That One Guy Who’s Always Preaching (ft. Leslie David Baker) - Key & Peele


  1. Kelp Farming

    Kelp Farming3 時間 前

    How low has your IQ have to be to think this is funny?

  2. Food Time

    Food Time6 時間 前

    Watch this video ITS FUCKING TREMENDOUS!!!

  3. dutchesswb

    dutchesswb8 時間 前

    Shoo...he almost got grappled and tackled 🤣🤣🤣

  4. J Black

    J Black8 時間 前

    Yoo they got the dude from golden child!



    Ever since The Office ended, Stanley has gone mad. He thinks he's got Benjamin buttons disease. Poor Stanley

  6. chaiLighter

    chaiLighter10 時間 前

    John 7:24 will save lives.

  7. Howard TB

    Howard TB日 前


  8. The Armory

    The Armory日 前

    1:09 That old man said "豈有此理,走啦" in Cantonese, which can be roughly translated as "Outrageous, fuck off"

  9. Kelp Farming

    Kelp Farming2 日 前

    Start the minstrel music...this step and fetch show is on.

  10. Samantha Carbine

    Samantha Carbine2 日 前

    Thumbs up for Stanley

  11. Lumber Jill

    Lumber Jill2 日 前

    stanley the manly is in the house

  12. Jalil Mosley

    Jalil Mosley2 日 前


  13. EmptyLanternBeats

    EmptyLanternBeats2 日 前

    James Hong is a comedic treasure

  14. R R

    R R3 日 前

    Is that the same guy with a dojo?

  15. tom

    tom3 日 前

    I heard Mr Ping's voice and expected a goose to walk out with a bowl of noodles

  16. Zayne Ali

    Zayne Ali3 日 前


  17. April L

    April L3 日 前


  18. haemeswar ks

    haemeswar ks3 日 前


  19. Jesse Jedi

    Jesse Jedi3 日 前

    So he must have been in High Point NC! Since that’s where the self defense class is held according to another video

  20. Handy

    Handy4 日 前

    Surprised to see James Hong!

  21. Adnan Salihović

    Adnan Salihović4 日 前

    In begining he sounds like Julius from Saints Row game

  22. Ton

    Ton4 日 前

    Every Denzel movie ever

  23. Qamara Porch

    Qamara Porch4 日 前

    That’s Po’s dad’s voice actor !

  24. Zachery Houston

    Zachery Houston4 日 前

    1:57 Doug still out here providing hands on training 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  25. Chassity Oubre

    Chassity Oubre4 日 前

    This is sooo true😂😂😂Ik too many people like this. But don't live nothing they preach.

  26. Jonathan Daniel

    Jonathan Daniel4 日 前

    Looks like and sounds like Eric Dyson

  27. DolaSoza

    DolaSoza4 日 前

    "I will be groping yo breastises as if you were being attacked" 😭😭

  28. Kelp Farming

    Kelp Farming5 日 前

    These guys act like b1ack face characters. THUS we do them. CHeers

  29. Robert Patrick Atmojo

    Robert Patrick Atmojo5 日 前

    Nobody is talking about how Key says breastTeses

  30. Derek Ross

    Derek Ross5 日 前

    Lopan is immortal.

  31. dotwavebeats

    dotwavebeats5 日 前


  32. Aaron Wrecks

    Aaron Wrecks5 日 前

    00:43 😂 dont know why him missing with that second nut killed me

  33. Pixie Rush

    Pixie Rush5 日 前

    Reading this thread gave me a stroke

  34. Stage Ready

    Stage Ready5 日 前

    At least his heart was in the right place 🥴

  35. Joshua Stennett

    Joshua Stennett5 日 前

    😂9 yrs of age. Wow.

  36. Glori Mar

    Glori Mar5 日 前

    Go be woke somewhere else!

  37. aSAD Hollow

    aSAD Hollow6 日 前

    Why nobodu realize about the key and Peele universe just got confirmed

  38. This Guy

    This Guy6 日 前

    Anyone notice how Shawn Wayans is in this skit?

  39. This Guy

    This Guy6 日 前

    Actually marlon

  40. Đan Phạm

    Đan Phạm6 日 前

    good to see the tackle and grapple guy still has students

  41. Lionel Likett

    Lionel Likett6 日 前

    greatest comedians of the decade!

  42. Logan Kandel

    Logan Kandel6 日 前

    1:01 "Seinfeld, four?"

  43. Logan Kandel

    Logan Kandel6 日 前

    Is it just me or is that Kristen Bell at 1:53?

  44. MrHotBagel

    MrHotBagel6 日 前

    1:53 Ah, I see these are all students who have made it to the aaddvannceed class

  45. Kelp Farming

    Kelp Farming6 日 前

    Must be b1ack humour. THis is like teenager humour. EMbarrassing. They act like its something complex and sophisticated. nothing more than crotch humour. Sad

  46. Agon Leed

    Agon Leed5 日 前

    Explain what the humor SHOULD be like

  47. Jaliza Eagles

    Jaliza Eagles6 日 前

    Doug douggart is still at it

  48. Briana Kelley

    Briana Kelley6 日 前

    I love that when he thought he saw the woman getting attacked, he only quickened his stride but didn't drop his handful of snacks, sunflower seeds I assume.

  49. Dr Phot

    Dr Phot6 日 前

    I just wanted to say... Breasess!

  50. Shahir Baya

    Shahir Baya6 日 前

    Denzel Washington

  51. Teufel Hunden USMC

    Teufel Hunden USMC6 日 前

    Black Kimmel! JnP can give him a JOB!🤣

  52. Torch Bearer

    Torch Bearer7 日 前

    I like how his character kind of breaks at the end where he says c'mon man im preachy

  53. جاي ي

    جاي ي7 日 前

    The way this Foo was eating 😂

  54. جاي ي

    جاي ي7 日 前

    Yo wth 😂 lol

  55. Faique Shakil

    Faique Shakil7 日 前

    Love the Stanley.

  56. Mark Jackson

    Mark Jackson7 日 前

    Sounds like a Denzel Washington

  57. T Hispanic

    T Hispanic6 日 前

    Thought so too

  58. Skrooge Lantay

    Skrooge Lantay7 日 前

    Thought it was a Denzel impression

  59. Wis Dom

    Wis Dom7 日 前

    1:30 That white girl has a nice caboose!

  60. Oishii Kudasai

    Oishii Kudasai8 日 前

    Thought those were dice

  61. Steve Edberg

    Steve Edberg8 日 前

    1:52 the Doug Duggart cameo. "Tackle and Grapple"!!

  62. Steve Edberg

    Steve Edberg8 日 前

    At 0:21 did anyone else think of "XMUS JAXON FLAXON-WAXON"?? 🤣

  63. Krish Kapur

    Krish Kapur8 日 前

    What Stanley does after 5 o’clock

  64. Red Neck

    Red Neck8 日 前

    0:55 Who's that old asian guys? i think i've seen him in some movie before

  65. Saraswathy Chittaranjan

    Saraswathy Chittaranjan5 日 前

    James Hong has been in movies & TV for decades.

  66. WB

    WB8 日 前

    If this isn’t Denzel Washington

  67. Temna Senka

    Temna Senka8 日 前

    HOLY SHIT! IT'S JAMES HONG! He rocked "Kung Fu Panda", "Regular Show", and "The Big Bang Theory"! Now he's rocking Comedy Central too!

  68. dreamfyre

    dreamfyre8 日 前

    I legit wanna be this guy, just strutting around town with a big smug on his face. He’s enjoying life.

  69. B-DUBZ

    B-DUBZ8 日 前


  70. Matt LUNDY

    Matt LUNDY8 日 前

    Hey was that cassandras dad off Wayne’s world 2

  71. Nathan Barrow

    Nathan Barrow9 日 前

    0:43 Missed that nut

  72. M.Night Shammertime

    M.Night Shammertime9 日 前

    Little Preacher from across the street! Lemme hold a dollar.

  73. Canon Kingsley

    Canon Kingsley9 日 前

    The clowns one caught me by surprise.

  74. Jesse Alexander

    Jesse Alexander9 日 前

    This was great! Deserves 3 more episodes.

  75. Mr. Thompson

    Mr. Thompson9 日 前

    Misses mouth* crunch noise*

  76. Mike Poker

    Mike Poker9 日 前

    Cartwright, Cartwright !

  77. Jay Saffi

    Jay Saffi9 日 前

    I know that asian guy from balls of fury 😂😂😂

  78. Xray Doge

    Xray Doge9 日 前

    “Now I will be be groping breastseses”

  79. Logan SJ

    Logan SJ9 日 前

    Brothers brothers brothers sisters cousins nephews nieces siblings parents aunts uncles grandparents relatives twins ancestors... mm-mm-mmm...

  80. Rich Homie Quan

    Rich Homie Quan9 日 前

    Bruce almighty scene basically😂

  81. Springy Slinky

    Springy Slinky9 日 前

    Benjamin Button’s Disease my sides

  82. ZZZ XXX000

    ZZZ XXX0009 日 前


  83. Dakota Blue

    Dakota Blue9 日 前

    They way Stanley stuck his tongue out😹

  84. Gerry Marron

    Gerry Marron10 日 前

    Did I stutter??