Taylor Swift - Christmas Tree Farm


  1. Nisa Monica Asri

    Nisa Monica Asri日 前

    she still has the same smile, so heartwarming

  2. Tanya Watkins

    Tanya Watkins2 日 前

    Still watching 2020😊🌻

  3. KW - 08TE - Sir William Gage MS (1519)

    KW - 08TE - Sir William Gage MS (1519)2 日 前

    this is so cute

  4. Benjamin Lu Tseng

    Benjamin Lu Tseng2 日 前

    Such a beautiful song!!! It deserves billions views

  5. Lazlo Thorn

    Lazlo Thorn3 日 前

    I lovee youuu Taylor

  6. Lazlo Thorn

    Lazlo Thorn3 日 前


  7. Cat Lover

    Cat Lover4 日 前


  8. Damn s

    Damn s4 日 前

    9374 :c

  9. P Val

    P Val4 日 前


  10. Keith Rempp

    Keith Rempp4 日 前

    Love the Girl, Love the Music

  11. Jake Mazo

    Jake Mazo4 日 前

    10 450 985

  12. Afaf Mitri

    Afaf Mitri4 日 前

    when it isn't christmas and you're here

  13. Carla Boerma

    Carla Boerma4 日 前


  14. Jake Mazo

    Jake Mazo4 日 前

    10 445 462

  15. camille d

    camille d5 日 前

    one of my favorite songs ever! you look like you had an amazing childhood with amazing people in your life. and omg you were such a cute baby! i love you.

  16. つじのしょうじ

    つじのしょうじ6 日 前


  17. つじのしょうじ

    つじのしょうじ6 日 前


  18. Emily Valdespino

    Emily Valdespino6 日 前

    It’s not Christmas anymore but I’m still listening to this song!

  19. Afaf Mitri

    Afaf Mitri4 日 前


  20. hey ily muah

    hey ily muah6 日 前

    This made me tear up ;)

  21. Afaf Mitri

    Afaf Mitri4 日 前


  22. Chico Swift

    Chico Swift6 日 前

    Te amo

  23. Todd Henry

    Todd Henry6 日 前

    Taylor not so sure who even sees hears or responds to what

  24. Todd Henry

    Todd Henry6 日 前

    as nothing here to me is real 3D ratcat : )

  25. Todd Henry

    Todd Henry6 日 前

    are we some kind of dijital 2d > 3D lab cats

  26. Todd Henry

    Todd Henry6 日 前

    I mean no harm.. though don't want to be caged either to a flat screen image for what cant it pretend to do or be makes me wonder.. are u s free really

  27. Jake Mazo

    Jake Mazo7 日 前

    10 416 902

  28. Damn s

    Damn s7 日 前


  29. Podéis llamarme Angie

    Podéis llamarme Angie7 日 前

    3:19 Like if you also noticed that here she still held a pen in a proper way, lol.

  30. fonghirsch

    fonghirsch7 日 前

    Wishing Taylor and family strength and hope for a successful treatment! We love you!

  31. jara o'hara

    jara o'hara8 日 前

    Love this

  32. Testigo De Goku

    Testigo De Goku8 日 前

    January Listing it

  33. sok virak

    sok virak9 日 前

    she is cute

  34. Winter Phoenix

    Winter Phoenix9 日 前

    I love Christmas in "downtown" Telihasie, isn't that where it snows. ? I like going there. In a few Get all dressed up. To go there. could it be? A great new year? I'd love to know.

  35. Winter Phoenix

    Winter Phoenix9 日 前

    Awh so cute. You look like your mom What state is that Gorgeous?

  36. Damn s

    Damn s9 日 前


  37. Damn s

    Damn s9 日 前


  38. Safia Mohammed

    Safia Mohammed9 日 前

    Why am I listening to this when Christmas is already over

  39. jervie manuel

    jervie manuel9 日 前

    I'd probably play this all year round,

  40. the heartbreak prince

    the heartbreak prince10 日 前


  41. Wilgus Guidry

    Wilgus Guidry10 日 前

    Housewife favorite.

  42. Nathaniel Teller

    Nathaniel Teller10 日 前

    Whos watching it after Christmas 🌲🎄🌲🎄🌲🎄

  43. Игорь Купин

    Игорь Купин10 日 前

    Божечки какая зайка❤️

  44. SugarYT

    SugarYT10 日 前

    Nobody knew who she would become back then...

  45. waldo Gotchubent

    waldo Gotchubent11 日 前

    Cute video

  46. Br F

    Br F11 日 前

    I saw my and a

  47. Br F

    Br F11 日 前

    Cloth paper

  48. Br F

    Br F11 日 前


  49. Kaylin Sugihara

    Kaylin Sugihara11 日 前

    So cute

  50. Caroline Hoàng

    Caroline Hoàng11 日 前

    I just feel like Taylor wrote this song long time ago and until now she decided to make a music video for it.

  51. Catherine

    Catherine12 日 前

    앜ㅋ애기 테이 너무 귀여워오😭😭❤️💗💗💗❤️💗🐱🐱💗💗❤️💗🐱🐱💗💗❤️🐱💗💗🐱🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌷🌸🌷🌷

  52. Stew L

    Stew L12 日 前


  53. Hunter Strege

    Hunter Strege12 日 前

    you are cuter

  54. Hunter Strege

    Hunter Strege5 日 前

    yes i love you!

  55. Hunter Strege

    Hunter Strege6 日 前

    you are cuter!

  56. Hunter Strege

    Hunter Strege7 日 前


  57. Hunter Strege

    Hunter Strege7 日 前


  58. Hunter Strege

    Hunter Strege7 日 前

    love you

  59. Sarah

    Sarah12 日 前

    Wow happy childhood. Can't relate.

  60. Bonisha Lamare

    Bonisha Lamare13 日 前

    T Ta Tay Tayl Taylo Taylor Taylor s Taylor sw Taylor swi Taylor swif Taylor swift😍 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💕👏

  61. Fatmanur Karakaya

    Fatmanur Karakaya13 日 前

    I love you Taylor ❤️❤️❤️

  62. Katherine Frisken

    Katherine Frisken14 日 前

    I love you Taylor Swift I really want to go to concept

  63. Mayank Pawar

    Mayank Pawar14 日 前

    THE FAKE FEMINIST yeah you heard it right she is, now ask yourself why?? We all get heartbreaks in our life , but you don't defame them for not liking you. She just used a logical fallacy you get popular . Yes, you get it correct by adding a story to her song that how people are bad to her and she succeeded so well that she is now the richest singer of all time . I know many of you will comment bad about what i just said but guys open your eyes just think once and for me she always gonna be a lady who came up by pulling others leg...

  64. Jason Le

    Jason Le3 日 前

    Mayank Pawar Yeah she writes about her life. Men do that all the time and no one says a word.



    Why are you here? For attention? Buzz off

  66. Avi Agrawal

    Avi Agrawal14 日 前

    We love you taylor!!!

  67. Agustina Mansur

    Agustina Mansur15 日 前

    The fact that this song is about her childhood and not about her boyfriends makes me cry 😢😭😭😭

  68. Agustina Mansur

    Agustina Mansur12 日 前

    @Wahid Choudhury most of her other songs are about her boyfriends, not all of them. i never said that.

  69. Wahid Choudhury

    Wahid Choudhury12 日 前

    Why are you acting like all her other songs are about boyfriends only?

  70. Jojo Siwa

    Jojo Siwa15 日 前

    Nice video taylor

  71. Don Kyle Fernandez

    Don Kyle Fernandez16 日 前

    I know Taylor can hit Falsetto and i can imagine a few parts where she could've. But this version is perfect as it is.

  72. Przemek Raczek

    Przemek Raczek16 日 前


  73. Sky Starry Watcher

    Sky Starry Watcher16 日 前

    Here is a real artist. A rarity. Lucky those who got there with its neurons. I am very very lucky.

  74. Mandela The Man

    Mandela The Man17 日 前

    I believe I’ve met your mother as well....

  75. Krzysiek

    Krzysiek17 日 前

    Hi Teylor. With your music, you bring joy to people around the world. Keep it up! Regards Chris