1. purplebutterfly2513

    purplebutterfly25138 分 前

    Dollar tree products are usually brands that are sold in other parts of the country.

  2. Stephanie Perez

    Stephanie Perez46 分 前

    ily but what ever hppened to your puppy? is she being kept for u?

  3. BoredOnYouTube

    BoredOnYouTube時間 前

    My dollar store doesnt have a freezer what the hell

  4. Amelia Rose

    Amelia Rose時間 前

    why is no one talking about shanes dreaaing gown?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (robe if ur american)

  5. Ashley Greenwood

    Ashley Greenwood3 時間 前

    it’s literally a rice crispy treat... so it tastes like rice crispies 😂😂

  6. Amie Marie Creative

    Amie Marie Creative4 時間 前

    Flute?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that's a recorder my friend. My favorite instrument as a kid. Bass recorders are really cool! Was in a recorder choir 😁 Also made learning the saxophone in highschool really easy 😎

  7. XxCloud KassiexX

    XxCloud KassiexX4 時間 前

    9:02 Its friggin rice cakes!

  8. Georgia Joseph

    Georgia Joseph9 時間 前

    i have the same thing with my feet lmao my toes crack every time i step

  9. Haily Petersen

    Haily Petersen11 時間 前

    I love how Shane is always just chilling in a robe in the background 😂

  10. ara

    ara13 時間 前

    those popcorners chips are sold in a healthy options store in my country. im shocked that they sell those in a dollar store in the us.

  11. Olivia Grace

    Olivia Grace17 時間 前

    My southern soul was sad they haven’t ever tried moon pies ;(

  12. Mia Ducky

    Mia Ducky18 時間 前

    Everyone like the video it's not 100k likes yet

  13. Haylee Niedert

    Haylee Niedert18 時間 前

    Iowa has three village inns 🥺 I feel so special since it’s only in two states

  14. Dr K.

    Dr K.20 時間 前

    thank you for that... BC I've never been brave enough to try any of the food from the Dollar Tree 👍 damn brave she is!

  15. Tiffany McEvoy

    Tiffany McEvoy20 時間 前

    Moon pies should he putnin the microwave for 10 seconds. You wont regret it!!

  16. I'm still a Child

    I'm still a Child21 時間 前

    Why are you so relatable. I love you.

  17. J D

    J D21 時間 前

    can you guys stop using plastic forks and plates :/

  18. whyisthenameMOtaken

    whyisthenameMOtaken22 時間 前

    Where da videos at yo

  19. Lily Boman

    Lily Boman23 時間 前

    Fiddle faddle is my shit

  20. Intense Pein

    Intense Pein23 時間 前

    You can date me, Morgan! lol

  21. AudreaC

    AudreaC日 前

    dude that man was amazing 🤩🤩

  22. Agata Katarina Maric

    Agata Katarina Maric日 前

    11:06 ryland: I'm trying to figure out the flavor Chip is called CHEDDAR fries

  23. Jossalyn Kreps

    Jossalyn Kreps日 前

    morgan it’s been a month and i’m not okay with it

  24. Stacie Croitoru

    Stacie Croitoru日 前

    19:41 morgan being a human hover

  25. Cara Hargis

    Cara Hargis日 前

    Try the hot fries too they’re better!!

  26. Bailey Huff

    Bailey Huff日 前

    The way ya'll can just plop anything in your basket without hesitation is making me and my bank account cry LOL

  27. Emily May

    Emily May日 前

    Moon pie? As an Australian I feel obligated to say THAT MY FRIEND IS A WAGON WHEEL

  28. Penhallow

    Penhallow日 前

    Whales are literally the best snacks ever

  29. Katie Whittier

    Katie Whittier日 前

    Morgan are you sure those exes were actually gay? They could have been bi. Unless they’ve specifically stated they were gay after dumping you.

  30. LaurensDesigns

    LaurensDesigns日 前

    Ok so I feel the need to tell everyone that in Canada we do not get all these food options at dt! :(

  31. LaurensDesigns

    LaurensDesigns日 前

    Awe I love the PSA from the man, so sweet.

  32. Shanee McNeill

    Shanee McNeill日 前

    please come back. I know its been a month but we need you lol

  33. Melissa Jacobson

    Melissa Jacobson日 前

    We love Andy capps.

  34. J. M. Wood

    J. M. Wood2 日 前

    Where are youuuuuuuuuu

  35. Ashley Caldwell

    Ashley Caldwell2 日 前

    Why isn't Morgan the world's best friend?

  36. Dani Sharpe

    Dani Sharpe2 日 前

    I just started watching you. You are adorable AF!!!! 😀

  37. Glenn

    Glenn2 日 前

    Morgan and that cream puff - I can die happy now

  38. ProxyPwns

    ProxyPwns2 日 前

    I'm glad Morgan is somewhat going back to being herself lol.. I was losing faith after that video of the psychic giving her a "cursed gem". Her friends were so shitty to lead her on with it instead of telling her no, it's all good, don't give them money. It's like moving to LA changed her a lot, definitely wasn't the person I subbed to for a while there.

  39. Emily Hewitt

    Emily Hewitt2 日 前

    hoping there’s another video coming soon cause i miss Morgan and have already rewatched this a lot

  40. voldi

    voldi2 日 前


  41. intown girl

    intown girl2 日 前

    Moon Pies made in Chattanooga Tennessee!!!!

  42. susan.

    susan.2 日 前

    17:27 uhh, we gonna get a cameraman reveal ??

  43. Trinity Millett

    Trinity Millett2 日 前

    I used to have extreme anxiety too, so I get the phone call thing. I used to have social anxiety and I was scared of saying the wrong thing, saying something weird, or even if my voice sounded weird. I still have anxiety but it’s definitely gone down a whole lot. If you (or really anybody) want to talk about it you can message me on twitter or instagram (@itstrinnnity)

  44. E Nez

    E Nez2 日 前

    “It tastes like something that already exists though” “...root beer” 😂🤣😂🤣

  45. landyn lathwood

    landyn lathwood2 日 前

    Are you gonna upload soon it’s been a month

  46. oh•that•erin •

    oh•that•erin •2 日 前

    sorry i’m crying at ryland gagging hahahahahah

  47. Crackhead Alert

    Crackhead Alert2 日 前

    Omg I can do the same thing Morgan can do with her toes I do it so much 😂 I can crack bones in my body with barley moving don’t worry I’m good 😂😂

  48. Cheyenne

    Cheyenne3 日 前

    Village inn is the fucking place 👌🏼 only The real understand 🥧

  49. Stjepan Pavić

    Stjepan Pavić3 日 前

    Wait isn't she living in shanes and rylands house.??

  50. Hailey Petri

    Hailey Petri3 日 前

    Me realizing shanes robe is merch

  51. Alexis Canter

    Alexis Canter3 日 前

    Shane: "I feel like an old Grandma that you guys are just fucking with." 😂😂

  52. Gabs Santos

    Gabs Santos3 日 前

    hey i miss you so much morgan!!! pls uploadddd more vids :(

  53. Lea Benyo

    Lea Benyo3 日 前

    Nobody: Morgan: sucks a whole cream puff into her mouth in one bite Me: I think ive found the one

  54. Kristiane Jones

    Kristiane Jones日 前

    I replied it. It was gold😂😂😂

  55. Jess M

    Jess M3 日 前


  56. LaurenIRL

    LaurenIRL3 日 前

    Um hell no, whales have been around since WAY before Trader Joe’s was even a thing. They used to sell them in TARGET & we used to eat them at church instead of goldfish.

  57. hEyY sToB iT!!!

    hEyY sToB iT!!!18 時間 前


  58. Amy Rose

    Amy Rose3 日 前

    Dollar store citizen😂

  59. Addie Paddie

    Addie Paddie3 日 前

    I got a chase altantic ad..but i love him so im okay;)It saided like he said titty thoigh".."

  60. GetDatPromo

    GetDatPromo3 日 前


  61. Alaina Novak

    Alaina Novak3 日 前

    Holy shit you guys haven’t had moon pies either?!?!?!?! What the actual fuck. I need to give you guys a list of great snacks so you can find the ones you haven’t had and try them.

  62. Alaina Novak

    Alaina Novak3 日 前