This Crazy Ford Dealer is Selling NEW 1980's "RETRO" F150s for $50,000... and They're PERFECT!


  1. Street Speed 717

    Street Speed 717ヶ月 前

    Yes the 720 is not coming back, do we want a newer truck to replace it or another car??? Leave suggestions below!

  2. Dj Salad

    Dj Salad21 日 前


  3. 312 xzybit

    312 xzybitヶ月 前

    You need to make a project truck like TheStradman is doing....!!!!

  4. Kurtis Craddock

    Kurtis Craddockヶ月 前

    @Troy Zuber no I never learned that in my 35 years of life,being a car guy building and fixing cars since I was 13 and being a ASE certified repair technician stupid me

  5. Chris Ennis

    Chris Ennisヶ月 前

    It's time!!! Get a Ford!!! Please no Dodge lol

  6. Yo Girlfriends Crush

    Yo Girlfriends Crushヶ月 前

    C8! No more trucks!

  7. Brian Presgrove

    Brian Presgrove2 時間 前

    I’m doing this to my truck

  8. Geronimo Squinas

    Geronimo Squinas4 日 前


  9. Matthew Haick

    Matthew Haick5 日 前

    If you think all vehicles should have push button start, 10k is worth the retro fit option, and making a truck video with that background, do you know how to change a tire or do you text message AAA? LOL

  10. Nick Barber

    Nick Barber6 日 前

    8:24 fart noises ?

  11. M 28

    M 287 日 前

    Not a fan of the buttons on the steering wheel

  12. The Jolly Johnson

    The Jolly Johnson7 日 前

    Another nice truck overpriced....I want it

  13. ThatGuyNacho

    ThatGuyNacho8 日 前

    Who is that bucked up in the back at 14:40?

  14. Lane Bergschneider

    Lane Bergschneider10 日 前

    Not a big fan of the super crew cab, I think it looks weird with the short bed and would look better on a regular your a super cab

  15. ShaneO Conservative OnAir

    ShaneO Conservative OnAir10 日 前

    Chevy =shit lol.

  16. ShaneO Conservative OnAir

    ShaneO Conservative OnAir10 日 前

    Reading the comments, these people that want 100k trucks they can't afford 🤣🤣🤣

  17. ShaneO Conservative OnAir

    ShaneO Conservative OnAir10 日 前

    Yes. Now we're talking. Just bring back the price.

  18. Sir James1990

    Sir James199010 日 前

    Just doesn't look right. Needs a regular cab or super cab.

  19. Jordan Scheurer

    Jordan Scheurer12 日 前

    Honestly mike if you kept the grandpa vette and kept building it making it faster and kept doing the off road stuff. Grt you another street car you are going to have people from all over coming into the channel

  20. Karo French

    Karo French19 日 前

    I dont know why you milennials hate chrome. The whole black wheels is played out now.Time to go retro.

  21. D M

    D M20 日 前

    15:38 “I wouldn’t go over the speed limit” As he’s accelerating to 90MPH in a 45 lol

  22. David Tran Media

    David Tran Media20 日 前

    Please get a f150 and put a vmp supercharger and make into a drag truck!!! Please or the Silverado and go twin turbo and make that a drag truck

  23. Kyle B

    Kyle B21 日 前

    Column shifter is only on lower trim levels with ford

  24. Sergio Cerda

    Sergio Cerda23 日 前

    Mike trying to get Ford to like him so he can get a GT500 Allocation lol

  25. Cody Moore

    Cody Moore24 日 前

    You should buy it

  26. AudibleVisible

    AudibleVisible26 日 前

    ugly af

  27. Dam9n Warfo7d

    Dam9n Warfo7d28 日 前

    The only thing retro about it's the lights on top of it people didn't put vinyl wraps on cars back then what's retro about it

  28. Dam9n Warfo7d

    Dam9n Warfo7d28 日 前

    Too bad Chevy did that several years ago

  29. Joseph Wood

    Joseph Wood28 日 前

    yeah, I do love this retro package a lot, I am not a fan of newer vehicles, but this is done right all round...maybe the only thing I would not get is maybe the lift version, only because the newer trucks already are high enough for me..but this could make me think about a new truck. I think all car makers should think about this with all vehicles with the retro look combined with newer technology.

  30. Joseph Wood

    Joseph Wood28 日 前

    I am glad they give you the option to turn off the auto stop/start

  31. Enzo Valdez

    Enzo Valdez29 日 前

    Race truck build

  32. Carter Benson

    Carter Benson29 日 前

    Please get this truck so I dont have to.

  33. Jay Mackay

    Jay Mackayヶ月 前

    New! Regular cab short wheel base F-150 with the V8 and 3.73's.

  34. NCR Emergency Roadside Service

    NCR Emergency Roadside Serviceヶ月 前

    You dont know what the hell your talking about the ko2 offroad designed tire. I've had them before they suck on roads in wet weather when you need a sudden stop they just slide on pavement.but it does amazing in offroad conditions never got stuck once

  35. kingme329

    kingme329ヶ月 前

    There is a dealership towards reading that had a crew cab long bed f250 red over white, blue looks good too though definitely would check out the red one

  36. Tyler Jones

    Tyler Jonesヶ月 前

    Get a Mazda speed 3 for the channel

  37. Deven Meyers

    Deven Meyersヶ月 前

    Hey don't tell whistlin diesel that you like small wheel big tire

  38. nobody

    nobodyヶ月 前

    This guy is a tool. A dumb full tool.

  39. nobody

    nobodyヶ月 前

    That thing looks retarded, kinda like your commentary. Those are not chrome wheels and the fake roll bar is just stupid.

  40. Kade Collins

    Kade Collinsヶ月 前

    Get this truck, we all like it

  41. Justin Rock

    Justin Rockヶ月 前

    I don't understand, I know someone who has had one of these for a few months. Didn't realize it was that big of a deal!

  42. Deon Baker

    Deon Bakerヶ月 前

    Is that beechmont Ford on beechmont ave with roller rink on right side . Off of 32 ?

  43. Deon Baker

    Deon Bakerヶ月 前

    O my gosh exhaust sounds awesome!!!

  44. Deon Baker

    Deon Bakerヶ月 前

    Have to disagree w column shifter. Love my center shifter. Was something I saught after. Nobody but me and wife we are good dont need extra room lol..

  45. Deon Baker

    Deon Bakerヶ月 前

    Great review love the truck. Would of gotten a Ford. If wasnt trying to nickle and dime me . Ended up w a tundra inferno.

  46. Chase

    Chaseヶ月 前

    Nahhh chevy made these and i think they look better

  47. J.R. Carter

    J.R. Carterヶ月 前

    Most cars dont have a 🔑 start... Wtf is wrong with u alot of vehicles... Have a key start city/rich boy u are... That was just a stupid thing to say

  48. J.R. Carter

    J.R. Carterヶ月 前

    I hate seeing all these vehicles with wrapped stuff over the paint

  49. J.R. Carter

    J.R. Carterヶ月 前

    Dude u sound like a city boy

  50. Mitchell Rr

    Mitchell Rrヶ月 前

    Needs chrome mirrors

  51. Dakota Matthews

    Dakota Matthewsヶ月 前

    Why do you hate ford there all meant to do the same thing and personal there all good trucks

  52. CJ Cua

    CJ Cuaヶ月 前

    first word i heard "audi"?

  53. Chris Holland

    Chris Hollandヶ月 前

    Damn those are dope dude!!! I like them!!!

  54. This is the Carter

    This is the Carterヶ月 前

    Hey Street Speed, where the hell is your ZR1?????

  55. Aidan O’Malley

    Aidan O’Malleyヶ月 前

    BUY IT