Taylor Swift - Christmas Tree Farm


  1. Kim Chi Chu

    Kim Chi Chu32 分 前

    2:55 That is the reason that the legend was born......

  2. Sascha Gordon

    Sascha Gordon2 時間 前

    Man, does this song get me in the jingle mood. :)

  3. BIMA

    BIMA14 時間 前

    this is definitely a classic already!

  4. 44GlenCoCo

    44GlenCoCo18 時間 前

    Its barely Autumn but im so pumped for Christmas 🎄👏🏻🙌🏻

  5. Carlos Salazar

    Carlos Salazar18 時間 前

    3 months🥺🥺🥺💖

  6. Deni Vukajlović

    Deni Vukajlović23 時間 前

    Anyone in September?

  7. Luhana Budin

    Luhana Budin日 前

    It seems like i knew this song for years

  8. Mariana

    Mariana日 前


  9. James Landrick Escultor

    James Landrick Escultor日 前

    holiday is fast approaching,i could play and listen to this again with my lil brother together.

  10. claire cassys

    claire cassys日 前

    I am so excited for Christmas! 🎄😍

  11. David Michael

    David Michael2 日 前

    It’s the fact that she wrote a future Christmas classic and put this video together in just a few days for me.

  12. C-cindy -1

    C-cindy -12 日 前


  13. Emily Peng

    Emily Peng2 日 前

    Her vocals are insane on this! and it's so cute!!

  14. Pooja Rathod

    Pooja Rathod3 日 前

    No one : Not even a soul : Me on 26th sep :

  15. Pooja Rathod

    Pooja Rathod3 日 前

    Why this is the best Christmas song ever? 👁👄👁

  16. Jecko Espinoza

    Jecko Espinoza3 日 前


  17. Angelina

    Angelina3 日 前

    ok but fetus taylor was adorable

  18. Elowyn Snow

    Elowyn Snow3 日 前

    what album is this from?

  19. Mony Peas

    Mony Peas4 日 前

    its only September and I am already hereeeeeee

  20. hiro _lk

    hiro _lk5 日 前


  21. Teresa Anggraini

    Teresa Anggraini5 日 前

    3 months to CHRISTMAS!!



    ... 🌲🎄....☺

  23. Yelena Merlos

    Yelena Merlos5 日 前

    taylor: everything is icy and blues me in south América: 👁👄👁🌡🌡

  24. Dave Ebones

    Dave Ebones6 日 前

    September 23?

  25. Yumna Hiary

    Yumna Hiary7 日 前

    Little taylor is so cute 🥺✨🖤

  26. JamieDelight

    JamieDelight7 日 前

    3 more months until Christmas again!!

  27. Sofía

    Sofía7 日 前

    Not me listening to Christmas Tree Farm in September

  28. Thicc Moon

    Thicc Moon7 日 前

    Taylor's voice was perfect for this song!

  29. bobobeach bobo

    bobobeach bobo7 日 前

    best Christmas song ever

  30. Lemon

    Lemon8 日 前

    Fun fact:she came up with this within 4 days

  31. noahxco

    noahxco8 日 前


  32. Armando Reis

    Armando Reis8 日 前

    Eu amo essa canção de Natal.

  33. Kari Lynn

    Kari Lynn8 日 前

    This has all the innocence of a Doris Day song. I love how Taylor isn’t afraid to tap into her childish, naive side. I like this song so much, I play it even when it isn’t Christmas.

  34. L cpr

    L cpr9 日 前

    Swifties I smell a new christmas Classic here

  35. Jamira Smith

    Jamira Smith9 日 前

    I loveeeee it

  36. Taylor Swift 13

    Taylor Swift 139 日 前

    2:55 the moment that Changed everything 💝

  37. April Gemmarie Reston

    April Gemmarie Reston9 日 前

    I remembered that exact moment she released this and I instantly became in love with it. Now, I can't believe that it's alsmost a year since the release and almost Christmas time again. I love you so much, Taylor!!! 🥺🥺❤❤❤❤❤

  38. jasmine wallace

    jasmine wallace9 日 前

    This is so cute 😫 She really had an idyllic childhood

  39. Janae Diggins

    Janae Diggins9 日 前

    Not me jamming out to this even though it’s not Christmas 😹🤚-

  40. JOYNER Perez

    JOYNER Perez9 日 前

    Verdad que todo lo q haces es mágico

  41. Mansi Bhardwaj

    Mansi Bhardwaj10 日 前

    Swifties just want only 13 of you to watch my song "Himalayas" on my channel.

  42. Ailema 101

    Ailema 10110 日 前

    These people have the most Christmasy Christmas I have ever seen.

  43. cartoons !!

    cartoons !!10 日 前

    This video feels me that time is running

  44. Jeremy James Dauba

    Jeremy James Dauba10 日 前

    Can we make this song entered the charts on this upcoming Christmas? Please.

  45. Myo Thu Aung

    Myo Thu Aung10 日 前

    So So sweet tay tay

  46. E V

    E V10 日 前

    Esta canción me trae tan lindas recuerdos 💕

  47. Emma Terlecky

    Emma Terlecky10 日 前

    Chipmunks are my spirit animal

  48. Haidara Tarraf

    Haidara Tarraf11 日 前

    Omg this is so awesome and cute 🥺❤️ ❤️




  50. Maryam Tagıyeva

    Maryam Tagıyeva11 日 前

    2020 January✔️ February ✔️ March✔️ April✔️ May✔️ June✔️ July✔️ August✔️ September✔️ October✅ November✅ December✅

  51. Alex C

    Alex C11 日 前


  52. Alex C

    Alex C11 日 前


  53. mymirrorbal

    mymirrorbal11 日 前

    this sounds extra fresh today

  54. merve

    merve12 日 前

    im listening this on 30°C 👁👄👁

  55. Sahira Devkota

    Sahira Devkota12 日 前

    Love you Taylor Swift I want to meet you this is my dream

  56. Mdshihabul Haque

    Mdshihabul Haque12 日 前

    I love you so much

  57. หอบดูก Hobdoog

    หอบดูก Hobdoog12 日 前

    Waiting for Christmas time again😊

  58. swiftielord13

    swiftielord1312 日 前

    Guyss... The starting of the song reminds of folklore

  59. Sofia Wendy

    Sofia Wendy12 日 前

    They never knew giving a guitar to Taylor could create such a huge impact to the industry of music. 😭✊

  60. Mdshihabul Haque

    Mdshihabul Haque13 日 前


  61. FriDuh

    FriDuh13 日 前

    Is this not the most wholesome Christmas video ever. 🥰🥰

  62. Chloe Rose

    Chloe Rose14 日 前

    2:54, best part!!!!!(though the whole song is great)

  63. Thiên Ân Huỳnh

    Thiên Ân Huỳnh15 日 前

    This must be hit

  64. Xiano Trey

    Xiano Trey15 日 前

    It's never too early for this 💗

  65. Lewichrisp brown

    Lewichrisp brown15 日 前

    Love u taylor

  66. leilani baby

    leilani baby16 日 前

    her opening the guitar hits different

  67. pe ter

    pe ter16 日 前

    anyone else listen to this song not even Christmas🤚

  68. Alessandra Novelli

    Alessandra Novelli16 日 前

    La miglior canzone di natale di tutti i tempi

  69. Vernal .b

    Vernal .b17 日 前

    I think i watch this for 20 times now !! 😍😍💞💞

  70. Jun Castillion

    Jun Castillion17 日 前


  71. Vlogs By Joshua

    Vlogs By Joshua17 日 前

    Little Did They Know That She Is A MegaStar❤️🎄❄️☃️⛄️🌲

  72. Arrian D

    Arrian D17 日 前

    I listen to this whenever I'm sad and suddenly I'm not sad ever.

  73. Irma Osorio

    Irma Osorio17 日 前

    I dont know why....but this is my jam right now 💯💯💯💯

  74. annabelle

    annabelle17 日 前

    who is listening to this in september 2020 😭😭

  75. Hope

    Hope18 日 前

    Ain’t even Halloween yet😌😌😌

  76. Charmie Samson

    Charmie Samson18 日 前

    Listening to this song because I'm done to this year

  77. rumana talukdar

    rumana talukdar18 日 前

    almost december

  78. Alliah Angelica

    Alliah Angelica19 日 前

    i mean im here all year long..

  79. Wisteria Sage

    Wisteria Sage19 日 前

    Two things. One, doesn’t the trees outside the window in the beginning look like the ones in folklore? Two, BABY TAYLOR IS SO CUTE

  80. Raining

    Raining19 日 前

    Ber Months here we go!!!!!!

  81. Swiftie McCurdian BLINK

    Swiftie McCurdian BLINK20 日 前

    Who's here in September hoping it'll suddenly turn into christmas by listening to christmas songs (Come on i can't be the only one)

  82. kwn kroki

    kwn kroki20 日 前

    It's September.. Let the Christmas season begins!!

  83. Señorito Jiro

    Señorito Jiro20 日 前

    Pwede na sya patugtugin kase September na HAHAHA

  84. Clyde Mccray

    Clyde Mccray20 日 前

    I Love this song. I play it every week. I am a 68 year old Swiftie

  85. hello

    hello20 日 前

    It’s only September but im so excited for Christmas should i start getting all the Christmas decoration right now ?

  86. Catarina Silva

    Catarina Silva20 日 前

    I love this song and Tay Tay is so cute and looks so happy 😍🥰

  87. Patrice Tan

    Patrice Tan20 日 前

    im crying

  88. LinkingHeartZ

    LinkingHeartZ21 日 前

    happy september

  89. ham son

    ham son22 日 前

    this song makes the christmas mood come ALIVE. its september. but i am feeling very chrismasy

  90. Todd Parke

    Todd Parke22 日 前

    Its September and I want to put up the christmas tree!

  91. Odlanier Silva

    Odlanier Silva22 日 前


  92. Joseph Gerald Bustos

    Joseph Gerald Bustos22 日 前

    Everything is icy and blue Me: in tropical climate can't relate

  93. Joseph Gerald Bustos

    Joseph Gerald Bustos22 日 前

    This deserve a recognition every Christmas season 🎄⛄

  94. Joseph Gerald Bustos

    Joseph Gerald Bustos22 日 前

    I came back here because its Ber months now🎄

  95. Banshan Lamare

    Banshan Lamare23 日 前

    My Taylor Swift holiday started from now Goooooooo

  96. Ralph Santiago

    Ralph Santiago23 日 前

    Its time for this again. Wiii hahhaha

  97. Ioanna Antoniou

    Ioanna Antoniou23 日 前

    It's September and here I am...

  98. Shri

    Shri23 日 前

    Omg it's only September but I'm in a Christmas spirit!!!

  99. Sapphire Gaming

    Sapphire Gaming23 日 前

    🥺🥺🥺 I now miss christmas

  100. Hays Carson

    Hays Carson23 日 前

    This song makes me feel so happy Taylor haters need to calm down.