The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star


  1. Adrianna

    Adrianna13 秒 前

    You better leave that green colour alone! That green is the perfect colour for the holidays 😍😍😍

  2. Samantha Jayne

    Samantha Jayne19 秒 前

    Jeffree being iconic! "Omg Morphe doesn't want to do the collab... Is that the 3rd thing? Smear campaign, robbery, flop!"

  3. Lisa Den Bode

    Lisa Den Bode27 秒 前

    Oke so i do need to know a week in advance how late this will be released because of the time difference i can't miss out on this i would hate myself if i missed this ❤❤

  4. Brittany Supachana

    Brittany Supachana29 秒 前

    I’ve watched Shane for years and watching him go back to his old house made me mad emotional.

  5. Hanny Ham

    Hanny Ham31 秒 前

    I don’t want this series to ever end 😫😍😂

  6. Dumb Man

    Dumb Man35 秒 前

    I literally am DYING for these glosses rn

  7. jade hannah

    jade hannah36 秒 前

    A really love the green ones and he take them out so sad defo need to make more make up haven’t even even the first one yet but defo need more

  8. Bunny Lang

    Bunny Lang38 秒 前

    7:35.... what does he really think?

  9. Ilva Kate

    Ilva Kate40 秒 前

    They better put that green back in there!!! 💚💚💚

  10. Thea -

    Thea -47 秒 前

    That green shade is killing me and I need it

  11. Mohammad Babaei

    Mohammad Babaei56 秒 前

    the editing is so absolutely terrible it makes it hard to follow. by the end you have a vague idea of what the hour long video you just watched was

  12. Bunny Lang

    Bunny Lang分 前

    Changed your house, Dude. Precipice. It's nice though. I like it.

  13. karim abi zeid

    karim abi zeid分 前

    Shane: *has a mental breakdown about how much they're gonna sell* Also Shane: *sells out on his NEW merch store in less than an hour*

  14. stayfrostyfrens._. Willow

    stayfrostyfrens._. Willow分 前

    The Johnnie guilbert song omfg (all repressed emo's will know)

  15. rxse

    rxse分 前

    When shane poked his eye with the mascara, i felt that

  16. Katherine Rogers

    Katherine Rogers分 前

    to have somebody like Jeffree in your life literally a blessing!! A real genuine friend who put his friend on to the make industry , never had a friend who wanted to seee me win who seen my worth before I did ! Jeffree keep being YOU killing shit !!!!!

  17. Left Avenue

    Left Avenue分 前

    If he gets rid of that emerald green I'm unsubscribing

  18. Andrea Singian

    Andrea Singian分 前

    15:58-16:09 is legitimately priceless 😂 I love u Jeffrey 😂

  19. Tatum Spruce

    Tatum Spruce分 前

    Shane needs that green color!!!! Also I think he should call it “slime”!!!

  20. Fardin Rabbi

    Fardin Rabbi分 前

    And we'll see you one week later again

  21. C B

    C B分 前

    Shane you have close to 23 Million subscribers. 1 Million palettes will get sold like warm biscuits honey.

  22. The SweetestBones

    The SweetestBones分 前

    I neeeeeed that green. Miss thing better not have gotten rid of it.

  23. Robyn Brown

    Robyn Brown分 前

    I find it so weird how I was getting emotional with them when they were looking at their old house I didn’t even live with them 😂

  24. LM D

    LM D分 前

    I'm so excited about the liquid lips !

  25. Melissa Jackson

    Melissa Jackson2 分 前

    Ik the collection is gonna sell out in two seconds and that’s gonna make me sad bc I was too slow to get the merch so I’ll be too slow to get the collection and I’ll have to wait for both restocks 😭

  26. Hi how Are ya

    Hi how Are ya2 分 前

    *_me sitting on the toilet sippin tea_* *_realises it’s not tea_*

  27. Ariana is Shit

    Ariana is Shit2 分 前

    Omg I heard November 1 sis I’m panicking because I never had make up I’m poor and also we all know that November 2 there sold the fuck out we panicking 😔✋🏾

  28. Gaby Marr

    Gaby Marr2 分 前

    I love how Shane has grown so much in makeup 💄 he’s gonna so so freakin amazing in his pallet 🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ a bit too amazing cuz I feel it’s gonna sell out so fast I won’t be able to snatch one in time 😥😥😥😥

  29. Kelly Hanus

    Kelly Hanus2 分 前

    Okay but when Jeffree pulled out that Nate pillow and my heart just absolutely RUPTURED WITH EMOTION

  30. Carrots1079

    Carrots10792 分 前

    it would be criminal to not name a liquid lip "hey whats up you guys yes"

  31. Paloma Blue

    Paloma Blue2 分 前

    Omg, I love it!!!💙

  32. Brianna Jaliyah

    Brianna Jaliyah2 分 前

    I’m so mad I’m broke 😭 and the palette comes out on the first

  33. katie scallon

    katie scallon2 分 前

    Has the green shimmer FULLY gone bc I’ll cry I’ll buy 30,000 units of that alone!

  34. dolfijn 94

    dolfijn 942 分 前

    Shane should have a black shade called ‘sociopath’

  35. LilyxMoo

    LilyxMoo2 分 前

    The fact that shane does his makeup better than me in a matter of months is insane. You go qween.

  36. Grace Kidd

    Grace Kidd2 分 前

    I need it available in England :( like from beauty bay or something 🥺

  37. Tobias holm

    Tobias holm2 分 前

    Love love it 😘😘😘

  38. olivia coleman

    olivia coleman3 分 前

    this is smart of shane, he's getting SO many people to know about this palette from the series. good business move, he's gonna sell out like crazy

  39. Rhiannon Collins

    Rhiannon Collins3 分 前

    Yassss Shane you’re #1 on trending ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



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  41. Paige Gruen

    Paige Gruen3 分 前

    When he swatched the green and pink unnamed shades... Okay Cosmo and Wanda, you can't hide from me!

  42. Angelee Lugo

    Angelee Lugo3 分 前

    Lmao miss rich lux came through with the appearance! I love him so much all three of you are my favorite you tubers I love Peter mon too xD congratulations Shane you are a mfing monsta!! 💗😇

  43. Arra FiArrow

    Arra FiArrow3 分 前

    Shane’s Illuminati initiation into the makeup mafia is littt 🔺🔻🔳🔲

  44. タシただ

    タシただ3 分 前


  45. Renalebueno

    Renalebueno3 分 前

    Shane could retire after this series

  46. A L

    A L3 分 前

    Will I be able to buy it in Italy? 🙏🏼

  47. Diva Tude

    Diva Tude3 分 前


  48. Maro Maro

    Maro Maro3 分 前

    This is my new favorite channel 💗

  49. Miss Kel

    Miss Kel3 分 前

    I don’t know how to wear make up but fuck I’m gunna learn and buy this palette as I’m inspired by this whole series to learn how to do it, thanks ❤️❤️

  50. JR French

    JR French3 分 前

    All I want is that amazing green. I'll buy all the things for that green

  51. meme boi

    meme boi3 分 前

    Wait so there is no lip scrub

  52. Victoria Swain

    Victoria Swain3 分 前

    I looooved the green! That would be an amazing colour to have in the palette, very wearable! Shame they got rid of it as it was my fave out of all of them!

  53. Honey Satan

    Honey Satan3 分 前


  54. bekkie1993

    bekkie19933 分 前

    Did I understand correctly? Europe doesn't get to buy the collection??? Omg I wanted all of it please dont tell me beauty bay wont be carrying it 😭😭😭

  55. Help Me

    Help Me4 分 前

    *James Charles is sister shaking* !!

  56. Abi

    Abi4 分 前

    All those fucking flashbacks made me cry so much and I don’t know why but it kinda felt like it was the end of an era because I’ve watched shane for like 50% of my life. I don’t know how to explain it but it felt like we were also saying goodbye to the old Shane☹️

  57. Queen Mercy

    Queen Mercy4 分 前

    The unnamed one should be called Area 51 🤔

  58. Kyndra Steeves

    Kyndra Steeves4 分 前

    They some salty and hateful ass bitches who dont give full love and support for this series day in and out. ITS ALL EPIC!! Jeffree and Shawn gave full transparency on the business side and let ppl in on some personal shit. To negate that is truly shameful on the viewer side.

  59. Jessika Wolfe

    Jessika Wolfe4 分 前

    #1 on trending 🥰 so proud of You shane! I'll be camping out online to buy this pallet 🖤⭐

  60. Krissy R.

    Krissy R.4 分 前

    Shane leaving his house really hurt ngl