Teens React To It Chapter 2 Trailer And Easter Eggs


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    FBE11 日 前

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  2. joe c. gonzales

    joe c. gonzales7 日 前

    FBE 😀

  3. Truly Greg

    Truly Greg8 日 前


  4. Yoongi Min

    Yoongi Min9 分 前

    'Has lights dimmed' Me: *Puts expensive girl* "Dim the lights now girl" I'll stop 😂

  5. Daniella

    Daniella時間 前

    Dimming the lights? I see you....

  6. I love unicorns

    I love unicorns2 時間 前

    In the book grandma wasn't naked she turned into Beverly's father. And also in the book she wasn't drinking tea she was drinking grandma's 💩

  7. TheRyanLion 69

    TheRyanLion 69時間 前


  8. Abaan rajput

    Abaan rajput3 時間 前

    I dunno wht's worse... A crazy clown chasing you.... or A Naked Gramma chasing u.....

  9. Danielle Blessie

    Danielle Blessie6 時間 前

    When they gotta run, they gotta stay in shape - 2019

  10. Jai Shankar JS

    Jai Shankar JS7 時間 前

    Editor is a legend.

  11. hebronharvester

    hebronharvester10 時間 前

    Teens React to Spongebob Ripped Pants!

  12. hen ko

    hen ko12 時間 前

    I’m 9 and I saw It. It’s one of my favorite movies

  13. Caitlyn Ross

    Caitlyn Ross12 時間 前

    I’m 11 and I’ve watched it so many times

  14. Kashieca Andrea

    Kashieca Andrea3 時間 前

    Omg same!! Im also 11 and watched this 27 times😃😃

  15. Hari Krishnan

    Hari Krishnan14 時間 前

    thx guys for reacting it

  16. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker15 時間 前

    It Hurt My fellings some of them were suprised to see the losers club as adults

  17. ABM325

    ABM32516 時間 前

    Steve Harvey: what do not want to see in a horror movie Jaxon: NAKED GRANDMA

  18. MessyDabs STAY CHILL

    MessyDabs STAY CHILL16 時間 前

    Did my child just say, “oh hell no” ~*jason btw*~

  19. Rhys Mcconnell

    Rhys Mcconnell19 時間 前


  20. Vanda Galleguillos

    Vanda Galleguillos19 時間 前

    IT is R!¿ I watch it when I was 11

  21. Leonor Alves

    Leonor Alves19 時間 前

    Teens react to Rise Against

  22. Tempo- Dav id

    Tempo- Dav id日 前

    ok buddy

  23. s00pks

    s00pks時間 前

    ok buddy

  24. James Vandenberg

    James Vandenberg日 前

    King usually hates the good movie adaptations and says the terrible movie adaptations are good. So this is a bad sign.

  25. SkyxKeh

    SkyxKeh日 前

    3:36 fav part

  26. panggop jio

    panggop jio日 前

    This girl said being pennywise passes through the family 🤨🤨🤨

  27. Cayden Miller

    Cayden Miller日 前

    They better make a chapter 3 when their all old people lol

  28. The Ravenclaw Reader

    The Ravenclaw Reader日 前

    I haven't seen the first one but I'll definitely see the second one because I read the book and it can't be that changed....right

  29. kaine bolts

    kaine bolts日 前

    There obviously not it fans

  30. Austin MacLean

    Austin MacLean日 前

    XD obviously




  32. MiniBunny 330

    MiniBunny 330日 前

    I saw it when I was 11 and I am l 11 almost 12

  33. Julia Cortright

    Julia Cortright日 前


  34. Fantage magical unicorns

    Fantage magical unicorns日 前

    i am so SCARD

  35. xTiny Tiger

    xTiny Tiger日 前

    I’m 9 and I saw It. It’s one of my favorite movies

  36. Fermented Productions

    Fermented Productions2 日 前

    Teens react to Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer

  37. Jayden deans

    Jayden deans21 時間 前

    Yes please we need that

  38. Carly Kearney

    Carly Kearney日 前

    Fermented Productions 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. Anon Ymoose

    Anon Ymoose2 日 前

    of course the old lady is pennywise. this movie has been done before. and when she leaves the house she turns back to look at it and its all run down and bordered up (spoilers, from a 30 year old story...)

  40. Joseph Seed

    Joseph Seed2 日 前

    It Hurt My fellings some of them were suprised to see the losers club as adults

  41. Mr. Death

    Mr. Death2 日 前

    do a react to jpop, a japanese band called the Rampage. the song is hard hit or do the one called 100 degrees. I want to see jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-wssmqOlwBdo.html

  42. Clock Work

    Clock Work2 日 前

    Even though this is not real it scares meh

  43. Weirdo Lewser

    Weirdo Lewser2 日 前

    The guy in 14:06 is cute HAHAHA

  44. Kim Silorio

    Kim Silorio2 日 前

    That “hiluw” part crack me up haha

  45. Rana Hassoun

    Rana Hassoun2 日 前

    The night I watched IT was amazing I was with friends, we had popcorn, pizza, blankets..... Aahhhh such an amazing night😭❤️

  46. Austin MacLean

    Austin MacLean日 前


  47. Carly Kearney

    Carly Kearney日 前

    Rana Hassoun don’t forget totally traumatizing and

  48. AceHawk

    AceHawk2 日 前

    Did Anyone Noticed: IT Chapter 1 - 8 September 2017 8+9+2+0+1+7=27 IT Chapter 2 - 6 September 2019 6+9+2+0+1+9=27 And Pennywise Comes every 27 years.

  49. Brennan Keesler

    Brennan Keesler2 日 前

    Also during chapter 1, Bill Skarsgard a.k.a. pennywise was 25 years old during 2017 and 2 years later for chapter 2, he's 27 years old.

  50. Joseph Seed

    Joseph Seed2 日 前

    and the IT remake was made in 2017 exacly 27yrs after the original IT movie omg what!?!?! Illuminati call FBI... Smh

  51. Rana Hassoun

    Rana Hassoun2 日 前


  52. Turtlelover8 GD

    Turtlelover8 GD2 日 前

    Does the grandma remind anyone of the horror movie "The Visit?" Look it up

  53. Austin MacLean

    Austin MacLean日 前

    Yes it does

  54. minato still chill

    minato still chill2 日 前

    when you see it 0:59 ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'̵͇̿̿з=༼ ▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿ ༽=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿[} ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿

  55. Kelli Kubrak

    Kelli Kubrak2 日 前

    This girl said being pennywise passes through the family 🤨🤨🤨

  56. Kaia Losch

    Kaia Losch2 日 前

    I’ve seen the first one like 5 times, I really enjoy it. I’m 15 this year and I’m going to watch it in the cinema, but before that, tomorrow will be my first time EVER watching a horror movie at the cinema. I’m watching Bright Burn.

  57. Austin MacLean

    Austin MacLean日 前

    I have not yet and I'm 17

  58. Zahra Sekar Safitri

    Zahra Sekar Safitri2 日 前

    Kaia Losch you didnt watch it chapter one at the cinema? :((

  59. ahs

    ahs2 日 前

    11:25 she's really pure and sweet, I wanna see more of her

  60. Delphine Edayan

    Delphine Edayan2 日 前

    The kid at the end "hello" lol

  61. Unknown G

    Unknown G2 時間 前

    Delphine Edayan his name is Jaxon

  62. Brandi Danielle

    Brandi Danielle3 日 前

    I’m watching “IT” right now because of this 😂😂

  63. Max Osmond

    Max Osmond3 日 前

    Anyone else notice the old lady on the left of the door frame 2:35

  64. BaTMan

    BaTMan3 日 前

    9:28 Thats fucking professor x

  65. Austin MacLean

    Austin MacLean日 前

    I know, I'm so excited!!!!!

  66. O K

    O K3 日 前

    "Hilu" 3:37 In our country.. Its... "HeLuW gOoDmOrnEnG"

  67. LilMissCosplay62

    LilMissCosplay623 日 前

    It’s amazing how both of the IT movies are going to be out in September which is around my birthday! So I’m gonna go see Chapter 2 on my Birthday, on the 9th!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  68. Games 4 life Sohng zeus Greatest show man

    Games 4 life Sohng zeus Greatest show man3 日 前

    end of chapter i think pennywise kidnap a girl and H*LL NO

  69. Pink Marshmello

    Pink Marshmello3 日 前

    Please show them this jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-xUlJ_6WHfh8.html and please bring Jacksepticeye on ❤️❤️❤️

  70. Catherine Davis

    Catherine Davis3 日 前

    Whoever hasn't watched IT or the IT 2 trailer should be shamed!

  71. Rana Hassoun

    Rana Hassoun2 日 前

    During watching IT i was laughing most of the time...... Am I creepy?

  72. christian donahue

    christian donahue3 日 前

    i think it was ben who stabbed penny wise through the back

  73. Megachannel Playz

    Megachannel Playz3 日 前

    Creepy vibez

  74. koala cuties number one

    koala cuties number one3 日 前

    my friend is so abssesd with this she talks a bot all day

  75. qwerty presser

    qwerty presser3 日 前

    koala cuties number one r/boneappletea

  76. Florine Nabatundi

    Florine Nabatundi3 日 前

    2:13 "its time to dip" 😂😂😂

  77. SoluSanzi

    SoluSanzi4 日 前


  78. Hana Phelps

    Hana Phelps4 日 前

    Ok... how can you not pick up on a lot of this shit lol.

  79. Shani ben Arush

    Shani ben Arush4 日 前


  80. lol lolez

    lol lolez4 日 前

    That white boy seen this trailer before he had me dead😂

  81. MalfoyFish

    MalfoyFish4 日 前

    I choked when jaxxon went HELLoOo

  82. Crazy For Anime

    Crazy For Anime4 日 前

    3:38 😂 😂 😂 I’m dying 😂

  83. Joyita D

    Joyita D4 日 前

    Just read the book if you want to know what happens

  84. BilleRAT Eyelash

    BilleRAT Eyelash4 日 前

    ya I'm gunna watch it chapter TWO...........

  85. CoCo Animations

    CoCo Animations4 日 前

    Bro when he said “hello” at 3:38 I was dying😂😂😂

  86. riesthetic _

    riesthetic _4 日 前

    “i got some cookie in the oven” doesnt that ring a bell yall ...im excited abt ths.jzjzjssjdbxsn...i think ths is shapeshifting pennywise jshdhdj

  87. LilMissCosplay62

    LilMissCosplay623 日 前

    I need some help here •,• what bell rung? I’ve seen the first movie but it’s been a while

  88. SchweißKimme 69

    SchweißKimme 694 日 前

    5:30 I never liked Tom.

  89. Teeve 900

    Teeve 9004 日 前

    I just need to convince my mom to lemme go see this

  90. Tara Martin

    Tara Martin4 日 前

    Hopefully we see some cosmic turtles in this one ☝️

  91. Deagle

    Deagle4 日 前

    Beverly should've been Amy adams you can't change my mind

  92. R S

    R S4 日 前

    Predicted on Family Feud jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-jqDGK_UjfFI.html

  93. Mikayla Gorman

    Mikayla Gorman4 日 前

    I’m so hyped.

  94. Edd25164605

    Edd251646054 日 前

    The book is fantastic !

  95. Slim Slimy

    Slim Slimy4 日 前

    Every kid swears

  96. Zion TV

    Zion TV4 日 前

    The scar wouldn’t make sense because IT can heal himself very quick after he gets stabbed

  97. Teeve 900

    Teeve 9004 日 前

    Zion TV it’s just to give her a clue to say IM PENNYWISE BEVERLY RUNNN

  98. Cazie Ota

    Cazie Ota4 日 前

    I know right? My theory is that she was the librarian and since it's been so long she would've been dead already thus the flies and the decomposing skin that was shown. And she was moving because Pennywise was controlling her (?) or he shape shifted or something.

  99. Minerva Cisneros

    Minerva Cisneros4 日 前


  100. EJ Playz

    EJ Playz4 日 前

    I have no problems with clowns BUT NAKED OLD LADIES OH HELL NAH!

  101. Warda Gilani

    Warda Gilani4 日 前

    The book is gooood

  102. Elisabeth Salazar

    Elisabeth Salazar4 日 前

    Tag 2015 neflex

  103. the blue inkling

    the blue inkling4 日 前

    Good luck reading the book its 1000 pages

  104. Ethans Hyper

    Ethans Hyper4 日 前

    3:26 thats actually henry bowers, not pennywise

  105. Chase Bowers

    Chase Bowers4 日 前

    Ethans Hyper my cousin is in here?

  106. Super Supreme

    Super Supreme4 日 前

    0:05 wait that’s what I said

  107. Kim van der Linden

    Kim van der Linden4 日 前

    3:37 LOLOLOLOL

  108. April Gibson

    April Gibson4 日 前

    So I had a dream about penny wise exactly two and a half weeks after watching It in theaters and basically penny wise and a bunch of animalistic cronies lived in a room under my bed that had a hatch that went straight to Hell and I got him pregnant somehow and he gave birth to this one slip knot hoodie that scared me when I saw it in hot Topic in 2013 and that hoodie was like the anti christ and to stop the apocalypse I cut up the hoodie with a pair of those creative safety sizzors (ik that’s not how you spell it but you know what I mean) at like this coronation in this big white cathedral that was in hell and thing to get his revenge on me the next Easter all my family was at my house hanging out and I was in the hallway by the bathroom and the door was cracked and pennywise was in the bathroom eating a kitten and I was the only one who could see him and he made me put the cats small intestines in my granny’s sweet tea when I gave it to her then I woke up

  109. LilMissCosplay62

    LilMissCosplay623 日 前

    Welp...that’s the tea right? 😌

  110. Ousmane Camara

    Ousmane Camara4 日 前


  111. SirAwesomeLamo

    SirAwesomeLamo4 日 前

    I want my space turtle god dammit! 😂

  112. Tara Martin

    Tara Martin4 日 前

    Yes! All praise he cosmic turtle! It will also be interesting to see what they do with Stan’s character. He won’t be in the movie much if they follow the novel... if you know what I mean.

  113. Edd25164605

    Edd251646054 日 前

    Yes, and the Macrovirse!

  114. reddie_ baby

    reddie_ baby5 日 前

    OMG OMG OMG. 2 of my favorite things together im dead -- omgggg

  115. Halo Jumper

    Halo Jumper5 日 前

    Marlhy is still traumatized by the Cash me ousside experience.

  116. Pizza

    Pizza5 日 前

    React to eurovision 2019!!!❤️

  117. R S

    R S5 日 前

    Has no one seen the 1990 tv version?

  118. Kim van der Linden

    Kim van der Linden4 日 前

    I thought the same thing...

  119. Elijah McCoy

    Elijah McCoy4 日 前

    I have and I love it! I prefer it over the new one tbh.

  120. hen ko

    hen ko5 日 前

    It's IT

  121. gmolllee

    gmolllee5 日 前

    I saw some eye balls

  122. John P Olivas

    John P Olivas5 日 前

    These guys are really dumb

  123. Trqll

    Trqll5 日 前


  124. Michel Banès

    Michel Banès5 日 前


  125. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker5 日 前

    2:48 Name something a burglar wouldn't want to see when he breaks into a house

  126. riotfan111 gd

    riotfan111 gd4 日 前


  127. Jeremy Roe

    Jeremy Roe5 日 前

    Teens react to Eurovision 2019

  128. Passionate for Christ

    Passionate for Christ5 日 前

    If that crown was real there would be one thing that it would fear and that is the name of Jesus!

  129. Passionate for Christ

    Passionate for Christ4 日 前

    +Tara Martin what?

  130. Tara Martin

    Tara Martin4 日 前

    Passionate for Christ PRAISE GRANDFATHER MATURIN

  131. Passionate for Christ

    Passionate for Christ4 日 前

    No if he was real he would be afraid of the name of Jesus because Jesus can cast pennywise in to hell and that's is how powerful Jesus Christ is and that's who I put my trust in the name of Jesus amen and amen.

  132. Tara Martin

    Tara Martin4 日 前

    Passionate for Christ I’m pretty sure if Pennywise was real he’d actually be terrified of the cosmic space turtle.

  133. Toy Time

    Toy Time5 日 前

    where I live (Canada), I was able to go to the movie theatre and see "it", at the time I was only 12

  134. Trqll

    Trqll5 日 前

    Wasn't it just beautiful😍💓



    Go watch in 3D

  136. BigBoy Vik

    BigBoy Vik5 日 前

    Nobody here has seen the original or read the books. It’s sad that these kids think penny wise has relatives and he can pass on his “power” to them

  137. ledieumort

    ledieumort5 日 前

    Why are they so surprised that it's in the future? There's a fucking book damn it

  138. Heavan Aparicio

    Heavan Aparicio4 日 前

    Trqll lol I must have missed that too cuz I didn’t see that either

  139. Trqll

    Trqll5 日 前


  140. Heavan Aparicio

    Heavan Aparicio5 日 前

    ledieumort umm some of them didn’t even know there was a book so of course they would be surprised


    HEYBIBLEE G.5 日 前

    Can't believe they will release part two. I was like 13 when I saw the first one it made me scared lol can't even go to the cinema bathroom it also made me up all night HAHAHAHAHA.

  142. g reacts

    g reacts5 日 前

    Do a teens react to the Stranger Things 3 Trailer!!