Tastiest Mechanic Ever?! - MTGGRN Review


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    Has anyone ever said you look like a young russell brand?

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    I remember strive...

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    The Spice 8 Rack bring on War of The Spark!... whenever it’s actually on there

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    The Spice 8 Rack for sure!

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    Pogchamp ! Next time I’m there for EDH or a prerelease say Hi :D

  7. ProbablyJules

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    I reckon jumpstart actually makes really good flavour sense. Under Ral izzet is even more reckless than it was with Niv Mizzet, and rather than being a thoughtful wizard, it's an engineer breaking a machine when he uses it, then shoving another part (the discard cost) to get it to work one more time except doing that causes it to break permanently

  8. Joe Schmuckatelli

    Joe Schmuckatelli3 日 前

    I made an awesome trait doctoring deck with niv magus elemental and favored hoplite. One of the lowest mana curve decks I've ever made.

  9. Copy

    Copy10 日 前

    I am a simple man, I see a reference of vines and I like

  10. Roguepsyker Haaker

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    imma just drop in to say that the guy in the middle being someone we're not familiar with really works with the dimir theme as well

  11. Fred Ranzalot

    Fred Ranzalot21 日 前

    I've heard that comments are good for the youtube algorithm.

  12. AirSonance

    AirSonance24 日 前

    The name-change to fix Izzet's Jump Start: Jury Rig. You're playing from the graveyard, so of course you'd sack a card to prop up whatever you made to do it again. Thematically appropriate for the "try anything once" guild of mages who probably blew up their equipment in the first experiment and want to see the boom again!

  13. Patrick Rose

    Patrick Rose25 日 前

    Rakdos circus in the house!!

  14. WH

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  15. Ray Summers

    Ray Summersヶ月 前

    Reason why dazzling lights surveils: disoriented soldiers are easier to interrogate Reason why barrier of bones surveils: "if walls could speak..." they see everything

  16. Trapdoor Social

    Trapdoor Socialヶ月 前

    Dude you're hilarious. Thank you for making!!

  17. John Cargille

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    Where is the fish??? You have nice hair! This lacked a certain finess that can only be achieved by at least 7 narwhals and I am mildly dissapointed. You're welcome.

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    Not food?

  19. Justind D

    Justind Dヶ月 前

    you missed azorious

  20. Scambled_Seawater

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    I think Undergrowth actually came from the card Undergrowth Scavenger from yonks back.

  21. DemandsASongofFarts

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    soch tasteey

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    Stopped at calling someone a Transphobe. Get a better mic amateur

  23. Sebastian Hurt

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    Says “you trombone” shows a tuba

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    Spice 8 Rack: "This is a new channel dedicated entirely to the lore of MTG." Also Spice 8 Rack: "CATS"

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    Pure F L A V O R

  26. Shave Data

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    Flash. When this planeswalker enters the battlefield, if it is not your turn, you may activate loyalty abilities of this planeswalker at any time you could cast an instant until end of turn.

  27. Nobody on Earth

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    I love it when youtubers who have nothing to do with politics casually roast transphobes and the government. Also the Mtg stuff was pretty cool I guess.

  28. Jason Thaler

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    Play the same song again! Ok the same song... 3, 2, 1!

  29. Aidan Isenor

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    Moodmark painter is using more corpse blood. That’s some flavour

  30. Natan Mioković

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    Where is Gruul!??!?! No one speaking about that? :D

  31. Toxic Atom

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    16:03 will never get old

  32. Dharga Pie

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    It’s pronounced ‘sadek’

  33. Bluecho4

    Bluecho44 ヶ月 前

    Dazzling Lights lets a Dimir agent sneak past someone and do some spying, without being seen. Wall of Bones, meanwhile, _sees everything._ The Dimir are among Ravnica's masters of undeath. Do you really think the bones in that wall are inanimate? Hardly. They are (un)alive, aware, and _always watching._

  34. The Broken Dragon.

    The Broken Dragon.4 ヶ月 前

    will you read everything?? I could comment about your most recent video saying "why wouldn't you vote for the Rakdos??" and you'll see it here?? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I'll take your word on that.

  35. Spice 8 Rack

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    **whispering from behind you** I do, in fact, read everything

  36. Daniel Kalinowski

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    I just got introduced to your channel by Merchant and honestly you're hilarious. You've got yourself a new subscriber!

  37. Mal'Thun Gaming

    Mal'Thun Gaming4 ヶ月 前

    Jump-Start is just flashback with extra steps.

  38. TheDarkHumour

    TheDarkHumour5 ヶ月 前

    I think the Convoking on Pause for Reflection is flavorful in its own right. There's one dude, who's like, "Shit's about to go down. Wish it weren't. Wish there were something I could do about it..." then BAM, no damage to nothin', and the dude is like, "Did...did I do that?" And you, as a Planeswalker, were like, "Yeah, with a little help of 2 mana on my part. We got this, buddy." Kinda surprised Thought Erasure wasn't mentioned in Surveil, probably the most meta-warping card out of the latest Ravnica. Dazzling Lights: "Good, the Boros guard is distracted, I can continue my rummaging for secrets." Barrier of Bones: "Good, these bones share what they've seen, but only to Dimir operatives." Quality content, mate, looking forward to more.

  39. Ben Peterson

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    Spice in 2018- "The most powerful planeswalker ever printed" 2019- *whistles and tries to look inconspicuous* 2019- Teferi, Time Raveler 2019- Narset, Parter of Veils 2019- Karn, The Great Creator 2019- Wrenn and Six 2019- Oko, Thief of Crowns

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    You’ve come far dude!

  41. Brayden Appleby

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    Hahahaha that layhey cut was great 😂😂😂

  42. Philip Hunt-Bull

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    Holy shit, invading guilds in limited is a spicy meatball of flavor

  43. I h a v e N o M o u t h B u t I M u s t M e m e

    I h a v e N o M o u t h B u t I M u s t M e m e6 ヶ月 前

    i remember strive! its good in my feather

  44. James F

    James F6 ヶ月 前

    Great comedy. Plus I learned about magic.

  45. William Simkulet

    William Simkulet6 ヶ月 前

    17:10 - I've seen Sinister Sabotage... lol Doom Whisperer, OP but still not good enough for prime time. Commander loves you.

  46. patrick rupp

    patrick rupp7 ヶ月 前

    I Know im a bit late, But i think a lot of slesnya is that the tree and plants are a part of their armies as well, so cards like pause for reflection may only have one *humanoid* but all the vegetation will also have its role to play in the prevention of damage

  47. Black Lanner

    Black Lanner7 ヶ月 前

    I love cypher. Please bring it back WotC.

  48. Andreas Ehrlund

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    You beautiful human being

  49. Joe Lowdon

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    "please buy our $250 booster box" ...we had no idea.

  50. JayJay

    JayJay7 ヶ月 前

    I would just like to clear ral’s name in the sort because he never really did much for nicol bolas and he thought he was some lazy human and ral broke ass butt decided to work for him and get money until he realized he was a dragon trying to destroy the multiverses and blasted one of his generals arm of while every other planeswalker exempt teyo was u conscious

  51. MrRead Ruleseverything

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    missing pirate vraska in standard now

  52. Starry Skies

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    I was pleasantly surprised to see MLP art here, now I need to find that picture.

  53. Trotsky era um picareta

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    The Dimir are not watching you.

  54. MageSkeleton

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    good editing.

  55. Emily Mallicoat

    Emily Mallicoat8 ヶ月 前

    Sir Veil? Never heard of 'em

  56. Noel Nol Null

    Noel Nol Null8 ヶ月 前

    I saw jump-start as kind of like learning from your mistakes (or experiments) & using them in an intentional (or desperate) way

  57. alienanrchist

    alienanrchist8 ヶ月 前

    Lots of people call Szadek Swizzledi*k

  58. Snowbound Whale

    Snowbound Whale8 ヶ月 前

    All we need now is a Dimir commander with Flash and the feature that whenever you surveil, you can also surveil your/ an opponent the same amount. possibly done so it's divided between them, e.g. Surveil 2 becomes Surveil 1 + Fateseal 1.

  59. William Burke

    William Burke8 ヶ月 前

    I think jump start makes sense, I imagine a crazy invention does its thing once then burns out (representing the first use) then like a dead car battery, you got to hook it up to another battery that isn't also fried (in this case an unused spell)

  60. EvoseveN

    EvoseveN9 ヶ月 前

    Unless I've missed something, from everything I've read, Ral Varek isn't serving/under Bolas' control. Ral just mistakenly did exactly what Bolas was hoping he'd do.

  61. DunaMoose

    DunaMoose9 ヶ月 前

    9:40 you missed the chance to make an izzet pun

  62. DunaMoose

    DunaMoose9 ヶ月 前


  63. Terry Walburn

    Terry Walburn9 ヶ月 前

    9:46 what's the reference on Botham Jean? Was this a joke on mistaken identity?

  64. Elijah Lyons

    Elijah Lyons9 ヶ月 前

    Take this comment personally

  65. FortyBattletoad

    FortyBattletoad9 ヶ月 前

    Nice Virtue Signalling about degenerates. Keep living in that garbage police state known as the UK

  66. buliuol hjg

    buliuol hjg10 ヶ月 前

    You need to remake this video since now food token are a thing.

  67. Thomas Monks

    Thomas Monks10 ヶ月 前

    I listen to you in the morning while I sort food out for my kids and get them dressed. My youngest (8months) loves watching with me. I think he just likes the art but he sits and intently stares. Thank you for providing a way that I can connect with my son until I can show him how to force someone to discard their entire hand and then watch them suffer as they're unable to attack and can cast anything, slowly watching to love and life drain from their eyes as they wish they'd run artifact hate main deck

  68. Spice 8 Rack

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    This is such a wonderful comment and I'm so SO glad you and your son are enjoying my videos

  69. Everett Beck

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    Your channel is straights up tight keep em comin

  70. Qtaro Kujo

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    The reason Nicol Bolas did all those things: Eh what else was he going to today

  71. vinnythewebsurfer

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    Dude. Dude. Duuuuude. How did you fucking blow my mind like that about the Dimir?!?? Holy shit thats rad.

  72. Alice Alysia

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    I fucking love this channel and the lyneham callout makes me love you even more

  73. F2P Gamer

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    The chef hat on your logo looks like Mickey Mouse flipping me off

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    yo risk factor is the fuckign shit yo

  75. 701468392523816070046289411368222507496286869371438642749038614J

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    "The angels appreciated the offer but politely decline to eat any bird seed." Just to fucking adorable.

  76. Djwhiskers

    Djwhiskers11 ヶ月 前

    I think you are wrong with 'pause of reflection', the mechanic convoke is to make your creatures inactive. The card art and name both reflect the convoke mechanic , the card prevents all combat damage, its kind of poetic. Your creatures are inactive and reflect against the violence. The fog and the empty city gives me the feeling of a guild deep in thought and uncertainty. Unsure whether or not to continue. The game is to kill your opponent, white and green is peace and life, what reason do they have to kill? Pause for reflection

  77. Jeffrey Landis

    Jeffrey Landis11 ヶ月 前

    Says trombone, then shows tuba. Also, leave trombone alone, it’s 🅱️epic.

  78. TakeThe BluePill

    TakeThe BluePill11 ヶ月 前

    Like. But a video or two per month is not much. Thanks anyway.

  79. Colin Clark

    Colin Clark11 ヶ月 前

    BOI the point of jump start in izzet is so that you can play a card with jump start from your graveyard and then discard a card with jump start in to your graveyard so you can cast it, discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard,cast,discard, so it's actually a pretty dang good mechanic!

  80. Firebrain

    Firebrain年 前

    Came in (and left quickly) during Journey into Nyx, so yes, I remember strive.

  81. Krios Uranous

    Krios Uranous年 前

    Pause for Reflection is one of the MOST flavorful convoke cards, it represents the people hiding from the war, and all of the people are removed from combat to hide, which is represented the people of the conclave being tapped to avoid all damage to cast the spell, which also removes them from combat. GOD I LOVE THAT CARD. AND I DON’T CARE THIS IS AN OUTDATED VIDEO DON’T DISS MY BOI.

  82. Mr. ShinyObject

    Mr. ShinyObject年 前

    Maro said one of the reasons he liked Surveil is because it was finally a mechanic that felt like it was just minor and in the background but then you lose to just the subtle advantage that you don't even see, which was, very very Dimir.

  83. FeelingVeryAttackedRN

    FeelingVeryAttackedRN年 前

    lmfaooo at the rando dimir guy... HELLO?! WHOS MANS IS THIS

  84. Player Named Juju

    Player Named Juju年 前

    Do the next guild set!!!!!

  85. AZ MTB

    AZ MTB年 前

    So I must ask because I’ve been watching a lot of your videos. What is your obsession with Trump about? Aren’t you from The UK?

  86. Eric Hillmeyer

    Eric Hillmeyer年 前

    Started in Dragon's Maze AND was excited for Surveil AND was drawn to Dimir as an E D G Y teen? Me and Spicee boi are soulmates!

  87. M DocFry

    M DocFry年 前

    Subs for the little guy! Love this video essay format and your background seems well suited to it. Love the stuff and can't wait for more!