The 1975 - People


  1. T Pags

    T Pags17 時間 前

    Was not expecting Industrial out of this band oof

  2. Pratiman Gautam

    Pratiman Gautam20 時間 前

    We need a whole album like this

  3. meg

    meg日 前

    1975 are a rock band in a cancel culture era - not easy straits to navigate. Can't do over 100mph. I love em regardless. Any mph.

  4. Daij

    Daij2 日 前

    "I don't like going outside so bring me everything here" lmao I just got my groceries delivered to me.

  5. Davis Whatley

    Davis Whatley2 日 前

    Love him!!!!❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥👌

  6. Amyna Smudong

    Amyna Smudong2 日 前

    I love this

  7. Limapoel

    Limapoel3 日 前

    Maison Margiela!

  8. michelle jean

    michelle jean3 日 前

    dont know whats going on but i love them

  9. Jude Taylor

    Jude Taylor3 日 前

    Best song they've done, weird as I hate every other song they have.

  10. Corinna E.

    Corinna E.3 日 前

    Omg same.

  11. Alondra Segovia

    Alondra Segovia4 日 前

    This kinda gives me MCR vibes ugh love it

  12. Luiz Fernando

    Luiz Fernando4 日 前

    Clipe impecável!

  13. Mariluz Morales Gomez

    Mariluz Morales Gomez5 日 前


  14. Wiktoria Pawlak

    Wiktoria Pawlak5 日 前

    Let’s unite here as fans of their music and not just the pink aesthetics.

  15. Shane Mc Nulty

    Shane Mc Nulty5 日 前

    Me and you together song brought me here.

  16. Angelica

    Angelica5 日 前

    Love them so much but my eyes hurt lol

  17. YoshiTM

    YoshiTM6 日 前

    Matthew Sweetie everything is okay ? 😂



    Ah yeah, they sang Falling For You, ah. My new taste. Ah.

  19. Spunky Jeanius

    Spunky Jeanius6 日 前


  20. Spunky Jeanius

    Spunky Jeanius4 日 前

    Kane Flaherty I was always told that art is to be interpreted by anyone, in any way they see fit....? Every album by them has begun with a song about a blow job right? This album will begin with a teenager climate change activist speech...(sucking climate change agenda dick) I’ve read/viewed a lot of commentary that believe in a correlation with this song & that opening statement is poking fun at climate change folk who should care more about human trafficking and allow the planet to sort itself out. People get killed for bringing attention to high profile (& basically anyone with loads of cash and connections) human trafficky persons (we are talking about prince andrew too). This is not a light matter & nor would an artist admit to it unless suicidal. Stop f$&@ing with the kids.

  21. Kane Flaherty

    Kane Flaherty4 日 前

    Spunky Jeanius it’s nothing to do with that.

  22. Spunky Jeanius

    Spunky Jeanius5 日 前

    Kane Flaherty I said in my opinion. This is how I interpret this song. If I were them I would say “oh we were in Alabama when the abortion laws were going through”. Why would a band admit to having a song about human trafficking? It’s an incredibly hush hush sort of topic when you think about the fact that humans are the third most trafficked thing in the world behind drugs and weapons. Why the “stop $&@king with the kids” line? That sounds pro-life to me. It makes more sense in the context of “hey people stop screwing children!” The world is full of messed up people trying to sexually harm children. I would stay inside if I could. In my opinion.

  23. Kane Flaherty

    Kane Flaherty5 日 前

    Nothing to do with trafficking

  24. Kane Flaherty

    Kane Flaherty5 日 前

    People want more people to be alive. These lines are a subtle criticism of the pro-life movement, according to which life is a holy gift and women shouldn’t be in charge of deciding whether to carry their baby to term or not. PROPOSED SUGGESTION: The music video features virtual reality, digital graphics and social media with a jarring punk-rock manic hysteria…. isolated from the scenery of real nature and real life poetry of people in the streets. The culmination of these elements implies a deep yearning for real human connection- not the vast surface-level digital documentations of our what we’d like to represent our lives as. Isolation from other real humans is further implied when Matt proclaims he doesn’t want to go outside and prefers having everything delivered to him. People want people to survive, not die in war and gun violence. People want people to “live” authentically and fully PROPOSED SUGGESTION: I also think that its a critique of how dehumanized humans have gotten, so he is saying that people who are real humans, who are actual people, don’t want dead people due to environmental issues, they want alive people.

  25. Abigail Aquino

    Abigail Aquino6 日 前

    So, Sincerity is scary, people

  26. Kylee A

    Kylee A8 日 前

    bro he looks like he could be in the adams family

  27. Zack Kamacho Walkthrough

    Zack Kamacho Walkthrough8 日 前

    Oh hi mark

  28. jammy dodgers are my favouright drink

    jammy dodgers are my favouright drink8 日 前

    this is my new alarm

  29. Olga Lebedeva

    Olga Lebedeva8 日 前


  30. Mariel Gutierrez

    Mariel Gutierrez8 日 前

    A mi me gustó😬❤

  31. Nur Hadirah

    Nur Hadirah8 日 前

    my brain when im trying so hard to fall asleep at 3am

  32. Moonroof

    Moonroof9 日 前

    They can do anything!!

  33. Dav Voo

    Dav Voo9 日 前


  34. Hannah W

    Hannah W9 日 前

    love the striking difference from this and the me and you together song

  35. Ctrl. Deleteme

    Ctrl. Deleteme12 日 前

    millennial version of Marilyn Manson lmao

  36. sailorelaxada

    sailorelaxada12 日 前

    amo uma esquizofrenia meu pai

  37. Stranger Sun

    Stranger Sun12 日 前

    So we're all just going to forget about the bad millennialish R&B garbage and old people clothes then?

  38. Scott Reeves

    Scott Reeves12 日 前

    Good set of lads

  39. Camo

    Camo12 日 前

    I discovered The 1975 through this song, and when I looked at their other songs I was really confused... this definitely seems different!

  40. girlfromthecenteroftheuniverse

    girlfromthecenteroftheuniverse12 日 前

    Seriously though, I love dynamic bands. This reminds me a lot of what Smashing Pumpkins did with mellon collie, where you'd have songs like bullet with butterfly wings on the same set as Cupid De Locke. I love the unexpected, variety is truly great, this song is no exception :-)

  41. Olga Lebedeva

    Olga Lebedeva13 日 前


  42. Jeronimo Grimaldi

    Jeronimo Grimaldi13 日 前

    I like the instrumental and some parts of the vocals... im not into the screamo, I rather glam screamo like Grimes do than a hardcore screamo. Anyway, why did 1975 do this?

  43. Croatoan

    Croatoan13 日 前

    this aint it guys

  44. kenzie

    kenzie4 日 前

    this is it**

  45. Nur Sadiqah

    Nur Sadiqah13 日 前


  46. visi0n

    visi0n13 日 前

    This sounds like early Cage the Elephant I love it

  47. visi0n

    visi0n10 日 前

    @youtaughtmehowtolive alright then :)

  48. youtaughtmehowtolive

    youtaughtmehowtolive11 日 前

    @visi0n No.

  49. visi0n

    visi0n11 日 前

    @youtaughtmehowtolive I know what early CTE was, but don't you think this sounds like it could be on TYHB?

  50. youtaughtmehowtolive

    youtaughtmehowtolive12 日 前

    No it doesn't. Early CTE was an alt-blues rock band.

  51. Olga Lebedeva

    Olga Lebedeva13 日 前


  52. Olga Lebedeva

    Olga Lebedeva13 日 前

    i will watch it again and again, and - again. i love it.

  53. Sasha Mulhearn

    Sasha Mulhearn14 日 前

    Best song of theirs. Periodt.

  54. Futboll Tema

    Futboll Tema15 日 前


  55. David Ignacio

    David Ignacio15 日 前

    Anyone else think that matt looks good with long hair?

  56. Soleil Sierra

    Soleil Sierra15 日 前

    "We need to stop just watching shit in bed." Oh God, I'm sorry..

  57. xemittyx sxbliminals

    xemittyx sxbliminals日 前

    Overused tbh

  58. Joshua VII

    Joshua VII15 日 前

    This feels like every monday be like

  59. 꿀빵호떡

    꿀빵호떡15 日 前

    is that helvetica neue????

  60. EpicBoi rohan

    EpicBoi rohan16 日 前

    why dont the other songs sound like this

  61. Nanut 120

    Nanut 12017 日 前

    I'm not sure what music style is this, but "you son of a bitch I'm in" meme is accurate reply.

  62. Isabelle _H_

    Isabelle _H_17 日 前

    So one of their songs was in ny recommended and I was like looking at some of their other songs like wow this is so aesthetic and beautifull and then I clicked on this and wOW WHAT-

  63. Jarrod Dixon

    Jarrod Dixon17 日 前

    I love that they opened their concert in Johannesburg, SA singing People!

  64. 꿀빵호떡

    꿀빵호떡18 日 前

    cant nobody tell me what font is that

  65. 꿀빵호떡

    꿀빵호떡18 日 前

    who knows what font is that

  66. lenabug

    lenabug18 日 前

    I love this beyond measure, true pure art from the hear instead of clout, love that shit

  67. DanteStrife's GT (Suzaku Katori)

    DanteStrife's GT (Suzaku Katori)19 日 前

    Rock never die

  68. EpicBoi rohan

    EpicBoi rohan19 日 前

    that was the craziest song ever im scared for them

  69. haunted house

    haunted house19 日 前

    always thought the lyrics were "STOP FUCKING WITH GOOOOOATS" so yea..

  70. Коля Комп

    Коля Комп19 日 前

    Иностранцы стали тупыми в 2019 году делать это.

  71. Tea time with Tiares

    Tea time with Tiares19 日 前

    I love this song

  72. 김지은

    김지은20 日 前

    애우 쓋더뻑 미쳤네