Taking Off My BOYFRIEND'S ..... Makeup


  1. Glam&Gore

    Glam&Gore9 ヶ月 前

    By the way, if you’ve already gotten to the end of this video & want something EXTRA fun, check out THIS video from a while ago- the first true reveal of our relationship happens in the last few minutes. (& honestly we still don’t know how she knew some stuff) 😂😳😅 jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-KcFZbCrqdIk.html

  2. Arianna Eberson-Miller

    Arianna Eberson-Miller5 日 前

    When you guys said “we took it slow ish I screamed ALEXA PLAY CARELESS WHISPER

  3. ניס אל שפשא

    ניס אל שפשא18 日 前

    @Veno Centeno wra

  4. Katreesha Jemmott

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  5. Rosie Rossi

    Rosie Rossi25 日 前

    Glam and I love your channel it’s the best time

  6. mom the Pope

    mom the Popeヶ月 前

    Love you

  7. Lilo’s Peaches

    Lilo’s Peaches16 分 前

    I watched this a few months ago and I finally remembered his channel because I watched a video of his earlier today.

  8. hiromi Kay

    hiromi Kay3 時間 前

    Noo!!! It’s him!! Y’all so cute

  9. Abby Wilsen

    Abby Wilsen3 時間 前

    He sounds like the grinch! Is he the grinch??

  10. egg day

    egg day8 時間 前

    Why u both so hot tho?

  11. Rebecca Ortiz

    Rebecca Ortiz10 時間 前

    Omg Anthony was in smosh with Ian I love the movie you and Ian was in and the food battles and of course in smosh I’m a big fan of smosh you and Ian were the best when you guys were together but now I am not happy because you and Ian are not together in the videos and movie you and Ian had so much fun together and in the videos and this is what I am sad about because you and Ian are not together anymore 😞☹️😩🥺😖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 just make more videos together please do it for the best fans you guys have 😓

  12. melxsiia

    melxsiia13 時間 前

    :o this video was made on my birthday dec 14!!

  13. Livy Koehne

    Livy Koehne14 時間 前

    My boyfriend and i have only been dating for a month, and him and i never truly had a fight or argument, but there are time when we just upset and kinda just leave each other alone for a bit then talk about it. We always communicate all thr time.

  14. Lily Fowler

    Lily Fowler15 時間 前

    Why does he look like a marine grinch tho

  15. Super Dj

    Super Dj15 時間 前

    I love watching this after seeing them flirt when he did that interview with her in his channel 👏🏻

  16. Chelsey Dela Cruz

    Chelsey Dela Cruz16 時間 前

    Wow your boyfriend looks like that one guy from smosh

  17. TheJXP5

    TheJXP5日 前

    I didn't recognize until I googled and saw the beiber hair. Like ooohhhh, haven't seen that face since highschool, almost a decade ago lol

  18. Belinda McCrea

    Belinda McCrea日 前

    I now Anthony from Smosh

  19. Chris Shelvock

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  20. Chris Shelvock

    Chris Shelvock日 前

    Get yourself a mans that would do this for u

  21. Venciiia

    Venciiia2 日 前

    I love anthony, always have, always will. And you two are so cute together😍

  22. Viva el Betis

    Viva el Betis2 日 前

    Makeup guy looks like a random alien from old trek. No makeupguy looks like some new trek shitty official

  23. huma dilawar

    huma dilawar2 日 前

    wait so this isn't a troll-

  24. Harmony Evans

    Harmony Evans2 日 前

    21:40 when i first saw this i thought it was someone else i did not know it would be anthony-

  25. Hope Disney

    Hope Disney2 日 前

    lol the makeup in the beginning reminds me of the grinch!!!

  26. LadyArchimedes

    LadyArchimedes2 日 前

    She's in love with an OG youtube king!!

  27. maha elwaseem

    maha elwaseem2 日 前

    HOLY SHIT HES UR BOYFRIEND!!! I already watched this and 1 year later I started watching him.....now I just watched this again AND SAW HES UR BOYFRIEND WHATTTT

  28. BeautyByBailey

    BeautyByBailey3 日 前

    Are they still dating? Do we know?

  29. JamaicanRain

    JamaicanRain2 日 前

    Still dating as of a few hours ago.

  30. Reeno

    Reeno3 日 前

    Me and my BF have been together nearly 5 years and we've never fought. We may have a disagreement but then we discuss and resolve it in the same day.

  31. L Stapel

    L Stapel3 日 前

    Mykie: "it's 4:23AM" Me: *looks at clock to check the time and sees that it's exactly 4:23AM* :0

  32. Eugenia Wofford

    Eugenia Wofford3 日 前

    I hope you guys get married and have happy cute babies and have a super duper happy life together

  33. Peter James

    Peter James4 日 前

    He sounds like Crush from Finding Nemo 😂

  34. Helena Chaaya

    Helena Chaaya4 日 前

    The first time I heard Spencer I knew he is not into girls

  35. Jessieboo713

    Jessieboo7134 日 前

    He looks like that Mermaid from the documentary they made lol

  36. Vamp Priest

    Vamp Priest4 日 前

    I knew it haha my friend gave me the 40$ she said the camera guy and I said Anthony Padilla...

  37. EggtheMan

    EggtheMan4 日 前

    Y'all are so cute!

  38. Julianne Guzman

    Julianne Guzman4 日 前

    He sounds like the grinch

  39. tenlee vlogs

    tenlee vlogs4 日 前

    he looked like if lord Voldemort arose from the dead

  40. wynter wolf

    wynter wolf4 日 前

    he was in smosh

  41. Danyell Roberts

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  42. Harpreet Kaur

    Harpreet Kaur5 日 前

    It’s been one year since they have officially started to date 😁👏🏽🙌🏽

  43. Alyanna Gulamhusein

    Alyanna Gulamhusein5 日 前

    Anthony's voice sounded like the grinch

  44. Imjust Beingmyself

    Imjust Beingmyself5 日 前

    10/10 👏

  45. Viki Golubic

    Viki Golubic5 日 前

    It's antony Padilla!!!!!!

  46. Starlight moon eclipse

    Starlight moon eclipse5 日 前

    Anthony .o. I-

  47. EmbereDearth

    EmbereDearth5 日 前

    congratulations on coming out!!!!!!! lmfao

  48. Jen B

    Jen B5 日 前


  49. Ashleythe_angel

    Ashleythe_angel5 日 前

    I found out about her channel from Anthony so I kinda already knew this

  50. Lucy Fumiko

    Lucy Fumiko5 日 前

    I love this

  51. Homo horror erotica Goddess

    Homo horror erotica Goddess5 日 前

    O my gewd its the smosh dude

  52. Homo horror erotica Goddess

    Homo horror erotica Goddess5 日 前

    Ooh is spencer cute

  53. Homo horror erotica Goddess

    Homo horror erotica Goddess5 日 前

    Aww your cute together

  54. Xx_Franny Bear_xX

    Xx_Franny Bear_xX6 日 前

    Who else thought he was still hot af in the makeup?

  55. Clem Boyer

    Clem Boyer6 日 前

    Holy shit I never even watched this girl but I love Smosh subscribing now

  56. wolfie cutie_567

    wolfie cutie_5676 日 前

    When i saw this i swqueld and i was so supprised this is the best couple

  57. doctor doom

    doctor doom6 日 前

    Anthony Padilla is your boyfriend huh I would have never guessed that

  58. Arya Tichenor

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  59. Gabrielle WALTERS

    Gabrielle WALTERS7 日 前

    hee looks like wesley off of duff

  60. Leahography

    Leahography7 日 前

    This is so damn wholesome. I love that you guys had the time to let things develop naturally.

  61. Ooki Cookie

    Ooki Cookie7 日 前

    I love all your make up styles and your one of the JPreporterrs who inspired me to do make up so keep doing what your doing!!!!❤❤❤

  62. victoria drumond

    victoria drumond7 日 前

    Bro really, its weird like the whole video I was looking at him with the makeup and my mind reacted like those films with aliens and, BOY, for some time her boyfriend was a real another being and I was okay with it, I KNOW IT SOUNDS WEIRD AS HECK PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME.

  63. Lexi Nicole

    Lexi Nicole7 日 前

    Who else was confused when they switched sides

  64. Gabbie Phillips

    Gabbie Phillips8 日 前

    The amount of times I’ve watched this video is insane. I love you two together so much you guys are so adorable together ❤️❤️

  65. Shantel Singh

    Shantel Singh8 日 前

    Tell hell boy I said hi

  66. Melanie Crissman Roberts

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  67. Ya gurl Vicki

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  68. Little Bri

    Little Bri8 日 前

    More dog ASMR😩

  69. breabratz

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  70. Nina Vo

    Nina Vo9 日 前

    Isn’t he part of smash

  71. Cringe Mountain

    Cringe Mountain9 日 前

    Her : what do you see Me: umm is that an Anthony 🧐

  72. Ada Escamilla

    Ada Escamilla9 日 前

    I-I didn't even know you two separate awesome Yters knew eachother! I used to check out her Channel, and same with you, but I stopped for a while only to come across this video of two fantastic people again!

  73. Ada Escamilla

    Ada Escamilla9 日 前


  74. Ada Escamilla

    Ada Escamilla9 日 前

    This is so cute! You both clearly love eachother so much❤

  75. Matilda D

    Matilda D9 日 前

    Why does Anthony look like J.D from Heathers??

  76. Nani V.

    Nani V.9 日 前

    17:53 we took it slow ... ish (SCREAMS IN SEXUAL TENSION)

  77. Nani V.

    Nani V.9 日 前

    I’m watching on their 1 year anniversary and i swear they make me so happy

  78. Jessica Indrawan

    Jessica Indrawan9 日 前

    O m g

  79. Edin carlin

    Edin carlin9 日 前

    i see your boyfriend :)

  80. Elizabeth Post

    Elizabeth Post9 日 前

    wow, i am so single and so lonely 🙃

  81. Ronai B

    Ronai B9 日 前

    Just found out from intagram that you are dating aND OMG YOU ARE THE BEST COUPLE!

  82. Leann Simmons

    Leann Simmons9 日 前

    Yay! Anthony Padilla! Yass ❤️💛🧡💚💙💜

  83. Paige Liebersbach

    Paige Liebersbach10 日 前

    Me and my girlfriend have been together 10 months and we haven't had a fight we don't raise our voices or anything it's amazing

  84. Aldin Yoj

    Aldin Yoj10 日 前

    jim Carey vibes

  85. Purple SkyLover

    Purple SkyLover10 日 前

    Awwww. They have been dating a year now

  86. Steven Universe

    Steven Universe10 日 前

    Fact I thought Anthony was dead

  87. Gaby Quiroz

    Gaby Quiroz10 日 前

    Happy one year anniversary!

  88. Emily Bumble bee

    Emily Bumble bee10 日 前

    if anybody doesn’t know he was on Smosh too

  89. moonlight d

    moonlight d10 日 前

    how did you find such a good boyfriend!/

  90. Marion Sousa Graça

    Marion Sousa Graça10 日 前

    That's some "Shape of Water" shit. But like, with a lizard.

  91. Dilan Pirdawood

    Dilan Pirdawood11 日 前

    He cute

  92. tv show maddness

    tv show maddness11 日 前

    He looks a little like Tyler Posey or its just me.

  93. sabrina bibina

    sabrina bibina11 日 前

    One year anniversary 🎈🎈🎈🎊🎉🎉🎉

  94. Nichole Iversen

    Nichole Iversen11 日 前

    Man, I recently got married and the amount of people who half jokingly say "I'm sorry"!! Like dude, if you can't be happy with someone in the long term and work to make it that way, don't be with them! (I go off when I hear the "jokes" of "just wait 20 years" variety, I find those distasteful and irritating.)

  95. Enna-Elo

    Enna-Elo11 日 前

    "We've never even bickered" Me: WALKERS

  96. Enna-Elo

    Enna-Elo11 日 前

    I'm watching this again and just realized that it's September 9th 2020.. I'm watcHING THIS ON THEIR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY

  97. Bailey Virella

    Bailey Virella11 日 前

    hold up enzo from vampire diaries who that is his twin for real

  98. ash xo

    ash xo11 日 前

    im watching this video again on their one year eeeeeee, theyre both too cute

  99. SavageMisstress

    SavageMisstress11 日 前

    Y’all I’m here a DAY before their YEAR anniversary

  100. stephsworld

    stephsworld11 日 前

    I’m rewatching this because I like rewatching these videos in the background while I’m doing something else and I just realized that their one year anniversary is tomorrow (9/9/20) ahhhh!

  101. Vanny The killer rabbit

    Vanny The killer rabbit11 日 前

    OMG Anthony is your boyfriend from smosh?

  102. Lacey Brady

    Lacey Brady11 日 前

    You both are my favorite couple,( hopefully I’m not speaking out of line 😂) besides my husband and I of course.

  103. CallMe Tiaaa

    CallMe Tiaaa12 日 前

    1st video im subscribinggg

  104. Xoxo_Honey_pot_oxoX

    Xoxo_Honey_pot_oxoX12 日 前

    I instantly could tell it was Anthony just by the voice he was doing at the start of the video lol

  105. Paige Hudgins

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  106. xWyux Le

    xWyux Le12 日 前

    Anthony Padilla ex smosh