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    Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed this episode. Come say hi on Instagram @YesTheory we just got verified so pretty stoked about that ;)

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    Yes Theory Ryan trayhan did this video

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    Choose where we can travel uwu

  4. Angie Yo Nigg4

    Angie Yo Nigg45 ヶ月 前

    Can I go to italy or paris you choose

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    coolfire02年 前

    bitcoin is ded

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    hehe nice

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    Met Sleeth7 日 前

    Perry ftw

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    Stirling Greer9 日 前

    Yall didn't know about bitrefill... 😂

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    Bitcoin is satan!

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    Britt V16 日 前

    Seriously Thomas' relationship with his father is so heartwarming 8:45

  13. Can't Beat The BAY!

    Can't Beat The BAY!16 日 前

    8:52 Thomas! Thomas is standing on Fulton and Scott street.. How does Alamo Square look??

  14. Ryan Olsen

    Ryan Olsen23 日 前

    This video was hilarious. Also, a good example of why not to buy or use Bitcoin 😄

  15. randomgeezer

    randomgeezer13 日 前

    lol i use bitcoin it has its uses haha

  16. Aashutosh Tiwari

    Aashutosh Tiwari24 日 前

    I'm watching this like the 100th time since the time it came out...... Perry is still amazing 😂😂😂

  17. The King’s Avatar

    The King’s Avatar25 日 前

    The most clickbait you had on this was spending $20 for a bus.

  18. JustMe W

    JustMe W25 日 前

    I died when the lady told Thomas now he could die. Lol WTH. 😂😂😂

  19. Tao Zhang

    Tao Zhang27 日 前

    Should try to do this in Japan should be a lot easier.

  20. Me

    Meヶ月 前

    Yay! I love that Thomas' dad makes an appearance!

  21. Chillie Prod.

    Chillie Prod.ヶ月 前

    4:47 that girl was from hells kitchen in gordon ramseys channel

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    What’s the music at the end

  23. MrJJuK

    MrJJuKヶ月 前

    So how the fuck does bitcoin work, like buying a takeaway? because 1 bitcoin is like 5k, do I get change or ? 😂😂

  24. MrJJuK

    MrJJuK13 日 前

    @randomgeezer yeah but how do you get change from a bitcoin being worth 6k though when your buying say a $40 takeaway. don't quite get that bit

  25. randomgeezer

    randomgeezer13 日 前

    its more like 6k and you can setup a wallet for bitcoin and then buy it off of people

  26. MrJJuK

    MrJJuKヶ月 前

    Internet: "Do people actually use this currency?" Dark Web: "Am I a Joke to you?"

  27. MrJJuK

    MrJJuKヶ月 前

    My PRECIOUS!!!

  28. abrkljacic54

    abrkljacic54ヶ月 前

    No one is giving Perry enough credit in this video

  29. Rae Cab-Glu

    Rae Cab-Gluヶ月 前

    hahaha the agent/cs rep from expedia might be from the Philippines, when bitcoin was not that much of a hit yet, when only few knows about it at that time hahah

  30. klement svane

    klement svaneヶ月 前

    Perry were hilarious in this video!

  31. Jazib Ahmed

    Jazib Ahmedヶ月 前

    That was the best intro ever.

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    Aaron Luヶ月 前

    Bitcoin is the future.

  33. julia stern

    julia sternヶ月 前

    I work at a bagel shop and we literally don’t take credit cards but we have a bit coin machine

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    Noxilla the Godヶ月 前

    imagine spending like 200 dollars on bitcoin you would be rich as shit now

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  36. Devine Wingah

    Devine Wingahヶ月 前

    Bid Queen

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    Bitcoin is only for real on the dark web

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    Ya no one has committed on you so im going to think thats a scam

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    You guys should try to do this again. The cash app can transact bitcoin and cash. All on your phone.

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    Om Gadh2 ヶ月 前

    survive on barter system for 24 hours


    MONKEY UH OH2 ヶ月 前

    lol Ryan trahan did this

  45. DisplacedHippie

    DisplacedHippie2 ヶ月 前

    you guys exposed your bt wallet for .2 seconds in the vid, i recommend closing it

  46. clg632012

    clg6320122 ヶ月 前

    Don't fall for the scammers advertising anything in comments

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    Yo, perry is identical to blake griffin!

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    use bitpay

  54. mike askme

    mike askme2 ヶ月 前

    So this cryptocurrency is kind of like the pokeman craze, a fool and his money is easily parted. Yeah what could go wrong, trusting a system designed on people's trust. LMAO.

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    Beet queens


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  57. Madeline Moonbeam

    Madeline Moonbeam3 ヶ月 前

    8:25 What the hell! I know Jake :3 This is the second time I've seen someone I know in a Yes Theory video >_

  58. Shayan Shahriar

    Shayan Shahriar3 ヶ月 前

    Is that dude mining in a MacBook? 🤣

  59. the danish guy

    the danish guy3 ヶ月 前

    Nobody is giving Perry credit for his amazing performance at 2:10 - loved it, laughed so hard.

  60. RoomWithAView

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    I was waiting for the "YES, WE DO ACCEPT TH- THE BIG.CORN"

  61. Ron Weasley

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    "I don't wanna use my credit card I wanna use Bitcoin" 'Oh okay no problem" "Wait do you accept Bitcoin?" 'Uhhh... noooo" *Tasked failed successfully*

  62. WatermellonEthan

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    “ I just got bitcoin” Drug dealer: “ can I haz vat”

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    How u buy a plan ticket after 50 min u flying!!

  64. emily

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    “i want to use bitcoin instead of a credit card” “oh ok no problem” “oh! so you accept bitcoin?” “uhh no”

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    Where'd you got it from that you have to wait 2 weeks

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    Now you can die

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    How to earn the bitcoin btw?

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    Watching in 2019... nowhere near the same hype it had back then.

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    its coming back :) quiet before the strom

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