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    Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed this episode. Come say hi on Instagram @YesTheory we just got verified so pretty stoked about that ;)

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    Choose where we can travel uwu

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    Can I go to italy or paris you choose

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    bitcoin is ded

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    hehe nice

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    Guys ik your not open to stuff like this but like thank you for everything I watch you all the time I got by your mato and I want to do what you guys do and join you guysss

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    At first i was so scared investing my 2btc with an investment manager and a miner Mr Max Neil Li Lung, after i made my search on him on (google) i was able to get his contact, which i invested with him, and now i never regretted my actions cause he is really a genuine expert.

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    So stupid. How did they get to and from the airport amd to and from that first restaurant? They used phones, the internet, electricity, and so on without paying those bills with bitcoin. So, it's not really living off bitcoin.

  9. Pokepoke Fox

    Pokepoke Fox7 日 前 looking much better in late that again guys ;)- next challenge..try to find 10 stores accepting bitcoin in the future. the network is ours!

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    Aw when thomas surprised his dad❤️❤️❤️

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    so i just watched the part where Tarry talks about bitcoin in 1.25 speed. - laughed way to hard !

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    People become assholes when you pay other than cash like really???

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    “I want to use bitcoin instead of a credit card.” “Uhhh ok.” “Do you accept bitcoin?” “Umm no”

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    Guys explain this to me so isn’t 1 bitcoin $19,000 so how did they spend bitcoin on dinner?

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    peep at 5:26 the mug 👀 u have great taste my man

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    Come to Rovereto in trentino (italy) thats the capital of bitcoin, everyone accepts bitcoin there

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    I just wached this with no sound it is so wired

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    This is what happens when dump people use bitcoin 😤

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    In Canada we have buy any gift card with Bitcoin

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    Us Bitcoin Cash is faster and cheaper!

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    Make another one Bitcoin Vlog I will tip you for that!

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    Perry should make an entire video explaining how investing and the stock market works

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    Bit-queen 😂

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    Is that a bottle of Hot Ones firey chipotle sauce on his desk?!

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    I got a crypto currency ad at start of video

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    My knowledge of crypto currency is pretty limited, but I thought the whole point was that it was decentralised and p2p? So what's with the transaction fees?

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    at the time of filming, Boos philly cheesesteak took bitcoin, not sure if they still do though.

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    Thomas looked so young compared to now

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    now you can die😂😂😂😂

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    Noo I don’t wanna die

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    This video is the exact explanation of why Bitcoin rising so much was a bubble and plummeted so big later during that same year, nobody even used bitcoin but everyone was hyped about it hahaha ;)

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    Cryptocurrency is the future

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    Current day: use bitcoin for 24hrs 10 yrs ago: use credit card for 24hrs

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    Maybe you need a Bitcoin prepaid card...

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    Step 1: Go to Localbitcoin website, set up an account, put bitcoin up for sale Step 2: Find buyer on localbtc same day and sell your btc to him for cash ???? profit doing that wouldve been way easier

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    They should cast Perry as the new Joker lol

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    Now you can die lol

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    If you only knew...

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    they do have the potential to change the world and how it operates. well unless all of technology is destroyed including the internet.

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    Peter looks like john cena

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    You guys should try this again now that it has been a couple years. I’m sure it would be far easier today.

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    Bit- *COIN*

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    16¢ transaction fee for probably 20 bucks ??? What ind of service where they using lol

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    Why the heak do you need passport to go from LA to San Francisco 🙄🙄🤔

  45. Joe Stacks

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    he isn't a US citizen

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    My mom met the bit coin creater

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    "Do people actually use this currency?" Dark Web: *...*

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    Am I the only one that got an Bitcoin ad

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    No problema Ahhhhhh No


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    just cash that shit out at a BTC machine and boom .. you got USD in your hand... BTC TO USD problem solved ..... buying anything legal with bitcoin isn[t that easy though lmao

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    Bitpay and Egifter thats how you can use your bitcoin anywhere

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    Thomas said he brought his passport... I thought it was to San Fransisco??? I didn't know you needed a passport for domestic flights. Maybe I'm missing a joke?

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    'you want me to explain the coin' ahahhahahahaha

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    I buy aimbot with bitcoin

  56. Bobbity McBoberson Bobzington Bobbins Baabu

    Bobbity McBoberson Bobzington Bobbins Baabu3 ヶ月 前

    Here in Argentina, years ago a friend of my economy teacher bought a pizza with 15 Bitcoin when it wasn’t worth that much... Yeah, he spent all his Bitcoin on a pizza

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    TBoogie: Perry... Perry: Yisss? Also Perry: Mami...

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    I still dont understand 😂

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    1 year later: "ohhh yeah... bitcoin. i remember that... vaguely"

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    Just wanna say hi from Viet Nam with love

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    best conversation ever at 6:29 xD "how to impress somebody with a 100% success rate"

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    hey, i have a question. When you pay an item or service using bitcoin vs cash, aren't you end up paying more with bitcoin because of bitcoin transaction fee? I nvr used cryptocurrency before and nvr had it. So, I'm just trying to understand it.

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    Bitcoin sucks

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    Did she just say now you can die?

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    You can survive for 24h by simply not doing any fucking thing

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    come to Berlin , there are some restaurants that accept bitcoin