Telling Strangers "I LOVE YOU"


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    I tried this in Serbia I got punched hard🙂

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    Really, i did the same thing more than 20 years ago to so many people and always get a positive response and am glad to see guys doing it too! Love you ❤❤❤ But unfortunately, my family hates me and i'm very disappointed especially when my mom died 3 years ago and it's about time for me to say to them that l'm gonna leave them for good next month. Please pray for me on my heart crunching journey. Peace to all and to you guys who shows very inspiring videos like this. Keep 'em up and coming. Stay blessed. From Cebu in the Philippines here. Love life and may God bless us all. Ameen! 🙏🙏🙏

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    I hate love u 😅

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    The men were so comfortable with this and usually gave him a fist bump/hug, whereas most of the women were very uncomfortable with it and walked away fast lol

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    "Tell someone you love them and if you don't know them you will" one of my teachers says this all the time

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