"Teanna Need A GoFundMe" - The Grove 1-29 Podcast: Ep 6



    APEX_SLAYZ4 ヶ月 前

    Lol this stream kinda incriminating

  2. ParadoxAttax

    ParadoxAttax9 ヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a>:00

  3. Yabo Kun

    Yabo Kun年 前

    In the Netflix tapes, there were moments where Ted looked very similar to Zac. Also, it’s not fair to say Zac isn’t right for the role because he isn’t creepy enough. He hasn’t had the opportunity to play a role like that yet, if we use that then he would never be able to play a role like that.

  4. Sanzolu Scopperszn

    Sanzolu Scopperszn年 前

    i dont think he was called Dark king for anything

  5. H1ken D. CAesar

    H1ken D. CAesar年 前

    be grateful

  6. H1ken D. CAesar

    H1ken D. CAesar年 前

    where is killer ( onepiece ) ?

  7. KyloRen 659

    KyloRen 659年 前

    How NosmokemattB complains about not being a regular cast member on grove and doesn't show up the next episode.

  8. H1ken D. CAesar

    H1ken D. CAesar年 前

    we need timelines so we see what time basket talk is

  9. H1ken D. CAesar

    H1ken D. CAesar年 前

    Law crew is above 20 persons ...

  10. H1ken D. CAesar

    H1ken D. CAesar年 前

    Shanks is Prime Rayleigh

  11. H1ken D. CAesar

    H1ken D. CAesar年 前

    kat got the best obv haki , how ? we have aokiji and fujitora

  12. The Trick Of The Light

    The Trick Of The Light年 前

    Brago give your opinion on the Byron Smith case that happened a few years ago and if he was in the wrong Also you should check out mind hunter on netflix if you're into serial killer stories.

  13. H1ken D. CAesar

    H1ken D. CAesar年 前


  14. H1ken D. CAesar

    H1ken D. CAesar年 前

    my fav black anime/manga caracthers are : yoruichi , afro samurai and canary

  15. H1ken D. CAesar

    H1ken D. CAesar年 前

    In Reverie ( Onepiece ) there was literally a taco King , chill out

  16. H1ken D. CAesar

    H1ken D. CAesar年 前

    dis podcast needs more recognition

  17. vatopac

    vatopac年 前

    Why is Alehh so sus

  18. Realmo1

    Realmo1年 前

    Brago looking more and more like a Somali pirate lol

  19. Young Black Geek

    Young Black Geek年 前

    Second page of chapter 501 Garp talks about not wanting to deal with 2 Legends. They know Shakky is there.

  20. Gohan_Solo#22

    Gohan_Solo#22年 前

    Froobs right. That's why J Cole's features are better than his music imo. I like cole too I'm just sayin.... And Drake is ASSS Also, I think our generations serial killers is comparable to mass shooters.. Crazy fucks mann

  21. Jakker Green

    Jakker Green年 前

    Yoou Brago, u need to make an episode for the shit u face at your work bruh shit is hilarious

  22. Geoffrey Connors

    Geoffrey Connors年 前

    everyone needs to stop sleeping on my man kizaru

  23. Dayjon James

    Dayjon James年 前

    Tbh bakugo would wash deku

  24. Gerard w.

    Gerard w.年 前

    Brago a real bloke for this one

  25. Geo_AW

    Geo_AW年 前

    EX FUCKING XACTLY THANK YOU <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1620">27:00</a>

  26. Sean Smith

    Sean Smith年 前

    I think the whole Kat v Luffy situation is just evidence of what Mihawk said about him. That's the only way to look at it.

  27. Joseph Logan

    Joseph Logan年 前

    Bruh he said its like if shueisha grabbed my dick and said we gonna give u 3 strikes 😂😂😂😂

  28. Tony2great

    Tony2great年 前

    Rayleigh probably had observation to the lv that luffy just unlocked and that’s why he easily dodged gear fourth. Observation is just op lol

  29. Joro

    Joro年 前

    yow, gold d Roger grap white bread Rayleigh shiki sengoku were all on the same level; If they had to fight, yes someone would have to win but that's doesn't mean that winner is on a different level. Being on a different level mean u would have a 50% difficult level in a fight against them. Slightly wining a fight / having a high difficulty fight doesn't mean that the winner is on a different level that the loser. So even tho Gold d roger was the pirates he was still on that same level as grap, whitebeard and the other big names. if u think different u wilding... or u just lack the ability to reason.

  30. Jose

    Jose年 前

    GARP keeps getting disrespected its mad crazy.

  31. Joseph Logan

    Joseph Logan年 前

    Oh ya bakugo wins like come on ppl 😂

  32. Joseph Logan

    Joseph Logan年 前

    The game wouldn't come at boosie like that

  33. Shrek Savage

    Shrek Savage年 前

    Yeah the ted bundy shit was wild yall should look at the golden state killer

  34. Silvers Tanner aka Dark King

    Silvers Tanner aka Dark King年 前

    aokiji isn't black all three admirals are based off of Japanese actors i think

  35. Silvers Tanner aka Dark King

    Silvers Tanner aka Dark King年 前

    darrenraphael ok bet

  36. darrenraphael

    darrenraphael年 前

    The Japanese actor Aokiji is based on is half black. Specifically, half black american and half japanese.

  37. Dante Scott

    Dante Scott年 前

    Brago in the anime Luffy did move his g4 Haki vs Doffy. It’s hard to say if he did in the manga

  38. Vongola Fiamme

    Vongola Fiamme年 前

    Man the strawhats are washing every other supernova crew including kids based on what’s shown.

  39. darrenraphael

    darrenraphael年 前

    The strawhats and the Grand fleet are beating all the other supernova crews. At the same time, no less.

  40. Tommy Nicoletti

    Tommy Nicoletti年 前

    Yoooooo that gummy bear part is wild WTF XD

  41. TheYellowflashgod

    TheYellowflashgod年 前

    Deku would beat him and I don’t think bakugo could beat muscular




  43. Vongola Fiamme

    Vongola Fiamme年 前

    Tsuna is a bitch because he didn’t ask for any of that. He got thrown into the shit and mans up all the time. Deku on the other hand dreamed and begged to be a hero and bitches.

  44. Monkey D Lewie

    Monkey D Lewie年 前

    Bakugo smashing Deku bytch ass easy!!!!

  45. Vongola Fiamme

    Vongola Fiamme年 前

    Uub is fucking Indian lmaoooo

  46. Drunk Writers Room

    Drunk Writers Room年 前

    Chibi wanted that smoke

  47. Tommy Nicoletti

    Tommy Nicoletti年 前

    Dude if Deku goes 100% one for all against any class mate he will DESTROY them like what? Like he went 8% on Kachan like come on if he lands one 100% punch or finger flick Kachan dies

  48. Tommy Nicoletti

    Tommy Nicoletti年 前

    @Brago D. Ace And yoo Alehh be too much some times lmao

  49. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    @Tommy Nicoletti nah nah you didn't come off that way at all.

  50. Tommy Nicoletti

    Tommy Nicoletti年 前

    @Brago D. Ace Also my bad for coming off like a dick :( didn't mean to do that.

  51. Tommy Nicoletti

    Tommy Nicoletti年 前

    @Brago D. Ace True Im just saying if he did its a wash and i think thats what alehh was getting at. But even at 20% i think Kachan will beat Deku in a fight.

  52. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    His body can't handle 100%...

  53. Matias Pinto

    Matias Pinto年 前

    Bakugou > Deku

  54. Nora 9o

    Nora 9o年 前

    Katakuri fans stand up lol

  55. The big dog In this bitch

    The big dog In this bitch年 前

    That’s mad disrespectful to Rayleigh there’s nothing that proves either one was stronger Rayleigh vs kizaru was not a clash it was extended and they were equal so old Rayleigh equals kizaru that’s how it is without any bias

  56. The big dog In this bitch

    The big dog In this bitch年 前

    John Johnnyson they were shown to be equals there’s and they are equals it’s just biases that would make you think either is stronger

  57. The big dog In this bitch

    The big dog In this bitch年 前

    John Johnnyson and kizaru said he would need more than he has right now to defeat Rayleigh and Rayleigh also got hits on kizaru again they were even

  58. Joseph Henry

    Joseph Henry年 前

    @The big dog In this bitch if the fight kept going, rayleigh would have lost. he was sweating and panting due to his old age and kizaru called him out on it. prime rayleigh maybe a different story but the admirals will beat him at that point in time

  59. The big dog In this bitch

    The big dog In this bitch年 前

    Brago D. Ace garp even put Rayleigh in the same league as whitebeard referring to both as legends and said the navy would need more than it has right now to take both of them on do you see garp saying that for any yonko commander? So how is Rayleigh yonko commander level?

  60. The big dog In this bitch

    The big dog In this bitch年 前

    Brago D. Ace but there’s nothing that proves either one had an edge they were shown to be equal and you can’t call that a clash as they were going at it for more than a bit

  61. LucidoMafia

    LucidoMafia年 前

    im a black dude in Japan. amd ive been here half my life. i haven't had any problem

  62. Quietly Loud

    Quietly Loud年 前

    Good to know

  63. Chosen Productions

    Chosen Productions年 前

    It’s a wash bloke, there’s no way deku’s not winning

  64. Aluli Ahmed

    Aluli Ahmed年 前

    Where is that PERMANENT GUEST?? LMAO Dope as always..started to think Stebo might fit into one of these episodes

  65. Ultra Instinct 17

    Ultra Instinct 17年 前

    That nigga probably high as usual lol. This lineup is dope as it is so there's no need to add more people tbh

  66. Hf Fh

    Hf Fh年 前

    ngl brago id like the grove to be a one piece free space

  67. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    @Hf Fh appreciate you fam, will do.

  68. Hf Fh

    Hf Fh年 前

    @Brago D. Ace thanks keep it up bro

  69. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    Nah you right G. Next time i'l cut it out and make it a separate video.

  70. Ed Aniyeloye

    Ed Aniyeloye年 前

    I understand were yall are coming from but Ted Bundy back in the day was seen as that hot dude. He was seen as the same way as Zac Effron. I think the move is showing how good he was (which is scray). He made everyone think he was everything but a Serial killer, that's what the movie is trying to do like almost trick you into thinking he's a good guy.

  71. MF EarlyDoom

    MF EarlyDoom年 前

    LOOOL yes Ethiopian is definitely black or I've lain to my own life

  72. karaso0

    karaso0年 前

    I'm if the same mentality when it comes to fights that Bragos in. If you're no threat i have no time for you. I've beaten little dudes ass when we spared in boxing. I've beaten a fat slow ass dudes ass in high school, took no pleasure of it in those situations.

  73. Bow

    Bow年 前

    Bakugo out here giving Deku the hands. I dont understand the deku side of things.

  74. Zeno

    Zeno年 前

    Thoteanna Trump

  75. V

    V年 前

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="570">9:30</a> Quietly, Did you see my post on Grove Ep 3. I said the same thing 2 weeks ago lol

  76. LDonald

    LDonald年 前

    It wasn't that Terry Cruz was being attacked because he didn't hit dude who assaulted him. It's that Terry Cruz got assaulted by a white gay man. But because they threw his case out in court he's been on this kick of attacking the black community. And niggas like, "you saying it's toxic masculinity in the black community. But it was a white man who assaulted you". That's the thing. And I don't give a fuck what position you hold. You can still catch a fade. Terry is a coward who knows who he can and cannot fuck with.

  77. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    Hmmm... interesting perspective

  78. El Honcho

    El Honcho年 前

    Aokiji and Usopp aren’t black. Lol

  79. Joseph Henry

    Joseph Henry年 前

    apparently, the actor aokiji is based on is half black. and ussop is african so yea they black

  80. J Payne

    J Payne年 前

    Wouldn’t get far was the shit

  81. abcde fghij

    abcde fghij年 前

    hahahaha prime rayleigh yonko first commander lvl!?!?!?!. hold this L

  82. jonnoi beckford

    jonnoi beckford年 前

    @Brago D. Ace What first Commander have a island level CoO feat? 1. Yes name what 1st commander that can beat a admiral, but Prime Ray.. 2. Lmfaooooo What admiral is Marco beating?

  83. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    @jonnoi beckford also all the advanced observation etc, First commanders have that.

  84. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    @jonnoi beckford yeah we just don't agree. No 1st commander is beating an admiral but Prime Ray? Mihawk's title puts him over Shanks? Lol. Kizaru the known troll who put his hands up to Benn Beckman, do you understand language and trolling? Kizaru literally destroyed a mangrove with a kick and said damn I went too far and the men with him said you shouldn't destroy the Mangroves. Marco can't sniff beating an admiral huh? Yeah we're farrrrr apart on this. Agree to disagree.

  85. jonnoi beckford

    jonnoi beckford年 前

    @Brago D. Ace 1. This is your interpretation of what preparation to capture him would mean, but like I said he didn't say anything about that when capturing the supernova and stop acting like Kizaru is freaking Fuji. Kizaru was literally shooting huge ass Light beams at grooves. He dont give a shit. 2.What do you mean not nearly has much. It was like 1 or 2 two panels of him huffing. Luffy was huffing all through the Katakuri fight your crazy. Ray admits that the SH getting wrecked and said he would like to help but the years have slowed him down. Now BRAGO listen to this part. Kizaru Says KEEPING AN ADMIRAL AT BAY Isn't enough, Dont say things like that it makes me look bad lmfaoooooo Ray is basically telling him I would beat you and save the SH in my prime which is why Kizaru says that. Stop the freaking downplay. 3. The difference is Ray is doing it at advance age while not being active. You talking about the other 1st commanders like they have the same potrayal has Rayleigh is absurd. Rayleigh shows Observation feats to sense a island full of animals and their strength, Has COC, and advance CoA. Said to be difficult to handle with WB and Oda use him with Shanks to talk about CoC 4. Mihawk title puts him above Shanks and no 1st commander is beating an admiral, but prime Ray. Marco cant sniff beating a admiral. Admirals are the same level has Youkous. So you thinking Zoro not going to be able to beat Fuji a swordsman at the EOS is stupid beyond belief

  86. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    @jonnoi beckford Let's go down the list, because you need some help with this one. First preparation to capture the former right hand of th e Roger pirates would involve 1. Securing the area for engagement, a high level battle like that would cause destruction. 2. scouting the area for possible allies and having men available that can apprehend him if he manages to slip away, that is preparation, he never said he would need help to beat him. Secondly the huffing and puffing, you're proving my point. You assume I said the huffing means he's at his wits end, no Luffy was huffing and puffing when he was on the defensive and not nearly as much as Rayleigh. Luffy was catching his breath while Rayleigh acknowledged to have lost a step. Katakuri would not have moved vs Kong Organ, and to compare him to a commander is somewhat proving my point, right? Any 1st or Second Commander is toying with early stage Gear4th, shit Cracker had Luffy on the ropes. Is that your Dark King? Beating Gear4th Luffy? You assume 1st commanders aren't in the admiral level spectrum and they absolutely are. Also Mihawk being Yonko level is headcanon and subjective so I won't fight that but I will say this. In my opinion MIhawk has no chance of beating any of the current Yonko 1v1 and the same will go for Zoro EOS.

  87. Fobeo Potent

    Fobeo Potent年 前

    Bakugo is stronger deku fan boys are delusional

  88. Myles Rolle

    Myles Rolle年 前

    Bakugo to this day washes

  89. unNoticed

    unNoticed年 前

    Fobeo Potent fax

  90. Fobeo Potent

    Fobeo Potent年 前

    The serial killer talk was good i love the cancer but i like when you guys are mature too lol

  91. Jman27 Joestar

    Jman27 Joestar年 前

    i considered Scar from Full Metal Alchemist black

  92. Blues

    Blues年 前

    He's definitely more middle eastern

  93. Ramon Bernal

    Ramon Bernal年 前

    @Cash Sanders What my G

  94. Cash Sanders

    Cash Sanders年 前

    @Ramon Bernal @

  95. Ramon Bernal

    Ramon Bernal年 前

    Scar can be either one

  96. Nero Wing

    Nero Wing年 前

    He's Jewish or A Gypsy.

  97. k7999

    k7999年 前

    Prime Raleigh would mid diff shanks. Shanks was his cabin boy

  98. Joseph Henry

    Joseph Henry年 前

    @ViewtifulS i think shanks might be stronger but we literally cant even debate on this topic

  99. The big dog In this bitch

    The big dog In this bitch年 前

    FreeMyNiggaLuffy facts

  100. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    That's silly

  101. Craig Justin

    Craig Justin年 前

    I think prime Rayleigh is beating Shanks though, just think about it. Y’all give too much head to these titles (in my ty voice). If Rayleigh actually went and started his own crew, y’all don’t think he’d be a Yonko, too? I’m not giving shanks that much credit until I see something.

  102. Yabo Kun

    Yabo Kun年 前

    Craig Justin you don’t know how strong he was during prime lmao. You said Shanks hasn’t shown anything, but act like Rayleigh has. You’re using headcanon on how strong he was in his prime. What happened in the story tells you how strong he was? Nothing. He was the right hand man to Roger. No feats, or anything.

  103. Craig Justin

    Craig Justin年 前

    @Yabo Kun the key word is "*prime*", meaning he was stronger than he has already displayed. *Currently*, Rayleigh wouldn't win (mid-high dif), but "Prime" Rayleigh, we're talking, faster, stronger, sharper, and probably more ambitious, so you know his haki was all the way on point. DOES PRIME MEAN ANYTHING TO YALL?

  104. Yabo Kun

    Yabo Kun年 前

    Craig Justin why do you think he would be a Yonko? Shanks stopping Kaido then pulling up to stop the war> Rayleigh clashing with Kizaru for a short time. Shanks has shown more.

  105. Craig Justin

    Craig Justin年 前

    @Brago D. Ace how, sway?

  106. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    That's silly

  107. Ed Aniyeloye

    Ed Aniyeloye年 前

    Feel like Bakugo is gonna win but come on it's not a wash. High diff at least same with him and Todoroki. Bakugo > Deku > Todoroki > karishima > Tokoyami. IIda needs more development

  108. Sean Smith

    Sean Smith年 前

    Bakugo would beat Deku. Wash? Idk. But it's a clear win for Bakugo. But if it's Shoto v. Bakugo it's a much more compelling fight. Shoto's flames are as strong as Endeavors. All the while Shoto can regulate his body temperature with his Ice quirk. Who is to say that he wouldn't be able to stop Bakugo from sweating profusely? At the same time, Bakugo has shown so much in terms of intangibles, that we can't say Todoroki having such a powerful quirk can't be overcome by him. Todoroki doesn't have the same grit and ferocity that Bakugo displays. BUT. Deku doing what he's doing, at this pace? I didn't think would happen and it will just make this conversation evolve over time.

  109. unNoticed

    unNoticed年 前

    Ed Aniyeloye I totally agree

  110. unNoticed

    unNoticed年 前

    Ed Aniyeloye Fax

  111. J Payne

    J Payne年 前

    People Crazy! Deku is not beating Bakugou right now

  112. That Plot Armor Though

    That Plot Armor Though年 前

    Brah how yall gonna miss Killer Bee & Raikage?

  113. The Doctor

    The Doctor年 前

    Brago why dont you do analysis anymore? It seems like you're burnt out from OP content? Whatever the case, i much prefer you put your effort into an analysis and keep the grove video to a minimum. I have been seeing nothing but grove videos this month and it's irritating since i only subbed for your OP content. Hope you understand.

  114. The Doctor

    The Doctor年 前

    @Brago D. Ace alright

  115. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    I appreciate your comment man. However The Grove is a weekly podcast and honestly everyone on this is probably a bit more committed. I'm definitely not burnt out but I have been writing for scripts for my next video and we've had sooo many breaks in the past month and a half. Expect some One Piece this week and look out for new content on BDA Law.

  116. Ali Baba

    Ali Baba年 前

    Beat at the end?

  117. Clyde

    Clyde年 前


  118. Ali Baba

    Ali Baba年 前

    Damn I gotta know too

  119. Calendar Lampbat

    Calendar Lampbat年 前

    My guys💯💯✅✅

  120. Dank Legacy

    Dank Legacy年 前

    Super was Good dick ~Brago 2019(Startin the year off right) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  121. Dank Legacy

    Dank Legacy年 前

    Brago D. Ace 😂 oh shit

  122. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    @Dank Legacy it's on sight for The Joker lol

  123. Dank Legacy

    Dank Legacy年 前

    Donquixote D. Joker 😂😂, If u read this brago u my nigga💪🏾

  124. J S

    J S年 前

    Yo Brago regarding Rayleigh, When he faced Kizaru he mentioned that he was disappointed that he was being equaled by an admiral. Cause while Rayleigh was preventing Kizaru from attacking the strawhats, Kizaru was stopping him from helping them any further. If tying an admiral makes you question how out of practice you are then what does that say about your prime? That tells me that he was at the bare minimum admiral level in his prime. I do agree that in an extended fight against Kizaru I don't think Old Rayleigh is winning, though I do think it's high diff.

  125. jonnoi beckford

    jonnoi beckford年 前

    @Brago D. Ace he did block it and pretended it hurtled which Marco said he just playing around. Didn't hurt him at all. Ray actually hurt him

  126. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    @jonnoi beckford he didn't block it, it sent him flying. Marco said that he's lying about it hurting. You obviously don't understand Kizaru's tongue in cheek and lackadaisical personality.

  127. jonnoi beckford

    jonnoi beckford年 前

    @Brago D. Ace Kizaru blocked Marco move through and Marco said he was lying. Ray actually cut Kizaru and was fighting him. Bro Pirates main weapon are swords and Guns. He been active the hell are you trying to compare the two. You still haven't address this point yet. Why did Kizaru say An Admiral isn't enough for you your making me look bad dont say such things. Lmao Ray basically said he would destroy him if it was his prime

  128. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    @jonnoi beckford Kizaru wasn't focused on him when he slashed him using Yata Mirror. Then Kizaru being the lackadasical person that he is got a scratch. Do we forget Marco send him flying when they engaged. Do you think Marco is beating Kizaru? No he would not be able to fight the admiral and save them Jonnoi. He would be able to get away from Kizaru not beat him, that speaks moreso to mobility. You are adding your own interpretations and adding to it. Shanks and Rayleigh are the two closest to Luffy that had CoC, it was apt. I'm not hating at all, i'm calling it like I see it. When was the last time Kizaru used a sword? Rayleigh not touching a sword for 20 years is impressive but fighting an opponent outside of his fighting style from what we know, he still has the advantage.

  129. jonnoi beckford

    jonnoi beckford年 前

    @Brago D. Ace He had pacifista and sentumaru with him yet he saying he needs preparation to capture a old man that hasn't fought seriously for 20 years and barely touch his sword. This man was reacting to Kizaru, one of the fastest niggas in the verse and cut him. No what Ray said was he wish he could help, but the years has slowed him down. Which kizaru replied ohhhh A admiral is enough for you. Kizaru would still be fighting him, so in his prime he would be able to fight and saved them. I'm not adding my context he literally says this. This is why Kizaru replied with A marine admiral not enough. Stop the downplay. 100000 wasn't stated at Ray limit, but funny how he used Shanks and Ray has examples. Sounds like a bunch of hating here to downplay his potrayal.

  130. Daniel Tenorio

    Daniel Tenorio年 前

    Deku vs Bakugo... before the last chapter, I would have said Bakugo would win every single time. But now it has to be more in Deku’s favor.

  131. Z Nova

    Z Nova年 前

    @zoroslander For normal storytelling I'd agree, but at the start of the series it's literally stated that it's the story of how he becomes the greatest. And the whole point of All Might was that he was far, far above everyone else. Even without extra quirks, one for all would have put deku up there eventually. I like the others more than deku too, but I can't deny that 'the deku show' is what it's always promised to be

  132. zoroslander

    zoroslander年 前

    @Joseph Henry i gotta agree. That was some bullshit. Its up there with ichigo being every damn race in bleach. To much power in one character, with not enough characters who can contest him.

  133. Joseph Henry

    Joseph Henry年 前

    tbh that really ruined mha for me. they really said fuck the rest of the characters and turned it into the deku show. i liked how every character can get their shine. but now its like, if you dont have one for all, your trash. theres no way you can tell me that todoroki and bakugo can even be near deku now. chapter 213 was literally naruto vs pain. this nigga deku had no quirks at first but now he has 7 quirks?? i dont know why people liked that tbh. the manga is literally naruto now

  134. Daniel Tenorio

    Daniel Tenorio年 前

    Brago D. Ace well I do think Bakugo is still the smarter and better fighter, but I can see Deku catching up very quickly if he can control his new quirk/s.

  135. Jman27 Joestar

    Jman27 Joestar年 前

    @Brago D. Ace dude unlock another new aspect of his quirk when master hes going to be top tier

  136. Himanshu Singh

    Himanshu Singh年 前

    The level of confidence by which you guys power scale characters is just mind boggling

  137. Eternal Knot

    Eternal Knot年 前

    @Brago D. Ace "Someone with confidence wouldn't need to say anything...what you said in the video should provide enough reasoning behind your arguments" -that is what I might say but take it easy...I'm just pulling your leg lol.

  138. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    @Eternal Knot tell me what somebody with confidence would say.

  139. Eternal Knot

    Eternal Knot年 前

    @Brago D. Ace "mine isn't"...lol that's exactly what someone with false bravado would say

  140. Jose

    Jose年 前

    @Brago D. Ace Well said, amigo.

  141. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace年 前

    @Jose mine isn't brother.

  142. Joseph Henry

    Joseph Henry年 前

    lmao brago has latrell in the thumbnail knowing damn well he dont fuck with *THE BLACKS* 😂😂😂



    Yeahhhhh boyyyyy

  144. Chris the Chilled

    Chris the Chilled年 前

    Well know, talking about the THICCEST BLACK CHICK in manga history Sister Krone

  145. Joseph Henry

    Joseph Henry年 前

    yooooo i thought i was the only one thinking her and mama were thick af

  146. UNoTsuFlam

    UNoTsuFlam年 前


  147. Troy Oliver

    Troy Oliver年 前

    Go buy kingdom hearts III