1. *•that chicken•*

    *•that chicken•*29 日 前

    Who else thinks he has the potential but is just to much of a crackhead

  2. Saito Jiraga

    Saito Jiraga日 前

    @Makayla Mercier think again sis Know it has 12k

  3. 1935 ana

    1935 ana日 前


  4. Angela Mesimer

    Angela Mesimer2 日 前

    *•that chicken•* agreed

  5. First name band Last name aid

    First name band Last name aid4 日 前

    He's not a crackhead, he's a rat. Rat means art. He is art. AND HAS GRUS NOSE FROM DESPICABLE ME-1-2-3 KNiCK KNACK HOE but still thick 🤧👌

  6. Kaitlyn Blankenship

    Kaitlyn Blankenship7 日 前

    No ur a crack head. I personally LOVE Issa and larray. Don’t put them down cause ur jealous that their not rats *bitch* sick of everybody putting him down, and making these videos are not easy you know. It takes money, time, and finding things to entertain the audience. I have spoke my words now FUCK OFF🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  7. Diana Laverne

    Diana Laverne4 時間 前

    Issa where the fuck are you bitchhhh

  8. Alexa Vlogs

    Alexa Vlogs4 時間 前

    Before I watched this video there was an ad that said if u ever wanted to be a great singer

  9. alexis m

    alexis m4 時間 前

    Wow issa after you promised.. you havent posted in a month. Whats now, not gonna post for a year or 7 months or something. Anyways plz come back 😭😭😔

  10. TheCheeseThief

    TheCheeseThief6 時間 前

    Am I the only one who got an ad about 30 day singer? *For this video*

  11. DJ Bunny_UwU

    DJ Bunny_UwU6 時間 前

    Bitch where have you been???? have you left us AGAIN???? Or do you have bronchitis???

  12. Stew-A-Rew

    Stew-A-Rew6 時間 前

    Nobody: Me in chorus:

  13. Zeb

    Zeb7 時間 前

    He really did become a singer like damn

  14. Angelina Valles

    Angelina Valles8 時間 前

    girlie i have waited a month you still haven't uploaded biiiiitttcccchhhhh omg upload

  15. madhatter Studiosシ

    madhatter Studiosシ9 時間 前

    Nobody: not a single soul: Issa : lAaAa

  16. Gaming EmojiLove

    Gaming EmojiLove9 時間 前

    When Flies come into a room: 9:47 Larray: hello the flies are bac

  17. Malliha Ahmed

    Malliha Ahmed9 時間 前

    Am I the only one waiting for some new Halloween videos from Twaimz and rewatch old ones every year or is it just me😭

  18. Gracie Loudamy

    Gracie Loudamy9 時間 前

    nobody: Me: rOuNd AnD aRoUnD

  19. Chxrry Kun Kun

    Chxrry Kun Kun10 時間 前

    I'm making fanart for you (not a ship fanart, just you)!!!

  20. K-Isabelle Alabi

    K-Isabelle Alabi10 時間 前

    Can we just talk about the fact that he probably drank Tabitha

  21. Makaya Todoroki

    Makaya Todoroki12 時間 前

    (Cracks up laughing) Omgomg- PFFFFFFT!

  22. Sophia Lopez

    Sophia Lopez15 時間 前


  23. nishant wadhwa

    nishant wadhwa18 時間 前

    When's your album dropping? Eagerly waiting for AY POOSHET DOW

  24. HeloMeOlivia

    HeloMeOlivia18 時間 前


  25. SunFlxwer

    SunFlxwer18 時間 前

    2:32 what is that song?

  26. H

    H21 時間 前

    i can breathe from my left nostril only

  27. kenzia's life

    kenzia's life日 前

    Sing with your gut not throat

  28. Avion Smith

    Avion Smith日 前

    Is it me or did he leave youtube again

  29. Kai.

    Kai.日 前

    My last two brain cells be like: 7:26

  30. adymsbabygirl tho

    adymsbabygirl tho日 前

    Issa: I promise not to leave JPreporter again Also Issa: hasn’t posted in a month!!!!! Bitch where tf have you gone?

  31. Bass and Basketball Queen

    Bass and Basketball Queen日 前

    This vid made me crack up and also you are a good singer so yeah

  32. keeping up with dessy

    keeping up with dessy日 前


  33. Mae Perry

    Mae Perry日 前

    Empty he's actually sounds like nicke Minaj when he sing

  34. maryana young

    maryana young日 前

    I never laughed so hard I love the part where they were dancing 😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Puddinz

    Puddinz日 前

    half way done with hallowissa and not a single video... :(

  36. That's So Reina

    That's So Reina日 前

    nobody: LITERALLY NOBODY: ISSA: "WHEN YOU KNOW EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE A BREEZE." the wizards of waverly place song.

  37. Elia Noriega

    Elia Noriega日 前

    He left again

  38. _taekook_3000 _

    _taekook_3000 _日 前

    0:06 you sound like a dying goat 😂😂

  39. Jobany Cardenas

    Jobany Cardenas日 前

    Larray tho I love him 🥴😂

  40. flipperwipper 21

    flipperwipper 21日 前


  41. Isant Arts

    Isant Arts日 前

    You rat!!!!! its been a month where u been!??

  42. NyanCat MEOW

    NyanCat MEOW日 前

    yes fun fact you only use ne nostril one to breathe in and one to breathe out TEEHEE

  43. Jasmine Gill

    Jasmine Gill日 前

    Lol u can’t sing *no one can* This is all a joke don’t be offended

  44. Defective Darvence

    Defective Darvence日 前

    It’s been a month, I’m starting to believe he actually gave up his youtuve career for a singing career 😳

  45. Keith Wong

    Keith Wong日 前

    no one: Twaimz: I PoO sHiT dOwN

  46. Carla Yu

    Carla Yu日 前

    Plot twist: The smoothie was made out of Tiffanys friends

  47. Carla Yu

    Carla Yu日 前

    Plot twist: The smoothie was made out of Tiffanys friends

  48. Marina Padilla

    Marina Padilla日 前


  49. Thegamingbluewolves lilac

    Thegamingbluewolves lilac日 前

    ik m late but i take choir AND the music notes is our warm up ouo

  50. Miyah Franker

    Miyah Franker日 前

    Issa donde estas boo

  51. Janet Rojas

    Janet Rojas日 前

    See you guys in 8 months

  52. Crosscutice

    Crosscutice日 前

    Wtf was that last part🤣

  53. Amity Brezac

    Amity Brezac2 日 前

    Larry - ‘uh excuse me yes exterminator the fleas are back’ 😂😂😂that got me good

  54. Aleksandra Popov

    Aleksandra Popov2 日 前

    +_+ Whaaaaaaattttt

  55. EvaElaine

    EvaElaine2 日 前

    Issa don’t leave us again

  56. Mary Vang

    Mary Vang2 日 前

    this is Twaims ghosting is again

  57. Alaya :D

    Alaya :D2 日 前

    *ISSA* it’s been a month I miss u🥺☹️

  58. Jalexsi Villanueva

    Jalexsi Villanueva2 日 前

    one of my nose blocked every day

  59. xXGachamarks* thespotXx

    xXGachamarks* thespotXx2 日 前

    Look at all these hate commets y'all mean.he so fucking funny anyway so stop being fake and love him bitches,byeee fake as people. period!poo!😗😘

  60. Vibinwith des

    Vibinwith des2 日 前

    Issa: I won’t leave you guess again I promise I’m active No one: Issa: leaves for a month Love you Issa

  61. Nathan lololo

    Nathan lololo2 日 前

    Starts to smell something as soon as a school bus is behind him 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂

  62. Isabella Caforio

    Isabella Caforio2 日 前

    I been so sad lately and this make me laugh for the first time in like a week :,)

  63. Mizuki Odori

    Mizuki Odori2 日 前

    Isabella Caforio me too sis me too

  64. Blockyboy17

    Blockyboy172 日 前

    Welp he’s dead AGAIN

  65. Happy Penguins

    Happy Penguins2 日 前

    He left again 😬😬😬😬

  66. Lucas Nino

    Lucas Nino日 前

    Happy Penguins he hasn’t

  67. Xotiarakiaraxo 22

    Xotiarakiaraxo 222 日 前