Taylor Swift - Cornelia Street (Live From Paris)


  1. Beautiful Prekrasnyy Hermosa

    Beautiful Prekrasnyy Hermosa6 時間 前

    I don't wanna lose you 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Oscar Avalos

    Oscar Avalos2 日 前

    I love you Taylor 😘🥰😍 😍😎

  3. Hazel Shakira

    Hazel Shakira2 日 前

    Muah 💋

  4. 激辛プリン

    激辛プリン2 日 前


  5. Monsieur Godzylla

    Monsieur Godzylla4 日 前

    moi je fait plus de fric que toi et tu n'as pas vecu pour moi.

  6. Monsieur Godzylla

    Monsieur Godzylla4 日 前

    deuxieme tu est viré et j'ai envie de boser alors que tu me troll.

  7. Monsieur Godzylla

    Monsieur Godzylla4 日 前

    et tu geulle comme si les parent faisais ce stress et alors que c'est vraiment un truc deja naturel.

  8. Monsieur Godzylla

    Monsieur Godzylla4 日 前

    et ça craind un max mais c'est un son qui exprime merveuisement le stress que j'accepte pour gerer.

  9. Monsieur Godzylla

    Monsieur Godzylla4 日 前

    c'est le toi que j'ai envie de vivre d'etre avec toi et que tu me donne.

  10. Monsieur Godzylla

    Monsieur Godzylla4 日 前

    quand je lit en toi comme ta determination du monde que tu veut.

  11. Ainul

    Ainul5 日 前

    I love this song 😇😇😇😍😘💗💗💗

  12. Shannon Evans

    Shannon Evans5 日 前

    I get a little irritated with the screaming every time I listen to this, but also....same

  13. Valentina Cerda Gonzalez

    Valentina Cerda Gonzalez6 日 前

    I love the girl who just scream when she realizes which song is😂

  14. notmyblogs utube

    notmyblogs utube6 日 前

    Its a metaphor for i will never fall in love again. Cornelia st

  15. Melike Aydoğdu

    Melike Aydoğdu7 日 前

    Better than the original

  16. LT Stormchasen

    LT Stormchasen7 日 前

    Lately, I wake up singing Daylight and Cornelia Street. I think I have a problem.

  17. Marie-Jade Dupont

    Marie-Jade Dupont8 日 前

    Seriously, no one can sounds better in live than Taylor Swift just with her voice and her guitar😍

  18. Xiang Xiang

    Xiang Xiang8 日 前

    Love all her acoustic 🖤

  19. 4CD Megan Old-Orchard

    4CD Megan Old-Orchard9 日 前

    # fav singer

  20. Sarah Brown

    Sarah Brown9 日 前

    the best thing that happened to 2020:

  21. Alma Sy

    Alma Sy9 日 前

    This sends.. I miss you Tay 😭💗

  22. MD Amaan

    MD Amaan10 日 前

    Tell me I'm not the only one who comes here everyday!

  23. AJ OLI

    AJ OLI10 日 前

    Why am I fantasizing about a Korean, Japanese, Chinese version of this song...

  24. Arshi Dutta

    Arshi Dutta11 日 前

    Hope there was no noice in the background (no screaming)

  25. Milagros

    Milagros12 日 前

    Taylor everything you do is so magical and real. Come to Colombia on your next tour, we will wait for you 🇨🇴

  26. Milagros

    Milagros12 日 前


  27. It's Kim

    It's Kim12 日 前

    Taylor can make a sold out concert with a just a single guitar

  28. black Star

    black Star12 日 前

    Where is the cleaner version, i love this version acoustic version.

  29. Kevin Philip Quinn

    Kevin Philip Quinn12 日 前


  30. Heidi Mok

    Heidi Mok12 日 前

    I think this version is better than the official audio one. This acoustic version is much more emotional and raw...


    KUYA FAITH13 日 前

    3 Songs she wrote for Joe Alwyn 1. Lover 2. London Boy 3. Cornelia Street 🎵🎶🎶🎵🎵🎶

  32. ms. chanandler bong

    ms. chanandler bong13 日 前


  33. Sumaiya Shoaib

    Sumaiya Shoaib14 日 前

    She is uhhh-mazing!!

  34. Cyrell

    Cyrell14 日 前

    The part “I packed my bags, left Cornelia Street Before you even knew I was gone But then you called, showed your hand I turned around before I hit the tunnel Sat on the roof, you and I” Always reminds me of Mine 💕✨

  35. Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix14 日 前

    I'm telling you, those dislikes are quite intentional.

  36. Nouf

    Nouf15 日 前

    My heart’s too weak for this

  37. Armando Asdfgo

    Armando Asdfgo15 日 前


  38. Kristofer Kelly

    Kristofer Kelly15 日 前

    Wow what a tune

  39. Hanun Adlan

    Hanun Adlan15 日 前

    this song remember me old taylor

  40. Chandra Wijaya

    Chandra Wijaya16 日 前

    Taylor Swift is purfect.

  41. Alexander T.

    Alexander T.16 日 前


  42. Panagiwths Pan

    Panagiwths Pan16 日 前

    Cornelia Street Live > Cornelia Street on the album

  43. Trang Nguyen

    Trang Nguyen16 日 前

    Sweet voice❤️ i have been your fan for 6years😊always love you☺️

  44. Nungky Astini

    Nungky Astini16 日 前

    The way she screams with notes

  45. Kathleen J

    Kathleen J17 日 前

    new years day -> cornelia street

  46. shahirah zahrah

    shahirah zahrah17 日 前

    Aaaaa im still in love w this songg

  47. si tu?

    si tu?17 日 前


  48. Laurence John Cañeda

    Laurence John Cañeda18 日 前

    The first few guitar strumming sounds like avrils keep holding on. Anyone notices it too?

  49. Alondra Pavellone

    Alondra Pavellone18 日 前

    hola teilor eres la mejor cantante del mundo te invito a mi fiesta va a ser este 21 de julio a las 7 de la tarde por fis no faltes va a ser en tijuana colonia obrera primer seccion federacion croc #309 es una casa blanca, va haber un brincolín de los pitufos y una camioneta verde sino sabes donde es picale al gps plissssss

  50. Christian Dowa

    Christian Dowa18 日 前

    cuz each of us have our own cornelia street

  51. Joe Dillon

    Joe Dillon18 日 前

    Love is love.

  52. WhiteWhiskers

    WhiteWhiskers19 日 前

    I wish the original was acoustic

  53. G Bon

    G Bon19 日 前

    Acoustic Taylor>>>>Everything else EVER

  54. Uyên Thảo

    Uyên Thảo19 日 前

    Love you so much

  55. zyubii min

    zyubii min19 日 前

    This reminds me of fifteen♡

  56. S a v a g e

    S a v a g e19 日 前

    The lesson of this song : Never walk down Cornelia street

  57. E Serv

    E Serv19 日 前

    I have alwsys loved how clear she pronounce words...so different from other pop stars which i need to see the lyrics to understand what they are sayin

  58. Binita Chand

    Binita Chand19 日 前

    I love you and your voice so so much😍😍😍😘💕😘😘

  59. Barbara Pascual

    Barbara Pascual20 日 前

    lol i thought taylor is singing collide, best song in the album 💓

  60. Rana Amalia

    Rana Amalia20 日 前

    i dont really care if her latest song or album better than her currently album. I just thought that every taylor song is beautiful

  61. Alexis Targaryen

    Alexis Targaryen20 日 前

    taylor swift's falsettos

  62. John Consing

    John Consing20 日 前

    I came back because I want to feel some chills again, and the views just hit 1.1m views

  63. Hannah Welch

    Hannah Welch21 日 前

    i still cry every time i hear this song!!

  64. Roxan Mendoza

    Roxan Mendoza21 日 前

    the voice 🥰

  65. Črïs Ribeiro

    Črïs Ribeiro21 日 前

    Aah, Taylor, ❤

  66. Črïs Ribeiro

    Črïs Ribeiro21 日 前

    Amooooo, 😰

  67. Shruti R Mishra

    Shruti R Mishra21 日 前

    The way she says mystified! ❤️

  68. Neralyn Paloyo

    Neralyn Paloyo22 日 前

    Memorize the creaks in the floor 🎶💗

  69. guweni

    guweni22 日 前


  70. Antônia Silveira C

    Antônia Silveira C22 日 前

    I love youuuuu ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  71. Lost Mind

    Lost Mind22 日 前

    There are only a few artists who can perform better live and only need a guitar to do it. Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are one of them. Amazing.

  72. Angel

    Angel23 日 前

    her voice is just so raw and full of emotions that can tug your heart it’s unbelievably brilliant

  73. Music Lyrics

    Music Lyrics23 日 前

    I didn’t know if Cornelia street exists before this music lol

  74. Music Lyrics

    Music Lyrics16 日 前

    Joe Planeta haha ikr, but please be a lil bit Kind :)

  75. Joe Planeta

    Joe Planeta21 日 前

    How sad you must be living in a cave

  76. Béatrice SOUVANDY

    Béatrice SOUVANDY23 日 前

    respect girl !🙏 Even more success and lots of love😍🤩💗

  77. marianne capuno

    marianne capuno23 日 前

    Im singning her songs every day her voice is the best voice in the world im a big big big fan

  78. Ajith ande

    Ajith ande24 日 前

    Even though I never went to her concerts I can feel the vibe of her concert in this song

  79. John Szczepkowski

    John Szczepkowski24 日 前

    i love you

  80. Agos Borni

    Agos Borni24 日 前

    This is better than the studio version

  81. Joel Gerone

    Joel Gerone24 日 前

    So what's the "Cornelia Street" of your own story?

  82. The VaughanKids

    The VaughanKids24 日 前

    Taylor: And baby I get mystified by how the city screams your name. Me: Legit crying!🥺

  83. The VaughanKids

    The VaughanKids24 日 前

    I honestly think this is better than the auto tuned version.