The ANGRIEST Owner Of All Time? | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Natasha Hall

    Natasha Hall2 時間 前

    when a karen is the manager

  2. Cams AL

    Cams AL3 時間 前

    The camera man be like: 👁️👄👁️👍



    He doesn’t eat food he tastes it

  4. alli alli

    alli alli6 時間 前

    can you imagine , gordon ramsay , simon cowell and roy kean just going at it. (the Trinity of mockery)

  5. Sa Ggg

    Sa Ggg7 時間 前

    Why everyone named Abby Is fucking moron


    CHUBZTER8 時間 前

    why does she look like the girl from the dictator

  7. 4Anime

    4Anime8 時間 前

    don't let Gordon Ramsay go to the Philippines!

  8. Tyberiusz Gryglewicz

    Tyberiusz Gryglewicz10 時間 前

    Gordon checking fridges is like my dad checking if my room is clean

  9. Lauren Tasker

    Lauren Tasker11 時間 前

    Why is no one talking about the end.. you are so in denial you need NINOOOOO

  10. jellysplatter

    jellysplatter11 時間 前

    love the end credits 'YOU ARE SO IN DENIAL, YOU NEED -ninoooooo'

  11. melissa brown

    melissa brown15 時間 前

    Well this was titled correctly! She said the fridge wasn’t like that before Gordon came, and expects him to believe it after he’s showed her the cross contamination. She’s 100 in denial, and on another planet.

  12. Mohak Nandy

    Mohak Nandy15 時間 前

    "It wasn't a party in my mouth, it was a funeral in my mouth" "Well, it does look like something died"

  13. Winter Max

    Winter Max17 時間 前

    Abby: You're one of the customers I would fire immediately. Me: Wait **me thinking if I heard that right** what?

  14. Good Banter

    Good Banter17 時間 前

    "If you're gonna sit here bullshitting me-" "I'm not sitting, I'm standing" Shut the fuck UP holy shit man

  15. Lolz Trollz

    Lolz Trollz18 時間 前

    2:03 "I'm optimistic" 2 seconds later, optimism has left the chat

  16. L1ght S1ght

    L1ght S1ght19 時間 前

    Watch 8:51 and its funny af

  17. Chloe c50b La maja

    Chloe c50b La maja21 時間 前

    Well if Gordon Ramsay eats my school food he will vomit I promise 🤣🤣

  18. Ghani Boumellah

    Ghani Boumellah23 時間 前

    Fuck this guy

  19. Zerge- Lel

    Zerge- Lel日 前

    "Fuxk off fuck you" why am i laughing?

  20. Zerge- Lel

    Zerge- Lel日 前

    Replay button 6:00

  21. Deric Do

    Deric Do日 前

    Honestly if they censored his curses they wouldn’t feel the same

  22. Manaia Maaka-Naera

    Manaia Maaka-Naera日 前


  23. Daniela Ariadna Montero Narvaez

    Daniela Ariadna Montero Narvaez日 前

    DAMN (lol those are my initials and definitly goes with this occasion xD)

  24. Revrsd YT

    Revrsd YT日 前

    Funniest shit when they start arguing

  25. Behar Al

    Behar Al日 前

    so are we just gonna ignore how much of an asshole he is .... imagine you spent a fortune on a business and all the workers decide to tell you on the day that they don't agree with your menu.... no one could've taken her aside and explained that earlier? She seemed like a rational woman who doesn't accept being yelled at and ridiculed. ramsey's approach was OFF big time. 100% she would've reacted differently if he had shown a shred of respect or that he wanted to help the business instead of going off at her and everything she's dedicated her LIFE to did he expect her not to care or react? damn.

  26. Naman Singh

    Naman Singh日 前

    "Can i have a .." "nope, you're fired"

  27. Liam Quach

    Liam Quach日 前

    1:17 "I'm not sitting I'm standing" Well done You got him

  28. LeFraud

    LeFraud日 前

    Abby: “Your a disgrace to this industry.” Abby: *fins out how many Michelin stars Gordon has.* Abby: *I just ended my whole career.*

  29. Antony Weber

    Antony Weber日 前

    Is the full episode somewhere i would love to know how it continues

  30. adi

    adi日 前

    She’s definitely a Karen

  31. sorin micalaca

    sorin micalaca日 前

    2:12 that lough

  32. HuskyGymnast237 H1Z1

    HuskyGymnast237 H1Z1日 前

    Lol why does she look like my 5th grade teacher 😂😂😂

  33. Lafuu -

    Lafuu -日 前

    Of course she’s an Abby.. I feel bad for the workers

  34. Fede BaWü

    Fede BaWü日 前

    She must have voted Mr. Trump.

  35. Nanosecondto Midnight

    Nanosecondto Midnight日 前

    I think you meant to say that she's Hillary's lover.

  36. Benston Solomon

    Benston Solomon日 前

    This restaurant needs to be sealed

  37. frieda van der schaaf

    frieda van der schaaf日 前

    How can she even fire costumers, like does she just send them away while eating. I need answers

  38. Camel

    Camel日 前

    How do you fire a customer? That’s like firing the products in a factory or something.



    owner starts to talk to her servers and when she hears unfiltered amd true opinions she walks away . she must have a ear to hear opinions to improve her restaurant. gordon is right she is endinial, a fckin endinial. she needs therapy.

  40. Sourish Saha

    Sourish Saha2 日 前

    Ramsay does actually bullshit at times

  41. Sidath Chinthaka

    Sidath Chinthaka2 日 前

    He (Mr. Gordon ) must meke his language when dealing with the civilian . Thank you

  42. Corey Amagula

    Corey Amagula2 日 前


  43. 9 TIME

    9 TIME2 日 前

    Looks like shreak swamp !

  44. Ele K

    Ele K2 日 前

    Karenovirus is quaking

  45. Doomy

    Doomy2 日 前

    "if youre gonna sit there and start bullshitting..." "Im NoT sItTiNg Im StAnDiNg" bruh literally when he was half a second almost finished with his sentence you stand up, what you said was completely unnecassary, i can tell you are very ignorant

  46. william lousdal

    william lousdal2 日 前

    Why does this sound like my parents fighting

  47. OgGamer Kye

    OgGamer Kye2 日 前

    When he said"you stuck up precious little b*****" DEADDDD😂😂😂😂

  48. Luca torq

    Luca torq2 日 前

    I like how the waiters laugh about their on Restaurant

  49. YvngGoat

    YvngGoat2 日 前

    He looks like a High School principal.

  50. El Sibas Canal segundario

    El Sibas Canal segundario20 時間 前


  51. xptristanc

    xptristanc2 日 前

    Its so satisfying when Gordon is mad

  52. Guled varza

    Guled varza2 日 前

    Nino is still a legend :D

  53. Joshua xuereb

    Joshua xuereb2 日 前

    6:16 Are those condoms?

  54. Radioaktivman

    Radioaktivman2 日 前

    Here we have it: The Queen of Karens

  55. sporks

    sporks2 日 前

    "you stuck up precious little bitch"

  56. Meme boi

    Meme boi2 日 前

    *Karen is evolving* *Karen evolved into its final evolution! Kitchen Karen!*

  57. Moto Fails

    Moto Fails2 日 前

    🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕gor cheff bullshit

  58. Moto Fails

    Moto Fails2 日 前

    Tang ina mo cheff nang walang skill

  59. Rafael Agostini - Curiuá-Catu

    Rafael Agostini - Curiuá-Catu2 日 前

    What episode was this? I wanna watch it

  60. Daniel

    Daniel2 日 前

    I can't be alone on this. That young waiter with the piercings is really cute, right?

  61. Mr Wilkes Booth

    Mr Wilkes Booth3 日 前

    Gordan Ramsey breathes air: Too much car fumes, not enough flavour, Too dry. Its disgusting

  62. Jeawen Carl

    Jeawen Carl3 日 前

    Velma looking ass

  63. Jeawen Carl

    Jeawen Carl3 日 前

    Karen owning the restaurant kinda ruined it