That Time Disney Remade Beauty and the Beast


  1. * Sugasito7 *

    * Sugasito7 *21 時間 前

    lmao i like how you called mulan

  2. Because I’m Batman!

    Because I’m Batman!日 前

    If somebody hasn’t written “Michael Eisner: Daddy if Daddies” in the comments yet, well... now that’s fixed and the world is as it should be.

  3. D.n.A.dventure

    D.n.A.dventure日 前

    Nha you can't even like the owl the sound they dub over it is wrong. Barn owls don't make that noise ! I know probably only nature freaks would know that but come on.

  4. SabinaStitches

    SabinaStitches2 日 前

    I made it to 2:38 before I slammed subscribe. How far did you get?

  5. Eric Lee

    Eric Lee2 日 前

    Every time she says “thanks I hate it” I fear that she is an atom away from completely snapping and murdering the nearest 50 humans Edit: I’ll also include every single time she smiles

  6. Zela Morre

    Zela Morre3 日 前

    If they were going to listen to internet criticism, they should've just made the witch a bad person who cursed an 11 year old and all his servants for not letting her in the castle. It would've actually made the remake have a new perspective. And it wouldn't have had the awkward "Well, we as servants didn't stop the actual king!" element.

  7. Caßey Chu

    Caßey Chu3 日 前

    It wasn’t like, uncommon that women could read.

  8. Catastropheshe

    Catastropheshe3 日 前

    Love the lipstick 💄❤️

  9. Noble Potato

    Noble Potato3 日 前

    Ok but you gotta appreciate that they chose the PERFECT belle, like even when she was 14/15 in Goblet of Fire she looked the spitting image of her at the Yule Ball.

  10. Timmy House

    Timmy House4 日 前

    At the very least through this movie existing we learned that Emma Watson is a furry

  11. dimapez

    dimapez4 日 前

    you forgot to hate using Emma Watson to sell the movie to more viewers, I have always hated Disney's live action remakes & had no intention of ever watching new Beauty and the Beast, until I heard she was going to play Belle.

  12. Adam Heywood

    Adam Heywood4 日 前

    I wonder how this film looks now, I wonder what fresh contexts we might see from a critical point of view, in the light of Not-Aladdin, Not-The Lion King, Not-Mulan...

  13. Andrew Popov

    Andrew Popov5 日 前

    Are you watching this after the release of "Mulan that is not a musical, because China doesn't like musicals"?

  14. TWJr28

    TWJr285 日 前

    I hate the disney remakes the worst to come will be the little mermaid...

  15. Flower Malea

    Flower Malea5 日 前

    I really wanted to like this video, I do appreciate and love hearing other people's opinions but the one thing that frustrates me is what seems to be the continuous jabs at the criticism and theory channels on JPreporter. It isn't their fault that Disney chose to make these movies the way they did. Everyone enjoys things different ways and just because someone enjoys theories and criticism doesn't mean that they hate the movie. I love watching channels like Film Theory (for the critique about the beast being a child) and CinemaSins about movies that I love. That is how some people enjoy movies, we enjoy thinking deeper and it's not any more or less valid than the way you enjoy movies. So taking issue with Disney as a money hungry corporation is fine, but condemning theory and critic channels is less so.

  16. Mark FitzSimmons

    Mark FitzSimmons5 日 前

    If you guys want Micheal Eisner history lesson, I highly recommend defunctland's video series of it.

  17. riane b

    riane b5 日 前

    1994 jungle book was pretty hot lol

  18. Joanna Jackson

    Joanna Jackson5 日 前

    "greed is good"

  19. Vicki Shaw

    Vicki Shaw5 日 前

    The whole belle being an inventor is because Kevin Kline wanted to change Maurice to not being an inventor but Emma Watson wanted to keep the inventor image in the film hence why Belle is now the inventor.

  20. Antenman

    Antenman6 日 前

    I really even didn't notice all the valid points taken here, was curious to see it since I think the original was Disney's best product ever, just watched it and, yeah, kinda hard to transfer all that talent and energy to live action, especially in this day and age...

  21. Adrian Martínez

    Adrian Martínez6 日 前

    That *IS* a sweet owl

  22. Ana Brigida Gomez

    Ana Brigida Gomez6 日 前

    The movie is so pretty and the musical numbers is so nice (And really Days in the sun justifies the entire existence of this movie for me) but the magical book got me ??????? like this is a hot mess of a script for sure. And people really forgot that almost all fairytale protagonists are orphans? Like people nitpicked that? God what times are we living in.

  23. Autumn Marilyn

    Autumn Marilyn7 日 前

    Her dress made me so upset. It could have been beyond gorgeous. They have infinite money.

  24. Autumn Marilyn

    Autumn Marilyn7 日 前

    Madame Crappér

  25. Special Agent Washing Tub

    Special Agent Washing Tub7 日 前

    Maurice, Gaston and Lefou steal the damn movie. Someone make a show with them please.

  26. Ricky Showalters

    Ricky Showalters7 日 前

    Ok first I've got to say I loved this remake it was the only remake I liked but I also have to say you make aloooooot of good points about the move and there were a couple things I disagreed with but I'm making this comment to point out the thing I disagree with most the la Fu character don't get me wrong I had huge issues with him as a gay male but not bc they toned down the fact that he was gay which they didn't it was pretty obvious he was gay from the beginning my issue was he the cliche gay Hollywood's version of gay really feminine and in your face about it and even his voice screamed gay this point is highlighted most in the song Gaston where he is at his most feminine my issue with this is while there are some gays like this not all of us are and the idea that all gays are feminine and all lesbians are Butch is something Hollywood likes to show and it is very offensive bc it gives str8 people the idea that all gays are like that and contributes to the homophobic attitude that is wrought throughout this country especially with str8 men

  27. Jerzy Kaltenberg

    Jerzy Kaltenberg8 日 前

    clever, cute and eloquent. This girl has hit the The trifecta

  28. Junkyard Jess

    Junkyard Jess8 日 前

    I did like Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, and Josh Gad and what they did with their characters (also I love the new Gaston song it just sounds better than the original) otherwise the movie was absolute garbage.

  29. citrus meat

    citrus meat8 日 前

    they managed to over explain everything except for why half the people in this movie speak with an english accent

  30. Heï Heï Reï Dee

    Heï Heï Reï Dee9 日 前

    I hate this fuc***' movie ! ^^

  31. Waluigi Wah Ha Ha

    Waluigi Wah Ha Ha10 日 前

    Interesting enough is that Beauty and the Beast is actually the best of the live action remakes. Everyone get ready Tom Hanks will be Gepetto in Pinochio the next movie to get remade into live action.

  32. Christopher Conley

    Christopher Conley10 日 前

    9:28 Damn that IS a pretty sweet owl

  33. SailorMermaidix 24

    SailorMermaidix 2410 日 前

    I can't wait for Lindsey to review 2020 Mulan....Jesus christ.

  34. Raphael Marquez

    Raphael Marquez10 日 前

    So even after his resignation as CEO, Eisner's influence is still affecting Disney's way making live action movies to this very day.

  35. selmalover

    selmalover10 日 前

    Dying to hear your comment on Mulan 2020

  36. Discord’s Apple

    Discord’s Apple10 日 前

    Absolute ****ing monarchs *LAFAYETTE HAS ENTERED THE CHAT*

  37. Zaire

    Zaire10 日 前

    Please do Aladdin! Pleaseee! The little things they changed took away some of the significance of the story. Can you analyze it?

  38. demonfae ddaeng

    demonfae ddaeng11 日 前

    wow, that Walt quote at the end really hits. just had a conversation about how the old disney movies feel like they have so much more depth than new ones, that you keep noticing more layers and poetry as you get older and it's still relatable and beautiful and a good story, while newer movies just feel like, less depth ? and cynical self-criticism, which is supposed to be appealing to older audiences I think, but Walt was the one who had it right. just make good, magical stories with depth and humanity and it will be compelling to all ages

  39. Katelyn Elms

    Katelyn Elms11 日 前

    Girl, same

  40. Avenged_EvelynnFold

    Avenged_EvelynnFold11 日 前

    Thank you so much for this I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand it

  41. golgariSoul

    golgariSoul12 日 前

    The moment you said "teleportation book" I facepalmed and started to uncontrollably laugh! What the fug???

  42. Rosalee Vercillo

    Rosalee Vercillo12 日 前

    I'm (not telling ypou my age HAHA) and i'm watching this. Thank god.

  43. Etigress

    Etigress12 日 前

    Animated Belle: I love everyone LA Belle: EVERYONE LOVES MEEEE!

  44. Dolphin Trasher

    Dolphin Trasher12 日 前

    My boy Ewan Mcgregor is a good actor just damn, the movies he stars in at times. Like this one and Birds of Prey.

  45. Keiki Duncan

    Keiki Duncan12 日 前

    Did you say the first Beauty and the Beast dvd was released in 1991? It was 2010, i just wanted to know if I heard that wrong or not (listened multiple times)

  46. TheLovelyDianne

    TheLovelyDianne13 日 前

    It worked for cinderella because it gave something to the prince and Ella

  47. crimsonraen

    crimsonraen14 日 前

    Bu-bu-but they need to make moneyyy! Why pay screenwriters and directors to make new and imaginative versions of old movies when they can pay them less money to just pump out remakes with random useless junk in it to fill the time!? :P

  48. Kevin Tam

    Kevin Tam14 日 前


  49. Dynamite TNT

    Dynamite TNT15 日 前

    Came back after Mulan. Yup, they really just pulled another "stop being bigots and get woked y'all"

  50. Jack Bourdeaux

    Jack Bourdeaux16 日 前


  51. Tabula Rasa

    Tabula Rasa16 日 前

    16:55 I would have loved if he had said at that point "Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare's most misunderstood plays, treated as a true romance when it's little more then a farce. Two people rushing into a relationship and dying because of it. Ridiculous..." or something like thar. This would help 1. Establish a cynical view of romance, possibly stemming from the curse, 2. show that, despite appearances, he is cultured (he is a prince after all) and 3. Make him less of a dismissive asshat while retaining an appropriately jerkish character moment.

  52. Azazel Black

    Azazel Black16 日 前

    I didn't even watch this movie, but im watching a critical look at it. 😂😂😂😂😂 and your sexy by the way💕

  53. Ad Lockhorst

    Ad Lockhorst16 日 前

    Glad the video title is almost complete 😜 but you should have included WHAT they remade and AS WHAT they remade it. You know, animated movie, live action movie, stage show, on ice show, musical, series, comics ... because 'Disney remakes' isn't NEWS, it's what Disney does ALL THE TIME. To be fair, Hollywood mainly does remakes / reboots anyway, but nobody does it anywhere near as much, in as many formats, as Disney 🥱

  54. 1_Takoyaki _1

    1_Takoyaki _118 日 前

    I still fault Disney for over-explaining everything. I think being nitpicky is fine, I don't really care about nitpicky youtube videos and sometimes they're enjoyable. Besides you can't really stop them, it's basically impossible to stop millions of people to not be judgy. But Disney cared more about trying to make everyone happy than making something good.

  55. Ad Lockhorst

    Ad Lockhorst16 日 前

    Disney cares about milking the properties it owns. Creativity and originality don't matter; BANKABLE PRODUCT does. Okay, and woke PC SJW virtue signalling I guess (what they did to STARWARS).

  56. that one person

    that one person18 日 前

    it kinda bothers me that disneys animated the beauty and the beast movie or the earlier live action movie are seen as originals of the tale itself. if people wanna criticise the older disney movie, they shouldn't rly criticise it for lapses in modern logic, since the actual original is a european folktale and from experience, those are not supposed to be logical stories with deep plot and three dimensional characters, they were meant to scare children into behaving/staying out of the woods/being nice to people and for entertainment. also, if disney would rly be so troubled abt not having any of their (or bought) franchises to repackage/adapt, they could just fall back to some old ways and give some more european (or maybe even other, to add to their list of racial insensitive/borderline xenophobic movies) folktales the ole disney twist. tbh, as someone who grew up in europe with alot of other movie adaptations of older european(and some middle eastern) folktales, as well as reading a number of the more original versions of more or less popular european and some more popular "international" folktales, I'm a bit bitter abt disney adapting folktales and essentially being so successful that alot of people may not realise, which disney "classics" are based on actual folktales and which not.

  57. Ad Lockhorst

    Ad Lockhorst16 日 前

    Oh no no no, try comparing SLEEPING BEAUTY (the Grimm brothers version or the Disney version) to the original story; Sun, Moon and Talia by Gianbatista Basile (1634) (go to to read it). The differences are obvious; the Grimm brothers and Disney kind of butchered and sugarcoated it. The same applies to most Grimm / Disney things; they don't give you the original story. Folktales often had a MESSAGE - don't go into the woods, don't get tempted (Pinokkio, the gingerbread cottage) - and the characters¹ often were part of the message. It is a mistake to just regard folktales as simple scary stories. ¹ the married king who rapes a woman in a coma in the original sleeping beauty versus the prince (on his white horse) who kisses her awake in the Disney version

  58. Teehee Hello

    Teehee Hello18 日 前

    I agree with pretty much everything you said, except ‘Mulan except not as a musical, because China doesn’t like musicals’. I understand this was likely a joke, but given Mulan was a real person, her story being told realistically without singing and an added talking dragon is a good thing imo.

  59. Sofía Roura

    Sofía Roura8 日 前

    Yeah, she is not talking to a dragon, shes is talking to a phoenix which transforms into a witch. Cause that's better, somehow.

  60. Ruth Oliveira

    Ruth Oliveira19 日 前

    I always hated this movie. It's so forced. You put words to my thoughts.

  61. Ad Lockhorst

    Ad Lockhorst16 日 前

    LORD OF THE RINGS was originally meant as one (big!) book, it was split into three for practical reasons. THE HOBBIT is one book, shorter than any of the three LOTR books. And yet both were turned into a movie trilogy. Now think of what that means; and the (mutilated) folktales Disney turns into movies in effect are using quite short stories to go off of. So there is A LOT of padding in them; one easy way to do that is STICK IN SONGS.

  62. Mark Vilstrup

    Mark Vilstrup19 日 前

    The original dvd release in 1991? Wasn't dvd's first made in like the mid 90's?

  63. BlueGirl1997

    BlueGirl199720 日 前

    The Beast: "When I enter a room, laughter dies." Also, the Beast: Is sarcastic, rude, disrespectful, mean, and has little to no friends Belle: Falls in love When my best friend enters a room: Everyone: 😐😀😄 Also, my best friend: Has so many lovable qualities that he has no enemies whatsoever Me: Falls in love Something's wrong 🤔

  64. BlueGirl1997

    BlueGirl199716 日 前

    @Ad Lockhorst There are people who say it isn't Stockholm syndrome because in the original movie, the beast doesn't continue to abuse Belle and the viewers can see a noticeable change in his character throughout the movie. I haven't seen the remake, so I'm not 100% sure, but it seems as though they made enough changes to make the beast narcissistic as well as abusive.

  65. Ad Lockhorst

    Ad Lockhorst16 日 前

    Stockholm syndrome. The term was only coined in the 1970's (based on a 1973 event) but it fits Belle's story perfectly. Not just regarding the Beast; think of her father. He commits a crime and she 'voluntarily' pays for it.

  66. Helen

    Helen20 日 前

    "If I cant live as a cup, I'll die as a cup!" The best quote 😂

  67. Ellie L.

    Ellie L.20 日 前

    **insert corset rant**

  68. Alexia Caceda

    Alexia Caceda22 日 前

    Sorry but I like this movie

  69. Micah Scott

    Micah Scott22 日 前

    Lindsay’s intelligence is hot

  70. Sophia Foster

    Sophia Foster23 日 前

    The one thing barely anyone talks about.... WHY DO FRENCH PEOPLE HAVE BRITISH ACCENTS?

  71. Ad Lockhorst

    Ad Lockhorst16 日 前

    It's the Sean Connory disease 😉 you know, Russian nuclear submarine captain with a Scottish accent speaking English? American movies are made with voices Americans can understand with non-American versions of English for the foreign characters.

  72. Scott Loessel

    Scott Loessel23 日 前

    Who is this?

  73. Kyle Barnes

    Kyle Barnes23 日 前

    No creepy spider wagon, 0/10

  74. kelly mcphaul

    kelly mcphaul23 日 前


  75. Druid Riley

    Druid Riley23 日 前

    What's the saying? The moral to the story of Beauty and the Beast is that looks don't matter....if you're a man.

  76. Druid Riley

    Druid Riley16 日 前

    @Ad Lockhorst - it's that, too.

  77. Ad Lockhorst

    Ad Lockhorst16 日 前

    No no, it is an exposé of STOCKHOLM SYNDROME.

  78. fred billsworth

    fred billsworth23 日 前

    Oh god oh fuck my computer freaked the fuck out right after her joke about the start addressing pedantic people so it sounded like W A A A A A A A W i hate it

  79. Skittlesmek123

    Skittlesmek12324 日 前

    It's interesting about how they used the vault and using rereleases, having them timed. The other interesting thing is the sequels and how they were made.

  80. Joely Loucks

    Joely Loucks25 日 前

    Thank you for finally putting into words why I hated Gaston so much in this movie.

  81. Golden Carmichael

    Golden Carmichael25 日 前

    I would also like to point out that they made everyone somewhat 18th century except Belle

  82. Lucina Mendez

    Lucina Mendez26 日 前

    the entire movie made me uncomfortable

  83. Luka Used Steal

    Luka Used Steal28 日 前

    Okay but as a gay Lefou is very relatable. The original one that is.

  84. Mathilda Turich

    Mathilda Turich29 日 前


  85. Ad Lockhorst

    Ad Lockhorst16 日 前

    Mathilda ... that's hardly surprising; Disney mainly does remakes. In different formats (live action, animation, stage show, comics, musical, on ice). So anything even vaguely succesful gets redone ... over and over again. With Mulan, Disney wanting to cater to a Chinese audience (big potential market; but the Chinese government limits foreign films so you have to make sure to in NO WAY antagonize the government) made a new Mulan version inevitable.

  86. AD Queen

    AD Queen29 日 前

    This movie had Josh Gad. Period!

  87. MadameTamma

    MadameTammaヶ月 前

    25:11 that sound has become the theme song to all of life now

  88. Penelope McSquee

    Penelope McSqueeヶ月 前

    I cannot stop thinking about how Emma Watson’s yellow (NOT GOLD) dress looks like a folded omelette dipped in nacho cheese. Also give her a corset or stays or something. There is no structure or historical accuracy to that flimsy thing.

  89. Ally Li

    Ally Liヶ月 前

    Oh my ducking god, seeing the beast in action in the live action literally makes me soo angry. He acts like one of those guys who look down on women and other people, but then has the gall to be upset that nobody likes him. And him doing the pity party thing to Belle as opposed to becoming more caring. Jesus!

  90. Soviless99

    Soviless99ヶ月 前

    love how the film makers wanted viewers to get a rise out of those who have ptsd like its something funny.

  91. VonOverlord

    VonOverlordヶ月 前

    Disney made a remake in response to the internet. Disney pokes fun at itself because they're aware that times have changed and some, no many of their stories haven't aged well in the face of our more woke culture. Let's say that you are a big decision maker for Disney and you not only see sites and videos popping up that take hot steaming squat shits on your IPs, but that these shit talkers are getting lots of views and amassing followers. What would you do? Seriously, I would like an answer to this question. We saw how many views the Nit Picker guy got for his Beauty and the Beast video and that was just his video. People who make these movies and other stuff for our entertainment are people too and unlike the days of yesteryore, they have immediate access, no, exposure to ALL of the verbal tomatoes being thrown at them so trying to remake something like an animated classic that was riddled with severely gaping plotholes seems like a more than logical response. Taking jabs at their well established princess tropes shows that Disney is listening to the gripers and as such will strive to do better for their established and potential audiences. Truth be told, I'm glad this live action remake fixed many of those holes. I got the impression prior to this that plot holes would bother you. It would seem that I was mistaken. Yes, Disney is a business and like every business, they're trying to make money and any contributions to art or statement are welcome, but not goals in and of themselves. That REALLY shouldn't come as a shock at all. What's next on the agenda? Are you going to track down the makers of these gripe sites and leave bags of flaming Great Dane dog shit on their porches? Will you send out an OP ED telling entertainers to toughen up and embrace their creation even if it is viewed as crap instead of try to fix it in post post? I look forward to your response.

  92. Eyes of the Cervino

    Eyes of the Cervinoヶ月 前

    I actually really like the idea of a fairy cursing an eleven-year-old boy and his innocent servants, because fairies were sort of . . . well . . . fickle and malevolent.

  93. David Silverman

    David Silverman2 日 前

    Honestly I think they should have rolled with that because it actually could REALLY work

  94. Kokoro Limbo

    Kokoro Limboヶ月 前

    Oh my god she predicted the live action Mulan

  95. Fire Score Maximum

    Fire Score Maximumヶ月 前

    I can wait when she make video about the remake.

  96. ValoarePeȘmecheriePeValoare

    ValoarePeȘmecheriePeValoareヶ月 前

    i swear, lindsay needs an onlyfans

  97. Molly McDade

    Molly McDadeヶ月 前

    I still love the fact that they break the historical accuracy of the movie they were going for so much because of their poor lip-service to feminism

  98. Robert Luben

    Robert Lubenヶ月 前

    Here's a great Idea... Stop making movies for your fans and instead make them for the people that DON'T like you!

  99. Kamilo Schousen

    Kamilo Schousenヶ月 前

    I loved this

  100. The World Wide History Of History

    The World Wide History Of Historyヶ月 前

    I hate how Disney is trying to remake their classic movies and then, seemingly just so the movie can be slightly different from the original source material and also so Disney can be seen as woke, adds awful changes that ruin the story and make no logical sense. So many questions on why that did these awful changes when really we should be asking why they made this movie at all. It's a waste of time trying to make a film that caters to critics who will after watching the film, nitpick it apart all over again which basically destroys the point of why these films were made in the first place.

  101. 1987Liono

    1987Lionoヶ月 前

    The complaints about Beast being less expressive or emotive are more resonant with the recent Lion King film.

  102. Mister Wuss

    Mister Wussヶ月 前

    Movies shouldn't cave to Cinemasins, they should fire back to Cinemasins. I know it sounds weird but hear me out. Remember back when Lego Batman made jokes about having to read at the beginning? Or that the movie starts with a dark screen with narration? Yeah, not only is that a funny joke at the start, but it's also a smile and a middle finger to Cinemasins' running jokes, because the writers understood that cinemasins would be doing the same. It still poked at themselves and stood up to Cinemasins. This movie just kinda throws hands up and says "Well fine!" And just caves to their "Criticism". Cinemasins is an online asshole nitpicky persona, taking them too seriously is dangerous for viewers and even more so movie makers.

  103. Alex D

    Alex Dヶ月 前

    The worst part of the movie was the TERRIBLE autotune of Emma's singing. Gurl she's a Disney princess not Cher singing believe

  104. Absent Minded

    Absent Mindedヶ月 前

    I wonder what Emily Davidson, would think of the way the word feminist has become dirty word today.

  105. Jimmy G

    Jimmy Gヶ月 前

    The time book is a dumb idea cuz the beast could just use it to go back and stop the whole plot from happening

  106. Tracey Brown

    Tracey Brownヶ月 前

    So glad others hate this. Except Luke Evans. He was awesome.

  107. Bob Newby Superhero

    Bob Newby Superheroヶ月 前

    Capitalism strangles art.

  108. Malia Ferry

    Malia Ferryヶ月 前

    This movie made me so sad, I love Emma Watson, I even named my daughter Emma after her, but there were songs that i really wanted her to here bring sung such as Home, ME, No Matter What, When She Loved Me, and Human Again. I was hoping that instead of adding new songs to film they would use the already great broadway songs that everyone knows and loves. I was hoping for a Lea Michelle, or some one brand new with an amazing singing voice to play Bell. This film just doesn't fit together well.

  109. Iloveboys36

    Iloveboys36ヶ月 前

    Malia Ferry human again actually was in the film but yeah I agree I love home and if I can't love her and I personally was really hoping Laura osnes would play the role

  110. Unslaadahsil

    Unslaadahsilヶ月 前

    The book did not teleport anyone anywhere, and it did not travel through time. I can't believe you're making me defend this movie, but the book created an illusion of the real world, kind of an extension of what the mirror did. They didn't travel back to when Belle's mom died, they travelled to her now abandoned small home, which nobody touched probably out of fear for the plague.

  111. Ivanna Claudette

    Ivanna Claudetteヶ月 前

    You know, I'm not pissed by the fact that they give some backstory to the beast and reason to act like that, unlike other people. My problem is that the movie uses this to justify his behavior. A backstory don't justify, a backstory explains WHY a person act like that. If only they actually TRIED to make this movie... kinda good, they would have done that right.

  112. Hannah Yamauchi

    Hannah Yamauchiヶ月 前

    "Where are the Disney Mums?????" The mortality rate during childbirth was very very high in European history

  113. Benjamin Akre

    Benjamin Akreヶ月 前

    The 'whole castle falling apart' is in the musical script. It actually makes a lot of sense there; the Enchantress wants him to grow up and be mature. It makes sense for the castle to fall apart given that his parents are dead and the Curse was to keep him, at the age of 21, from having any power over their family's former subjects.