The 1975 - Somebody Else (Official Video)


  1. Sarah angel

    Sarah angel42 分 前

    here because of rosé from blackpink ?

  2. Jonathon Krueck

    Jonathon Krueck2 時間 前

    Rose from Blackpink brought me here.

  3. DDE- Vicky

    DDE- Vicky6 時間 前

    I already knows this song but I came back because , I want to see how many people is going to comment " I'm here because of BLACKPINK ROSE" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. dung van

    dung van7 時間 前

    Anh yeu Huyennn :333

  5. Sokanha Sao

    Sokanha Sao7 時間 前

    Rosé brought me here

  6. G 6

    G 67 時間 前

    Rosé 💖🥺

  7. Elyn Lobo

    Elyn Lobo8 時間 前

    I wish rosé will sing this song 🙏

  8. keysie

    keysie8 時間 前

    this is such a good song! this song makes me feel close to roseanne

  9. tisoy soy

    tisoy soy8 時間 前

    the music starts at 3:00min! thank me later!

  10. El CeJotas xd

    El CeJotas xd9 時間 前

    Quien todavía no supera a su Ex jaja:(??

  11. soojenchalis kkpm

    soojenchalis kkpm9 時間 前

    me and rose’ really have same taste of songs😂

  12. Prit Khatri

    Prit Khatri9 時間 前

    Who else is here for rosé? Like for our queen!❤

  13. Sheila Tulung

    Sheila Tulung9 時間 前

    I'm here because of Rosé Blackpink 😍, she likes this song. Love you our lovely Queen Rosé♥️

  14. Al-nair Bilao

    Al-nair Bilao9 時間 前

    When I was watching Joker, I thought about this

  15. Army blinkexo

    Army blinkexo10 時間 前

    Came her just as Rosé said she is listening to somebody else......




  17. Moon And Sun

    Moon And Sun10 時間 前

    Rosé brought me here

  18. l i z

    l i z11 時間 前

    Chaeng brought me here 😁😍

  19. seftia aza

    seftia aza11 時間 前

    ROSÉ mention this song, from vouge newest interview.. so, here i am

  20. Aly Muñoz

    Aly Muñoz12 時間 前

    Who else is here after watching Blackpink Rosé Vogue Korea interview? ❤️

  21. A J

    A J12 時間 前

    Rosé said when she can’t sleep she listen to this song

  22. A J

    A J12 時間 前

    I’m here because of Rosé

  23. s trisha

    s trisha12 時間 前

    i'm coming back here because of ROSÉ

  24. snsd is snsd

    snsd is snsd12 時間 前

    Blinksé here thank you rosé sweetie for bringing me here this'll be in my playlist for a long long time

  25. Athena Sapphire Quinn

    Athena Sapphire Quinn12 時間 前

    Rosè brought me here (^~^)

  26. Emssy Fernandez

    Emssy Fernandez13 時間 前

    I came here just because Rosé member of blackpink told that this is her fav song.

  27. Rosie hi

    Rosie hi13 時間 前

    Rosé's taste in music are soo good. Like this song really 👏👏👏

  28. Kate Sampang

    Kate Sampang13 時間 前

    Im here because of rosè❤❤❤

  29. TW Film

    TW Film13 時間 前

    Because of rosè

  30. Hanie Lieu

    Hanie Lieu13 時間 前

    From Rosé Blackpink ❤️🌹

  31. krishna bhat

    krishna bhat14 時間 前

    Came here becoz of Rosè

  32. Pinki Naik

    Pinki Naik14 時間 前

    Rosé sent me here🖤💗💜🌹👑

  33. قيله

    قيله14 時間 前

    Rosé exposed this song

  34. Sitti Naziha Mansor

    Sitti Naziha Mansor14 時間 前

    rose from bp bring me here

  35. Grace Juanite

    Grace Juanite15 時間 前


  36. Anima Gurung

    Anima Gurung15 時間 前

    Came here after Rosé's vogue interview 🤚🤚

  37. Alma Mary Halili

    Alma Mary Halili15 時間 前

    here because my Queen mentioned it in her interview and I like it 🤩

  38. mohammed hadi

    mohammed hadi16 時間 前

    Rosé thanks 💔 awesome song

  39. Nantiya Panurag

    Nantiya Panurag16 時間 前


  40. Hmingthankimi Jawhly

    Hmingthankimi Jawhly16 時間 前

    Comes after Rosé vogue korea interview but this song is really amazing

  41. Maria Joan Benitez

    Maria Joan Benitez16 時間 前

    Who came here because Rosé mention this song? 🤔🙋‍♀️

  42. Hadeel

    Hadeel6 時間 前


  43. Santi Kusumawati

    Santi Kusumawati7 時間 前

    ofc me

  44. Maria Joan Benitez

    Maria Joan Benitez8 時間 前

    @payung taeduh she mention it in her vogue Korea interview. Check it out here in JPreporter 😉.

  45. tisoy soy

    tisoy soy8 時間 前

    lol we're thinking the same thing

  46. payung taeduh

    payung taeduh8 時間 前

    When and where did rosé mention it?

  47. JC Choconuts

    JC Choconuts16 時間 前

    Who came after ROSE recomendded the song XDD

  48. diares_7

    diares_717 時間 前

    Alguien está aquí por rosé ?

  49. John Park

    John Park17 時間 前

    Is anyone here because of Rose???

  50. Kc Atienza

    Kc Atienza9 時間 前

    Me too😅💙

  51. A J

    A J12 時間 前


  52. diares_7

    diares_717 時間 前


  53. nam7673

    nam767317 時間 前

    Came here because of ROSE

  54. aesthetic games

    aesthetic games9 時間 前


  55. Ngọc Hồng Phúc Trần

    Ngọc Hồng Phúc Trần13 時間 前

    Me too

  56. Mi Salarda

    Mi Salarda17 時間 前

    Rosie brought me here 😂

  57. 죠

    17 時間 前

    로제가 자기 전에 듣는 노래 🎵 유후우~~~~~

  58. Kamilia Blink . Army

    Kamilia Blink . Army17 時間 前

    who is for rose.?

  59. Luzestela Hernandez

    Luzestela Hernandez18 時間 前

    Anyone here after Rosè interview

  60. buket

    buket2 時間 前

    Luzestela Hernandez what did she say?

  61. Ainah Baraacal

    Ainah Baraacal18 時間 前

    I'm here because of rosé.

  62. Sri Handayani

    Sri Handayani18 時間 前

    I come here bcs Rosè of blackpink sing this song 😍😍😍

  63. Soccer10

    Soccer1018 時間 前

    I need to listen to more music like this. Anyone got any suggestions??

  64. ih hi

    ih hi18 時間 前

    I’ here because of ROSÉ🖤

  65. iamoon

    iamoon18 時間 前

    I'm here because Blackpink Rosé said that's her favourite song and I love it.

  66. Cause WhyNot

    Cause WhyNot50 分 前

    Lmao same tho😂

  67. Santi Kusumawati

    Santi Kusumawati7 時間 前

    you are not the only one wkwkwk

  68. tisoy soy

    tisoy soy8 時間 前

    what? also you guys? i thought im the only one

  69. Kc Atienza

    Kc Atienza9 時間 前


  70. Maknaeline VS Rosie

    Maknaeline VS Rosie9 時間 前

    me too

  71. Meredith Alonzo

    Meredith Alonzo19 時間 前

    Rosé any one? 😅

  72. Pinki Naik

    Pinki Naik14 時間 前

    Here blink🖤💗💜🌹👑

  73. lord gaga

    lord gaga19 時間 前


  74. Kaori Delgado

    Kaori Delgado20 時間 前

    the song begin at 3:00

  75. Level Center

    Level Center20 時間 前


  76. Ty Anderson

    Ty Anderson21 時間 前

    This song will either help push you over the edge or help keep you from going over the edge.

  77. Jessica Da-cruz

    Jessica Da-cruz日 前

    Retro vibes still loving 🥰 this song