look like amy from futerama

  42. carmen yacaribay

    carmen yacaribay9 時間 前

    Kids are watching dont say that

  43. bree137

    bree1379 時間 前

    I saw you playing vr chat.... !!!Swearing time!!!

  44. Cyber Trap

    Cyber Trap9 時間 前

    You Ok With Reaction Jaid

  45. Adam Ryther

    Adam Ryther9 時間 前

    4:54 Daaaaaaaam that some silky smooooooooth animation.

  46. Keith Owen baduya

    Keith Owen baduya9 時間 前

    My name is Keith :/

  47. Cyber Trap

    Cyber Trap9 時間 前

    Ay Jaiden Are Friend With Odd1sOut

  48. Henry Jackson

    Henry Jackson9 時間 前

    I didn't know that darkrai had the power of scronching.

  49. Marisol uwu

    Marisol uwu9 時間 前

    Hello jeiden, this comment is badly written, I am from Mexico and I do not know much English, but here I am, you are one of my favorite cartoonists, you are the best, I would very much like to greet you in Spanish.

  50. halfheart

    halfheart9 時間 前

    bro i used to really like pokemon ranger i watched the whole walkthroughs when i was still young lmao

  51. Gabriel Dunn

    Gabriel Dunn9 時間 前

    Is anyone else is singing “she’s a manic, manic on the floor” when they see Jaiden dace.

  52. Elaine Steven

    Elaine Steven9 時間 前

    I recommend Hotel Dusk for the DS. It's a visual novel mystery with a fantastic art style, and I loved the puzzles.

  53. John Smith

    John Smith9 時間 前

    Decided to replay the game myself. and I gotta say.... Nosepass ;3

  54. King_ Kaydensaa

    King_ Kaydensaa10 時間 前

    T O U C H T H E B I D O O F

  55. Tracked Ninja3

    Tracked Ninja310 時間 前


  56. kuilanngieng

    kuilanngieng10 時間 前

    I am A Really Big Fan Of Jaiden Animations

  57. someedgykid

    someedgykid10 時間 前

    didn't know IQ was measured in centimeters

  58. Pikachu

    Pikachu10 時間 前

    Can’t wait until *POKEMON ULTRA GUN* comes out

  59. olekxd 23

    olekxd 2311 時間 前

    Jaiden is team of sceptile, machoke, magneton, tropius, azumarill and ninjask good? (pokemon sapphire)

  60. しうMEME:3 ಠ_ಠ

    しうMEME:3 ಠ_ಠ11 時間 前

    I have fan art

  61. tatia berdzenidze

    tatia berdzenidze11 時間 前

    Do fnaf video

  62. Temmie 0w0

    Temmie 0w011 時間 前

    you should try OneShot!