Taylor Swift - exile (folklore: the long pond studio sessions | Disney+) ft. Bon Iver


  1. Indyil Cabangbang

    Indyil Cabangbang44 分 前

    this don't need a grammy. grammy needed this.

  2. Chathura Gunasekara

    Chathura Gunasekara3 時間 前

    This Song is Just Everything Music is About.. Simply Wonderful.

  3. H s

    H s4 時間 前

    Why I can’t give this more than one like !!!!

  4. Caily Bridgeland

    Caily Bridgeland8 時間 前


  5. d a n i

    d a n i10 時間 前


  6. Arnold Magno Amaro

    Arnold Magno Amaro10 時間 前

    0:53 can someone talk about his deep voice 😌

  7. papa hana

    papa hana14 時間 前

    I have so many signs........

  8. Smaran Pasupulati

    Smaran Pasupulati15 時間 前

    Karens: I can't breathe with a mask on! Justin Vernon: Watch this.

  9. jackson castro

    jackson castro17 時間 前


  10. Saumya Banerjee

    Saumya Banerjee18 時間 前

    Taylor please please please perform this in Grammys ....

  11. Melinda Jordan

    Melinda Jordan21 時間 前

    Taylor you need to do a song with Tucker Beathard!!! You guys would be amazing!

  12. Arti Kumari

    Arti Kumari23 時間 前

    This song literally deserves the Grammy. I'm not saying that others don't but there's something with this song which directly goes into ur heart and makes u cry for no reason at all

  13. Andrea Córdova Valencia

    Andrea Córdova Valencia日 前

    My favourite Tay's song EVERRRRR!!!

  14. Kevin Graham

    Kevin Graham日 前

    Anyone else hear the siren at 1:42?

  15. Vinicius Oliveira

    Vinicius Oliveira日 前

  16. Breezy Love

    Breezy Love日 前

    this is f**king beautiful.

  17. Nikita T

    Nikita T日 前


  18. Vu Hoang Phat

    Vu Hoang Phat日 前

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  19. Mansoor Yousaf

    Mansoor Yousaf日 前

    Orignal one is great but this one is amazing their voclas sound so raw here seems like i am in a concert.

  20. Regine May Tadlas

    Regine May Tadlas2 日 前

    Bon Iver 💜

  21. a A

    a A2 日 前

    Why is the comments section for Champagne problems turned off?

  22. Nay Naung

    Nay Naung2 日 前

    Is there anyone in 2021 who come to know who bon Iver is?

  23. Do Good Business Morgan Heinrich

    Do Good Business Morgan Heinrich2 日 前

    Here for Bon Iver’s AMAZING voice. @BonIver, can you release an album ASAP?

  24. Bishaka pande

    Bishaka pande2 日 前

    This song is my favorite playlist 😍😊

  25. Willmandon Lyngdoh

    Willmandon Lyngdoh2 日 前

    What if this is the mv for exile....🤯🤯🤯 like Adele's when we were young...

  26. Raul Sandoval

    Raul Sandoval2 日 前

    Happy 6 months of folklore

  27. Jackie hiner

    Jackie hiner2 日 前

    YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE FEELING LIKE SHIT NO ITS NOT MOT NOT ALLOWED.. Now whats that languages under your toungue

  28. Mariane Oñes

    Mariane Oñes2 日 前

    Best. Collab.

  29. Michael Narainsamy

    Michael Narainsamy2 日 前

    When he sings "So step right out..." Damn that's powerful stuff

  30. Sophiella Neuburg

    Sophiella Neuburg2 日 前

    Why is he wearing a mask?

  31. Michael Narainsamy

    Michael Narainsamy2 日 前


  32. strong eye

    strong eye2 日 前

    taylor is amazingggg i lovee herr my fav artist ever 🥰

  33. Vu Hoang Phat

    Vu Hoang Phat3 日 前

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  34. Kusnaini Syamsudin

    Kusnaini Syamsudin3 日 前

    grammys on its way

  35. Lee Mon Do

    Lee Mon Do3 日 前

    Been here before the evermore: the long pond studio sessions

  36. 67 Unnikrishnan A S

    67 Unnikrishnan A S3 日 前

    When you don't belive your friends that they don't have covid

  37. DesiPop Reviewer

    DesiPop Reviewer3 日 前

    Bon Iver just took ‘masks’ to another level of fancy.

  38. Vu Hoang Phat

    Vu Hoang Phat3 日 前

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  39. Heidi JVR

    Heidi JVR3 日 前

    Obsessed with this song! It is superb LOVE IT!

  40. Mœ

    3 日 前

    those two need to like make a whole album together or something

  41. Coco Nut

    Coco Nut4 日 前

    All the feels.

  42. paul taylor

    paul taylor4 日 前

    cry way her song like u some lot xo friendship xo il forest park lv xoxo hug song taylor swift

  43. 13jeffandtrish

    13jeffandtrish4 日 前

    Ah hey Bon Iver is a band not a singer I believe their singer is Justin Vernon

  44. Josh C Fishing

    Josh C Fishing4 日 前

    Taylor Swift is a great artist, but I don’t consider singing her strong suit.

  45. Arianna Zorzan

    Arianna Zorzan4 日 前


  46. 64wing

    64wing4 日 前

    Justin is one of the best writers living today. Especially from a musical perspective, though his lyrics are great. Also has an incredible vocal range. His stuff got me through my 20s...all ten years of it

  47. lexi loch

    lexi loch4 日 前

    Why was this song not HUGE?! It is amazing.

  48. Mattias Olsson

    Mattias Olsson4 日 前

    Best song in 2020 +++++

  49. Arpit Jain

    Arpit Jain4 日 前

    This is an Awesome masterpiece

  50. Keep going

    Keep going4 日 前

    اهخ لو تدرين إني أحط لايك و اكتب تعليق على كل مقاطعك يوتيوب بس عشان تجيك فلوس، بس طبعاً ما اقدر اشتري ur albums ، شفتي كيف مرة اقدر موهبتك ؟

  51. Maral Jakarsizian

    Maral Jakarsizian5 日 前


  52. Ahmed Areeb

    Ahmed Areeb5 日 前

    The best song in folklore.

  53. Lasse Skjold

    Lasse Skjold5 日 前

    She is just pure perfection on this song - and what a great collaboration with Bon Iver..🥰🥰

  54. G

    G5 日 前

    então é isso que se ouve quando se chega no céu????? 🤔🤔🤔

  55. Ainnur Mawaddah

    Ainnur Mawaddah5 日 前

    Everytime I love a new song, I pray I'll never get bored of the song even I play it in a loop.. And this time I pray again

  56. Aman Sonsare

    Aman Sonsare5 日 前

    Btw just for some people His name is not Bon Iver He is Justin Vernon Bon Iver is a band founded by him☺

  57. 2807truecolours

    2807truecolours5 日 前

    I think I like this version better than the one they recorded for the album, and I reeeally wanna know what that little dandelion on his desk is. A light? A real one? So many questions.

  58. Neha Singh

    Neha Singh5 日 前

    The way she sang so many signs 😭

  59. KhongKwan BN

    KhongKwan BN6 日 前

    Dear taylor swift I have been long time fan of you. I want you collab song with Harry styles because your sound with you so sweet creater . Thank you .i hope that oneday.

  60. Jack Turner

    Jack Turner6 日 前

    One word - Perfection! 🌈👯‍♀️🌸😀🎹🎼🎸🎻💐

  61. Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan

    Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan6 日 前

    Justin Vernon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Justin Bieber. And I listened to Bon Iver long before this collab.

  62. Tatiana_Lucia

    Tatiana_Lucia6 日 前

    Sublime 😍

  63. Vanities

    Vanities6 日 前

    Why is Justin covering up?

  64. Xyrelle Macababbad

    Xyrelle Macababbad6 日 前


  65. Vibha Kumari

    Vibha Kumari7 日 前

    The moment Taylor starts❤️❤️❤️❤️

  66. Katie Powers

    Katie Powers7 日 前

    Does anyone else picture Beth and Rip out of Yellowstone when they hear this?

  67. Jason Bishop

    Jason Bishop7 日 前

    Taylor, Jack, Justin and Aaron are literally the dream team. We are so lucky this collaboration happened.

  68. Christine Harris

    Christine Harris6 日 前

    @nikkk yeah sure ha!

  69. nikkk

    nikkk6 日 前

    William Bowery : you ungrateful ppl 🙂

  70. Alberto Xavier

    Alberto Xavier7 日 前

    honestly, I feel all the feels when I listen to this masterpiece. It takes me to another universe. omg, I love music.

  71. Eric Fournier

    Eric Fournier7 日 前

    why mask because when you record that is covid ??

  72. Elson Ricardo C.Sousa

    Elson Ricardo C.Sousa7 日 前

    Música muito bonita.😍✔️

  73. x_Bradfully

    x_Bradfully7 日 前

    Dis song making me apologize to my girlfriend that doesn't even exist

  74. Ismael Araujo

    Ismael Araujo8 日 前

    Ok, that’s definitely my new Back to December... love it

  75. Esma Figge

    Esma Figge8 日 前

    This is insane... I can’t stop watching it. The way she keeps repeating „so many signs“ hits every time. And his voice... goes straight to the heart.

  76. Carla D

    Carla D4 日 前

    me too 😍

  77. The Bunny

    The Bunny6 日 前

    me too

  78. jaslineish

    jaslineish8 日 前

    love it

  79. Matheus

    Matheus8 日 前

    sedento pro live dessa música

  80. Gonzalo Silva

    Gonzalo Silva8 日 前

    Great melody, shame about the lyrics tho.

  81. Darren Ross

    Darren Ross8 日 前

    Just awesome. A pure reflection of 2020 - visually & emotionally

  82. Scathe

    Scathe8 日 前

    why is he wearing a mask lol

  83. arianna

    arianna8 日 前

    Best song of the album

  84. B P

    B P8 日 前

    BON IVER PLS just sing the whole song pls, no hate to taylor but all Bon Iver's songs have different style to how he sings like here

  85. D M

    D M8 日 前

    T*Hey Joe, how was your day? J* OK - had an audition. How bout you Tay? T* sat in bed all day. Made $12 million in merch sales, so, nothing special. Want to buy an island or something this weekend?

  86. Luke Hall

    Luke Hall8 日 前

    I THINK IVE SEEN THIS FILM BEFORE...... and i didnt LIKE the ENDING I never learned to read your mind! You never gave a warning sign I GAVE so MAAAAANNY SIgns so MAAAAANNY SIgns so MAAAAANNY SIgns.....................

  87. Luke Hall

    Luke Hall8 日 前


  88. Jessica Collins

    Jessica Collins9 日 前

    I love his voice.

  89. Jackie hiner

    Jackie hiner9 日 前

    Taylor swift you're waiting for fifty cent just released from prison just 3 days before now carefully girl fifty onn beams

  90. 彭浩維

    彭浩維9 日 前

    Here after Todd, but of course not the first time, it’s again after another.

  91. tinpapa lin

    tinpapa lin9 日 前


  92. tinpapa lin

    tinpapa lin9 日 前


  93. Soapba

    Soapba9 日 前

    That was amazing

  94. David Ash

    David Ash10 日 前

    This is epic on such a gigantic scale. If this song doesn't get to number 1, it will be a travesty! Taylor Swift has done it again & what lyrics & voice by Bon Ivar. Taylor's new album is stratospheric.

  95. Barbara Devaney

    Barbara Devaney10 日 前

    I'm late to appreciate TS music...the lockdown albums have changed my listening along with her maturation.

  96. Firdaus Nawi

    Firdaus Nawi10 日 前


  97. PSomsubhra

    PSomsubhra9 日 前

    Yes😔 but you can find it on her social media!

  98. bube udeh

    bube udeh10 日 前


  99. bube udeh

    bube udeh10 日 前

    this is just so raw. and i cant wait for yall to win that grammy.

  100. Life of Akee

    Life of Akee10 日 前

    This version still makes me cry till now. sheez

  101. Boerner William

    Boerner William11 日 前

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  102. Lincy K Moni

    Lincy K Moni11 日 前

    Wowww... This Song is sooo Perfect 💙💙😭😭💜💜

  103. Mery Gomez Burgos

    Mery Gomez Burgos11 日 前

    This is magic... The song and the documentary is a wonderful gem. Congratulations for this fantastic and awesome perfection.

  104. maricel vasquez

    maricel vasquez11 日 前

    How come 5.3M views only? This is the best song for me in her folklore album.

  105. Army Girl

    Army Girl11 日 前

    Taylor ✨✨the freshness of her music ✨✨ can't describe in words❤️❤️