1. Tannar

    Tannarヶ月 前

    A huge thanks to mull and his beautiful girlfriend for letting me use their dog for views

  2. Talles Turner

    Talles Turner7 日 前

    Mully brought that sausage dog from my mum its so shocking seeing him again


    HYPER_DRAGON 9998 日 前

    What type of dog is it

  4. Sith _Creation

    Sith _Creation12 日 前

    Tannar hi

  5. Squishy Films

    Squishy Films16 日 前

    That do be the case doe

  6. Ford Pepito

    Ford Pepito16 日 前

    Shipping mully and tanner manner

  7. Tanmay Singh

    Tanmay Singh6 時間 前

    ok i am unsubscribing from muselk

  8. Gladys KIRBY

    Gladys KIRBY14 時間 前

    So cute

  9. HL25

    HL2518 時間 前


  10. Robert Jackson

    Robert Jackson20 時間 前

    Lazarbeam: Son I got you a present *stares like he's going to throw him in a van*

  11. Space Buttnugget

    Space Buttnugget21 時間 前

    Muselk was the craziest one he acted like a crazy scientist

  12. David Lashbrook

    David Lashbrook日 前

    Fresh is like 5 year old who just met a puupy for the first time and goes DOGGY

  13. Summer Drift

    Summer Drift日 前

    Thats content

  14. Andrew Warthan

    Andrew Warthan日 前

    i have a 7 month old pup and he still falls down when walking

  15. Gurtpower

    Gurtpower2 日 前

    4:20 can we get a cam from the other side?

  16. Beliver78

    Beliver782 日 前

    Who's noodles

  17. Harman

    Harman2 日 前

    Tannar saying "iss ok darling" ahhh, so nice, reminds of the aristocats movie

  18. Blitzclan

    Blitzclan2 日 前

    What bread

  19. Kortlyn Koch

    Kortlyn Koch2 日 前

    My dogs name is Bentley too

  20. Danny Holden

    Danny Holden2 日 前

    That dog is actually so cute

  21. aclewis182

    aclewis1823 日 前

    hi mull

  22. sam o'donohue

    sam o'donohue3 日 前

    Can anyone else see James Charles at 6:00 behind Biscuit . Its the one that Lannon stole from the Click Guess Who Vid!!!

  23. Pueo Ventura

    Pueo Ventura3 日 前

    Stop using this CUTE as dog as a video he’s to Cuteeeeee for this

  24. taco Tuesday

    taco Tuesday3 日 前

    Fresh acts like it’s the first dog he has ever seen. Fresh: doggy

  25. Ben Wagstaff

    Ben Wagstaff3 日 前

    Muselk be like: puppy give me now

  26. Evo Weigel

    Evo Weigel3 日 前

    Who ever disliked is poo poo

  27. Pink-fun The danish boy

    Pink-fun The danish boy3 日 前

    I have three of these dogs

  28. Summaya Barry

    Summaya Barry3 日 前

    I want to eat him

  29. Wolf Kumaran-Eriksson

    Wolf Kumaran-Eriksson4 日 前

    every time they said sausage dog my germanic side screeched Dachshund.

  30. katie bulger

    katie bulger4 日 前


  31. Pink-fun The danish boy

    Pink-fun The danish boy3 日 前

    What’s wrong with that

  32. GoGirl YouTube

    GoGirl YouTube4 日 前

    I have watched this video like 10 times

  33. Pawel Otwinowski

    Pawel Otwinowski4 日 前

    This vid made me happy cause I got dumped on by my girl

  34. Tiko fan 1

    Tiko fan 14 日 前

    I wish i had every one of those dogs there so cute

  35. Noah Chin

    Noah Chin4 日 前

    Is that a dachshund

  36. MBoy _44

    MBoy _444 日 前

    Mully looks like a rat lol haha still love him tho

  37. Honks, the silly goose

    Honks, the silly goose3 日 前

    Not cool bro

  38. Wyatt Muller

    Wyatt Muller4 日 前

    Who’s dog is Felix?

  39. Juliza Chavez

    Juliza Chavez4 日 前

    When fresh said ooh doggy it sounded so american

  40. AlanFelix 2008

    AlanFelix 20084 日 前

    I have the same type of dog

  41. couch Potato

    couch Potato4 日 前

    It’s so small I remember when I got my dog he could fit in my car my mum was having coffee in the morning but before she got coffee and I got him and I put him in the cup and it was so cute and this just reminds me of it and this dog is so cute and adorable


    CHEZZE ITZ5 日 前

    I have a sausge dog just like that named Bently to

  43. Smoothie 122

    Smoothie 1225 日 前

    This is.. TOO cute video.. And guess what its family friendly

  44. Marissa Hubbard

    Marissa Hubbard5 日 前

    What about loserfruit, Cray, And bazz?

  45. Oscar Cracknell

    Oscar Cracknell5 日 前

    Congrats on million subscribers

  46. Cross Mason

    Cross Mason5 日 前

    This might sound weird but put your finger in your belly button and smell it’s horrible 😂

  47. Pink-fun The danish boy

    Pink-fun The danish boy3 日 前

    Ok everyone who tries this is a joke

  48. Andrew Pearson

    Andrew Pearson6 日 前

    Elliot is totally different than we normally see him

  49. Meme Person

    Meme Person6 日 前

    Cutest dog in the world

  50. Mannychiko

    Mannychiko6 日 前

    Why is mullet using Lazarbeams Merch?!?

  51. Pink-fun The danish boy

    Pink-fun The danish boy3 日 前


  52. Bananaman624

    Bananaman6246 日 前


  53. 30ksubs without video challenge

    30ksubs without video challenge6 日 前

    You and Mullen should get together

  54. Pink-fun The danish boy

    Pink-fun The danish boy3 日 前

    Mullen already have a girlfriend

  55. Lloyd Rogers

    Lloyd Rogers6 日 前

    Muselk See's sausage dog can I live with you

  56. The Kays

    The Kays7 日 前

    Who else was just stroking the screen

  57. frxtion_maniac

    frxtion_maniac7 日 前

    Who else saw this on freshs stream

  58. Pink-fun The danish boy

    Pink-fun The danish boy3 日 前


  59. Lava Gander

    Lava Gander7 日 前

    Elliot is soo caring with dogs! :)

  60. Orlando Yeet

    Orlando Yeet7 日 前

    I have a dachshund called Pablo and Piccolo

  61. Beth Shaughnessy

    Beth Shaughnessy7 日 前


  62. Timo

    Timo7 日 前

    Tannar: *walks in* Elliot: WHAT!

  63. i dont have a name

    i dont have a name7 日 前

    uwu, im sorry, but uwuwuwueuueuw

  64. Daniel Bennett

    Daniel Bennett7 日 前

    The quietest I’ve ever heard muselk and I love it

  65. Jacob the Gamer

    Jacob the Gamer7 日 前

    2:12 :the face of a psycho path...

  66. Mason Buck

    Mason Buck7 日 前

    When they show muselk it was like when everyone found fresh omg i thought these only exist in bad graphic streams

  67. Toxic 14

    Toxic 147 日 前

  68. Tuvya the Gamer

    Tuvya the Gamer7 日 前

    Bentley = cuteness overloaded 😍😍

  69. Glowing Skies

    Glowing Skies7 日 前

    Bald tannar

  70. Master_ Slayer

    Master_ Slayer7 日 前

    When he says footy it sounds like him

  71. Master_ Slayer

    Master_ Slayer7 日 前

    Fresh is juicy

  72. James Diment

    James Diment8 日 前

    its all fun and games til it starts to piss and carp all over the office...

  73. Claude senpai

    Claude senpai8 日 前


  74. Natalie Shinwari

    Natalie Shinwari8 日 前

    I like vid for doggy

  75. m_s_studios

    m_s_studios8 日 前

    Aww 😊 so cute

  76. olivia B

    olivia B8 日 前

    That sooo tiny!!!!

  77. Ryan Kelley

    Ryan Kelley9 日 前

    How many people in the comments started thinking racist jokes when fresh held Bentley

  78. Brycelego1

    Brycelego17 日 前

    I was gonna say something but you did for me

  79. Mel Diaz

    Mel Diaz9 日 前

    He or she is so cute

  80. Call Of Duty Stream Highlights

    Call Of Duty Stream Highlights9 日 前

    I'm sorry tannar but I shall not like the video for the likes are at 69k... nice

  81. pk takhar

    pk takhar9 日 前

    My dogs name is Bentley

  82. Chevdriver

    Chevdriver9 日 前

    Fresh doggy / me puppy!!

  83. Fn_ Freezee

    Fn_ Freezee10 日 前


  84. Lyndsay .Rowland

    Lyndsay .Rowland10 日 前

    2:31 that face made him look like a maniac

  85. Max Gray

    Max Gray10 日 前

    My smile when I saw Bentley run🥺😀😃😄😁😆

  86. Ghoul Vince

    Ghoul Vince10 日 前

    yaaaay one mill

  87. Tactical Fury Gaming

    Tactical Fury Gaming10 日 前

    Hi tannar

  88. Martin Mc Daid

    Martin Mc Daid10 日 前

    1M subs congratulations

  89. Chevdriver

    Chevdriver10 日 前

    I have a puppy just like that but a black lab

  90. Beliver78

    Beliver7810 日 前

    Did this video have to be 10 minutes

  91. Beliver78

    Beliver7810 日 前

    When fresh said ooh doggy I spat all over my screen of laughter

  92. Beliver78

    Beliver7810 日 前

    Tanner is loud