Switching Lives With The Dolan Twins


  1. Lord Lawliet

    Lord Lawliet2 時間 前

    Jeffree is rly more fit than me😭 Jeffree can do anything no joke, very inspiring🤍

  2. justaleafinthewind

    justaleafinthewind9 時間 前

    Jeffree giving me straight Kris Jenner vibes after the makeup transformation 😂😭

  3. Madison Grubaugh

    Madison Grubaugh日 前

    wait jeffree looks like ruby rose!

  4. Kennedy Chyzowski

    Kennedy Chyzowski日 前

    Jeffrey looked like the girl from divergent when he hung his head out of the Jeep

  5. Veronika Bainkabel

    Veronika Bainkabel日 前

    He look like Ruby rose 😂

  6. sis vs sis

    sis vs sis日 前

    im a big fan

  7. Evelyn Garcia

    Evelyn Garcia日 前

    I just realized you can hear Los Angeles Azules in the background at 36min lol

  8. Cristina's Endeavors

    Cristina's Endeavors日 前

    ‘’Excuse my mess over there” Gucci’s and other designer items scattered on the floor.

  9. smoo mp3

    smoo mp3日 前

    Kris Jenner looks different in this

  10. Permab4nn3d

    Permab4nn3d日 前

    i used to be one of the people that was like jeffree is just a weird celeb but i respect him now he makes funny videos and he is a nice dude

  11. Bakita Al-hajri

    Bakita Al-hajri日 前

    Jeffrie look like Brent rvara

  12. Maylee Cao

    Maylee Cao日 前

    He looked like a stone butch lesbian after the makeover.

  13. Nikki Boyd

    Nikki Boyd日 前

    I love ethan and grayson so much they’re so wholesome

  14. Hazel Martinez

    Hazel Martinez日 前

    Why’d jeffree look like lil huddy at first

  15. Hailey Berry

    Hailey Berry2 日 前

    jeffree falling around looks like a paper bag ing the wind

  16. Carly xxx love

    Carly xxx love2 日 前

    Dolan twins: we're dairy free Jeffree Star: 😲 Me: meeeeee

  17. Freja Gabriella

    Freja Gabriella2 日 前

    Omg he’s tiny 🥺

  18. Ludmila del Rocio Billordo

    Ludmila del Rocio Billordo2 日 前

    The jeffree's boyfriend is like Dave franco

  19. nil21 vlog

    nil21 vlog2 日 前

    I wonder how handsome Jeffrey is, if he's wearing black coat winter outfits

  20. Elizabeth Irvine

    Elizabeth Irvine2 日 前

    Take a shot for every time than says gains

  21. unknown person

    unknown person2 日 前

    i forgot how many tattoos Jeff had😭😭

  22. Egypt Johnson

    Egypt Johnson3 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="965">16:05</a> is the best part

  23. Priya Lakkappa

    Priya Lakkappa3 日 前


  24. Modge Podge

    Modge Podge3 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="449">7:29</a> I died😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Aldy Marco

    Aldy Marco3 日 前

    They drink energizer like drink mineral water 😱😨

  26. Olivia McConnell

    Olivia McConnell3 日 前

    This is so hard to watch.

  27. Zeba Khatun

    Zeba Khatun3 日 前

    Jeffree: what do you think CHRIS 👁👄👁

  28. Makayla Chevalier

    Makayla Chevalier3 日 前

    Jeff Dolan kinda giving me Ruby Rose vibes

  29. Bhagirathi Bohra

    Bhagirathi Bohra4 日 前

    Jeffrey dolan IS SO HOT AAAAA

  30. N A T U W A

    N A T U W A4 日 前

    This video gave me LIFE! Jeff Dolan is my white gay boy doppelgänger😂😂

  31. all about kya

    all about kya4 日 前

    You look like swayer from Piper's channel and Kris

  32. gachaweirdo 23

    gachaweirdo 234 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="449">7:29</a> thank me later

  33. Laci Christianson

    Laci Christianson4 日 前


  34. Steven Baker

    Steven Baker4 日 前

    Ok, I can actually relate to jeffree star in this! I couldn't do any of that stuff.

  35. Hasan Basha

    Hasan Basha4 日 前

    Hahahahah I watch this video all the time omg its so funny 😍😍😍😍

  36. Hasan Basha

    Hasan Basha4 日 前

    Ahahahahahahahaha I watch this video all the day

  37. Hasan Basha

    Hasan Basha4 日 前

    Hahahahahahahahah o Jeffreeee I love you so much

  38. Samuel Enrique González Rubio

    Samuel Enrique González Rubio4 日 前

    Someone watching this during quarantine

  39. Alex Braga

    Alex Braga4 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="192">3:12</a> Forshadowing

  40. Lara Østergaard Vittrup 6kl

    Lara Østergaard Vittrup 6kl4 日 前

    Omg jeffre dosent look normal please just be your self

  41. Valentina Vazquez

    Valentina Vazquez4 日 前

    bro jeffry look like my aunt HAHAHA

  42. Valentina Vazquez

    Valentina Vazquez4 日 前

    2020 ?

  43. Valentina Vazquez

    Valentina Vazquez4 日 前


  44. Lisa Lisa

    Lisa Lisa4 日 前

    I am genuinely sorry but he looks like freakin Kris Jenner

  45. alex xoxo

    alex xoxo5 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="200">3:20</a> well that didn’t age well

  46. Chimchim 1003

    Chimchim 10035 日 前

    omg you're so hansome jefreee!!!!

  47. naomi chi

    naomi chi5 日 前

    jeffree honestly looks like chris jenner

  48. Catalina Fuentes

    Catalina Fuentes5 日 前

    Ethan arms my godddd🥵

  49. carmenvonsavage

    carmenvonsavage5 日 前

    Jeffries fucking BIRKIN BAG CLOSET is like no words

  50. Carolina Ferraz

    Carolina Ferraz5 日 前

    he gave me some ruby rose vibes

  51. Sambhav Baidhya

    Sambhav Baidhya5 日 前

    Why do i think Jeffree looks like joey graceffa😅

  52. J FB3

    J FB35 日 前

    This is the weirdest porno I've ever seen 😳. The one with a tank top got a big dick yo. When he was climbing that rope his junk was all flopity flop. I was like 😲.

  53. Ava Schroeder

    Ava Schroeder5 日 前

    i’m so uncomfortable



    I hear Jeffrey but I see jef 😂😂😂

  55. Izzyswonderland

    Izzyswonderland6 日 前

    I love Jeffree’s positive attitude in this 🖤

  56. chróma oneiros

    chróma oneiros6 日 前

    when qurrantine made you rewatch this Unexpected ICONIC Colab again

  57. Valerie Pisani

    Valerie Pisani6 日 前

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  58. Valerie Pisani

    Valerie Pisani6 日 前

    Wanna see you team up with bravo for a pride housewives show theme

  59. Valerie Pisani

    Valerie Pisani6 日 前

    Wanna see a salon with a style for pride as the theme just a suggestion

  60. Valerie Pisani

    Valerie Pisani6 日 前

    Wanna see you make a pride shoe line and clothing brand with different styles for all different looks maybe with H&M or/and forever 21 just a suggestion

  61. Valerie Pisani

    Valerie Pisani6 日 前

    Wanna see you make your own style of a pride restaurant

  62. Valerie Pisani

    Valerie Pisani6 日 前

    You should try to be Hollywood medium just a suggestion

  63. Valerie Pisani

    Valerie Pisani6 日 前

    You have dope furniture should make a pride luxury furniture brand Collaboration

  64. lil_bean n

    lil_bean n6 日 前

    jeffree: maybe nate will break up with me lol me watching in 2020: 👁️👄👁️

  65. marlie Lewis

    marlie Lewis6 日 前

    I am sorry jeffree but this vid scared me so much edit: I love your tats

  66. Donna Brown

    Donna Brown6 日 前

    Like Hilary swank in boys don’t cry lol xxx

  67. Danilo Paredes

    Danilo Paredes6 日 前

    😮😮😮😮 hot!!!!!!

  68. Sannah Motloung

    Sannah Motloung6 日 前

    I love how dramatic he is😂😂

  69. tiffany jauniaux

    tiffany jauniaux6 日 前

    Months later and back again watching this video, on any bad days this makes it all better

  70. Abhi Pokharel

    Abhi Pokharel6 日 前

    Jefree do be looking like eleven with that blonde hair tho...like if u agreeee

  71. Jingo 1776

    Jingo 17767 日 前

    There workout was shit

  72. FudgeeTV Official

    FudgeeTV Official7 日 前

    Jefree looks like the cute highschool anime guy that everyone was talking about during the first day of school.

  73. Mariri S

    Mariri S7 日 前

    “i’m sorry i don’t wanna interrupt you guys” but continues to stay and ask for a picture LOL

  74. Sheryl Handa

    Sheryl Handa7 日 前

    Jeffrey carrying that Hermès to the gym is funny

  75. Addy Tope

    Addy Tope7 日 前

    i just came here for the part where they workout

  76. Jelly Lover

    Jelly Lover7 日 前

    You actually look cute 😍that way you can try it more often 😘

  77. Kathy Alanis

    Kathy Alanis7 日 前

    That part when they were like fuck yeah and missed the handshake made the entire video 😂 I would love to see more Jeff

  78. Kay Tay !!

    Kay Tay !!7 日 前

    jefree is so skinny compared to the dolan twins wow lol

  79. Tasheena Williams

    Tasheena Williams7 日 前

    Jeff was a little sexy not gonna lie

  80. Cathy Brash

    Cathy Brash7 日 前

    what is Nate going to say, what if he leaves me dun dun dun....

  81. Devon Hull

    Devon Hull7 日 前

    I freaking love him like this