The 1975 - People (Official Video)


  1. Eleanor Rose

    Eleanor Rose時間 前


  2. Allreli

    Allreli2 時間 前

    lol this is such trash compared to their other songs.

  3. Kylo Aquino

    Kylo Aquino3 時間 前

    Marilyn Manson

  4. Caroline Estanagel

    Caroline Estanagel7 時間 前


  5. Kelley Puhl

    Kelley Puhl7 時間 前

    This song just feels overly edgy for the sake of being overly edgy. It's just so noisy and I can't get into no matter how hard I try. I'm glad other people like it, though.

  6. afree mind

    afree mind10 時間 前

    Me: I wonder if the 1975 still make music, they were so happy and relaxing Me 2 minutes later: this was not what I wanted but it was what I needed

  7. Kyoya Hibari

    Kyoya Hibari12 時間 前

    Damn! So hardcore, it makes me want to punch my dad

  8. Ket Trip

    Ket Trip13 時間 前

    This "music" if you could call it that, makes me want to kill myself. Absolutley fucking awful. The fact this is generating them money is really triggering.

  9. lukaku20wba

    lukaku20wba13 時間 前

    Not their best work

  10. fefe

    fefe14 時間 前

    I don't like going outside so bring me everything here👌

  11. intervention35

    intervention3517 時間 前

    Why does this feel like marilyn manson on redbull instead of coke

  12. Gaboo !

    Gaboo !18 時間 前

    O. O

  13. LimitLess

    LimitLess22 時間 前

    9.2k People don't like people They don't want alive people The young surprise people Stop fucking with the, fucking with the.... People don't like people They don't want alive people The young surprise people Stop fucking with the DISLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE.

  14. Karol Raigoso

    Karol Raigoso22 時間 前

    If this don't wake you up on Monday morning I dont what happened with you ...

  15. Kyosai Kawanabe

    Kyosai Kawanabe22 時間 前


  16. Vomitcake

    Vomitcake23 時間 前

    Posers en los comentarios alv!

  17. Matt Valentini

    Matt Valentini日 前

    I'm scared... can i go back to self titled?

  18. blockedtt

    blockedtt日 前


  19. g davis

    g davis日 前

    appearance of M.Manson. Intellect of B.Spears

  20. moon poet

    moon poet日 前


  21. Loup '

    Loup '日 前

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  22. darrick rafael hernandez

    darrick rafael hernandez日 前

    Yo, what the fuck happened?

  23. Earll Smith

    Earll Smith日 前

    This is awesome!! Love it

  24. ところけんじ

    ところけんじ日 前

    oneokrock Resembles

  25. José Sosa

    José Sosa日 前

    Always hated their old sound even when they got better at it but now this, this has edge, attitude and personality. Good for them.

  26. Morthread 01

    Morthread 01日 前

    So, they are metal band now ?

  27. Elrima Vivy

    Elrima Vivy日 前

    Matt and the spooky kids 😂

  28. slushiegirl

    slushiegirl日 前

    Dear tiktok, please don't turn this art into something common and meaningless. Leave it alone

  29. Kolton Bradford

    Kolton Bradford日 前

    This is the one song by this shitty pop band I can stand

  30. Sungwuk Jung

    Sungwuk Jung日 前

    Marylin Manson???

  31. Javacat17

    Javacat17日 前

    I'm definitely not watching this in bed....

  32. Angeline Legaspi

    Angeline Legaspi日 前


  33. Raphael Menezes

    Raphael Menezes日 前

    New 1975: Placebo+NIN+Queens Of The Stone Age+Death From Above. I like It.

  34. ayna

    ayna日 前

    damn i love this

  35. Thiago Braghini

    Thiago Braghini日 前

    PUTA - QUE - O - PARIU

  36. Grisel Lagos

    Grisel Lagos日 前

    So freaking awesome

  37. Laís

    Laís日 前


  38. Rasma Cox

    Rasma Cox2 日 前

    This is borderline Tupac's explanation of T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E

  39. Rasma Cox

    Rasma Cox2 日 前

    Hello My Chemical Romance meets Falling in Reverse meets early Black Veil Brides think Knives and Pins meets Rise Against

  40. Andrew Pitt

    Andrew Pitt2 日 前

    Can't wait for the tour now!!

  41. Jordan Daly

    Jordan Daly2 日 前

    shoot the runner 2x im a king she my queen on that chorus

  42. GamingWithNoHands

    GamingWithNoHands2 日 前


  43. deniz

    deniz2 日 前

    first 15 seconds can be my alarm ringtone, at the 7 am in the morning "WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP"

  44. Megan Bradley

    Megan Bradley2 日 前

    This sounds incredible.

  45. Jenny Hunt

    Jenny Hunt2 日 前

    The message of this song would have been impacting no matter the sound. The fact they chose this style of sound for a piece like this was absolutely PERFECT for it. This message I swear was made 10x more clear by hearing the frustration and hurt in his voice as he begs for society and the government etc to take action and notice the shit we are doing. This was powerful matty. I approve of this, even though it doesn't need my validation. 🙌😘😍💐💖

  46. PlebKing

    PlebKing2 日 前

    This goes hard.

  47. Lola L

    Lola L2 日 前

    This is what they used in 1975 as a torture technique Its a joke btw

  48. Ray Hoffa

    Ray Hoffa2 日 前

    Quite surprized i achually like this 👌

  49. emerZone

    emerZone2 日 前

    The 1975..with 90s brit pop..feels..i like it

  50. stickerhappy! !

    stickerhappy! !2 日 前

    actually they're just testing the new editing app

  51. Judy Balan

    Judy Balan2 日 前


  52. SaiFer

    SaiFer2 日 前

    The 1975 x Grandson

  53. Unreal Gaming

    Unreal Gaming2 日 前

    y do people are mad after that suicide bomber that scenes that people making dumb things to be famous/killing their selves to be famous

  54. Alexander Francis

    Alexander Francis2 日 前

    From VSCO to E-boy

  55. Morty Smith

    Morty Smith2 日 前

    I love you Marilyn Manson

  56. Tina Xu

    Tina Xu2 日 前

    When did the 1975 become so punk rock lol Just in case you can’t tell, this is a F-omg joke

  57. Elena Bailey

    Elena Bailey2 日 前

    I. Want. More. Of. This. 🤘🏽🖤

  58. lasspenny

    lasspenny2 日 前

    I like how they are experimenting with lots of media. So nice.

  59. ajgray21

    ajgray212 日 前

    I don't have epilepsy but this hurts my fucking eyes good song tho

  60. Veronica Henny

    Veronica Henny2 日 前

    My new alarm