The 12-Hour Race That Almost Killed Me...


  1. hey imme

    hey imme21 時間 前

    Boulder! 💗💗💗

  2. hp 4ever

    hp 4ever日 前

    i didn't cry...... you did

  3. Mile Brzovic

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  4. DV Liftz

    DV Liftz日 前

    One time I ran 3 laps around the football field and passed out when I was 12 so yea fucking try that

  5. Valérie Duguay

    Valérie Duguay2 日 前

    Who else is crying from joy

  6. deenbandhu barua

    deenbandhu barua2 日 前

    This is the most fucking inspirational thing i have ever seen thank you @yestheory for this truely life changing thing love you all guys god bless

  7. Alba Moser

    Alba Moser3 日 前

    This is making me cry, Matt, you are a huge inspiration for times when I want to quit.

  8. Nicolas Martinez

    Nicolas Martinez3 日 前

    6:05 mad respect to that old guy in the back

  9. magda pie

    magda pie3 日 前

    did you ever feel like you needed to pee during the race?

  10. LJ

    LJ5 日 前

    Do you have the full recording of the phone call with Aaron? It would be really cool to listen to it. It was such an inspirational speech!! I am going through a tough moment in my life and Aaron's words are so spot on that gave me the strength to get myself back up.

  11. Aaron Michaelson

    Aaron Michaelson5 日 前

    This video made me cry. Multiple times. I love the embrace of Matt's good friends at the end. I love the payoff that be FELT while watching this video. Great job, Matt. I am training to complete a 1/2 Ironman.

  12. Alin Anastasoaie

    Alin Anastasoaie6 日 前

    For the last 3-4 years i wanted to run a half-marathon but the best i could do was 12km because i wasn't training constantly. After seeing this clip i registered for a half marathon that takes place in 30 days time. I will have 30 days to train for this. Thank you "Yes Theory" for being such a source of inspiration.

  13. Matthew Schwendinger

    Matthew Schwendinger7 日 前

    Why is that ever video of your stuff I start crying or pissing myself laughing??? Kept up the amazing work

  14. Tara D

    Tara D7 日 前

    I cried and felt inspired to also finish marathon. Or maybe start to train. Thank you for this.

  15. Will Carino

    Will Carino8 日 前

    Thank just inspired me to go for a run.

  16. Owen Griffith

    Owen Griffith9 日 前

    I know people that are good enough to run a full iron man

  17. Owen Griffith

    Owen Griffith9 日 前

    Iron mans are the hardest thing a man can do

  18. Owen Griffith

    Owen Griffith9 日 前

    No I’m kidding I love you guys great job!! You inspire me

  19. Saffron Curtis

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  20. SlimMikey

    SlimMikey9 日 前

    I'm in the military and I almost cried 🤧🤧

  21. SlimMikey

    SlimMikey9 日 前

    Big accomplishment tho dude! Congrats

  22. Malumcorrea

    Malumcorrea10 日 前

    Hmmm okay I’m so proud and in tears that looks like we’re friends from life but you’re just a dude that I admire

  23. A13x_ī0çk

    A13x_ī0çk11 日 前

    Sooo inspired u guys are just something else you need to be more recognised for what you do and what you have done you are crazy, amazing and above all who I would want to be. Everyone who watched this should and will be inspired so carry on and we shall all support you for as long as possible. Thank you. Your truly an amazing bunch of people. Great admiration, from me Alex !!

  24. Janina Perez

    Janina Perez12 日 前

    Thank You for your absolutely truth of pain no gain. That made me cry for sure. That’s how it is pushing through Huge goals. Sweet tears of effort.

  25. majeda shammout

    majeda shammout12 日 前

    this gave me goosebumps. it so beautiful how Thomas and Ammar were there to support him.

  26. Roksana Sobala

    Roksana Sobala12 日 前

    damn i love ur friendship

  27. Bubbawing 123

    Bubbawing 12313 日 前

    Actually an amazing video

  28. meli28says

    meli28says13 日 前

    You guys are so amazing! The bond you all have is beautiful! You are such strong and inspirational men!! Love everything you guys stand for & do!

  29. jamriver

    jamriver13 日 前

    Ur the MAN ❤️✌️ Congratulations

  30. Felix Je Nej

    Felix Je Nej14 日 前

    Man, I've watched this video for like a thousend times and I'm still speechless.

  31. Anil Mishra

    Anil Mishra14 日 前

    I cried watching it.

  32. Grey Spartan

    Grey Spartan15 日 前

    My dad did this for 10 years.... 10 iron mans! Amazing man

  33. Alex Fitzpatrick

    Alex Fitzpatrick15 日 前

    Woah! I live in Santa Rosa! That’s crazy

  34. Finn Mackaill

    Finn Mackaill15 日 前

    This give me inspiration to work harder! Thanks guys this video was amazing. @8:34 the clock is at 12:08 was this 10 minutes after he finished then?

  35. Gabriel Kessler

    Gabriel Kessler9 日 前

    No, it was 12:08h ago since the first one started but, Matt started later as the counter. He probably started around 8 mins later. It's not possible to let everyone run from the same second on

  36. Danti Marina

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  37. Short Glass of Water

    Short Glass of Water17 日 前

    I'm totally not crying... 😭😭

  38. Atul Supertramp

    Atul Supertramp20 日 前

    I love you Yes fam ❤️

  39. Shawn Michael Scott

    Shawn Michael Scott20 日 前

    I cried

  40. Lannah Land

    Lannah Land20 日 前

    This video had me in tears. The accomplishment along with such support and encouragement from your friends/family is so beautiful. Congrats!

  41. LemonadeCandy MG

    LemonadeCandy MG20 日 前

    This was so inspirational it actually made me cry. CONGRATULATIONS DUDE

  42. Raafiq Abrahams

    Raafiq Abrahams21 日 前

    This is such a motivational video

  43. George Sinogeorgos

    George Sinogeorgos22 日 前

    wow man!!! Congrats!!! very emotional!

  44. _.rizos__ Pq

    _.rizos__ Pq22 日 前

    a friend of mine did 178km this summer without stopping idk how much it took but this is awesome

  45. Mike doyle

    Mike doyle22 日 前

    What a stud. Great job. The best part was your friends. How powerful is that!

  46. Mia Archibald

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  47. Lisa De Wilde

    Lisa De Wilde27 日 前

    This was hella inspirational... thank you!

  48. Nicole Andromidas

    Nicole Andromidas27 日 前

    At 9:13 was the purest form of pride in oneself and of friends. They are beaming with pride and he's so exhausted but you can see how proud of himself he is. Bravissimo Matt!!!

  49. Maria Vargas-Salazar

    Maria Vargas-Salazar27 日 前

    You have the most amazing friends. You are truly blessed.

  50. Insanity

    Insanity28 日 前

    friends like this are worth dying for

  51. Aj Ünüvar

    Aj Ünüvar28 日 前

    that was amazing to watch.well done bro

  52. Diego Pérez Reyes

    Diego Pérez Reyes28 日 前

    I forgot to come back here... 6 months ago I signed up to this hell outa race called "Excalibur Route", a raced done by and for Scouts here in México. It's a team race that lasts 3 days and has over 75 miles of running distance. I used to believe I could never do it, that it was too hard or not for me. But, one and a half month before the race I saw this video. The emotion and encourage I felt when I saw Matt accomplishing something that just as I felt impossible was unique. That same day I raised my training intensity more than twice and held it for the rest of the time. When the day came something changed, I was so secure not even the rain could stop me. I gave everything I had just because I felt I could, and most importantly because you guys encourage me to pursue this dream of mine. The race crossed a desert, a forest and some mountains with an elevation of more than 1.6 miles. Sometimes I couldn't sleep or run due to the pain, but I never withdraw until I saw the endline. There, where I find out it was over I finally rest knowing I was able to do what I once felt impossible. Thank you guys! PD. sorry if my english wasn't that great, I get confused with other languages sometimes

  53. Mandas Pandas

    Mandas Pandas28 日 前

    The most inspiring, beautifully edited video I've seen in a while... literally brought me to tears.

  54. Izma Esther Aviles

    Izma Esther Avilesヶ月 前

    I’ve never been so happy to see a grown man cry :) congrats, Matt.

  55. April McGrew

    April McGrewヶ月 前

    So inspiring and Santa Rosa is my hometown.

  56. Haydon Maling

    Haydon Malingヶ月 前

    A few months ago I run a lot and all of a sudden just stopped it this has given me motivation to start again

  57. Jonathan steel

    Jonathan steelヶ月 前

    This is the most spine tingling and motivating video , thank you for inspiring us all and showing us how to change our lives for the better :)

  58. Jared Summerville

    Jared Summervilleヶ月 前

    For this reason you guys are on the earth. To come together and inspire all! This is your calling! Great video. To have your friends and loved ones on the other side waiting for you....and millions other behind their screens cheering you on! #tearyvideo

  59. Bryan Dguess

    Bryan Dguessヶ月 前

    Never knew they did that Ironman here where I live. wow missung out.

  60. Senpai Duckッ

    Senpai Duckッヶ月 前

    6:05 wtf

  61. DreaMworX

    DreaMworXヶ月 前

    I'm so happy I found this channel

  62. Chloe's finally here!!

    Chloe's finally here!!ヶ月 前

    I cried for some reason idk

  63. S A V A N N A H

    S A V A N N A Hヶ月 前

    I'm tearing up..this is so motivating and inspirational. You've made me want to take that extra leap & do the things I dream of doing no matter how difficult it is. Thank you for that. Also so happy you got to achieve this after how hard you worked

  64. Ramla Hayat

    Ramla Hayatヶ月 前

    Who noticed the naked old man