Switching Lives With The Dolan Twins


  1. Da-asian Dude

    Da-asian Dude5 時間 前

    may the power of christ compellllllllll!!!!! uuuuuuuuuu

  2. Da-asian Dude

    Da-asian Dude5 時間 前

    ur so trash u mada s-hole suck my peen

  3. Kristin Plunkett

    Kristin Plunkett6 時間 前

    Dude.. jeffree is hot af. The only person that can pull off being drop dead gorgeous and stupid hot as a guy ❤

  4. Stephanie P

    Stephanie P7 時間 前

    Should switch lives for a day with a non-famous (regular job ie: store clerk, car salesman, cna, factory, bus driver etc), non-wealthy (paycheck to paycheck) fan! That would be even more entertaining

  5. Jerrell Roberson

    Jerrell Roberson7 時間 前

    Why do people watch this 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. Nicole Belcastro

    Nicole Belcastro9 時間 前

    Funny thing Jeffrey 🌟 is hotttt woman or man... I love jeffree

  7. jas s

    jas s9 時間 前

    “I love you babe *fist pump*” lmao

  8. impvaderzim

    impvaderzim12 時間 前


  9. System for Disaster

    System for Disaster12 時間 前

    ok, you're telling me that as a 16 year old who is physically female... and is 5'10 .... and has been told that I am thin my whole life..... I WEIGH MORE THAN JEFREE!?! LIKE WHAT!?

  10. Marlei Fuderer

    Marlei Fuderer13 時間 前

    I hate this but am also living for this 😂

  11. Amber

    Amber15 時間 前

    Lmao this is sooo funny

  12. Amber

    Amber15 時間 前

    Lmao this is sooo funny

  13. farah yahia

    farah yahia15 時間 前

    I like jeff 😂❤

  14. john michael palalay

    john michael palalay16 時間 前

    idol muaps 😘😍😘😍😘😍

  15. Christian Evangelista

    Christian Evangelista17 時間 前

    Imagine if jeffree get some muscles and just decided to look like a dude for a whole year! My god!!!! he could literally be a male model

  16. Natalie Holiday

    Natalie Holiday17 時間 前

    Jeffree lookin’ like the hottest of the Dolan triplets

  17. Lala Kurusawa

    Lala Kurusawa19 時間 前

    Sht jeffree u so handsome❤❤ love it

  18. doseofabbyness

    doseofabbyness19 時間 前

    Dolan twins: oh we don’t do bags Jeffrey: oh you don’t do Hermes? It’s trash! *dumps on the floor* My heart

  19. Darciea Darnay de la Cruz

    Darciea Darnay de la Cruz19 時間 前

    Skinny legend

  20. Jhany810

    Jhany81019 時間 前

    I'm watching this again because I love it and it makes me laugh so hard. K thanks bye.

  21. julia pashnyak

    julia pashnyak19 時間 前

    Haha this is to awesome I love his openness energy

  22. Sarah Mai

    Sarah Mai21 時間 前

    Omg Jeff is so hot

  23. misaaa

    misaaa22 時間 前

    He reminds me with the brown wig of ruby rose 🤔

  24. Lauren Owsley

    Lauren Owsley日 前

    I love it!!

  25. Tey D

    Tey D日 前

    Why is he so skinny?

  26. Tey D

    Tey D日 前

    @Melonn64 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄... I mean did he have a eating dissorder or just genetic, he looks sick

  27. Melonn64

    Melonn64日 前

    Because god wants him to die

  28. Stormie Bubbles

    Stormie Bubbles日 前

    Watching the Dolan Twins work out: I’m okay with this

  29. Erika Ibarra

    Erika Ibarra日 前

    Best video ever! 😂😂😂

  30. Tammy Brantley

    Tammy Brantley日 前

    Jeffree looks like Matt Dillon!

  31. Tritun

    Tritun日 前

    Isn’t that jake Paul’s old gym

  32. Yukki Kyouka

    Yukki Kyouka日 前

    7:28 **Jeffree.exe has left the chat**

  33. Kailey Briscoe

    Kailey Briscoe日 前

    Why is he so hot lmao

  34. T L

    T L日 前

    Ew. No thanks

  35. Melonn64

    Melonn64日 前

    Yeah lol

  36. PikaGirl 101

    PikaGirl 101日 前


  37. yeca martizano

    yeca martizano日 前

    oh my! christian demetri is that freakin you?

  38. Miranda Lenore

    Miranda Lenore日 前

    Seasoning doesn't mess up the nutrition... jus saying. Season your food. Seasoning saves lives.

  39. Soulsnake

    Soulsnake日 前

    Is it bad he looks hawt himself and as a boy holy shit

  40. Kate E

    Kate E日 前

    "There's no FLAVOR?!?!?" ... ... ... "It's cool..."

  41. Aaralyn Lea

    Aaralyn Lea日 前

    “Hey guys it’s your new neighbor hey it’s Jeff god bless”

  42. Rachel Gessner

    Rachel Gessner日 前

    Legit sugar free Red Bull is life...

  43. Montanna Montanna

    Montanna Montanna日 前

    Kris Jenner twin

  44. Miranda Resendiz

    Miranda Resendiz日 前

    they went from twins, to triplets, to quadruplets lmao

  45. Paige Stewart

    Paige Stewart日 前

    Nolan Dolan is quaking

  46. clorox bleach

    clorox bleach日 前

    Omg Jeffree looks like a butch lesbian 😂💞

  47. Jadea Tanner

    Jadea Tanner日 前

    he lokey looks like Andy Black lmaooo

  48. It’s Abednego

    It’s Abednego日 前

    Homosexuals do not go to heaven these are God‘s laws but God will forgive you for your sins. I promise you suicide Will only send you straight to hell.

  49. Margaret Mumford

    Margaret Mumford日 前

    You are so funny, but you should have taken your nails off.

  50. Stephanie Serrano

    Stephanie Serrano日 前

    ok but why does he look like rlly hot

  51. Claire Docherty

    Claire Docherty日 前

    Jeffree serving up Stella Carlin vibes here 😍😍

  52. CJ Barrigher

    CJ Barrigher日 前

    ok but Jeffre can get it😝

  53. Maverick [iHotdogs]

    Maverick [iHotdogs]日 前

    12:04 Jeffree looks like Leto lmao Don't tell me you don't know who Leto is 🔪

  54. Laura Semik

    Laura Semik日 前

    How does he looks so good in absolutely everything omg

  55. Arnold Magpantay

    Arnold Magpantay日 前

    ❤️❤️❤️hi Jeffreestar

  56. 방탄군대тαє_lσνєѕ_ʝιмιη.

    방탄군대тαє_lσνєѕ_ʝιмιη.日 前

    Jeffree Star with the brows are is just Jeff Moon

  57. Kyasarin pG

    Kyasarin pG日 前

    The twins sound like my Health teacher explaining exercise 😂

  58. Taskiq Ass

    Taskiq Ass日 前

    Looks like kris jenner

  59. Kobi L

    Kobi L日 前

    Who just came here for Dolan twins

  60. zurisadai irrizadai

    zurisadai irrizadai日 前

    I need drogs too xd

  61. Violexie0071

    Violexie0071日 前

    I'm offended by the unseasoned turkey 🤣🤣🤣 Love the Dolan twins though!

  62. Cinthia Cordoba

    Cinthia Cordoba日 前

    SI de mujer es hermosa, de hombre es guapísimo....

  63. MaRia Tutorial

    MaRia Tutorial日 前

    You're so handsome...😍😍😍