System Of A Down - Protect The Land (Official Video)


  1. Alp Erkal

    Alp Erkal47 分 前


  2. Tom

    Tom時間 前

    We all need 1B for this song💪



    bandera de venezuela?

  4. Ani Sargsyan

    Ani Sargsyan3 時間 前

    So proud to be armenian!

  5. Dominic Verdecchia

    Dominic Verdecchia3 時間 前

    Here’s the thing The USA could stop the war in two seconds but Russia is there and if we did it would start ww3. Wich we don’t need a nuclear war right now

  6. Matthew Poole

    Matthew Poole7 時間 前

    This makes me so happy just to see your faces, oh how I've missed you all. Armenia will rise!

  7. DeamantideOfficial

    DeamantideOfficial7 時間 前

    This song is great! \m/ Goo Soad

  8. Axooba

    Axooba7 時間 前

    Nós do Brazil estamos juntos nessa tbm, protect the land.

  9. Rafi Alif

    Rafi Alif12 時間 前

    support from Indonesian 🇮🇩 ❤️ 🇦🇲

  10. Alex the Lego guy

    Alex the Lego guy15 時間 前

    YES! System!

  11. Michael Fernández

    Michael Fernández15 時間 前

    chimba de video viva system of a down, viva la democracia LIBRE, y abajo el COVID Y EL MIEDO

  12. Rowan

    Rowan15 時間 前

    3:19 Chills... every time

  13. Jeff

    Jeff16 時間 前

    why is this video short

  14. agilli tv

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  15. Ahmad Bibaen

    Ahmad Bibaen20 時間 前

    Helo im from indonesia 🇮🇩 I still support the system of a down !

  16. Eloy Cabrera

    Eloy Cabrera20 時間 前

    I love them

  17. אלחנן בכר

    אלחנן בכר21 時間 前

    2021 Anyone ?!

  18. Bodo Durst

    Bodo Durst21 時間 前

    к всему уважению к Системы но, ребята, не забирайте чужие территории ибо вас ждет тоже. следующий Крым. Россия держитесь скоро разхуярим и вас.

  19. Max 1987

    Max 198714 時間 前

    Что Крым, что Карабах, были буквально подарены большевиками Украине и Азербайджану, несмотря на этническую и историческую составляющую

  20. Flo Zn

    Flo Zn22 時間 前

    Légend ❤️soad big up, big respect from Switzerland

  21. Радик Буренин

    Радик Буренин23 時間 前

    Респект вамиз ЛНР

  22. Servet Karasu

    Servet Karasu日 前

    dont look just of one side.....we dont need war.....both side...are ever right.....

  23. Master Younus

    Master Younus日 前

    Love from Bangladesh ♥️

  24. victoria rodionova

    victoria rodionova日 前

    I’m literally crying From Russia with all my love

  25. Jamvortix

    Jamvortix日 前

    Semplicemente bellissima e ancora più contento del fatto che sia nuova. Spesso con questi grandi gruppi nulla di nuovo può pareggiare i vecchi successi, e invece a volte succede.

  26. Baran Bulut

    Baran Bulut日 前

    Protect the land=attack the civilians=occupy the territory 😑

  27. Lexy Bubu

    Lexy Bubu日 前

    I love sistem of a down

  28. Siq Siq

    Siq Siq日 前

    Strenght to Armenia From Brazil.

  29. Hexenhammer

    Hexenhammer日 前

    My Pulse gooing Higher!(To all Dislikers,Brain Death or what?)

  30. Tim Sawyer

    Tim Sawyer日 前

    I didn't even know they got back together!!! My favorite band ever, and my finger is far from the pulse it's not even funny. I need to pull my head out of my ass and pay attention! haha

  31. Lil Big

    Lil Big日 前

    Cant believe it *wipes tear of joy *

  32. Михаил Зайцев

    Михаил Зайцев日 前

    Respect from Amurskaya oblast, Russia!!!

  33. revolver _ overdrive

    revolver _ overdrive日 前

    Karabakh is Armenia !

  34. Iriana Castro

    Iriana Castro日 前

    Don t bê a coward...fight

  35. Ângela Cunha

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  36. Campr

    Campr日 前

    God damm this is awesome

  37. babbathegamemaster

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  38. Jenni

    Jenni日 前

    System of a Down did it again! Lots of love and support from Finland! ❤ 🇫🇮🇦🇲

  39. x827 Molinae

    x827 Molinae日 前

    it is very clear at this point, humanity has entered a real, REAL dark era. Not that the XX century (or many others) weren't dark enough already, but, it's like it gets worst and worst. Cheers from Argentina guys.

  40. Pablo Lasso

    Pablo Lasso4 時間 前

    saludos de chile

  41. Green Jeans

    Green Jeans日 前

    USA today 🇺🇸 ✌ time to kick these globalist to the curb!! Unacceptable! Every nation should have peace AND PRIDE! God bless Armenia! Prayers!

  42. Joseph Von Meisthal

    Joseph Von Meisthal日 前

    From which globalist are you speaking

  43. ElMorse

    ElMorse日 前

    is this real?

  44. Antonio In'Tafyr

    Antonio In'Tafyr日 前

    Support from Ukraine 🇺🇦🇦🇿

  45. Entre Libros Y Waifus

    Entre Libros Y Waifus日 前

    45000 Azerbaijani morons dislike this vid

  46. Bᴀᴅ IᴍᴀɢE

    Bᴀᴅ IᴍᴀɢE日 前

    We wish you the best ♥ ️🇮🇩

  47. Thomas Miller

    Thomas Miller日 前

    This should win the Best Video award. Not only is the music awesome but the scenery is stunning, the natural and the man-made (and destroyed).

  48. Psych aLeX

    Psych aLeX日 前

    love to all those Armenian friends from India

  49. Aaron N

    Aaron N日 前

    My life just changed.....

  50. Reltig A

    Reltig A日 前

    Россия любит вас!!! Russia love you!!

  51. Mojalefa Malahlela

    Mojalefa Malahlela日 前

    This should be played more everywhere and everyday! Heck use this song on attack on Titan!

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  53. Elise Ould

    Elise Ould日 前

    Hey. Loved your video! 😆 😂 The part at 1:01 is my fav. You need to collaborate with Bad Friends. Their vlogs low-key are similar to the Vlog Squad and a bit of Casey Neistat. Theyre a chill group in SoCal. You should totally check out their YT out and give the vloggers a like! 👉 #BadFriendsGoals

  54. cbr1thou

    cbr1thou日 前

    Lil poteet

  55. free from demons

    free from demons日 前

    pain protect the land

  56. Holy Tide

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  57. Jair Cieza Diaz

    Jair Cieza Diaz日 前

    Los efectos del tiempo son visibles en ellos.

  58. Pavlo Kuzmich

    Pavlo Kuzmich日 前

    Выпускайте новые клипы, создавайте сбор средств или нет, а чужие земли нужно возращать. Это факт. А, ну и рашке говорите спасибо.

  59. Marat Manukyan

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  60. Izzet Ahmedy

    Izzet Ahmedy日 前

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 see you again barbars

  61. Furo The Ferret

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    another payment method please! I will not pass on my credit card information to google inc . I am very happy to donate - I inform myself differently

  62. napoleon vcmp

    napoleon vcmp日 前

    dont, they could not protect their "land that was not their own." it is over.

  63. Daniele Rocchi

    Daniele Rocchi日 前

    Amazing Song ❤️❤️❤️🇮🇹

  64. White Bandit

    White Bandit日 前

    Armenia please! Just protect the land! Greating from Poland Christian Brothers!

  65. RoN

    RoN2 日 前

    Spain support Armenia 🇪🇦✝️

  66. Torenns

    Torenns2 日 前

    Armenia didn't deserve any of this... Protect the land!

  67. Verteidigung Seine Freiheit

    Verteidigung Seine Freiheit2 日 前

    Знаю, что не в тему но чёрт, как мы скучали по этому голосу. Я не знаю как описать, но эта песня одновременно и потрясающая и заставляет то ли задуматься над собой или еще.... Это очень трудно описать, просто знайте - мы с вами

  68. Verteidigung Seine Freiheit

    Verteidigung Seine Freiheit日 前

    @Rain I'm a little busy right now, but if I can, I'll write a translation.

  69. Rain

    Rain日 前

    Sorry, i dont speak mandarim

  70. Verteidigung Seine Freiheit

    Verteidigung Seine Freiheit2 日 前

    Мне 14 лет и меня пугает сама война. Да, называйте меня слабым, беспомощым бл#ть подростком, но дело не в том, что я слабый физически. Я слаб морально. Я никак не могу поднять руку даже на врага, пытаюсь всё решить мирно. однако за всё существование я понял одну мораль - единственное, чем ты сможешь доказать свою силу - это война. И это меня пугает. Никак я не могу объяснить все эти войны, жертвы и т.д. Это просто... чёрт, забудьте. это такая тема, что лучше не лезть

  71. pablo1312

    pablo13122 日 前

    straight goosebumps of doom after the first word....

  72. iSlaven CMC

    iSlaven CMC2 日 前

    Зато песня хорошая получилась.

  73. Oğuzhan Mercan

    Oğuzhan Mercan2 日 前

    War is Hell. War don't music.

  74. Simon Swaggers

    Simon Swaggers2 日 前

    System of a Down's first album: the awesome first movie Toxicity: the infinitely better sequel Steal This Album: the underrated 3rd movie Mesmerize: the controversial 4th movie Hypnotize: the epic conclusion Protect the land and Genocidal Humanoidz: the incredible reboot

  75. Flower Flower

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  76. P.P. Large

    P.P. Large2 日 前

    How the fuck did I miss this? Our true superheroes have returned!? You just know they couldn't stay silent any longer hahaha I love it!

  77. Seth Kyle

    Seth Kyle2 日 前

    To those who give this video a thumbs down, what is wrong with you?

  78. Dimas Novian Dwi Pristanto

    Dimas Novian Dwi Pristanto2 日 前

    From Indonesia 🇲🇨

  79. Fury Road

    Fury Road2 日 前

    Another great song

  80. Stranger a VGN of old an new video games

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    Keep up the good work with the music

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  82. KOSTASX007.GR!! 59

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    WtF OMG

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  84. StevenM801

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    nothing but respect

  85. Wally Julian

    Wally Julian2 日 前

    I don't mind Daron's voice... But ONLY when he is doing backup. He is the whole reason they are split up. He wants to control 100% of the song making decisions... and his voice is over powering the "lead singers" (serj) in this video even. It's like WTF? Serj has THE voice of system of a down and you can harmonize with it in some songs... but stop being over bearing on every song. Let serj be the lead and you be the guitarist/backup vocals like it used to be. Toxicity is by far their most popular album and guess who does most of the singing on that album? Here I am with my Bose 700s on and I can barely even pick out serj's voice in either of these new songs. It's like WTF man? I was born in 89 and have religiously listened to these guys my entire life. I can play most of their songs and the lyrics are forever in my soul. Daron needs to quit being a bitch already. You don't need to have 100% control over every song the band makes my guy. Serj and the rest are adults and professionals too.

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    А кто победил ?

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    Всю свою сознательную жизнь уважал, уважаю, и буду уважать системку. Как всегда прекрасно, ребята.

  89. Steve L.

    Steve L.2 日 前

    That is the music video of 2020. How can anyone dislike it?

  90. emil qubadov0

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    Armenia has brutally killed Azerbaijani civilians in Ganja and Barda and many other cities

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    armiest hieves

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    Shit armenia

  110. Jesse Marcel

    Jesse Marcel2 日 前

    Well you can thank the divide and conquer tactics of the Soviet Union when it dissolved. And also how do a bunch of mix Siberians claim right claim over indigenous armenian land?

  111. Omar el Turkistani

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    Mission failed xd