That Time Disney Remade Beauty and the Beast


  1. Patrick Murphy

    Patrick Murphy23 時間 前

    Lindsay Ellis a year ago: Beauty and the Beast is the apotheosis of the Disney live action remake. The Lion King remake: hold my beer

  2. Lukas Oliver gaming

    Lukas Oliver gaming2 日 前

    Ms.Ellis, will you be my valentine?

  3. Olivia Harris

    Olivia Harris2 日 前

    it has become a valentines day tradition for me to watch this video and laugh as i feel vindicated

  4. to be a lost wanderer

    to be a lost wanderer2 日 前

    I love the arty look of the live action. Also "Days In The Sun" 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  5. Red Flame

    Red Flame2 日 前

    Back when I still obsessed with Disney, I wanted to love this movie. I really really do. I was excited that they decided Emma Watson as Belle. Boy, I was so wrong about that. The acting is so bad, the writing features so many potential subplots that didn't go anywhere, and the worse of all, not chemistry between Belle and Beast. There are no intense romantic moments like in the original. As a result, the dance scene looked plain and meaningless, because the movie failed to make me believe that they are actually in love. This movie, unfortunately, breaks all my obsession toward Disney, from loving it to hating it, to not caring about it anymore. When I looked back at this moment, it still kinda sad.

  6. R Scull

    R Scull3 日 前

    This might be weird, but congrats on the only non-repetitive Audible commercial I’ve ever seen on this site. I was actually surprised when you brought it around to a sponsorship.

  7. Dominika Kratochvíl

    Dominika Kratochvíl3 日 前

    Please, don´t make fun of "toilet character". They actually planed to have one in this movie, poor boy...

  8. Noa Ben Harav

    Noa Ben Harav4 日 前

    Do we think that the proliferation of the "smartest man in the room" trope with the likes of House and Benedict's Sherlock has something to do with what they did to the Beast in this movie?

  9. goblin

    goblin4 日 前

    girl if u say i hate it or thanks i hate it 1 more time-

  10. Adrian Mole

    Adrian Mole5 日 前

    DVD release in 1991??? I think not. Ca 09m55s

  11. Brandon Victor

    Brandon Victor6 日 前

    Hold on, you're reading that quote from Michael Eisner critically wrong. You read: "We have no obligation to make a statement, but [instead] to make money". But what it actually says is "We have no obligation to make a statement. But [in order to] to make money, it is often important ... to make some significant statement". Your reading makes it sound like he's actively hostile to making history/statement, whereas the quote really says that he's mostly indifferent to it, but thinks that those are a good method for making money. I have no knowledge of his true feelings on the matter, but that quote says something quite different to what you read from it.

  12. Tesla Kuhn

    Tesla Kuhn8 日 前

    "We can't leave things to people's imaginations, cause then they'd go make an internet about it". I'm sad that she's wearing a ring. And that I'm way older than her. And probably unacceptable.

  13. Ocek

    Ocek9 日 前

    At least this film had one redeeming feature: it's a great comparison to show why the original worked.

  14. orange-micro-fiber

    orange-micro-fiber9 日 前

    11:00 It's like midichlorians being over explained for the force ruins my space wizards with laser swords show.

  15. Imagine Kudryavka

    Imagine Kudryavka9 日 前

    Where all my filthy, filthy Qs at?

  16. Evelyn O Dono

    Evelyn O Dono9 日 前

    The only thing I like about this movie is the Gaston song mainly cause Gaston is my favorite villain and I just need more of that song. Everything else I basically hate

  17. EllieC

    EllieC9 日 前

    I like that the reading part also adds “random one nice black guard” who helps Belle clean up her clothes. Like the most pointless type of diversity; very progressive.

  18. Heather Chansler

    Heather Chansler10 日 前

    I've watched this whole thing several times, and it's still just so good. A few of these points remind me of the mess that Lion King 2019 was as well. Particularly the ability of traditional animation to wordlessly convey emotion and complexity. 2019 Lion King's characters convey absolutely nothing and rendered my favorite Disney film completely sterile. I'd love to know Lindsey's thoughts on that train wreck.

  19. DGPrepper

    DGPrepper10 日 前

    If you had said you liked this completely unnecessary remake, I think that would have had to give up on the world in general. Thanks for not destroying my faith in humanity.

  20. God Is In The Details

    God Is In The Details10 日 前

    “The pursuit of making money is the only reason to make movies. We have no obligation to make history. We have no obligation to make art. We have no obligation to make a statement” Michael Eisner

  21. loopsorspool

    loopsorspool10 日 前

    Wow, that was like. . . Horrifically insensitive. . . Like, I get that Terk is like, a tomboy, but did you have to use that clip? As a T, that just felt like a fucking slap in the face and it really hurt me. I'm not a gorilla. . . I'm a girl, one who was cheated by genetics. . .

  22. Steven Macdonald

    Steven Macdonald11 日 前

    I have a personally rule due to also loving Disney animations. My suspension of disbelief is 100% for all fantasy animations. I won't even watch Cinema Sins on them. I'm with you on this one though 👍

  23. Soul Mechanics

    Soul Mechanics11 日 前

    This has been happening the entire time lady. You likely were not old enough to have taken notice in the originals.

  24. Phillip Sardinha

    Phillip Sardinha12 日 前

    Isnt a neg only a neg if its intentionally used as part of the pick-up game? He might've really just not liked love stories and was exasperated at this girl fitting into a perceived cliche.

  25. Bo Muller

    Bo Muller12 日 前

    Stumbled across your vids, have binged 3 so far. Love what you do!

  26. C Connolly

    C Connolly12 日 前

    Disney: Opportunity to make commentary on the working class/servants being at the mercy of one aristocrat’s fate and choices in an era of extreme class stratification? Weaving it into the story to garnish the tragedy of helplessness?..... Nah.

  27. andré Amaral

    andré Amaral13 日 前

    The amazing thing about this movie is It doesn't go all the way with any of its proposed changes. Yes, Gaston could be a great guy Yes, belle could have more depth Yes, shit could have gone places But nope, we're keeping the original, just polishing the turd. Well, the original is still a turd.

  28. Martina Porvichová

    Martina Porvichová13 日 前

    My favourite version of this story is the 1970s Czechoslovakian version, though the French one is also very enjoyable. I found the Disney remake rather boring with way too many songs. But an 11 years old girl I looked after when it came out was absessed with the film and watched it 5 time within a month.

  29. Eric Kilchoer

    Eric Kilchoer13 日 前

    BEASTFORSHE eagle sound

  30. Eric Kilchoer

    Eric Kilchoer13 日 前

    Also can I see that New York Times article

  31. Eric Kilchoer

    Eric Kilchoer13 日 前

    Beast “your pores are much less noticeable now that I have human eyes.“ belle “it is you!”

  32. Cameron Metrejean

    Cameron Metrejean13 日 前

    I think having Maurice locked up for taking the rose was more to undo the original’s reason which relied on the servants welcoming him in and then being surprised that doing so upsets the beast. Like, what were they thinking? Here it’s because of something Maurice directly did. Sure, it’s a kind of petty thing to lock someone up for but in a way I do find it makes more sense than the originals where the beast was punishing him more for something the servants did.

  33. Jake Mooney

    Jake Mooney13 日 前

    The Robert Moses of Disney 😂😂

  34. sophie

    sophie13 日 前

    i can say one thing good about this movie, the clothing of everyone /but/ belle is incredible, and there are a lot of wonderful regional french touches

  35. Lexi Banner

    Lexi Banner13 日 前

    THANK YOU. You hit every point that bothered me in this movie. I so missed the magic of the original movie. So many missed opportunities!

  36. Quicktime Events

    Quicktime Events15 日 前

    0:58 "PLOTHOLE DING" That was a jab at CinemaSins, wasn't it XD

  37. Philip Robinson

    Philip Robinson15 日 前

    any thoughts on toy story 4?

  38. Stuart Pot

    Stuart Pot16 日 前

    im sorry does that plaque say “daddywise the dancing daddy”?????

  39. Hali Flintrop

    Hali Flintrop16 日 前

    This movie is wonderful. The new songs are beautiful and the new story elements are exactly what the cartoon needed.

  40. Reformed Rex

    Reformed Rex16 日 前

    What on earth are you doing? A WOMAN JPreporterr? Isn't one enough?

  41. Negative Shoebill

    Negative Shoebill16 日 前

    Lefou being the first Disney gay character is a lie. In the hunchback of Notre dame 2 Hugo makes out with the goat and they are implicated that they started dating at the end of the film

  42. Krankar Volund

    Krankar Volund8 日 前

    @Negative Shoebill I searched it, and yes it's a goat in the original version. But in France, it's a female, and it was a female goat in the book ^^ And I know only the french version XD

  43. Negative Shoebill

    Negative Shoebill8 日 前

    Yup look it up

  44. Krankar Volund

    Krankar Volund14 日 前

    The goat is a male? XD

  45. LeadingBlind

    LeadingBlind18 日 前

    I know this is gonna piss me off but I'm out of other videos. You want a Cocteau remake? Look on Netflix. It SUCKS

  46. Richard Boyle

    Richard Boyle18 日 前

    Thanks! I hate it!

  47. Phlimbob

    Phlimbob18 日 前

    I watch The Financial Diet and knew I recognized you from somewhere! This is it! When the Beauty and the Beast live action remake came out I had these exact feelings and watched several of your videos. I didn't subscribe at the time, but now I will.

  48. SheShattersTheRules

    SheShattersTheRules20 日 前

    what is it with emma watson being in movies around plot breaking time devices

  49. Roberto Louis Moran

    Roberto Louis Moran20 日 前

    The sound is delayed

  50. Christina Lett

    Christina Lett21 日 前

    Thank you so much for putting well thought out words to my hatred of this movie lol. And also reminding me why the original animated movie is my favorite animated Disney love story and beast my favorite prince.

  51. Martha Wilcox

    Martha Wilcox22 日 前

    Also the fact that they chose to make the only gay character whose name is literally the fool. Kinda messed up when you think about it.

  52. Francesco Gulisano

    Francesco Gulisano23 日 前

    *chuckles* Lobsterdaddy

  53. Totally Nameless

    Totally Nameless24 日 前

    By making Belle so "feminist", it seems like they're saying that she's "not like other girls".

  54. Sierra Turner

    Sierra Turner25 日 前

    I love listening to you but... all I feel is annoyance with Beauty and the Beast.

  55. AxolotlAndy

    AxolotlAndy25 日 前

    Is no one going to mention how she used the track from Maurice raving in "Gaston's Quest for Taco Bell".

  56. 오직 Ego

    오직 Ego27 日 前

    You should review Maleficent Mistress of Evil the only thing I remember from that movie is Miyavi is in it-and he barely had any lines except just standing there and probably luring in more fans for their movie because Miyavi is in it

  57. carmelpop1011

    carmelpop101127 日 前

    can i also say, the whole plague thing which is heavily implied/ possibly confirmed i forget to be the black death happened in the 1300s and not the time in which the film is supposed to take place and i genuinely dont understand why they used that as the reason her mom died?????? there were millions of other ways she couldve died that are actually historically accurate but ok lets use the bubonic plague i guess

  58. Alex P.D

    Alex P.D29 日 前

    Can you make a video about Cinderella 2015 ?

  59. Reval

    Revalヶ月 前

    16:52 Do his horns actually just fade through the pillow?

  60. Daniel Evensen

    Daniel Evensenヶ月 前

    Yeah, I'm happy I subscribed to this channel. Lindsay, you are awesome.

  61. Laura Athena

    Laura Athenaヶ月 前

    Can you do a video on the most recent Little Women adaptation? It disappointed me so much and I'm a major Little Women fan. No idea why it's getting all this acclaim.

  62. Mashtru Peppi

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  63. MarchingGrrl

    MarchingGrrlヶ月 前

    I recently saw “Little Women” and the pink dress that Emma Watson wears looks so much better than that yellow dress.